FFXIV Cross-Platform

FFXIV Cross-Platform

Are you one of those people who love playing the Final Fantasy 14 Video Game all the time? Have you ever wondered that is final fantasy 14 cross platform? and the various benefits a player can access using cross playing? If you did, then don’t worry as you are in the right place. As here in this article we are going to discuss all the Cross-Platform, Cross Saves as well as Final Fantasy Cross-Play in the Final Fantasy Video Game. And not just that, we are also going to compare the said video game performance on different gaming consoles or systems.

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What Is the Final Fantasy IV?

FFXIV Cross Platform
FFXIV Cross-Platform

If you are new to this video, or you are hearing the name of this video game for the first time. Then don’t worry as here in this section we are going to provide a comprehensive description of the Final Fantasy Online Cross Platform 14 video game. The Final Fantasy 14, a popular massively multiplayer role-playing online game that was released back in the year 2010. The video game, created and published by the popular gaming developer company from Tokyo, Japan known as Square Enix. More importantly, the video game is the continuation of the Final Fantasy Gaming Franchise or the next versions of the final fantasy Online Cross Platform video games.

In this game, the players assume a character from the available options and further customize them to their likings. The game settings are located in the mystical world Eorzea, which is suffering from a grave threat of invasion from the Hostile Garlean Empire as well as Lands Beast Man Tribes Deities. The players must stop the destruction of the Eorzoea World, by stopping the Garlean Empires to haul a moon towards this world, by manipulating the Beast Man Tribal Deities. Apart from this, the players must complete various side missions, main missions, quests, and many more.

Can You Play FFXIV on Cross Platform?

FFXIV Cross Platform
FFXIV Cross-Platform

First of all, is final fantasy 14 cross platform? Yes, due to which the gaming means the ability to play the same game with your friends at the same time using different gaming controllers. However, for this to happen all the players joining the Final Fantasy Cross Platform game must use the same data center to access the accurate server. Moreover, the Final Fantasy 14 game unlike the other popular games allows the players to get the benefit of the Final Fantasy 14 CrossPlay feature. In other words, the game progress on one type of gaming device by the player can be transferred to another gaming device or specifically a gaming platform. However, the players must remember that the game’s expansion packs cannot be transferred from one gaming platform to another, and the players must buy the expansion packs once again for the new gaming platform.

However, the players must remember that this final fantasy 14 crossplay process can be made only between the gaming devices that accept the procedure. Unlike the cross-platforming process between the XBOX and PS5, the FFXIV has not yet been released for the Xbox platform. Apart from this, the players can now freely use the cross platforming process, to join forces with their friends using PC or other older PS models.

In addition to this, the platform as said above allows the players to transfer their progress from the PC model to PS 5 or vice versa as well as from older PS gaming systems to new gaming systems. And lastly, the players will also be able to use Final Fantasy Cross-Platform to save their gameplay data in the game on different gaming platforms. However, this process does not save the preferences chosen by the characters, prompting them to redo the preferences for the game on the new gaming system.

Which Is Better Gaming System, PC or PS5 for playing Final Fantasy 14 Game?

If you are wondering which is the best gaming platform for final fantasy 14 crossplay video game. Then don’t worry as here in this section, we are going to compare the FFXIV Cross-Platform gaming experience on both devices along with their various benefits and features. However, before we jump onto the comparison we must keep certain aspects in mind, to compare both game systems in a much more described way. These aspects and their various functions on both the PC well as PS4 are discussed below in detail.

Graphics & Animation

When talking about graphics, the Final Fantasy 14 game will rank on the top 10 list. As it has some beautiful sceneries, animations, and many more. Due to this, it must be played on the best gaming system with a high graphics card. That’s why the PC system pushes forward in this race, as it gets the best graphic cards for a better price compared to the PS5, and is also easy to set up. This means the players can get up to some fast refreshing rates enhancing the game experience further. Apart from this, if you are one of those people, who love having the best gaming views involving sceneries or in other words high pixel rates. Then the PS4 might be the best-suited one for you.


If you have played the Final Fantasy 14 Video Game before, then you must have known that the FFXIV Cross-Platform has a multitude of controls for the players to access during the gameplay to perform multiple functions. Thus, for this reason, the players must need extensive keyboards to have the ability to access all the functions or features to control their characters in the game. This is why the PC systems can be the best choices for playing the Final Fantasy 14 game.

Whereas in the PS4 gaming system the players must manually select their controls for the PS4 controllers. And if they ever want to add new controls, they must return to the menu to add them. However, if you are not into this, the PS5 gaming console also offers a keyboard for the players to purchase as an addition. Although the price of this keyboard is also high compared to other popular gaming keyboards.


Another important aspect for games like Final Fantasy game is the movements of the characters in the game, as they use the WASD keys on their Keyboards. Thus causing the use of these keys repeatedly, which might in addition cause some backpedaling and nagging in the game, disrupting the gaming experience. However, this problem only arises when the players use the Keyboards as controllers for playing the Final Fantasy 14 game. More importantly, the PS4 gaming console is the best option for players if they want to avoid these kinds of issues. And not just that, by using the PS4 gaming consoles for the game, the players can easily change their views without hitting WASD keys multiple times during the FFXIV gameplay.

Skill Mapping

When playing long-term games like Final Fantasy 14 which go on for years and years, it is very hard to keep track of all the skills learned by the characters in the said game. That is why players use the skill mapping techniques in the gaming consoles like PC or PS4 to have the ability to access the required skills whenever needed. For instance, consider you are playing very fast raids in the Final Fantasy 14 video game, where the player might require to use multiple keys to access various skills.

In such cases, it is very hard to access all the skills on the characters list using a PS4 gaming controller, Whereas the PC shines during this process. Providing the players to assign multiple skills to various keywords on the keyboard. As said above, if you do want to enjoy the gaming experience of PS5 then buy the PS keyboard.


If you have played the Final Fantasy 14 video game before, then you might have come across various situations where the players must have faced issues while targeting. Especially if you are a PS4 or PS5 player, then you know it is very difficult for the players to select the targets as they have to scroll through each in the list. Which is time taking, and often results in the players getting blindsided by the enemy. However, in such cases, mouse and keyboard controllers for the PCs excel as it has the ability to point directly at the target and fire the weapons without wasting any time. Which in turn allows the players to take on multiple enemies at once easily in a game like Final Fantasy 14.

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Accessing Menus

The Final Fantasy 14 is one such game that requires the players to keep toggling between various options in the menus all the time. Which in this case can be very troublesome if you are using the PS5 gaming console’s touchpad, as it is very hard to stop the cursor on the chosen option in the menu. And not just that, the touchpad’s cursor also lags during the gameplay, which can be problematic. Therefore, for accessing the menu tabs most of the time, in a game like Final Fantasy 14, the PC’s keyboard and mouse controls are the best bet. As they allow the players to quickly toggle between various options in the menus to select their chosen ones during the game.

Beginners Tips to Play Final Fantasy 14 Game

If you are new to the Final Fantasy 14 game and are wondering how to start the game. Then don’t worry anymore as you are in the right place. As here in this section, we have put together some beginner tips for the players on how to start the game easily without having any issues. These tips are discussed below in great detail.

Choosing Race

Choosing Race(FFXIV Cross Platform)
Choosing Race (FFXIV Cross Platform)

The Final Fantasy 14 Video Game, has various types of races for the players to choose from. However, before you dive into the races, you must know that the race options play a major role in the gameplay. As they provide various opportunities for the players in selecting the type of attacks and spells available for the said character as they progress through the levels in the game. Moreover, The FFXIV game has various race options such as Hyur, Lalafell, Roegadyn, Miqo’te, Au Ra, and Elezen. In addition to this, the type of race you chose in the game, will decide the type of weapons used by this character as well as the clothing type they wear.

Role Type

 Role Types (FFXIV Cross Platform)
Role Types (FFXIV Cross Platform)

Another important aspect in the Final Fantasy 14 game, is providing the players an opportunity to choose the role types of characters or races they have chosen. And moreover in this game, the players have three types of roles to choose from. Firstly, the Tanks, the ultimate roles which are focused on endurance as well as invulnerability, allowing them to continue fighting in the battles. Secondly, the Damage Dealers(DPS), the second most powerful role type, are more focused on raw power and expertise in combat skills. Which in turn makes them vulnerable to the deathly blows from the enemy or target.

Then there are healers, and as the name suggests, these character role types act as support roles for the main players. Who is very helpful in using their extensive medical skills or spells to heal their team members as well as themselves during the battles in the game.


Classes(FFXIV Cross Platform)

Once you have chosen the role type for your character in the game, the next step involves choosing the classes under the selected role type. For instance, if you have chosen the Tank role type, then you will have three class options like Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight. If you choose the Damage Dealers Role Type then you can access the class options such as Ninja, Dragoon, and Black Mage. And lastly, for the Healer role types, the players will get three class options like Scholar, White Mage, and Astrologian. However, before selecting the classes, the players must remember the classes indirectly control the type of weapons, magic abilities, and jobs in the Final Fantasy 14 game.


Weapons(FFXIV Cross Platform)

Although the weapons used by the characters in the game are directly influenced by the above three choices made by the players. However, the game still offers the players to choose the type of weapons they want to carry, and the expertise needed for wielding the chosen weapon effectively. Furthermore, this process also helps the players to pick whether they are close-range combat fighters or far ranged combat fighters. Which further depends on the armor types carried by each character in the game. Moreover, as you know from the above sections, the damage-dealing capabilities of the weapons also depend on role types in the game.

Once you completed all these above steps now you can start your campaign in the Final Fantasy 14 game easily as you have known about all the steps you must complete for playing the video game in question.

Is Final Fantasy 14 a Technically Demanding Game?

The Final Fantasy 14 game can be anything, might be demanding, or might be very easy to start, as it all depends on the player’s liking and choices. If you are one of those players, who love high graphics, amazing sound play, and intrusive battle action fans, then the Final Fantasy 14 will be a very technically demanding game for you. As it requires the players to have the best gaming control systems with the required graphics cards and other aspects.

And if you are one of those people, who does not concern about the graphics and other stuff, but just about starting the game. Then you feel the game is too easy to set up and start. However, in this case, the players might come across some technical issues during gameplay as the game gets stuck multiple times or another screen freeze/blank screen issue. Although, these issues can be avoided easily by playing the FFXIV Cross-Platform game at the lowest game settings possible. Which might not give them the best experience. In conclusion, we would suggest that in order to get the best gaming experience for the payers, the Final Fantasy 14 game is indeed a technically demanding game.

Why Is Final Fantasy 14 Considered to Be One of the Best MMORPGs of All Time?

When talking about the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, the Final Fantasy 14 game definitely makes the list. And not just the list, but also the Top 3 position in the list. This might be due to multiple reasons as stated by various pro-FFXIV gamers across multiple social media platforms. These reasons are described in further more detail here under this category or section.


As far as I can tell, the Storytelling in the Final Fantasy 14 video game ranks 10 out of 10 points. Due to the wider variety of the characters, quests, as well as the job or professions to choose from. Each choice adds new side storylines to the game, making it much more interesting and fun. And not just that the players and their characters take on exclusive adventures in the game during the quests, where he can unlock further storylines along with the game from the newly introduced characters. In addition to this, the expansion packs for the game, add more new characters and storylines for the players, keeping them entertaining all the time. And lastly, the storytelling in the said game is huge, and the players might even spend years to complete the whole game successfully.


As you know every popular video game has its own community online, where the players share their accomplishments in the game. And not just that, some of the pro players take it upon themselves to help the beginner players. The Final Fantasy 14 video game also has one such community, that has players participating from across the world. While the community also contains multiple arrogant gamers, their number is limited. In addition to this, by joining the community the beginner players might learn new strategies or participate in training sessions conducted by the FFXIV pro players. Above all, the players can also join the guilds created by other players in the game, to participate in co-op missions or side quests.

Multiple Characters

Unlike other MMORPG games, the Final Fantasy 14 video game brings forth the various types of characters for the players to choose from along with multiple character customization options. Furthermore, each of these characters is further divided into role types, professions, classes, and many more. This means the players will have the opportunity to select from a multitude of options based on their liming. And based on the characters chosen by them, they will unlock new abilities, talents, weapons, storylines backgrounds for the said character in the Final Fantasy 14 game.

Expansion Packs

A unique feature that makes the Final Fantasy 14 video game, one of the best in the MMORPG game class is the Expansion Packs. The Final Fantasy game franchise is very popularly known for its expansion packs, which it releases as a continuation or expansion to its already released games. These expansion packs for the game bring new storylines, enemies, abilities, characters, and many more. Which makes the game experience more refreshing and interesting. More importantly, the expansion packs help the players to explore the other hidden regions or places in the Final Fantasy World and take on new adventures all the time to complete the quests in the game.

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Here in this article, you can learn is final fantasy 14 cross platform?, whether it is allowed by the Final Fantasy 14 game or not. Furthermore, you can also learn about the cross savings and cross-play features for this game, and their various functions and benefits. Next, we have shared a comprehensive description of which is the better gaming system, PC or PS4 for the Final Fantasy 14 video game along with the various aspects affecting the gaming experience. We have also shared some tips for beginners along with their functions. After that, we have discussed in detail the various features of the FFXIV Cross-Platform game one of the best MMORPGs of all time. And lastly, we discussed whether the Final Fantasy game is demanding or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FFXIV Cross Platform?

As the name itself suggests, the FFXIV Cross-Platform is the feature of the final fantasy 4 game which allows the players to cross-play the game across multiple gaming platforms or join their friends playing on different platforms.

What are the features offered by the FFXIV Cross-Platform?

The FFXIV Cross-Platform offers various features for the players such as the ability to join the players using different gaming consoles, transferring their gaming progress from one gaming console to another, etc, to name a few.

What are the various features that make the FFXIV Cross-Platform game, the best MMORPG of all time?

The various features that make the FFXIV Cross-Platform game the best MMORPG of all time are its Storytelling, Multiple characters, Gaming Community and Expansion Packs, and many more.

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