Hypixel Skyblock Mod

Hypixel Skyblock Mod

Any game is good as long as it is challenging, and when you remove the challenge factor then it gets boring after a while. Though that isn’t the case with Minecraft because there are so many things that you can do in it, and many mods you can try. What if you can play Minecraft with a new mod that is also very challenging? One such mod for that would be the Hypixel Skyblock Mod.

There are two things to talk about here in the Hypixel Skyblock mod. One is that the Hypixel is a Minecraft server that runs multiplayer matches along with some mini-games that players can try while other players come in the lobby.  The second is that the Skyblock in Minecraft is a game mode that involves surviving on a small floating island in the middle of nowhere.  So first let’s understand the gameplay and features involved in the Skyblock game mode.

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Skyblock Mod

If you are bored with the regular survival mode in Minecraft then you up the game survivability aspect with the Skyblock mod. With this mod, you will spawn on a very small island with very few resources to survive. The spawned island will be floating in the sky in the middle of nowhere, so you will be away from any other resources from the mainland.

To play this mod, you have to finish some challenges by following the rules. With the available resources that come in a chest on the island, you have to expand the land, grow food, make items to survive. The spawned island also has a tree that you can use to get wood and sapling to make tools and grow other plants. 

You can only move forward by making the right choices with the available resources. This mod can be played on multiplayer and single-player. Other than the oak tree and chest, you will have 2 lava buckets, a block of ice, some seeds, 2 mushrooms, 2 bones, and 26 blocks of dirt. These items may differ based on the kind of skyblock map you are playing as there are many variations of skyblock mod.  

The Skyblcok mod comes with certain rules for players to follow so that they can get the best out of the mod. Rules like not using cheats, not going to the main island, starting the game in at least easy difficulty, and you shouldn’t jump off the island. Another important thing to remember is that you cannot spawn back on the island if die without sleeping.

Steps to Install the Hypixel Skyblock Mod

Since the Hypixel Skyblock addon is an impressive addition to the world of Minecraft there is no reason why you shouldn’t install this. In case you do not know how then just follow the steps given below.

  • This game runs on the Java version of Minecraft with the Forge profile. If you do not have both then download and install them. You just have to run the downloaded files to install them. 
  • Next, download the Hypixel Skyblock Mod. The download link for forge 1.8.9.
  • Now you have to move the .jar files from the downloaded mod into the mod folder in .minecraft.
  • To do that, type “%appdata%” in the Windows search bar or the Run box. You will find the .minecraft folder.
  • If there is no mod folder then create one, and move the jar files into it.
  • That’s it, no open your game in Forge profile from the launcher to use the mod.
Skyblock Mod

Tips to Play in Hypixel Skyblock Addon

For new players who are just starting with the Hypixe Skyblock addon, here is a simple guide to level you up in the game. You can follow the tips given below, or you can play it your way, but this does help you play better and get ahead in the game.

  • Right at the beginning, you will spawn on an isolated small island with limited resources. What you can do here is? Getting some wood and saplings from the tree, and then you should plant them. As the tree grows you can harvest wood and sapling, then plant them again.
  • You can make a pickaxe with the obtained wood. As you are playing in multiplayer with Hypixel, there is another easier method here, in which one can quickly get weapons, armor, and tools by going to the Hub island.
  • So for that, take the wood from the tree to make a bridge across to the hub island.
  • Near the portal, you will find a demon and a cobblestone minion, just take his egg and cross over to the hub island.
  • On the hub island, there are a few things that you can get free, like a rogue sword from Jamie. I know that the rogue sword isn’t as good as it used to be, but hey free stuff.

Hub Island & Other Zones

  • You can find a farm zone in hub island which has wheat crops that you can get for free. Sell those to get some coins, and with that coin buy a diamond armor from an Armorsmith, an undead sword along with a bow, and a pickaxe.
  • Reach level 2 in mining by mining coal, and then go to the gold mine. There, mine and talk to “Lazy Miner” to play a quest which gets you a new pickaxe. Reach level 5 in mining. 
  •  Craft various minions to do your job using different materials. 
  • Travel to deep caverns, and there is a glitch at the portal where if you fall down, you can unlock every zone. Now you can teleport to any location if you talk to the miner guy.
  • Kill zombies and skeletons in the obsidian sanctuary to get stuff and level up.

Similarly, there are many more simple things that a beginner can do to quickly level up in Hypixel Skyblock Mod. One important tip is that you should store your coins in the bank before you leave for a quest that might get you killed. Since you lose coins if you die, it is a smart move. You can find more tips for this best pixel mod from the Hypixel Skyblock Mod Guide.

Challenges in Skyblock Mod

Hypixel Skyblock Mod

Using the available resources and following the rules you have to finish some challenges in this map. You can take your time to finish these challenges as there is no time limit, and finishing these challenges will get your other resources that are important to grow your island, and survive. 

There are as many as almost 50 challenges in this map some of which are

  • Expand the island
  • Build a house
  • Make a pumpkin
  • Melon farm
  • Craft a bed
  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Cook 10 fish
  • Craft gray and light gray wool
  • Craft a furnace
  • Make a lake

And other such challenges will keep you busy in this mod. 

The challenges that are mentioned are not in order and don’t necessarily have to been finished in a particular order. If you still want to see the exact order, you can find out more about these challenges from Skyblock Addon. It’s entirely up to you how you play the game, as long as you follow the rules.

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Various Skyblcok Addon Servers

While it is fun to play the skyblock addon map in single-player, it would be even more fun if you can find someone to play it on a server. Skyblock is mostly played on a server, and there are many Minecraft servers for skyblock maps. Each server offers a slightly different spawn map for the skyblock, and some servers even add new features like mob arenas, PVP matches, crate keys to the map.

Some servers even have minigames that you can play while waiting in the lobby for other players to join the server. On some servers, you can also trade your items with other players. You can check out some most played servers for skyblock.

Extreme Craft

Apart from the normal Skyblock features, the Extreme craft server offers players some other features like PVP mode, an option to vote for parties, sell your stuff through auction, and it also has crate keys. All these are on top of the regular Skyblock gameplay.

Mana Cube

If you are looking for something unique then you should try playing on the Mana cube server.  Since it has been running for a long time, it is one of the few servers that have a loyal Minecraft community. Some additional features of this server are more islands, various in-game factions in the server, a new Olympic prison, and you can even jump around and perform parkour in this skyblock server.

MC Central

There are so many game modes available in this Minecraft skyblock server. Some game modes with servers that you can try are the famous capture the flag, Factions, Prison, Hunger Games, Skyblock, and some others. It also has a creative mode server shared between players that feel new every day as it gets reset. It is one of the few servers that have many modes and mini-games. To check out this server sue this server address “https://mccentral.org/”


Joining and playing on this server is pretty easy, and the moment you join it, you can choose various modes like Prison, Skyblock, Factions, etc. It is one of the popular servers among the Minecraft community. To join this server you can use this address “https://org.archonhq.net/”


There is no way that you talk about Skyblock and do not include Hypixel. It is the multiplayer server for Skyblock in Minecraft, and this was the first server to introduce minigames in it. Due to that, there was a lot of traffic on that server, which led it to become the best one for the game.

Now you probably want to join this server to play Hypixel Skyblock Mod, you can use this server address “https://org.archonhq.net/” to join it. 

Well, these are so of the few best Skyblock Minecraft servers that you can try, but there is so much more to talk about the Hypixel Skyblock Mod server, which we will discuss in detail below.

Hypixel Skyblock Mod 2

Minecraft Hypixel Server

There is no server for Minecraft that holds as many as the Hypixel does. It even holds the “Guinness Book of World” record for various categories like “Most popular Minecraft server” and “Most popular Independent server for a Video game”. This record was hit when there were 64,533 concurrent players on the server in 2017, which is 4 years after it was created.

The Hypixel server or the “Hypxel Network”, as it is officially called was made for the java version of Minecraft by Simon Collins-Laflamme along with Philippe Touchette. The server was named Hypixel because that was the in-game name of Simon. 

Now almost every Minecraft Multiplayer knows Hypixel as a server for various maps like Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock mod and other maps along with many interesting minigames, but this was not the reason why Hypixel was made. The developers made this server to develop new maps, and test them in the server and later showcase them to others through YouTube and other platforms.

All that changed when the developers added minigames to the server. The initial reason for adding these games was so that players who entered the server earlier had something to do till others had joined. Fortunately, the minigames became an instant hit and the devs then decided to more such minigames to the server.  

Due to this, new server content was added in the form of minigames instead of the initial plan for creating new maps. Now even though many players use the Hypixel for Skyblock mod, it is still known for its various minigames. 

Who Runs the Minecraft Hypixel Server

The well-known Hypixel Skyblock mod that we have been playing for some years now in the Hypixel server is run under the management of Hypixel Inc by using the Spigot server software. Since the server runs many games, it is divided into two types. One server’s dedicated machine runs minigames like Mega Walls or Bed wars, while the other machine runs large games.

Hypixel uses more than 350 dedicated servers to tun their games. Its servers were once attacked by DDoS attacks, from then the servers are protected from any such further attacks. It also uses a custom slime file format for storage which saves a lot of storage space when compared to the previously used Anvil File format.

Properties of Hypixel Skyblock Mod

With this server, apart from playing the Hypixel Skyblock mod in the Java edition of Minecraft, there are many other things that you can do. You may already know the basics like how you spawn on a floating island with minimum resources, and then you have to start doing certain things to level up and progress through the game.

During all that time there are so many things that you will come across. Here we are going to list all the properties or features of the Hypixel Skyblock mod that you will see in the game.


There is no specific plan of action in Hypixel Skyblock mode except that start with what you have and keep leveling up. With each kind of action you perform in the game, a particular skill will be leveled up. For example, if you start looking for ore on the island by mining blocks then the mining skill will be leveled up. 

Similarly, there are as many as 12 skills in this mod, and you can increase each skill level to 60. Certain skills also reward some stat bonuses like if you farm then you will get a health bonus, meaning your health will increase. To farm first you need to plant saplings taken from the spawned oak tree. Other skills include mining, combat, foraging, fishing, enchanting, alchemy, taming, dungeoneering, carpentry, runecrafting, and social. All these skills can go up to level 60 and grant unique stats by doing various challenges. 

You can check all the skills and their info by going to the “skills” in the Skyblock menu.


Collecting various items in the game will unlock new recipes, items, and many other things. Collections are nothing but a group of items like farming collections, mining collections, combat collections, foraging, fishing, and boss collections. After obtaining a particular number of an item in any collection, you will get crafting recipes.

If you collect 50 gold ingots then you will get a crafting recipe for Gold minion. Similarly, if you have 250 dark oak wood, you can use them to make a portal to Dark Thicket. The more various items you collect, you can unlock many items by using crafting recipes. 

Now there are certain conditions to this though, you can make a collection from buying items from the Auction house or Bazaar. Items obtained from minions or killing bosses count in collections. To access the collection, you can use the Skyblcok menu and click on a particular skin to show related items collection.


Minions are more like your pets in the Hypixel Skyblock mod that follows you around and does little chores for you.  You can send them around in a 5×5 area to harvest various items from surroundings and even from NPCs. Depending on the type and level of your Minion, it can carry items. 

If your minion cannot carry enough items then you can upgrade from Terry’s shop or Bartender. There is also an option to temporarily increase their speed and efficiency by using fuels like coal, enchanted coal or bread, solar panel, plasma bucket, and many more fuels. 

Each fuel increases the speed of your minion to a certain amount, and you can also use Minion skins. Though they do not add any status effect to your minion, they make it look different and cool. 


Apart from the private island that you spawn on, there are other locations in the Hypixel Skyblock addon like  Village, Mountains, Wilderness, Ruins, HighLevel, Graveyard, Dark Auction, Farm, The Park, Forest, The Barn, and so many other places that you can eventually travel to. 

Each location has unique resources and NPC that you or your minion can interact with to collect items, do upgrades et cetera. Some locations require paying coins or have a skill upgraded to a certain level. 


You know that NPCs are characters that you can play as, but they aren’t useless. If you interact with certain NPCs they will give you items, assign quests, and sell/buy things. There are so many NPCs scattered throughout various locations in the Hypixel Skyblock addon. There is a limit to how much you can buy or sell to them, but this limit always resets after a certain time.


Some rare items and material can only be obtained through various quests, so interact with various NPCs to get a quest, and then do a task or fight a mob to get rare stuff. Quests are based on your level, location, and skill. So you cannot just do any quest that you come across. Some quests can be as simple as just talking to an NPC, while others can be time taking and dangerous. 

Similarly, there are many features/properties of the Hypixel Skyblock addon. If you are interested to know more about these features/properties then you should look at the Hypixel Skyblock Mod Wiki. It has a long and detailed explanation of everything there is in this mod.

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The Hypixel Skyblock mod provides such an immersive and unique gameplay in Minecraft that you can just keep on playing the game for hours. You should try the Hypixel mod in multiplayer or even at least in single-player since it is one of the best mods out there for the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Skyblock addon?

The Skyblock addon is a new addon where you spawn on a small island and have few items/materials to survive and expand your island.

Are there any forums for the Hypixel mod?

You can check this Hypixel Forums list.

What are the best Hypixel minigames?

Some good minigames in Hypixle are skyward, bedwars, skyblock, etc.

How to download the skyblock addons 1.8.9?

You can use the skyblock addons 1.8.9 link to download the mod.

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