How to Defeat the Ender Dragon

How to Defeat the Ender Dragon

Minecraft has a huge world that offers endless possibilities for players to have fun. Anyone who starts out in the game does so by building stuff and gathering items. Then as soon as they level up and get good gears, they go in search of battles. Sometimes the battles come to you, other times you gotta find it. One such fight that you gotta take is the one with the Ender Dragon. Mind you, it is far from child’s play when you face the Ender Dragon. The fight is gonna be very difficult, so we bring you instructions on how to defeat the Ender Dragon.

Unlike fighting other monsters in the game, the Ender dragon is quite different and difficult to beat. Some even consider fighting the monster as Endgame. So to battle such a beast, one has to make a lot of preparation and make sure that they are ready to take it on. The thing is, there are many players who do not know how to defeat the Ender Dragon. It is a huge mob with 200 health points and 10 attack damage that is only spawned in The End.

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As soon anyone enters The End, Ender Dragon spawns 20 blocks away from the portal that anyone arrives from. Taking on the Ender Dragon will be very difficult as it can deal a great deal of damage. There are 2 armors that can handle its damage, those are Diamond and Netherite armor, and anything low level you equip is pretty much a squishy toy for the dragon. Also, it can destroy most blocks in the game, except for the End Stone and Obsidian. In this article, we will discuss in detail all the things you need to know about this mob and how to defeat the Ender Dragon.

What Are the Things You Need and How to Defeat the Ender Dragon?

Facing the Ender Dragon means preparing for the battle of your life in Minecraft. There are only two outcomes when you face the Ender Dragon. One is victory or the other outcome is your death. So facing this mob means you should be completely prepared and fully equipped with everything that can help you in this battle. First things first, to defeat the enemy you gotta know your enemy. So let us do that first.

Understand Your Enemy

How to Defeat the Ender Dragon

You already know that the Ender Dragon is, well, a dragon. This means that it is never going to land on the ground, so you gotta be quick to attack when comes closer. The Ender Dragon stays close to the area it spawns and is constantly backup by End Crystals. These crystals constantly heal the ender dragon whenever it takes any damages. So these are your main priority. Destroy as many end crystals as possible, and destroying them will cause the ender dragon 10 HP.

Only attacks from players and explosions deal damage to the dragon, and you cannot contain or suffocate it as it destroys almost every block. Blocks made of lava, flowing water, and bubble column affect it. So use them to your advantage. Also, no status effects are applicable to it. The dragon will only target the player but might accidentally hit other entities dealing 5HP or 10HP depending on the attack.

If you are playing on the Java edition then attacks from the ender dragon might even throw you in the air.

Ender Dragon Attacks

How to Defeat the Ender Dragon

To know how to defeat the ender dragon, players must also know how it attacks. Since the dragon ain’t gonna get on the land, it’s gonna use aerial attacks. You can say that the dragon has 4 different states depending on the damage it takes. The default state is Guarding, where the dragon keeps circling the ender crystal as long as they are healing it. In case they have been destroyed then the ender dragon goes inside the Obsidian pillars.

Now the ender dragon will switch to target mode and anyone who is under 150 blocks and more than 10 blocks away is its target. Whenever you destroy an end crystal and hurt the dragon, it goes into string mode where it unleashes a Fireball attack. This fireball attack deals magic damage and ignores armor unless there is a Protection enchantment.

When the dragon goes into perching mode, she is immune to arrows and tridents. Some of its other attacks include Dragon breadth which it unleashes when the player is 20 blocks away from the exit portal structure. This does the same kind of damage as the lingering potion of Harming. Whenever a player is in 150 blocks range of the dragon and is not near a portal when the dragon lands, it will attack with a charge after 5 seconds.

When the dragon has done 4 such breadth attacks, it goes back into guiding mode by taking off. Also, the dragon will try to take out the accumulated damage and reset it when it is more than 50. In case the player lands heavy blows and the dragon is about to die, then it takes off towards the exit portal structure.

What Do You Need to Beat the Ender Dragon?

How to Defeat the Ender Dragon

Knowing your enemy is not enough if you do not have a proper weapon and armor to beat it. So to face the ender dragon, players should equip themselves with the best armor and weapon. The optimal choice here is to use the Diamond or Netherite armor as they are the best ones that can handle its attacks. One important improvement you can make is enchantment. Go for Thorn or Blast enhancement for an extra layer of protection.

After the defense, it is time for the offense, and what best choice for defense than a bow when you are facing a flying dragon. While you should also get a sword(preferably diamond), the bow is the main weapon here. So keep a ton of arrows for our dragon friend. Also, enchant it with the best power enchantment possible. Doing the same for your sword won’t hurt either(at least not to you). If you are wondering can you attack the dragon with the sword, then, No. The sword is to kill the Endermen that are also around during your fight with the ender dragon.

Players might also wanna keep some Obsidian blocks as the ender dragon cannot destroy them. Make a safe structure, just in case you need any cover. Finally, before you head into battle, keep some potions as well. You will definitely need them to heal during the fight. Also, keep some Golden apples and Ender Pearls.

How to Defeat the Ender Dragon?

Now, you have all the things that you need to fight the dragon and know all its attacks and movement patterns. The only thing to do is attack with all your might. Go to the Overworld map and find a Stronghold, which is where you will find the Ender Dragon. In case you cannot find the Stronghold then use the Eye of Ender. The very first thing to do that I also mentioned earlier, is that destroying the End crystal should be your top priority. They can be found on the Obsidian towers.

After destroying the End crystals, target the dragon using your bow and always aim for the head. That way you can deal maximum damage. Dodge any incoming attacks and return the favor with your bow. The battle can drag on for a while depending on your skills and gear. The dragon will try to flee multiple times during the battle, and every time it does that, just chase it down.

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When you finally kill the Ender Dragon, you will get a shit ton of experience points. To give you a number, the dragon drops 12,000 experience points. Apart from that, players will also get a dragon egg as sort of a trophy and a portal is opened. Use the portal to escape the End. This answers your question, “How to defeat the Ender Dragon?”

Bosses(Mobs) in Minecraft

So far we have talked about Ender Dragon and how to defeat the Ender Dragon, but that’s not the only Boss Mob in the game. There are actually quite a few, and that is without even adding mobs using mods. Most of the mobs were added to the game with certain updates. In case you do want to take a jab at some of the other mobs in the game then you should try brawling with the ones mentioned below.

Skeletal Horseman

Skeletal Horseman

This mob is exactly what the name suggests. It is a skeletal mob that sits on a skeletal horse. Not very scary, but far from being cute either. They are pretty easy to find when there is a thunderstorm, but the chances get slim if you are playing the game in Easy difficulty. These mobs are equipped with an enchanted helmet and a bow to make your life difficult. They are fast but predictable as they follow the same attack pattern of a normal skeleton. Do not engage them as soon as they spawn because they are invincible for the first 3 seconds.

Wither Storm

Wither Storm

If you are in search of a challenge and a scary mob then the Wither Storm might be a worthy opponent. He is like a normal wither except much more scary and big. It grows in size by absorbing blocks and other mobs which makes it huge. It grows more tentacles and has 5 of them with 3 heads on its torso. That’s not the only look out for in this mob, but the Wither storm also fires tractor beam towards its targets. Right from the movement it spawns, it creates destruction, as you will find an explosion when it spawns. Its eyes are closed for a while during which it doesn’t do anything, but after it opens its eyes, it starts attacking.



This mob can be difficult to deal with as it can create copies of itself. Sort of like a shadow clone Jutsu, the only difference here is that you cannot destroy its duplicates. That’s not its main attack though, the Illusioner uses a bow and arrow to fire at anyone who is in its 12-24 blocks range. Other than firing arrows at you, it can also blind you temporarily. This, unlike other mobs, spawns rarely and it doesn’t even have a spawn egg. To summon this mob boss, one has to use the command “/summon minecraft:illusioner“.

These are a few of the other mob bosses that you will encounter in the game. Also, the developers keep adding new mobs with certain updates. Just like we will getting a new mob called Warden, who will be available in the 1.17- Caves and Cliffs update.

End Dimension

You might know the End to be the home of the Boss Ender Dragon, but what is The End? The End is a dimension in Minecraft, that is entirely made of End stones. it is a 3rd dimension in the game and can be seen as a floating island in the Void region of Minecraft. There are multiple islands in the void that are called the End dimension. There is not much known about this dimension except that there are creatures like Enderman and Shulkers that roam freely in that world.

Going to the End can be a bit tricky as the players will have to find the Stronghold first. We did mention in the section “How to defeat the Ender Dragon” that you will need Eyes of Ender to find the stronghold. To learn more about the dimension and its environment, check out this Fandom wiki on the same.

Various Dimensions in Minecraft

Players have already been provided with enough information on what the End Dimension is, and how to defeat the Ender Dragon from the End dimension. Now, there are 2 other dimensions in Minecraft other than The End. Here, we will discuss briefly what those other dimensions are. In total there are 3 dimensions including the End. The other two are the Nether and the Overworld.

The Overworld is the normal Minecraft dimension that contains several biomes and different in-game items. This is the world where every player initially spawns. Some of the things that you can find in this biome include Redstone, Iron, gold, diamond, etc. The other dimension is the Nether, which looks like a hellish land filled with lava. This dimension also has unique and dangerous mobs. One interesting thing about the Nether is that each block here is equivalent to 8 blocks in the Overworld.

Anyone who wants to the Nether world must have to do so with the help of a Nether portal. Players can build one by making an Obsidian frame and placing fire in it. The portal size can be from 4×5 to 23×23. Pretty simple, right? If you are not using any Mods and are only playing in the Vanilla version of the game, then these are the dimensions you play in.

Wrapping Up

The answer to your question, “How to defeat the Ender Dragon?” is explained in this article. The instructions are straightforward and easy to understand as they are explained in laymen’s terms. So read the “How to Defeat the Ender Dragon” article carefully, soak it all in, and get ready for the battle of a lifetime(in Minecraft). Defeating the dragon ain’t gonna walk in the park, but you can handle it with the right equipment and gear.

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If the mob battles are something that you like then check out our other recommendations for mob battles in Minecraft. This article ain’t just about how to defeat the ender dragon, it’s about having fun while slaying the monster. The method we mentioned in this article is probably the easiest way to kill ender dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to respawn Ender dragon in Minecraft?

In case you lose the fight once to ender dragon then you have to respawn the dragon to be able to fight it. To do that, go to the exit portal and place 4 end crystals on each end of the portal. This will respawn the ender dragon by deactivating the portal.

How to beat EnderDragon?

If your question is how to defeat the ender dragon, then we have already offered you an easy way in this article. Everything you should know and need to defeat the ender dragon is explained here. So just check it out.

What is the best armor to equip while fighting Ender Dragon?

There are two armors that work well for defense again the Ender Dragon. Oen is the Diamond armor and the other one is Netherite. Players should also enchant these armors for better defense since just the armor won’t cut it against that beast.

Are there other mobs like the Ender Dragon?

While the Ender Dragon is considered the final boss for the vanilla Minecraft, there are a few other interesting mob bosses that you can fight. If you are not using any mods for mobs then you will come across or can spawn mob bosses like Wither Storm, Illusioner, Skeletal Horseman, etc.

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