Halo Infinite Armor

Halo Infinite Armor

It’s been 20 years since the first Halo game was released by Xbox Game Studios, and you can still see that the love for the game has not diminished. With several Halo games, you would think that people would stop caring at one point, but a good game always finds players. This is what made Halo Infinite a hit among the gaming community. The game has a lot of good stuff to offer, both in Campaign and Multiplayer mode. One such interesting thing is the Halo Infinite armor.

Anyone who has ever played a Halo game can recognize Master Chief by his Mark VI armor. There are many people who haven’t even played the game but can tell that it is Halo, just because of the armor. This should help you understand how important armors are in the Halo world. This could be one of the many reasons why the developers have decided to add a lot of customization options to the Halo Infinite armor.

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Almost every game in the Halo franchise has various types of armor, which is evident if you notice other Spartans. Halo Infinite does the armor system even better by adding a lot of customizations. These various Halo armors or their customization will not have any kind of impact on the player stats or their abilities. These customizations are just for aesthetics. Those modification options aren’t limited to armor, but you can even find options for weapons and vehicles.

Let’s see what all we have in store with Halo Infinite armor sets in the game.

Halo Infinite Armor

When it comes to Halo Infinite armor, there is one important thing everyone should know, and that is the armor core. These armor cores are what help you customize your Halo Infinite armor. Apart from armor cores, there are coatings, emblems, etc. Regardless of what items you use for your armor, they aren’t gonna prove stat boosts.

For example, other games like Call of Duty or PUBG, offer a certain amount of defense when you equip armor. This is not the case in Halo Infinite, they do not offer any kind of defense, rather they are there just to please players aesthetically. Though no one cares about that as long as you can get your hands on a shiny new armor to make your friends jealous. That’s all most players care about.

Talking about halo armor, there are a lot of other things that make up armor. Things like halo helmets, visors, chests, shoulder pads, gloves, knee pads, etc. All these things make up a Halo Infinite armor and each single customizing of these items makes the armor unique.

Customizing Your Halo Armor

Halo Infinite Armor

Customization is often fun in games, and in Halo Infinite with so many options, you can make your Halo Infinite Spartan armor look cool and amazing. The main requirement for modifications in Halo Infinite is to have Armor Cores. When you start playing the game, go to the customization menu, you will see the Mark VIII armor. This is unlocked for all players when they are just starting out in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Now, when you select your Mark VII armor, you will see a bunch of customization options. These options are for every part of the armor that includes arms, halo helmets, visors, chest, and shoulders. Any kind of cosmetic changes to the armor are only possible if you have the armor core. The game has 2 other armor cores apart from Mark VII. One is Mark V(Epic armor), which you should be familiar with if you have the prequel Halo: Reach. This armor is unlocked at level 1 if you buy a battle pass. The other one is the Yoroi(Legendary). To unlock this legendary armor, you have to complete the Fracture: Tenrai event. These armor cores are available in the Halo Infinite multiplayer.

The most notable customization option for armor is the Armor Coating. By using armor coating, you can add various patterns, textures, and colors to armor. There are a multitude of these coating options for your armor to make them look unique from others. Also, such coating options are also available to your weapons in multiplayer. The game also has armor effects that add a unique effect to the armor. Tough you will need ornaments to add to your armor to get some glowing effects.

Other Options

As I mentioned earlier, armor is a culmination of various parts. So every part of the armor is customizable. After you a specific color and texture with the armor coating option then you can turn to other parts like chest, shoulder pads, etc. The second most noticeable part of the armor is the helmet. So head over to the helmet section and choose from a variety of options.

Some common Halo helmets are Cavallino, Aviator, and Enigma. These can be bought from the store, while there are two others that require a battle pass. Trailblazer and Zvezda are two helmets that need a battle pass, and you also have to reach level 20. A few rare helmets are also available to check out from the store. Similarly, check out all the available visors, chest pieces, left and right shoulder pads. Then there’s also the wrist, knee pads, and armor for hips.

If any of the armor is locked in the game then you can unlock it by buying the Halo Infinite Battle pass. There are a few armors, or part of it like helmet, chest, etc that aren’t available to buy because they require you to reach a certain level in the multiplayer season. Only then can you unlock and buy them. For example, the Aviator helmet requires a battle pass and you have to reach Tier 30 in Season 1 to unlock it.

Explaining it here wouldn’t be enough to understand all these things, just open the game and check it on your own. In case you need a more visual explanation of this, then watch this YouTube video explaining various Halo Infinite customization options for your armor. Also, check out this WindowsCentral guide on Halo Infinite armor customization. It has info on every armor in the game.

How Does Halo Infinite Armor Work in Campaign?

While we did mention that the Halo Infinite armor doesn’t provide any stats of any sort but in the campaign, finding Spartan core will grant you one point. Using this point, players can upgrade their weapons or unlock a new ability for their character. Players will get multiple upgrade options, but to access such options they have to progress further in the game. When you have a point, spend it wisely on the desired skill or upgrade because once spent, it cannot be undone.

Using Spartan Core

To use those points from Spartan cores, players will have to access the upgrade menu in the game. This is available near the map option, just right next to it. Once you enter the Upgrades menu you can see a tree for equipment upgrades. Choose the upgrade for your equipment that you wish to add and just spend the point from Spartan core. That’s how simple it is.

In the Upgrade menu, you will find 5 different gadgets for Master Chief. Grappleshot, Shield Core, Threat Sensor, Drop Wall, and Thrusters. Each of these requirements can be further upgraded using your Spartan core, but not every piece of equipment is unlocked at the beginning. As you progress through the story in the campaign, these equipments will all be available one by one.

For some thrusters or shield core will seem like cool and handy features, it is best if you go for grappleshot first. Since it is the most useful one in the game when it comes to battle, movement, etc. Keep upgrading this equipment and you will be able to use it more often, and almost every few seconds. Then you can go for shield core and drop wall in that order.

There are a total of 45 Spartan core locations that you have to check ut in the campaign. This means you get 45 spartan core points for upgrading equipment and their abilities. To know all those 45 Spartan core locations, check this article by eurogamer that has instructions to find all of them.

Best Halo Infinite Armor Sets

With a lot of modification options for Halo Infinite armor, you can create some stunning armor designs. Though that’s not the only way to equip some beautiful Halo Infinite armor. If you have a good amount of credits in the game then you can even buy some best armor sets. Said armor sets are available to buy from the Halo Championship store.

There are a total of 9 armor sets for Mark VII and 5 for Mark V. If we talk about the rarity of these armors then these are all of the epic levels. Here, we are going to list out a few armor sets that we loved and anyone would be happy to get their hands on. All of the armor sets in the game are based on the Esports championship. Take a look at the list below, there are sure to be some of your favorites too in the list.

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Eunited Armor Kit

Halo Infinite Armor

This Mark VII armor is one of the cooler ones in the game, I don’t know about you but this sort of gives me patriotic vibes. It reminds me of that War Machine armor in Iron Man 3, that sort of looks Captain America inspired. Only this one doesn’t have too many colors and has a simpler design. There is no design change for the chest as it is just plain white, but you can see major changes in both arms and legs. Including a new design for visor and knee pads. This will cost you 1000 credits, which is about $10 in real money.

Fnatic Armor Kit

Halo Infinite Armor

I’m not one of those hardcore Marvel fans but this does remind me of one character from MCU. Any guesses? That’s right, this gives me Winter Soldier vibes. You might think that I’m crazy to draw such a resemblance but it is what it is. The only reason that I see it that is because you can see that the left arm has a separate orange shade while the rest has the same dark color. Yes, there are a few hints of orange here and there on wrists, shoulder pads, and knee area, but the arm stands out from the rest.

Like every other Mark VII armor, this one too is of epic rarity and costs 1000 credits. Just visit the Halo Championship store to purchase this halo armor. There’s another similar armor with a different color combination, it’s called Sentinels. Do check it out too.

Faze Clan

Faze Clan

This looks like it is meant to be camouflage armor but might suck at it considering it has a very bright red texture. Still, this is a pretty damn texture for a Halo helmet and armor. Along with that red, you can also see the obsidian shades on the armor. Imagine wearing this and getting ready for a battle. I feel like this is gonna do the opposite of what it is supposed to do, which provides camouflage. Regardless this is a worthy addition to your Halo closet of armors.

Pay the same amount as every other Mark VII rare armor from the store, to get this.

Emile-A239 Kit

Emile-A239 Kit

This is one of the legendary armor sets in the game that is available for Mark V armor. It is beautiful and terrifying at the same time. You can see awesome a Spartan would be equipping this armor it might look really heavy to operate in, but since all the armors in Halo Infinite are just cosmetics, you are gonna be fine. Since it is one of the best-looking armors in the game, it ain’t easy to get either.

The very first thing you need to do is get a premium battle pass for season 1 of Halo Infinite Multiplayer. Then in Season 1, you have to reach level 95 to be able to unlock it. Told you, wasn’t going to be easy.

Jorge-052 Kit

Jorge-052 Kit

This might be as bulky and filled with battle gear as the Emile-A239 armor, but it is still a good choice. Compared to other legendary armors for Mark V armor core, this is something that you should pick. The others have a pretty simple design with a few chests and should pad addition, but I prefer this one over others. I liked how they designed the chest for this armor, it is simple yet quite interesting.

To unlock this, you have to reach level 80 in the Heroes of Reach Season 1. Also, you should buy a premium battle pass.

These are armor kits that I feel are better than the rest available in the game. In case your choices differ from the ones mentioned in this article, or if you think the list is absolute shit, either way, let me know in the comment section.

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Wrapping Up

Halo Infinite is an amazing addition to the franchise, if not better than many games in the series. It has amazing gameplay, an interesting campaign, and a lot more stuff that’s worth spending time(and money) on. To make your gaming experience better(aesthetically), check out all the interesting Halo Infinite customization options available for Halo Infinite armor. We have discussed all the important things related to armor in the game. Also, take a peek at our pick for the best armor sets for this game.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Does Halo Infinite multiplayer armor have stats?

All the armors in the game, especially in multiplayer are only for cosmetics. They do not offer any kind of boost to your stats in defense or anything. All they do is make you look cool and unique.

What is the Halo Infinite Master Chief Armor?

The famous Master Chief’s armor is the Mark VII is not available in the multiplayer mode. It is a GEN 3 armor.

Can you modify other parts of the armor?

Yes, almost every major part of armor like the helmet, shoulder pads, chest, visors, etc are all modifiable in the game. This is provided you have all those things, and if you don’t then buy them from the store.

How to upgrade your armor in Halo Infinite campaign?

To upgrade your halo infinite armor in the campaign, players have to collect armor cores. These will provide upgrade points. Then you can go to your game’s upgrade menu and add those points required skills or equipment upgrades.

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