Frosty Mod Manager

Frosty Mod Manager

There’s always something that you want to change or add to the game. Sometimes it can be as simple as a new skin for your character other times it could be you may want to add a whole new map or make the game look better. Agreed that you can just download and add a mod to the game, but that wouldn’t be as satisfying as making one by yourself. So for such people here is a tool called Frosty Mod Manager.

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Frosty Mod Manager

The Frosty Mod Manager is a part of a tool called the Frosty Tool Suite. This tool was designed for modding a multitude of games that run on the Frostbite engine used by DICE. It is one of the tools of the Frosty Tool Suite that lets you organize and handle the mods. You can use the Frosty Mod Manager to make sure that a certain mod is prioritized over another.

You need the Frosty Mod Manager to play any installed mod on your game, and not just that, but you can also remove, and import mods. It also has a tab to check applied mods. The Frosty Tool Suite has a Mod Editor tool that lets you make changes to your mods. 

The best part is that it isn’t illegal to make and use these mods, but you cannot sell them. With the Frosty Editor, you can make changes to your characters, animations, and some game mechanics. After you have modifications, it is the mod manager that adds these new changes to your game. 

While DICE media owns Frosty Tool Suite and all its applications, the tool was created by a developer named Gman. He was a part of the Frosty development team, but later he quit the team to join DICE and EA. His tool is used as a Mod manager and an editor for games from DICE and EA based on the Frostbite engine.

It supports games like Battlefield (1, 4, and V), FIFA (17, 18, 19), Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and many more games. Since all these games run on the famous Frostbite engine, you can use the Frosty Mod Manager to launch these games with mods. The mod manager can also be used to create game profiles.

Steps To Install The Frosty Mod Manager

The installation process for this tool is pretty simple because you just have to download the mod manager file and extract it. Anyway, check out the steps below if you do not know what I’m talking about.

  • The current version of this tool is V1.0.5.9, and to download this version of the tool just go to the Downloads page of the Frosty Tool Suite.  
  • Here you can see two tools, the mod manager and the editor. Since we are talking about the mods manager we will download that with the download button. You can also download the editor if you need it.
  • The downloaded file will be a RAR file, so you have to extract it. 
  • Just right-click on the RAR file and select an option to extract. You can choose the option extract files which will let you choose a location on your device.
  • When the extraction is done, go to that location. There you will find the FrostyModManager.exe file.
  • Run that file with Administrator privileges, and it opens the mod manager.

You can also download Frosty Mod Manager old versions from GitHub. It has multiple release versions from old to new.

How to use the Mod Manager?

Now that you have downloaded and installed the mod manager, it’s time you know how to use it too. It is as easy as installing the tool, see the steps below you will understand.

  • Now you have to select the game for which you need this tool. You can see an option “New”, click on it.
  • It opens Windows explorer, and now you have to go to your required game’s location and select its .exe file.
  • This will add the game to your mod manager which you can see on the screen.
  • Next, click on the “Select” option, and it opens a new window that shows all the mods that are added to your selected game.
  • If you do not have any mods then the windows will be empty.
  • To add mods, click on the “import mods” options that can be seen in the bottom left corner.
  • This will again open a Windows explorer tab, now you have to select the mods that are downloaded to your device. If you do not have one then you can download it later and add them.
  • When you select the mod, the mod manager shows you the description of the mod. Then click on “apply mod” which is at the bottom to add the mod to your manager.
  • You can check the applied mods tab to see what mods are added. You can also remove them.
  • Sometimes one mod conflicts with another, so you can check that out from the conflicts tab.
  • Finally, click on the Launch button to launch your game with that mod.

Some Mods That Use Frosty Mod Manager

Many games are built on the Frostbite engine and these can be modded using the mod manager. Just to provide you an idea of mods that you can manage and edit with this mod manager, we’re going to list some amazing mods here, so check them out.

Better Squad

Better Squad - Frosty Mod Manager

We know that our teammates in Mass Effect: Andromeda is useless. In every aspect of the game, our squad has been downgraded compared to the characters in the previous games. While this is a big problem, there is a solution to this.

You can use the Better Squad mod to make your squad useful. With this mod, they are balanced in terms of combat and can be made use of in battles. Characters like Krogan and Cora get a massive power boost and are now Commando-level characters. This mod only changes the power levels that affect the combat system of the game and does not change any narrative aspects.

Remove Evade Cooldown

Remove Evade Cooldown - Frosty Mod Manager

This is a simple feature but can be very effective in battles. It’s a little frustrating that you have to wait for the evade cooldown to finish performing it again. Thankfully, with this mod, you do not have to wait to perform the burst evade multiple times. It makes the game a little easier and more fun.

You can also time these evade with your attacks to take less and deal more damage. Similarly, there are few other mods like the Hyper Mobility mod which lets you jump like “Hulk” and sprint like “The Flash”. You become the superhero of the Mass Effect universe.

Battlefield 1 Animation Pack – Hunting Rifle

Battlefield 1 Animation Pack - Hunting Rifle - Frosty Mod Manager

When it was released in 2016, Battlefield didn’t have impressive graphics or animations for their guns. So many modders took it upon themselves to do the work DICE was supposed to. 

There are many animation mods available for the guns in Battlefield, you can find mods for shotguns, pistols, rifles, for better graphics, and some character reworks mods. One of the most downloaded mods for this game is the animation pack for hunting rifles. 

Keep an eye out for the animation changes during sprinting, replenishment for different ammo clip sizes, and equip animation. Though all these new animations are based on Battlefield, they are made completely from the scratch. Each new animation is based on different guns, while most of them are taken from Battlefield 1, some are from Battlefield 4.

More Inquisition Levels

More Inquisition Levels - Frosty Mod Manager

What is the point of having 34 perks if you cannot get at least 30 instead of all of them? Anyone who plays Dragon Age: Inquisition knows that there are so many good perks that you are unable to get due to the 20 perk point limit. Players sometimes miss great perks like less wait war table wait time or more inventory space and many more.

While it is frustrating sometimes, we have, I mean the modders have a perfect solution for this. The More Inquisition Levels pushes the perk limit to 30 perks which were previously just 20 levels. 

Even though the 10 new perks are unlocked you still have to play hard and grind the game to level up and unlock those new perks. So now you have the option to get so many more perks along with the best experience out of the game. 

More Banter

More Banter - Frosty Mod Manager

If you love a good conversation then the More Banter Mod for Dragon Age: Inquisition is something you should check out. Usually, the game restricts conversations for every 20 minutes after you have one, but this mod reduces the limit to 10-15 minutes.

Also, sometimes when you fast travel to other locations, the conversations timer will reset making you wait for 20 more minutes. It happens due to some other unknown bugs, but with this mod, you have to option to have so many interactions with your party. If you change your party then the More Banter lets you have conversations again, ignoring the cooldown.

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Grogu and The Mandalorian

Grogu - Frosty Mod Manager

These are two separate mods based on The Mandalorian series of Disney+. Since these two are some new popular fan-favorite characters from the world of Star Wars, many Battlefront II players wanted these two characters in the game. 

While the developers didn’t care about what fans desired, the modding community came to their rescue. The Mandalorian comes with his armor and weapons, but this character replaces Finn, so if you are ok with that then go for it because this is the way.

Also, Grogu replaces your sidekick droid BB-8 and mostly does what he did. Stays on the ground and does everything that BB-8 does. Still having our favorite “baby Yoda” in Battlefront II is enough for many players. There are few other character mods that you can check for this game like Darth Nihilus and Ashoka Tano.

Instant Action Prequel Trilogy

Even though many people still hate the prequel trilogy, it has some great characters, especially in the clone wars storyline. This mod brings some fan-favorite characters from the prequels to Star Wars: Battlefront II. 

You can now play with 8 new heroes and villains from the prequels. Popular names that you will recognize are on this list like Captain Rex, Ashoka Tano, Mace Windu, and some other characters. This mod also has new skins, weapons, droids, and stormtroopers.  There is so much new content in this mod that it is worth exploring. 

There are a few minor bugs in this huge mod and is unsupported, but it is still very much playable.

FIFA 19 Realism Mod

FIFA 19 Realism Mod

If you have played FIFA 19 in career mode with professional or legendary game mode then you know how tough the game can be. I mean yes the toughness levels are meant to increase how you play the game, but they are sort of unrealistic. All you can do is defend in these modes.

The FIFA 19 Realism mod is created by Ironic Ava makes a few tweaks to the game to make it more playable in professional and legendary modes. This mod adds features to AI like an increased number of shoots, dribbling, more fouls, and realistic gameplay.

Previously, you could see that the players pass the ball with the side of their foot, but now they do it with the tip. The mod makes the games a little more realistic and also reduces the famous tiki-taka style.

Takedowns In Freeroam

Takedowns In Freeroam

I love Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, all the parkour, takedowns, and stuff are the things that I love about this game. There is one thing though that should have been added to the game, which is the freeroam takedowns. 

Everything about is great, except the takedowns. So if you have the same complaint then you should use the Takedown in Freeroams mod for this game. Now you can take down any enemy, even the breachers and droppers. 

One thing you should keep in mind before you add this mod is that the Takedown in Freeroams mod has a slight chance to conflict with any other existing mods. So it would be wise to not use more than one mod at a time.

Vanity Packs

Vanity Packs

Unlocking vanity items in Need for Speed payback can sometimes be difficult. If you have a good amount of currency then you can unlock shipments with ease. For others who unlock them by playing, it takes some effort. 

If you want to get these customizations, some of which include the underglow, air suspension, and many other things, then you can use the Vanity Packs mod for Need For Speed payback to get all those things without any effort.

In case you are using multiple vanity packs then these mods could conflict so make sure that you enable only one of them.

Similarly, there are many mods for various games that use the Frosty mod manager to load, add, and remove mods to their games.

What Should I Do if My Frosty Mod Manager Is Not Launching?

The Frosty Mod Manager may be a great mod tool, no mod is without its bugs. The is that many people complain that their Frosty mod manager does not work or is even open for that matter for games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, FIFA, Origins, and some other games supported by the mod loader. 

There are few fixes for these that are universal, meaning it can be used for every game that uses this mod manager. So here we are going to list few such configurations that you can try for any game.

  • First, we shall try simple things to fix this like updating your Visual C++. You should also try updating your .NET Framework. 
  • Try opening your device in Safe mode then open your game from the mod manager. Also, always run the mod manager with Administrator privileges.

The above two steps may not work for everyone, so you can try the next procedure which solves this issue with most games that run on Steam.

  • Start by launching Steam(obviously!) then you need to select the steam version of the game you’re facing issues with, in origin.
  • Now right-click on that game and select the properties options.
  • In there, click on Advanced launch options.
  • You should find a command-line argument, enter your Frost MM executable path in that command-line argument.
  • When that is done, just launch your game with the mod manager like you usually do. 
  • This will most likely fix your issue of the frosty mod manager not launching. You should check out this Reddit thread if you have any questions.

For other solutions for this issue check this FMM tutorial.

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If you like playing GOD with all caps, by creating or editing mods then you should install the Frost Editor. In case you only need a mod loader then go for the frosty mod manager that has pretty straightforward options to add/remove/load mods to your games that run on Frostbite. 

There’s also instruction on installing this mod manager, just in case if you do not already know-how. Also, check out some mods for various games that use this mod manager, and download them if you like with the download link provided.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the frosty mod manager key?

The frosty mod manager key is an encryption key that is required for some games like FIFA 18, 19, and Anthem. Without the encryption key, you cannot edit or load mods to these games, and you also cannot access these games files with the FMM if you do not have a key.

How to download the Frosty mod manager old version?

You can find multiple release versions from GitHub, even a frosty mod manager for an old version.

Can I use Frosty Mod manager for FIFA 20?

Yes, you can use the frosty mod manager for FIFA 20 and even FIFA 21.

How to install and use Frosty mod manager for Mass Effect: Andromeda?

We have already provided a tutorial to install and use Frosty mod manager for Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you need a video tutorial then you can check this Installs and Mod guide from YouTube.

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