Gerudo Town Password

Gerudo Town Password

For all the fanatics of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game out there. Here in this article, we will help the players in finding the Gerudo Town Password easily by following simple instructions. So that the players can enter the Gerudo Secret Club in the Gerudo Town. And not just that, we are also going to explain in much more detail about the Radiant Set in the game, how can people earn it, and also its various features and functions. In addition to this, we will also help the players to upgrade their radiant sets in the game easily by following the comprehensive instructions given in the below sections.

What Is the Gerudo Town Password?

Gerudo Town Secret Shop Password
Gerudo Town Password

If you have played the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game before then you would have faced various situations. Where the players must access codes or secret passwords to enter certain shops to buy merchandise and other accessories. The Gerudo Town Password is one such access code, and as its name suggests, it is an entry code the players must have to enter the Gerudo Secret Club in the town of the same name. The players in the game, visit this secret club as part of the quest known as Secret Club’s secrets. Moreover, the password or the entry code for the secret club is G, S, C, and Diamond Symbol, which in turn relates to the Gerudo Secret Club name.

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However, before using the Gerudo Town Password, the players must remember that they cannot directly get permission for entry into the Gerudo Secret Club. As the players must complete the side missions in the quest beforehand. And more importantly, they must complete the mission, which requires them to eavesdrop on three located in a small room within the Fashion Passion Armor shop in the Gerudo Town. Although if the players get caught eavesdropping then the women will move away from the room. Thus, to successfully eavesdrop onto the three women, follow the comprehensive instructions in the below sections.

What Is the Gerudo Secret Club?

Gerudo Secret Club
Gerudo Secret Club

Before we dive into the steps to access the Gerudo Town Password, here’s a short description of the Gerudo Secret Club and its various functions. Now back to the Topic, the Gerudo Secret Club is an illegal men’s clothing shop. If you have played the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Game before then you must have noticed that it is very hard to purchase men’s clothing in the Game World as there are limited shops. Moreover, this shop does not sell products to men directly, so the players must wear transform themselves into females to enter the shop. And not just that, the price ranges for various men’s clothing sets in the game are also very high.

Therefore, the Gerudo Secret Club run by the Great Character in the game, might be the ideal option for you. As the products sold here in the secret club are illegal, cost fewer amount rupees and few luminous stones. And not just that, the Club offers various men’s clothing sets such as Desert Voe Set as well as the popular Radiant set for the players to choose from. In addition to this, the Link Characters does not need to transform themselves as a woman, and can freely wear armor while visiting this Secret Club.

Steps to Access the Gerudo Town Password

Gerudo Town Password
Gerudo Town Password

Now that you learned about the Gerudo Secret Club and its Gerudo Town Password Access Code. Let us figure out how to get the access code during the Secret Clubs secrets Quest in the Legend’s of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. However, as stated above, this mission must be performed very carefully as the players might miss the chance of finding out the Secret Password. Therefore, to help you out, we put together a list of comprehensive instructions to follow. Instructions such as,

  • Wear the Gerudo Outfit, in the game and visit the Fashion Passion Armor Shop in the Gerudo Town. During the quest named as Secret Club’s secrets.
  • Enter the Fashion Armor Shop and look for a small room that consists of three women chatting away.
  • Not without directly entering the room, the player must head in the direction of the balcony from the small room.
  • Once they reach the balcony, head up onto the stairs looked on the right side of the balcony.
  • Enter the small room at the top of the stairs, there you can notice a small window that looks down onto the small room where the three women reside.
  • Approach this window quietly, and then the players can successfully eavesdrop into the three women conversation. And in this conversation the players will find the secret club or Gerudo Town Password.

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Once the players find the password, they can visit the Gerudo Secret Club in the same Fashion Passion Armor Shop and type the secret password to enter the Gerudo Secret Club.

Products You Can Buy at the Gerudo Secret Club

Here in this section, we will discuss more deeply the various products the players can buy here at the Gerudo Secret Club. And learn more about the amount required to buy these products as well as the functions and features of each product listed below.

Radiant Set

Radiant Set
Radiant Set

Under this set, the players can buy three types of products or men’s clothing items in the game. We have described the clothing items in detail below.

Radiant Mask

As the name itself suggests, the radiant mask illuminates radiance or green glow at nighttime in the game, depicting a skull mask. This can be very useful for the players to mingle with Stal Enemies, gather intel, or land powerful damage hits on unsuspecting foes. To buy this mask, the players must spend 800 rupees and 3 luminous stones in the game.

Radiant Shirt

This is another part of the radiant men’s clothing set, that also illuminates a skeletal form through the radiant light illuminated at the night in the game. Similar to the mask above, the shirt also allows the players to infiltrate the Stal enemies during the game. Moreover, the Shirt in question can be easily enhanced by the players by visiting the Great Fairies or Guardian Spirits. This item costs 800 rupees and3 luminous stones.

Radiant Tights

Another exclusive men’s clothing item under the Radiant set is made using the luminous stone which causes them to illuminate at night. And not just that, the Radiant Tights complete the Skeletal Design illuminated by the Mask and Shirt. Moreover, the Radiant Tights offer all the functions offered by the Radiant Mask and Shirt in the game, and its cost is also similar.

By wearing the Radiant Set, the players will be able to join the Stal Enemies in the game. Furthermore, the Set increases the damage-dealing ability of the players against the Bone Attacks in the form of set bonuses.

Desert Voe Set

Desert Voe Set
Desert Voe Set

As the name itself suggests, this Set is the best suited for the players or their characters for traveling through the Hot Climate or Desert Regions in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.

Desert Voe Headband

Unlike the radiant sets, the Desert Voe Headband consists of the sapphire gem, which is highly known for its ice power, which helps the players to cool the heads of their characters while traveling through Hotter regions in the game. And to purchase this product from the Gerudo Secret Club Owner Greta the players must spend an amount of 450 rupees. In addition to this, the headband also looks visually more appealing in the game.

Desert Voe Spaulder

A rare armor for the males in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. Which helps the player’s character’s body to stay at nominal temperatures while passing through the Hottest regions. Thus also acting as an appealing armor, that shines as the sun falls on it. Making the armor shine in golden color attracts other characters’ attention in the game. The players can purchase this item, for 1300 rupees.

Desert Voe Trousers

Another important part of the Desert Voe Set, that provides a cooler temperature effect on the player’s body using the Sapphire Gem Stone, incorporated into the set. And similar to the Desert Voe Spaulder and the Headband, the Trousers offer similar functions and features to the players. Therefore, to buy this product, the players must spend 650 rupees.

More importantly, the major feature of the Desert Voe Set is the ability to enhance its powers twofold by visiting the Great Fairies. And once the players upgrade the Desert Voe Set more than one time, they will earn a reward in the form of a Set Bonus for Shock Resistance. As the name suggests, this bonus increases the resistance of the player’s characters against shock attacks in the game.

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In this article, we have discussed in much more detail the Gerudo Town Password, and its various functions and requirements. In addition to this, we have also provided detailed instructions for the players on how to get the Gerudo Town Password in the game without getting caught during the Secret Club Secrets Quest. Next, we have provided a detailed description of the Gerudo Secret Club, and its owner, members, the products offered, location, and many more. After that, we have discussed the rewards or the products people can buy at the Gerudo Secret Club. And lastly, we have provided complete information about the Desert Voe and Radiant Set for men’s clothing in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gerudo Town Password?

The Gerudo Town Password is an access code, the players must access during their Secret Club Secrets Quest to get entry access to Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo Town in the said game.

How to access the Gerudo Town Password?

The players can access the Gerudo Town Password in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game, by eavesdropping on the three women chatting in the small room in Fashion Passion Armor Shop during the Secret Club secrets quest.

What happens if the players get caught while eavesdropping on the women during the Secret Club Secrets quest?

If the players get caught during the eavesdropping side mission of the Secret Club secrets quest, then the women will either talk in low voices or the players will be escorted out of the building.

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