Hildibrand Quests

Hildibrand Quests

Long-time fans of the Final Fantasy series were very disappointed when the FFXIV was released in 2010. That’s because the game was kind of incomplete with very bad gameplay and many other aspects. This led to the studios releasing a reworked version of the game under the subtitle ‘A Realm Reborn’. Now, this was met with a good reception from everyone. One thing that stood out about this title was the side quests and not just any side quests but the Hildibrand Quests.

So what are these Hildibrand Quests, and how do you get to do them? All will be discussed in this article. So strap on and read it all to find out all about the Hildibrand quests in Final Fantasy XIV.

What Are Hildibrand Quests?

Many players just go for speedrun and skip the side quests altogether, while some just prefer the main story quests. Regardless, such people miss out on some amazing parts of the game. In the case of Final Fantasy XIV, it’s the Hildibrand Quests. Hildibrand is one of the interesting characters in the franchise, and you can even say that he is sort of comic relief. He is a Highlander with a lot of side quests that are worth spending every second on.

In the Realm Reborn, there is a lot of content and quest for players. This is apart from the main story quests. The side quests in FFXIV offer a lot of interesting stuff for players, and such part is the Hildibrand side quests. There are 21 Hildibrand side quests in the Realm Reborn alone. To access these quests players have to reach at least level 50 and only then can they access those side quests.

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Apart from reaching level 20, the side quest is accessible only if you complete the main quest from Realm Reborn. When these two conditions are met, you can start the Hildibrand side quest from Wynmond in Utah. The first quest is “The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen”. Just so you know, Hildibrand is often called the “Gentleman of Light”.

Once you start this side quest there is no going back, and I don’t mean that you do not have a choice, it’s just you wouldn’t want one. That’s because his side quests are hilarious. They provide a great departure from the main storyline that can often be a bit dark, if not bleak. There are a lot of interesting, ridiculous, and silly things in these quests. Simply because it is about Hildibrand.

Who Is Hildibrand Manderville?

Who Is Hildibrand Manderville?

Before we get into all the quests and the guide on how to access them, anyone that doesn’t know who Hildibarnd Manderville is, should know him first. If you have a basic idea of what kind of character he is, then the quests are going to be away more fun and enjoyable. Hildibrand is a silly and oftentimes crazy character in the world of FFXIV, he calls himself “Inspector Extraordinaire”. Imagine Sherlock Holmes, but scaled down the seriousness to a 0 and add goofy level 100. That’s Hildibrand for you.

He forsook his family wealth that he inherited by being born to Goldsmith Godbert and Julyan. Then he started his exploits as an “agent of enquiry” alongside his sidekick and companion Nashu Mhakaracca. Anytime you see him on the screen, he is like a human looney toon character that brings joy and happiness with his silliness. Together they travel through Eorza solving mysteries and meeting some interesting characters, both heroes and villains of the series.

His quest is way more fun, especially considering the Realm Reborn can sometimes be a little boring as most of the game’s story is world and character building. Hildibrand quests aren’t necessary to the story or compulsory either, but they are definitely worth your time. His quests a good amount of story and adventure for players to feel connected to the characters.

So if you do wanna get started with his quest, then first finish the “Ultimate Weapon” quest from the main story. Then you can start his very first quest “The Rise and Fall of Gentleman” by speaking to Wynmond. Now that you know who Hildibarnd Manderville is, it is time to check out all his quest in A Realm Reborn.

All Hildibrand Quests in “a Realm Reborn”‘

As mentioned earlier, there are 21 Hildibrand quests in A Realm Reborn. Also, that’s not where his quests, you can find many others in the Heavensward and Stormblood expansions. These quests just aren’t for fun, but they also unlock some exclusive character content and rewards. Just to give you an idea of rewards, the quests will get you some interesting emotes, outfits, minions, and much more. Spoiler alert, you can make Hildibrand do some crazy dance moves.

Let us discuss briefly what those quests are and how you can start them in FFXIV.

The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen

Hildibrand Quests - The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen

We have already mentioned that you need to talk to Wynmond to start this quest. Now, the story starts with Nashu investigating some weird activity that is being rumored about zombies. So go to help her out with this investigation under the suggestion of Wynmond. Nashu was still hoping for her former mentor to come back, but when she learned that he did not survive his journey to Dalamud, she was heartbroken.

So you and Nashu team up to solve this zombie issue by finding them and looking for clues, and also slaying them along the way. In that process, you find a map that you show to Nashu, which she deduces to be a map pointing at an important location. The map also contains the phrase “A gentleman is, rather than does”, which could probably be something that can put an end to this zombie problem.

You two travel to the marked location on the map that is somewhere in the Sagolii desert in Southern Thanalan. After you reach the location, you understand that phrase is some sort of password. You use it to call out zombies, though that doesn’t go the way you expect. The zombies are almost about to kill you and Nashu, and at that moment Hildibrand comes to your rescue like a knight in shining armor and commands the zombies to spare you.

After the former mentor and student meet up, Nashu then tries to bring back the lost memories of Hildibrand by blasting him with explosives. Questionable choice, but fortunately, it works. Well, this is your very first quest in Hildibrand side quests. Though it may not sound weird enough, the quest is fun and bonkers, and it is gonna have more of that with each quest.

All Other FFxiv Hildibrand Quests

Anyone who has played the FF14 Hildibrand questline and agrees that they are the best part of the FFXIV game. The good thing is that the game has a plethora of quests for the Hildibrand character and his storyline that are equally fun and full of heart. We are going to list out a few quests from Realm Reborn, Havensward, and Stormblood expansions. Along with info on how you can access them from various locations in the game. Check all those quests from the below info that you can do after “The Rise and Fall of Gentlemen” quest.

Back in the Saddle 

Players can access this quest by going to Hildibrand, Sgolii Desert(Southern Thanalan). In this quest, you enquire about Hildibrand’s activates in Ul’dah, where he went back to resume his role as the agent of enquiry.

After Her Own Heart 

Reach Emerald Avenue and talk to Wymond to start this quest. Here, you will assist Hildibrand in his investigation by starting with questioning Yellow Moon. The case will also involve talking with Nashu and himself.

The Immaculate Deception 

This quest might be a bit longer and gets a little weird, as it contains a lot of massaging Hildibrand. Yes, apart from questioning people, you will also be massaging Hildibrand. Why? Start this quest by talking to Ellie from Steps of Nald to find out.

The Science of Deduction 

In this quest, you will find all the discoveries made by Ellie on the duelist that is looking for a sword. This task will make your search and investigate an inspector with Ellie among many other things. Look for this quest in Drybona(Eastern Thanalan) from Ellie.

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Her Last Vow 

After completing a bunch of other quests, this will be your last one in Realm Reborn. The quest will contain a lot of talking with some characters and a battle with Gilgamesh to reclaim the Treaty Blade. You can start this quest from Hustings Strip after Julyan sends you to an excavation site in Sil’dih.

After you finish these and other quests, get the Heavensward expansion to try the next few quests. Remember, from here, you need to be level 60 to play the quests in this expansion.

A Gentlemen Falls, Rather Than Flies

This is the beginning of the Hildibrand quests in the Heavensward expansion that is accessible from “The Pillars” by taking to Nashu Mhakaracca. In this quest, you team up with Nashu Mhakaracca and assist her in finding Hildibrand by questioning merchants in Ishgard and mistress Elaisse.

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Start this mission by going to The Pillars again after you have finished a few other missions in between. Talk to Hildibrand to start this quest, where he is in search of his son to reconnect with him. Some of the things that you will do in this quest include speaking to Herewart, rendezvous with Cyr, searching and aiding Gigi, and a few other things.

FFxiv if I Could Turn Back Time

The last quest in the Heavensward expansion will see Hildibrand aid you in his quest. Though before that you have to help him with his aching muscles. So you start by using Salamander oil to massage his muscles bought by his mother. Mind you, there is going to be a lot of massaging, again. This time it is going to be with feelings.

Finishing this quest will complete the Hildibarnd side quests in Heavensward. Though that’s not the end of his story. Register yourself for the Stormblood expansion, and you can play 9 other quests of our silly inspector extraordinaire. You have to level up and reach level 70 to play the following quests in Stormblood, a few of those are mentioned below.

A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East

The very first quest in the Stormblood expansion will see you searching for Miqo’te girl, speaking to and following Nashu who is in search of her mentor, again. You will find this quest in Kugane and completing this quest will grant you 1,116 Gil. After this quest, you will do the Life Imitates Art Imitates Life, Of Wolves and Gentlemen, In the Eye of the Hingan, and a few others. The final quest in this expansion is the Don’t Do the Dewprism.

Don’t Do the Dewprism

With this quest, the Hildibrand story is complete until and unless he decides to come back. Come back? Well, I’m not gonna spoil anything for you, so you have to play it to find out. This quest can be started from Kugane.

These are all the other quests that you can go for in the FFXIV game and all its expansions. All of these levels will require the player to be at least a level 50, depending on the expansion. With that, the Hildibrand side quests conclude in Final Fantasy XIV. To know about all the quests in this game, check out this primagames guide on the same.

Final Fantasy Gameplay Guide

MMORPG can be a bit confusing if you have never played them before. Final Fantasy XIV is one such huge MMORPG game that might be a bit too much for some. We understand if that’s something you are troubled with, do not worry though, because we can help you with that. If you have noticed, many players have been jumping back on the FFXIV bandwagon, and you might be one of them. So this guide will help anyone who wants to try this massive game that contains hundreds of hours of gameplay content.

Character Customization

Character Customization - Hildibrand Quests

In most RPG games, you start by creating your character or avatar whatever you may call it. This is also the case in FFXIV where you start by selecting a character and designing it(some people spend hours on this). So players get to select from a variety of clans, races, and gender. There are 6 races in the game including Lalfell, Elizen, Hyur, Miqo’te, Au Ra, and Roegadyn. The Au Ra race was a pretty recent addition to the game.

There are two races available only in the Shadowbringe expansion, that Viera(only females) and Hrothgar(only males). Then you can choose race and gender which aren’t going to have much of an effect in the long run. The next important part is to select a Class, which in FF are called Jobs. Classes are an significant factor in your character, as they dictate what your gameplay style will be. So choose wisely, even though you will have an option to change it in the future.

For new players, some of the best classes are Lancer, Conjurer, Arcanist, Gladiator, etc. In case you have a bit of an idea about the game and have a little experience, then there are some best jobs out there are for you. Jobs like Samurai, Dancer, and Dark Knight are the best jobs, but you should at least be level 50 for these jobs.

When it comes to combat, there are types of players in this game. Healer, Tanks, and DPS. DPS is the damage dealers who are the best at combat when supported well by tanks and healers. These are the basics of character customization one should know. To know more about classes, take a glance at these nme class recommendations.

Start Quests

Hildibrand Quests - Start Quests

After you are done with selecting and designing a character, it’s time to go on quests. Start exploring and meeting different characters to find quests. Always prefer to go for main quests in the game while starting out. Check your screen’s top left side as it shows quests in the main scenario guide. You can differentiate the main quest from another by looking at the exclamation point.

It has a golden yellow color. Also, those with gold and blue icon are something you should try too as they can help you open new features for your class. This is just a basic guide for beginners who just started their adventures in FFXIV. In case you need more info and detailed instructions then try this polygon guide for beginners.

Some Other MMO Options

I know playing a single game for months can be a bit exhausting, and it also feels repetitive when you see the same damn world multiple times. Such players should opt for other similar titles in the MMO genre. If you do not know what games are available in the MMO genre then the next few suggestions are worth checking out.

World Of Warcraft Games

World Of Warcraft Games

This is the obvious choice when it comes to MMO games since it is a staple in its genre. The game is a little similar to the FF series, as you can start by selecting a race for a character and level up playing the game. It is one of the most top-rated games and enjoys a massive fanbase. You can play solo or with other players, and even fight them in PvP battles. It’s all about character progression.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

One of the smashings hits from Bestheda studios is the MMO RPG game set in the world of Tamriel, which is none other than the Elder Scrolls Online. This is perfect for those who wanted to enjoy the Skrim game with other players, in a PvP battle. Go on quests or just in its beautiful world, either way, you are gonna love this game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic

This 2011 MMO RPG game might not be the best one out there when compared with the FF series, but it still is a great play in this time. In fact, it is one of the most profitable Star War games, which also enjoys a good player fanbase. I feel like any game that is set in the Star Wars universe has the potential to be a hit as long as they make a decent effort. In this case, everything works perfectly, the gameplay, story, everything is great and most importantly, the story moves forward with player choices. Hence, it became a hit.

There are many other MMO titles to try out. A few good ones include Dungeons and Dragons Online, LOTR Online, Phantasy Star Online, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Anyone who loves Final Fantasy XIV or even plays the game should not miss out on the Hildibrand quests in the game. They are a ton of fun and provide a great change from the usual gameplay of FFXIV. Every side quest contains a lot of good moments and even some hilarious ones, so it is definitely something to spend time on. The best part is the Hildibrand, and his goofy character. So play all the 21 side quests from Realm Reborn and get the Heavensward and Stormblood expansion for more Hildibrand quests.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How can you play FF14 Hildibrand questlines?

To play Hildibrand quests, one must first complete the game’s main story. That is done by completing “The Ultimate Weapon” Quest. After that, you can access the Hildibrand quests in the game.

How many Hildibrand quests are in total?

In the “A Realm Reborn” game, there are a total of 21 Hildibrand quest lines. This isn’t including the two expansions Heavensward and Stormblood. Include those two and you have 17 more ffxiv Hildibrand quests.

Are there any Hildibrand questlines in Shadowbringers expansion?

No, as of now there are no ffxiv Hildibrand quests in Shadowbringers expansion.

Is there any level requirement to play Hildibrand side quests?

Yes, you should be level 50 to play his side quests in Realm Reborn. In others, you should be level 60 in Heavensward and level 70 in Stormblood.

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