Hyrule Total War

Hyrule Total War

Usually, mods add a ton of new features to a game, but what if the game already had a huge number of things? The Hyrule Total War is one such mod that changes your gameplay by adding completely different playable characters. This mod is for Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms game. 

The game previously had another mod, which was “The Legend of Zelda: The Gerudo Wars”, which is the fourth story arc in the Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms story. This game is a part of Medieval II: Total War game, and was introduced as an expansion pack for the game. The mod was made by Chasen Lindsey.

You can say that the Hyrule Total war is a successor to the game’s previous mod that is mentioned above. With this mod, you can play as characters from the world of Zelda. You can choose from various races in the world of Zelda, and join them in your ranks to command them under your army. 

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Hyrule Total War(HTW)

The HTW lets you rewrite the course of history when certain events were changed by the hero of that time by traveling back in time. This leads to the disarray of time and the eventual undoing of battles that were already set in history. Now it is up to you to decide whether you want to defend the throne of Hylians or let there be a change of power, and let the Gerudo forces lead the empire.

HTW runs on the Medieval 2 Total war’s engine, this mod adds many new Hyrule Total War factions, NPCs, and a few other characters and nonplayable factions to the game. There are a total of 20 new factions added in this mod, some of which are from the world of Zelda, and are playable characters. 

Since it is a replacement for “The Legend of Zelda: The Gerudo Wars”, you can use the factions from this mod in the HTW. This mod also has another version which is the Hyrule: Total War: Classic Ultimate that has many new custom changes.

While all that was good, the game couldn’t frequent updates due to the Medieval Total War 2 engines’ limitations. The game was later ported to a different engine to remove its limitations, and since then it is being run on a different engine, which is the 0 A.D.’s Pyrogenesis engine.

Just like Hyrule Total War was a replacement of another mod, it too had another successor. The Hyrule Conquest was the successor that replaced the HTW mod, and it too runs on the same 0 A.D.’s Pyrogenesis engine. 

Hyrule Total War

HTW Factions

For many, the best part about the mod is the various Hyrule Total War factions to play. You can use these factions on a variety of maps and crush your enemies by using each faction’s unique skills. Each faction is a different creature, some of them are mystical, some are just humans, while others’ origins are unknown.

You can choose to command from more than 20 Hyrule Total War factions. Some of them are Deku Tribes, Lizalfos, Zora Domain, Sheikah Cadre, Fairies of Tarm, Order of Wizzrobe, Kingdom of Ikana, and many more. The mod also has some nonplayable factions like Picori, Keaton Cartel, and Volvagians.

There is one other faction with which you can interact, that is Mercenaries.  Apart from all these, some minor factions are also available in this mod. Oocca, Zuna, Tokay, Church Of Majora, Haunts, Storm Zora, and a few others can also be used as HTW factions.

HTW Expansions(HTW)

It should be surprising that mods add new worlds to your game, most new worlds completely change the landscape of your game and add a lot more game time. The Hyrule Conquest does the same by adding 5 new expansions to your game. These new expansions are new worlds and follow different periods of Hyrule Historia.

Great Sea

Now, this mod adds so many things from the world of Zelda. You get new characters and a whole new empire to command. All these new additions are integrated into the Hyrule Conquest mythos so that you can use characters and armies from the Zelda lore to duke out, and all these can be done under the backdrop of the Great Sea.

That means you can also command navies on the sea to battle for glory and victory. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks are the games from which all these things have been borrowed.   

Battles break out when various armies from multiple nations are sent out to the sea in search of new land and resources. The winner gets to rule the lost lands of the Great Sea. 

To win these kinds of wars, you need Hyrule Total War factions, and this expansion offers a few major factions like Rito, New Hyrule, Korok, The Forsaken, and a few others. There are also some minor non-playable factions.


This expansion borrows content from The Legend of the Zelda story that was never explored in those games, meaning all of it is original content. The story takes place after the events of the Great Sea and before the Twili Civil war, which also means that the story exceeds the events of the main game.

The story sees Impa and Raura, attempting to rid the world of Majora’s influence by building a new church of Goodness in the realm of twilight. Impa is a third sage of the shadows of the Hyrule, while Raura is the third sage of the Light of the Hyrule.

This expansion also brings some minor factions that cannot be used as playable characters. Some of these factions include Cytans, Nocturn, and Myloids. It also has a crisis faction called the Eclipse.


Termina is the second expansion that was added to Hyrule. It also takes place after the events of the Great Sea, but there is no exact timeframe as to when the events take place. The events take place in the other realm of Termina where the(Spoiler Alert!) dead Hyrule Total War Link Gustaf II finds that Majora is scheming something evil.

All these events and story is extracted from the Dark World of A Link to the Past, Majora’s Mask, and A Link Between Worlds events from the child timeline of The Legend of Zelda series.

Gods of Hyrule

Another expansion that is taken from the unseen parts of The Legend of Zelda series and added to the HTW. The story takes place way back in the past during the battle between the Sages and Druthulidi. Their battle was fought for the dominance of the land of Hyrule.

It ended with the betrayal of Sulkaris and the total annihilation of Trilith. Since it takes place long before the events of the Great Sea, it is termed a prequel expansion. 

Fifth Expansion

All that is known about this mod is that it takes place after the events of the Great Sea just like many other expansions. The events see the Spirit Aunomouzan trying to remove any indications of the existence of Hyrule, since after they are long gone. Their goal is to establish themselves as the rightful rulers and the creators of the realm.

Hyrule Conquest

Just like its predecessor, the Hyrule Conquest has the same gameplay which is the strategy. This mod was created by Chasen Lindsey. This mod’s story revolves around the Hyrule Historia which took place around the Ancient Age from 10000 BG – 3000 BG. The story mode campaign consists of many new missions and some interesting story cutscenes that are sprinkled between missions.

Each mission has its maps and different kinds of teams, for the first mission “The Fallen Sage” you play the mission on the Akkala Citadel map with Akala and Huskus as Team 1, and Gohma as team 2.

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There are more than 40 missions in the Hyrule Conquest mod that are spread over multiple storylines. You have to progress in the game by building bases and gathering resources for war. These bases and units can also be increased and grown to explore and gather more resources. The whole point is to go into battles, defeat the enemy, or build a wonder, or you can also capture some kind of relic of the enemy team.

These are all the map-based objectives that you need to complete while taking on the enemy forces on the battlefield. You can use different kinds of units to finish your objective, and these units include melee, ranged, support, hero, and titan characters. Apart from these, there are a few other subcategories of units like cavalry, siege engine, infantry, creature, and soldier.

Depending on the size of the unit and type, you can plan how you want to deal with the enemy forces. If you talk of stronger enemies with a small unit then there is a great chance that you are going to get crushed, small units also get easily stunned. There are different kinds of damages as well, some deal with various kinds of magic damage, and others deal splash, pierce, or crush.

Hyrule Conquest also has 5 expansions, but all those are derived from the HTW with a few little additions. 

Hyrule Conquest Factions

The mod includes around 45 major factions and several other minor ones, most of which are from the Hyrule Total War. Some of them are included in the different expansion packs like the Great Sea, Termina, and the Realm of Twilight. Remember that the minor factions cannot be used by the players.

Some of these factions include Gerudo, Kingdom of Hyrule, Gorons, Gohma, Zora Dominion, Ordona Province, Moblins, Lanyru Province, and many others that can be used for battles. There are other factions called the Crisis factions that are hostile and can spawn randomly on any map. Some of them are Phantom Army, Them, Eclipse, and Silent Ones.

Hyrule Total War Classic Ultimate

It’s the revised version of the Hyrule Total War 3.8 version. This enhanced version has a few additions to the game with customizing options. You can expect maps for both strategies and settlements, along with assets on those specially added maps along with playable factions like Oocca and Majora.

In terms of graphics, there are certain new animations additions along with new 2d art. Also, some old factions are now added with new units, and these additions extend to the minor factions as well. The new faction Majora can be equipped with some left out and unused skins from other factions, and can also use some new skins. 

The new skins can be found on the discord server of Hyrule Conquest which was made by the Codeman, while the unused skins were made by Undying Nephalim. This mod was later released as a Standalone Hyrule Historia Edition in May 2020, with new updates and game changes.

Differences Between the Hyrule Total War, Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate, and Hyrule Conquest.

Even though all three of these mods are pretty much the same, but they do have a few minor differences. These differences do not alter your gameplay in any way, though some do add a little more things that you can do. 

For example, The Hyrule Total War does come with many new features like factions, expansions, and a few other things, but all these are also available in the other mod versions. In terms of content, the Hyrule Conquest has way more factions than the other two, but they do not have any new expansions except for the 5 new ones that are derived from the Hyrule Total War.

Similarly, the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate has all the things that are present in the HTW, but it has a few unused reskins, Hyrule Total war maps, new units for factions, and some additional animations. The main difference between these versions of the mod is the 0 A.D’s Pyrogenesis engine, which is employed in Hyrule Conquest.

If you are torn between the choice of choosing the best mod between these three, then I suggest you go with the Hyrule Conquest mod, since it has all those things from the previous versions of these mods.

How to Install the Hyrule Total War?

Well, anyone who has ever played the Medieval 2 Total war would be excited to know that the HTW and the Hyrule Conquest download will the elements of Zelda to this game. So you must be pretty excited to download and install this mod. Here we have provided a tutorial on the same, do check it out.

  • To begin this, we have to first download the required mod. You can download the HTW mod from moddb.com.
  • Hyrule Total War link has two files one is the HTW V4.5 and the other is the HTW V4.6. Choose the required one and on their respective pages, you can find the download button.
  • After you have downloaded the mod, it’s time to install it.
  • Assuming you already have the Medieval 2 Total War and Kingdom’s expansion installed, you can start with the mod installation.
  • Now that you have the downloaded zip file, right-click and extract it.
  • The extracted file has a readme file, part 1 and part 2 files of the mod. Start with part 1 by rights-clicking and running it with administrator privileges.
  • Then you have to select the destination folder for the extraction which would be your game’s steam folder. It will look something like this C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Medieval 2 Total War\mods\Hyrule. Create the Hyrule folder if there isn’t one.
  •  Start the extraction and if you see any pop-up window asking to replace the previous files then hit “ok”.
  • Do the same thing with the part 2 file.
  • Remember the readme file, you have to drag and drop that file to the data folder in the installed mod folder.

That’s it, now your mod is installed. If you have any trouble then check out this youtube video explaining the same thing.

All About Medieval 2 Total War

Even before the release of expansions and mods, the Medieval War 2 Total War made people stick to their PC screens for hours to enjoy turn-based strategy games. Having control over governments, armies, religions, economies, and factions made people love this product. 

The game was set during the period between 1080 and 1530. While the game did improve on its predecessor Medival: Total War with many things, it wasn’t very creative and was criticized for that reason. The game lets you play in different maps of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa by wielding a massive army equipped with different classes.

All About Medieval 2 Total War Zelda mods

Medieval 2 Total War is the 4th game in its franchise, which has a total of 15 games under its belt. Each improving upon the older one by changing the story and providing a completely new experience, unique in itself. All games offer real-time battle simulations by using a turn-based strategy. 

Without any expansions or mods, the game lets the player choose from 5 factions. All of these factions are from different kingdoms like the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of France, England, the Republic of Venice, and the Kingdom of León. The game also has people who follow different religions. 

The whole point of this game is to use all the available resources and crush your enemy through sheer force and will. You can even have them surrender or flee the battleground to win which is if you prefer less bloodshed.

Total War Series

It all started with the Shogun: Total War that was made by Creative Assembly in the year 2000, was later published by Sega, and for macOS and Linux devices by Feral Interactive Studios. After people loved the idea of these games, the studios decided to release even more such games. So then came the Medieval: Total War and later the game got a sequel in the form of Medieval 2: Total war.

The sequel also got expansion packs and mods that brought in many elements to the game. Similarly, many other versions and sequels of the games were released till the year 2020. The last one being the Total War Saga: Troy, and is the second part of the Saga subseries.

Not just sequel but the series also has some spinoff games like Total War: Arena, Spartan: Total Warrior, and Total War: Elysium. One another spinoff game is the Total War Battle Series which has its own 3 others spinoff sequels. Almost every game other than the spinoff has a good Metascore rating which is more than 70.

While there are many good games in the franchise, some of the best ones are Total War: Shogun 2(Metascore: 90), Medival Total War(Metascore: 88), Medival 2: Total War(Metascore: 88), Total War: Warhammer 2(Metascore: 87), and Rome Total War(Metascore: 92).

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If you are always in search of new content to expand your game time, then install the Hyrule Total War mod, and also check out the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate and Hyrule Conquest. Check out all the factions that are available to choose from, and do try the Zelda factions that have been added in this mod. For people who have trouble installing mods, we have explained in simple terms how to install this mod. Also, there are many other games from the same franchise, so if you are bored with this, you still have plenty of options to try.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Who is Hyrule Total War Link?

The Hyrule Total War link is Link Gustaf II who was the first knight of the Order of the Wizzrobe.

How to download Hyrule Conquest?

The Hyrule Conquest download link can be found from moddb.com.

Does the Hyrule Total War add new maps?

Yes, new Hyrule Total War maps and expansions are added to your Medieval 2 game with this mod.

How to download the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate?

You can download the Hyrule Total War: Classic Ultimate from moddb.com. You can also find all the info regarding this version of the mod from the download page.

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