How Long is God of War?

How Long is God of War

Many have been waiting with bated breath for a long time to enjoy the masterpiece that is God of War on PC. Sure, the previous trilogy of God of War was good, but the PlayStation 4 release is a class of its own. Everyone was ecstatic, to say the least when the studios announced the game at the 2016 E3 Expo. Now after its release in 2018, we are getting a PC release on 14th January 2022. Anyone who enjoyed at least one of the God of War games will definitely go for this one. So one question that is common among many players is, How long is God of War?

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How Long is God Of War?

Well, very soon everyone is going to get their hands on this amazing game and start pulling all-nighters. So how long is God of War game? The answer to this depends on your playstyle. Sure, there is a definitive given time frame for every game when it comes to the main quest and side quest. Though it all depends on the player. Here, we shall discuss and see how long is God of War with and without the extra content in the game. Along with the God of War 4 play time. Also, for all kinds of players, how this completion differs.

You might also wanna know that there are a total of 17 God of War chapters for the main story. Completing all these 17 chapters is definitely gonna take a good amount of time. So let us see how long is God of War in terms of the main story and main story+side quests.

Only The Main Story

How Long is God of War?

If we are strictly talking about the main story/quests, then you can expect to complete the game in about 20-22 hours. This is the most common time frame taken for almost every player, but then there are others who like to speedrun or complete everything this differs vastly. So you are one of those players who like to rush through the game and flex about how you finished it quickly, then it is still going to take you 14-15 hours. Doesn’t feel much fast, does it?

In case you prefer to take your time exploring the scenarios and enjoying the gameplay then it could take you about 27-30 hours. Some players might take a bit longer than that as not everyone is a pro at handling those monstrosities that the game throws your way. Most of the time, I just take my time enjoying everything about the game and do not worry about how long is God of War gameplay.

Both Main Story and Side Quests

How Long is God of War?

Now, there are many other players like me who tend to do a bit of both. Meaning, playing the main story along with side quests on the way. For such players, it is gonna take 32-34 hours for both the main story and all the side quests. The number provided so far are an average time taken for many users, and the next ones we mentioned down the line are going to be the same.

While it is going to be difficult to clock in a quick completion time by side quest, a few players do try that too. In that scenario, you may have to spend about anywhere around 21-25 hours, as exploration and finding the side quests can be a drag. If I were you, I would rather enjoy the side quests too since the game offers pretty good ones. For example, the Dwarves Side quests, Wayward Spirit Sidequest, and defeating the Queen Valkyrie.

Players who intend to finish the game more quickly should take a look at guides, so they know beforehand what to do. If you do need to take help from a guide then check out this IGN Walkthrough for all God of War Chapters. Using this guide will change your answer for how long is God of War.

Other Playstyles

Other Playstyles

Some people like to explore every inch of the land, every nook, and cranny, or a cave. Such people have a FOMO and want to make sure that they do not miss out on anything interesting. These kinds of players will have to spend way longer than any other casual player does. On average, such players will take 51-54 hours to explore and complete the game. This is actually pretty common for such a playstyle, but it still is an average amount of time.

Since everyone has a separate pace for games, the numbers can look a lot different with rushed gameplay and a leisure one. The former player will clock around 36-40 hours for full completion, while the latter might take 80-85 hours. There is a huge difference in number for such players, since completing the whole game with exploration means different for each player.

Did you know there are people who have completed this game in less than 5 hours? Yes, there are quite a few such people, actually. Very few have even finished it in under 4 hours. You can watch their YouTube videos too. There’s also a site where players compete for God of War speedrun. You can check it out from this speedrun site –

All these things should answer your question, “how long is God of War?” In case you need a simple look at just the number to understand how long is God of War, then this howlongtobeat site has the numbers you need.

About God Of War(2018)

About God Of War(2018)

The 8th entry in the franchise continues the story of God of War III but is a little different from the previous games. The most noticeable difference that you see is the third-person over-the-shoulder view, which was not present in the previous titles. This is a welcome change and only makes the game better. Santa Monica Studios developed this title spearheaded by director Cory Barlog, and the game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This was released as a Playstation exclusive and is available for PS4 and PS4 Pro only.

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While the developers have kept everything that made the previous games great, they also changed a few things to make it feel fresh. For starters, there are two main protagonists in the game. The other one is Kratos son Atreus, an NPC. Though, he might help you out with a few things in the game occasionally. Including his adds a bit of a role-playing element in the game.

Kratos might be a Greek god, but he is not just limited to that one realm. This is evident by the new game which is loosely set/inspired by Norse mythology. So you can expect to fight a few mythological creatures from Norse mythology in this game. One other interesting thing about this game is that the cinematic moments are one-shot. Meaning, you will never see a loading screen or cutscenes in the game. For every cinematic cutscene, the game just directly transitions into it rather than changing scenes or adding a loading screen.

Another interesting and new element about this game is that it is sort of an open-world game. It is not completely an open world because the game still follows a linear structure. Except, the game areas are so huge that exploration is possible outside the main story.



Since it is a sequel to the God of War III, it follows the same character Kratos The events take place after a long time after the defeat of Olympian gods. Kratos now has a son named Atreus, who he trains constantly to hunt and survive. Kratos is left with Atreus after his mother is dead and is cremated by them. Together they now live in the ancient Scandinavian, which is a part of the Midgard realm.

The story follows Kratos and Atreus on a mission to scatter the ashes of Atreus’s mother, Freya. They are to reach the highest peak of nine realms and scatter her ashes there. During this journey, Kratos and Atreus will encounter various monsters and gods from Norse mythology. They travel through Lake of the Nine, use Bifrost to go to Alfheim, and many other places for their quest to reach the peak of the nine realms. All while, Kratos hides his past from his son about who he is, and what he has done. Including who Atreus actually is.

This should give you a speck of idea as to who is the God of War, and what this game will entail. For more plot info, read this Fandom article on the game.

God of War PC Release Date

People who do not have a Playstation 4 or couldn’t afford one can now rejoice. Why? Because Sony has announced that we will soon get a God of War PC release. Many gamers across the world couldn’t control their excitement to hear that they can play the game now on a PC. You have to agree that playing the game on a PC is gonna be quite a unique experience compared to PS4. Agreed, some prefer the console experience to PC, but it still is great to have a PC version.

At the time of writing this article, there are only 15 days for the God of War PC to release around the globe. So by the time you read this article, you probably will have bought it for your PC. If you just can’t wait to buy this game for PC then head over to Steam Store and Pre-purchase God of War PC. The page also has all the info you might wanna know to understand what this game is and who is the God of War is.

One other reason that many people are very excited to try this game is because it has been named Game of the Year. This isn’t just by one game award but by many. Even several media outlets did give their approval to this is the 2018 year’s best game. Hence everyone is excited about the God of War PC release date. There is one thing you should know before you buy this game. That is if your PC has enough juice to handle it. We shall discuss this in the next section, so definitely check that out.

God of War PC System Requirements

God of War PC System Requirements

It is very crucial to know if your PC can handle the game before you even think about buying it. Here are all the minimum and required specifications for the game.

Minimum Requirements

You gotta use a 64-bit Intel I5-2500K processor with at least 8GB of RAM. If not Intel then you can also use an AMD Ryzen 3 1200, and both the processors require at least a 3.1 GHz clock speed and 4 cores. Use a Windows 10 64-bit OS along with a graphic processor that you can choose between 4GB Nvidia GTX 960 or a 4GB AMD R9 290X. Well, every game now requires Directx 11, so does this one. When it to comes to the device memory, then you will need at least 70 GB of free space in your Hard Drive.

Certain recommended requirements for the God of War game for PC are the same as the minimum requirements. For example, OS, hard drive space, RAM memory, and DirectX version. The major changes come with graphic cards and system processors. Here, you need a 4GB Intel i5-6600k or 4GB AMD Ryzen 5 2400 G processor that has at least 3.5 GHz clock speed. Coming to graphics, use Nvidia GTX 1060 (6GB) or AMD RX 570 (4GB).

While this helps devices with low configurations, the game isn’t meant to be played with such low settings. To get the best experience out of this game, one must play it at least on a High setting, but the best one in Ultra settings.

Wrapping Up

This article everything concerned with God of War runtime, so you will know how long is God of War. Each player has their own pace and their complete-time may differ from the mentioned times in this article. No matter how long is God of War or how much time it takes you to complete it, the important thing is to have fun. With this game, trust me, your gonna have a hell of a lot of fun. So forget how long is God of War is, and just enjoy every moment of this masterpiece that we have been blessed with.

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If you are one of those people who did not get to play it because you do not have a PS4, then you are in luck as the game is about to release for Windows. Just wait till January 14, 2022, and you can enjoy the world of God of War on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is God of War playtime and how long is God of War?

God of War playtime means the time it takes you to complete the game. This may or may not include the side quests. As to answer the question, how long is God of War? The average time for most players to complete this game is around 20-22 hours for only the main story and 32-34 hours for both main story+side quests.

Will there be a sequel to God of War 2018?

Yes, there is a sequel that has been announced to release on September 20, 2022. This sequel is titled God of War Ragnarok. This wouldn’t be surprising considering there is a hidden ending to the 2018 God of War that preludes to the arrival of Thor and the end of time called Ragnarok.

How many chapters does God of War have?

There are a total of 17 chapters in the game, which is in the main story. This might not seem much, but those 17 chapters are gonna quite a lot of time to finish.

Who is the God of War?

In the game, Kartos is named the God of War, but if you consider Greek Mythology, then it is Ares.

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