Gentlemen of the Row

Gentlemen of the Row

While many may argue that Saints Row and GTA are the same games, people who have played both games would know the difference. It is undeniable that at a base level, both of these games are mirror images of each other, but, they are much more than they appear on the surface. Saints Row can be more fun and often ridiculous, which is the whole point of the game, again this can be purely perspective. To that, if you add mods like Gentlemen of the Row, then the game gets even more interesting.

The game already has tons of features like cars, clothing, weapons, and other things, but mods add a slew of many such new features to your game.

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Gentlemen of the Row

Gentlemen of the Row

Without compromising the integrity of the original game, the Gentlemen of the row adds many new things to your game. It improves your game time massively since the mod adds new missions along with that you can see improved vehicle mechanics for cars, boats, and almost every other vehicle. Some people even use this mod just for the improved vehicle mechanics.

To further help your cause of taking back your streets from the rival gangs, you can make use of the new weapons that are integrated into this mod. One of the best and insane weapons in this mod is the Flamingo Nuke. The name may sound insane but pales in comparison to its destructive power. 

Some other massive changes include new clothing, tattoos, logos for your clothes and stuff, new gang styles, a few new homies, customizable vehicle mechanics, new vehicle dealerships, and many changes to your game.

New options are also added to the character creation menu where you choose from new skin colors, hair colors, there’s also a height slider to adjust the height and make you up to 8 feet tall. You can also use some new walk styles and taunts along with some new makeup options in the character creation menu.

The missions added in this mod are DLC missions that are ported from DLC but can only be played after you have finished the main campaign. 

Gentlemen of the Row Features

The main purpose of this mod was to improve the game’s performance on PCs, and along with it bring a lot of new stuff to the game. Since the Gentlemen of the Row mod is a massive addition to the world of Saints Row 2, we are going to list all the Gentlemen of the row features and additions available in this mod along with their brief explanations.

Guns, Guns, and Guns

For a game like Saints Row 2, guns are something that you can never get enough of. You always need to have new weapons to try out those pesky little NPC. Now, this mod adds 16 new Gentlemen of Row weapons to your arsenal, some of which are just pure crazy.

I have already mentioned a weapon that shoots flamingos as nukes and just like that there are few other crazy weapons in this mod. Another such weapon is a launcher that shoots a Molotov chainsaw, yeah you can shoot a Molotov chainsaw, and it gets stuck on an enemy and then just explodes.

If you are more of a melee weapons user then you have great choices like the dual-wielding samurai swords to slash your enemies, a brass knuckle that explodes people on hit, and there’s also Mjolnir at the end of a sledgehammer. There are a few weapons like the septic gun and lightning shotgun. I mean, what more Gentlemen of the Row of weapons could you ask for?

Character Customizations

Some new custom changes have been added to your character that lets you change hair colors, face size (specifically the head crown size, weird!),10 new makeup colors, and some new walk styles like O2 tank pull, Pimp lean, or wasted are added to make your character to make them look cool or funny. 

You can also change your character’s body mass and make him look too muscular or make them look like a person suffering from malnutrition. Apart from that, 13 new skin colors have been added, in case you want to get a good tan or bleach. As stated earlier, you can make a character either look like a dwarf or giant, depending on your choice.

There are a few new taunts and compliments as well, some compliments include take a bow, salute, take a photo, and a few others. You can use taunts like The Wanker, Zombie Attack!, or Smooth Criminal among a few other taunts. If you like getting inked, then there are few body tattoo options.

New Cribs

What’s the point of an open-world game if you do not have a place to crash after a long day of explorations and genocide. In the Gentlemen of the Row mod, you have two new cribs to crash, one is Aisha’s house and another one is the Dane Vogel’s Yacht. 

To get Aisha’s house you have to finish the prologue, and the Dane Vogel’s yacht can just be bought. 

First Person Mode

The mod adds a first-person perspective mode, while that’s great it’s not as you expect it to be. The only odd thing about the first-person mode is that you cannot see your weapon, which is a little weird since, in any person game you play, you can see your gun. Due to that reason, the game doesn’t feel like an actual FPS. Maybe that’s just me.


Unlike Saints Row 3, the sandbox+ options are a little limited. You can use various commands like teleport(for the district, and to crib),  you can swap chunks, use notoriety or team commands, animations, and a few other commands. 

To activate any of these cheats, you first need to type 888 and then use any of the commands. All the commands that are available in this mod can be found on this Steam Commands page. For some users, the Gentlemen of the row crash or freeze errors can be seen in this mod.

The Zombie Uprising

For some reason, it’s way more fun to slash and smash dead guys than the not-so-dead ones. So if you feel that way, then get your bats or swords ready to smash and slash some zombies in a mall. You can choose any weapon of your choice, along with an option to choose between a few characters from the story.

Some other features include an option to turn off your HUD settings, skateboard around the streets, some new music tracks that you can purchase, more than 100 new clothes along with 120 plus logos to go with your clothes or vehicles. If you want to find a little more about things that you can do with this mod, then check this Reddit thread and the Steam Community page.

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Gentlemen of the Row Install Mod

Saints Row : Gentlemen of the Row

Now, the process to implement Gentlemen of the Row is pretty simple. Download the mod and create a patch for the game. Then copy these files into the game’s root location. Let’s see a step-by-step breakdown of this procedure. 

  • Let’s begin the process by first downloading the mod file. 
  • Go to, and on the download page, you can see the “Download Now” button. Hit that button and wait for the file to be downloaded. 
  • Extract the downloaded zip file to any location.
  • Now open the extracted zip folder, in that folder open the “Create_Custom_GotR” file.
  • With that, a command prompt window opens then press the enter key, and you can see a bunch of mod options.
  • Select the mod option that you want to add to your game by entering the corresponding number next to that option.
  • You may again see some other options, so choose the required one by entering the corresponding number. Similarly, choose all the required options.
  • When all that is done, enter P and hit enter to create a patch for those mod options. After the process is done, hit enter again.
  • Now there is a new folder named “My_Custom_Patch”. Open the folder, and you can see all the patch files. These files should be copied to your game’s root folder.
  • To do that, open Steam, and right-click on the Saints Row 2 game, and hit properties options.
  • Then go to the “Local files” tab and select the “browse local files” option. This will open the root folder of the game.
  • Now copy/move those patch files to this root folder. That’s it, your Gentlemen of the rows mod will be added to your game.

Common Issues With the Gentlemen of the Rows Mod

Sometimes mods can be filled with bugs, and other times there could be something wrong with your game or device. Regardless, some mods don’t work as they are supposed to. Let’s see a few such cases.

  • The most common issue is that some features for the mod like the skateboard animation, error with the music system in the game, height slider not working, and a few such other issues. 

All these issues may happen due to your antivirus, so make that it isn’t interfering with your game, and try to reinstall the mod using the above download procedure. 

  • One other issue, whenever you try a new outfit, the game crashes. To prevent this, play the game in a windowed mode, also a file named “profile.dat” from the THQ folder.
  • Some people also have trouble changing eye color. This isn’t a bug, so to change eye colors, you have to first buy them from a clothing store’s eye section, and then you can change eye colors.

All About Saints Row 

The first game in the franchise was released on 29th August, in 2009. Since then, the franchise has released a total of 4 Saints Row games. All the games in the franchise follow the same action-adventure theme, but the Third installment still following the genre switched things up by making the game more hilarious, adding parodies, and not to mention the over-the-top theme. Till the first two parts, the story revolved around Saints’ crew and their rule over the Stilwater city.   

The installment of the game was well-received, with a 74 Metacritic score and an 8.5 IGN rating. This led to Saints Row 2, which did improve on certain things and added a few good mods to the game, but still couldn’t become the hit game that it was meant to be. With Saints Row: The Third, the game found a little more audience as it increased the comedy dosage.

Its fourth installment went a step ahead and added superpower to the already over-the-top game. This only made the game even more interesting and more fun. For some, Saints Row 3 is the best game, while others argue that it’s Saints Row 4 that deserves all the glory.

The franchise has two different publishers, first was the THQ from 2006 to 2013, and then it is Deep Silver from 2013 to now. If you want to increase the game content for Saints Row 2 then get two story DLCs like “Corporate Warfare” and “Ultor Exposed”.

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With all the Gentlemen of the row features that add some crazy new gentlemen of the row weapons and so many new features, every player is going to have a fun time. So download the mod and install it on your device, you can check the tutorial for a smooth and easy installation process.  

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why do my Gentlemen of the Row crash on startup?

This could be due to your antivirus or the Windows firewall blocking the mod. Try adding the game and mod files to the exception or disable it by installing the mod. You can also try playing the game in windowed mode.

How can I download Saints Row 2 Gentlemen of the Row mod?

You can download the Saints Row 2 Gentlemen of the Row mod from

Why are my Gentlemen of the Row mod not working?

Mostly, this could have been due to something wrong with the installation process. Remove the installed mod and do it again using the procedure explained in this article.

Are there some other mods like Gentlemen of the Row mod?

Saints Row 2 has only a few mods, and there aren’t other mods exactly like the Gentleman of the Row mod, but you can try other mods like World War Z, Ultor Rising, and Nova SPE.

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