How to Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3

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The vault hunters came in 2019 with a 5 year-long hiatus(if you ignore the spinoffs) to explore the lands of Pandora for more loot. Compared to the previous games, this one wasn’t much different but a hell of a lot of fun. How is that? Because did what it does best, provided a bunch of more looting and shooting faces. This time, you have a billion guns to do that. As impressive as that is, we will talk about that later as we are here to help you with one thing. That is, how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3.

As funny and interesting as the cutscenes may be, sometimes they come up at the wrong time. Oftentimes you might be in the middle of some heading bandits or looting drops and there are certain areas where you might go into cutscenes right after those things happen. Also, some people are replaying the game just for fun and do not want to sit through the whole story again. In such cases, you would want to skip those cutscenes, but the game doesn’t allow you to do that.

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Since there isn’t a traditional way to do that, many players do not know how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3. Well, no worries because we got your back. We can help you get rid of those constant cutscenes that don’t seem to end. Especially the huge cinematic one at the beginning. In this article, we are going to help you understand how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3.

How to Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3 Game?

How to Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3 Game?

In the earlier version of the game, there was no option to skip cutscenes, but the studios later released a patch that allowed players to cut to the chase and get rid of the cutscenes. Even after that, few people do not have this patch. Such users cannot skip any cutscene as that is the only way to do that. Now, If you are wondering that I mentioned helping you skip those cutscenes, and how can I do that if there is no way without a patch.

Well, indeed, you cannot skip the cutscenes without the patch released by the Gearbox studios, though that’s not entirely true. While you cannot skip every cutscene without a patch there is one thing you can skip and that is the long intro cinematic scene. Many players might start the game multiple times, just to try a different character as they each come with unique abilities. So each time they have to look at that intro, which gets annoying quickly.

To skip the intro on Borderlands 3, try the steps given below. Remember, this trick only works on PC.

  • Open the game folder and head towards the folder named Movies.
  • In case you do not know where this is, just open the Borderlands 3 game folder and go to OakGames.
  • In there, you will find the Content folder that has the Movies folder in it.
  • After you enter the Movies folder, find Marcus_Intro file.
  • You will have to change the name of this Marcus_Intro, change it to anything.
  • Remember not to delete the file though.

This helps with Borderlands 3 skip intro cutscene. It is advised that this method might cause some issues for some players, so make sure to keep a backup before trying this method.

The More Traditional Way on How to Skip Cutscenes in Borderlands 3

Now do not be confused when say the traditional way of skipping cutscenes. It simply means that you do not have to follow some steps for those Borderlands 3 cutscenes skips. Skipping cutscenes is now very simple, thanks to the patch released by the studios. All you have to do is press any key from your keyboard or controller. Doing this will show a prompt asking whether you want to skip cutscenes Borderlands 3.

Follow with the prompt and press the mentioned key to cut those cutscenes forever. This works for both single-player and multiplayer modes in the game. This is the best way for people who do not know how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3.

Can You Skip Dialogues in Borderlands 3?

Well, yes and no. Just like there is no proper way to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3 without a patch, there is no way to skip dialogue as well. Fortunately, the studios released a patch for skipping cutscenes, but unfortunately, they didn’t do the same for skipping dialogue. So in short you cannot skip most dialogues in the game. Did you notice that I said “most” dialogues? That is because there is another trick that you can try to skip at most of the dialogues.

To do that, you have to delete a few files from your game. The thing is, it might have sort of a negative impact on the game, but it doesn’t happen to everyone. So before you delete any game file, make sure to keep a copy of those files in a safe location. This helps you get them back if needed. There are multiple pak files that you have to delete from your game folder.

  • Files named as “pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor.pak” are the ones that you have to delete.
  • There are 12 more files like this that range from “pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor_0_P.pak” to “pakchunk3-WindowsNoEditor_11_P.pak“.
  • Delete them all, but keep a copy of all those files, just in case.

This will not exactly skip all the dialogues but will make them go way faster, essentially making it feel like skipping.

About Borderlands 3

About Borderlands 3

Looting and shooting have always been at the heart of the Borderlands franchise, and Borderlands 3 holds you to that. The threequel continues the story of Vault hunters and their exploration of Pandora and a few other planets(yes, you can hop between planets now). Players are provided with an option to choose from four different characters, and each of them possesses unique abilities.

Even though the game is pretty much similar to the previous game in the franchise, players will still enjoy it for what it is. The reason is pretty simple, there is a multitude of exploration options in the game. So players can get their hands on massive loot on every turn and with every kill. I believe, I did mention earlier that there are a billion guns in the game, and in no way am I exaggerating that.

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There are billions of guns in the game and each & every one of them is mechanically different from the other. Most of them will indeed look similar, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. One other interesting change from the previous games is that the 4 characters now have 3 different abilities, unlike the previous games that gave them only one. So you can choose between those 3 skills and equip the desired one for your character.

Despite every other addition to the game or changes, the only thing that players care about in this game is the guns. Guns are the selling point of this game. Combine that with the high octane action that you can enjoy exploring various planets, this should be enough for any player. Also, they are a shit ton of skins for guns and characters. Add some mods, and you are golden.

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 Review

The game was released on 13th September 2019 for multiple platforms like Playstation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S series, Microsoft Windows, and a few others. The game became a hit and many loved it more than the previous titles in the series. The credit for this mostly goes to the amount of looting the game offers along with the chance to loot on other new planets. While some critics bashed it for the obvious lack of originality and storytelling, the game was still well-received.

Even with all the amazing gameplay, there are certain obvious issues that many players complain about. Like the lack of an option to skip cutscenes and dialogues, though the former was fixed with a patch release. There is still no way to skip dialogues in the game. Players have also complained about many technical issues which are still persistent. The most obvious one is the menu lag in the console and the shutter problems. This is also pretty common among PCs, and even the coop feels laggy.

For a game that was released in 2019, it still feels like it is stuck in 2012/2013, with all these technical issues. If you can get past these small but annoying issues, you can still have a great time with Borderlands 3. Well, many people still do even after crossing level 50. Finally, I would like to say is that despite certain issues the game is still very much enjoyable for all the things that it does right.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know, “how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3” and this article explains in details everything you need to know about it. There are very simple and short instructions on how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3. In case you also need to get rid of the long dialogues in the game there is a trick for that as well. We have steps in this article that will help you do that. Before you make any changes to the game, just keep a copy original of original files so if things go south, you can revert. In any case, since now you know how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3, all that is left to do is have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Borderlands 3 cutscene skip is important?

There is a reason why people go on the internet and search for, “how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3”. Sometimes cutscenes and some dialogues can feel tiring if you are playing the game for 2nd or 3rd time. So it is natural that you do not wanna see or hear them again.

Does the Borderlands 3 skip story option affect gameplay?

Skipping the story doesn’t affect your gameplay but it can feel a little weird at times not knowing what and why some things are happing in the game. This will not have any major implication to your game but it is better if you do not skip the story, at least when you are playing the game for the very first time. In case you do want to then check our tutorial on how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3.

Is there a Borderlands 3 cutscene skip mod?

No, no Borderlands 3 mod will help skip cutscenes. You do not need one as the game now has the option for skipping cutscenes. Just install the patch released by the studios for the same and that’s it. For another method to skip the intro, we did mention a trick in our “how to skip cutscenes in Borderlands 3” article.

How does Bl3 skip cutscenes work?

As soon as a cutscene plays in the game, you can just any button from your keyboard or controller and there is a pop-up asking to skip the scene. Just press any button again and the scene can be skipped.

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