How to Breed Villagers?

How to Breed Villagers

Are you one of those people who love to play Minecraft Games all the time? Do you love to play the god for the Minecraft world? Then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we are going to discuss briefly how to breed villagers? in the Minecraft game. In addition to this, we provided detailed instructions for the players to help their characters or villagers undergo the breeding process in the game. And not just that, we are going to discuss in further more detail the various functions and features of having additional villagers in the Minecraft World here on this web page.

Who Are Villagers in Minecraft? What Are Their Functions?


Before we dive into the topic of “how to breed villagers?”. Let us backtrack a bit and discuss more the Villagers in the Minecraft Game. Firstly Villagers are technically the inhabitants of the Village Communities in the Minecraft World created by the Players. They are passive characters in the game, who tend to be busy performing the tasks given by the players. Thus helping the villagers to prosper in the game. The players can interact with the villagers in the game, and not just that they can also trade essentials like food or other items for emeralds as currency.

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The Villagers in the Minecraft World do various occupations that are set by the players. Occupations such as Farmer, Clergy, Fisherman, Gunsmith, Butcher, Blacksmith, Shepherd, Furrier, Miner, Cartographer, Stonemason, and Librarian. By doing these occupation’s the players will earn money, and stabilize or increase the economy of the villages. Making them popular spots for the players to visit, trade, or other functions. And not just that, the Villagers in the Minecraft World can be further divided into multiple types. Villagers Types, For instance, Zombie Villagers, Witches, Ilagers, Non-Playable Characters, Wandering Traders, and Normal Villagers.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Having More Villagers in Minecraft?

Now that you have known all the various types of villagers and their functions in the Minecraft World. Let us find out the various types of benefits offered by them to the Minecraft gamers or players.

Reduced Trade Expenses

The major benefit offered by the Villagers in Minecraft World is the reduction of spending extra amounts of the trades in the game. In other words, due to the villagers, the players can now use their characters in the village to get the benefits of accessing or purchasing various trade goods for fewer amounts. And not just that, if your character is the hero of the said village and he/she is quite popular among the villagers. Then the said characters can get access to additional discounts on trade goods while purchasing various villagers.

Curing Villagers

The villagers inside the villages created by the players are popularly raided by the zombie villagers all the time. Thus converting the villagers into zombies. And the players have the ability to use their characters and some additional items to cure this zombie to turn them back to normal. Moreover, if the players decide to cure the said villagers or the newbie zombie, then the players will earn the gratitude of the villagers in question. And the said villager will offer a free item for the player. In addition to this, if the players convert the past villagers from zombies to normal, then they can earn 2 popularity points from a said villager.

Boosting Popularity

The more villagers in the village, the higher chances of them being raided by village zombies. In this kind of situation, the players can boost their popularity points by helping out their fellow villagers from dying at the hands of zombie villagers. Which in turn will boost the points for the players. And not just that, if the players help the villagers successfully defend against the zombie invasion, the popularity of the said village grows. Which in turn will help the players to do more trade and get more income.

How to Breed Villagers?

Now back to the topic “How to Breed Villagers?” in the Minecraft Game. The Breeding Process can be performed by any player in the game. And if you are interested in Breeding the villagers in the Minecraft World, then follow the detailed steps given below.

How to Breed Villagers?
How to Breed Villagers?

Finding Village

If you are a long-time Minecraft Player, then you might have come across lots of villages built in the Minecraft game most of the time. While some of them are built by you, while others are established by other players based on the type of Minecraft Game. So the first step in the “How to Breed Villagers?” procedure is to find the said village in the Minecraft World.

Choosing Villagers

The next major step in breeding the villagers in the game is to choose or select the villagers you want to breed in the game. As you know from the above sections, the villagers can be varied or differentiated into various types. Thus, we suggest the players check the said chosen villagers are not any zombies, witches, or illagers.

Creating the Breeding Home or Hut

Now that players must progress to the next steps, where they must build a new building, which consists of a single room. And this room must have at least 3 beds. The design and type of the Breeding room or home can be manually chosen by the players. Furthermore, the rooms can be reused for breeding other villagers in the village whenever needed.

Getting the Villagers into the Room

Next, the players must move the said pair of villagers into the breeding home or room designed by the players. This step is quite simple, and to herd, the villagers into the room, choose your characters to stand in front of them. And slowly herd them into the room. After that, the players must enclose the entrance of the room, to prevent the chosen villagers from escaping from the room.

Increasing Villagers Willingness

After herding the villagers into the room, the players must now concentrate on how to increase the willingness of the chosen villagers to breed. This process can be done using three types of methods that are elaborated in much more detail below.

  • Food: As you know offering the villagers pair food, might be one of the easiest options to increase the willingness of the villager pair to breed. However, for this process, the players must collect food items such as 12 potatoes, 12 carrots, 3 loaves of bread, and 12 beet roots for both the villagers in the breeding room.
  • Garden: If you are pro minecraft player, then you might have known that villagers become very happy when they are given garden spaces to harvest their crops. This method can also be used to increase the willingness of the villager pair. For this, you should create a garden space, provide seed and water for the players inside the breeding room.
  • Trading: Yes, the players can increase the willingness of the villager pairs easily by trading. In other words, if the players have not yet bought or trade from the said villager pairs for a long time. And they have a lot of stock goods o trade. Now, if the players buy or trade these stocked goods, then the willingness of the said villagers to breed.

What Are the Different Types of Villagers in Minecraft? What Are Their Functions?

The Minecraft game as you know from the above sections offers various types of villagers for the players to choose from, for instance, based on their occupation as well as based on their variation. Thus allowing the players to choose the villagers based on their likings.

Villager Types Based on Their Occupations

Now we are going to give you a comprehensive description of the various village types in the Minecraft game based on their occupations here in the below sections.


As the name itself suggests, these Villagers have the expertise of creating armor with basic tools for the players as well as other villagers. And not just that, the Armourer villagers also create chain mail and sell/trade to the players.


The most popular as well as most opted occupation-based farmer type by the players of the Minecraft game. And obviously, their talent or experience is based on harvesting crops, brewing ingredients, and trading food with other players or villagers.


Another unique occupation type villager in the Minecraft World, who spends most of their copped up in the libraries, managing and operating them. Moreover, the librarian can help the players in finding their favorite books from the bookshelves in the library.

Weapon Smith

From the name itself you can deduce that this villager has very good expertise in creating weaponry for the villagers as well as the players. Which can be very useful for the village as a whole when defending a huge raid by zombies.


These villagers are the best persons to buy the meat from in the various villages in the Minecraft World. And not just that, the players can use the emeralds as a trade for purchasing the meat from the butchers in the game.


A mysterious villager who is an expert in creating magical spells, items, and many more. If you want to buy a magical instrument possessing various abilities, then the Clerics are the go-to persons in the Minecraft world.

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This villager is popularly known for selling cut blocks and bricks for the construction work in the Minecraft game. If you ever want to buy constructions products for building your own Home in the Minecraft world, then visit these villagers.


If you ever want to buy or trade the tools from the villages in the Minecraft game, then the toolsmiths are the best-suited persons or villagers for you. Using the emeralds, now the players can trade or buy the tools from the Toolsmiths.


Unlike their names, Shepherd’s expertise is not in herding animals, but in creating colored woods and paintings. And the players can buy these paintings to add them as decorations for their homes.


These villager types are similar to that of Weapon smith. However, unlike the Weapon smith, the Fletcher Villagers create and sell bows and arrows for the players as well as villagers. And not just that the Fletcher’s offers various types of arrows for the players to choose from.


As the name suggests these village characters catch from the rivers and lakes in the Minecraft world, and sell this fish for emeralds to other villagers and players. In addition to this, the players can also buy enchanted fishing rods from fishermen, cause why not?

Leather Worker

The villagers or the players who have horses in the Minecraft world must visit the Leather worker villagers to buy the armors and saddles for their horses. By exchanging emeralds with them.

Villager Types Based On Variations

The villagers that can be differentiated based on their variations are listed here below along with a brief description.

Zombie Villagers
 Zombie Villagers
Zombie Villagers

These dangerous villagers spawn on their own in the Minecraft world in various locations such as abandoned villages, zombie villages, igloos as well as other worlds. The main function of these zombies is to raid the healthy villages in the game and attack all the villagers living in them. Thus, successfully converting them into zombies. However, the players and other villagers unite and fight against these zombie villagers to save their villages.

Non-Playable Characters
Non-Playable Characters
Non-Playable Characters

As the name itself suggests, these character does not serve any purpose in the game, unlike other villagers. Instead, they can be created by the players, or placed by the game naturally into the Minecraft world. The NPCs offer no purpose, however, their reactions and interactions are similar to that of the other villagers in the game. Moreover, the players can assign tasks for the NPCs in the game, and use them to perform various functions. And not just that, the players also have the ability to select or add the type of interactions or reactions used by this NPC in the game. However, the NPCs can be similarly get affected by positions or other natural causes like villagers.


A powerful and dangerous villager character in the game, that has the ability to use various spells to heal themselves or attack other villagers/players. However, the witches are passive characters, and they do not attack anyone unless provoked. Moreover, the villagers are part of hostile mobs in the game that cannot be created by the players and naturally spawns in other locations such as Overworld, village raids, and swamp huts. In addition to this, the witches are also naturally spawned when the villagers get struck with Lightning in the Minecraft world.

Wandering Trader
 Wandering Trader
Wandering Trader

This villager true to their name does not reside in the same place as the other villagers in the game, Instead, they travel across the worlds looking for trading their stocked goods. Moreover, these traders also buy goods from other villagers in the game. However, the Wandering Traders usually saw nearby the players, and they contain some of the exclusive items like spawn eggs, potion of invisibility, etc. And the players can buy all the exclusive items from these villagers whenever required easily.


A dangerous magic user in the game and are technically part of the village mobs. Furthermore, the illagers can be differentiated into various types such as Illusioner, Vindicator, Pillager, Vexes, Ravagers, and Evokers, etc. The illagers cannot be created by the players and are naturally spawned at various different locations such as raids, illager patrols, pillager outposts as well as woodland mansions in the game. More importantly, the illagers are ex-villagers that are outcasts from the villages due to them turning evil. Thus invoking their hatred towards the villages, and they use their magical abilities to destroy the villages all the time in the game.

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In this article, we have provided completed guidelines or instructions on “How to Breed Villagers?” in the Minecraft game. And not just that, we have also shared various advantages and disadvantages of the “How to Breed Villagers?” topic in the above sections. Moreover, we have provided detailed descriptions of the villagers in the Minecraft world and their various functions. In addition to this, you can also learn about the various types of villagers, in the game. For instance, based on their occupation and variations, etc. And lastly, we have also shared the different methods for the players to follow to increase the willingness of the villagers for breeding.

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Breed Villagers

How to Breed Villagers?

The players can use the detailed instructions given in the above article, to help chosen villagers to participate in the breeding process.

Why should the players breed villagers in Minecraft?

The players must breed the villagers in the Minecraft game to increase the population of the village. Thus enabling the players to access various benefits such as Curing Villagers, Boosting Popularity, and Reducing Trade expenses.

What are the different methods to increase the willingness to breed in the chosen villagers?

In order to increase the willingness to breed in the chosen villagers, the players must follow three methods as Offering Food, Trading Goods, and Offering Garden Space.

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