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Irelia Skins

League of Legends has a vast roster of characters, each equipped with unique abilities and a rich backstory. All these characters called ‘Champions’ in the game are so versatile that it is difficult to rank one over the other, and every player has a different gaming style. Today we will be diving into the champion known as Irelia and the best Irelia Skins.

There are many classes in LoL that each has their role to fill on the battlefield, one such class is the ‘Fighter’. I don’t mean that the fighter class is superior to the rest, but come on, without the fighter class you cannot destroy the enemy’s base. So here is one such champion named ‘Irelia’ from the fighter class that you should get.

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Champion Irelia

Irelia Xan is known by many names, some call her ‘The Blade Witch’, while others call her ‘the blade dancer’. These are just a few of her aliases, which she had earned due to her unmatched skill as a fighter using blades. Her exceptional skills with blades are mostly due to her heritage as a Novorian. 

Her use of blades is derived from a form of ancient dance that she learned from her grandmother. This dance was later integrated into a form of war by her, which provided an unmatched skill. It also helped her become a fighter and a leader who would eventually become the protector of her homeland.

Though she didn’t always intend to become a fighter, circumstances drove her towards her destiny when the invader from Noxus killed her family and ravaged her village. That moment decided her fate as a warrior who would then become the savior of her land.

Now she commands the blades by her will and crushes those that stand in her way. She uses five different attacks and all of them involve blades. Each of these attacks cost different mana and has cooldowns. So if you intend to use her on the frontline then go ahead as she is a pretty good choice for a fighter class champion. Like every LoL champion, Irelia also has many skins that can be unlocked or bought from the store.

Base Stats for Irelia 

Every character in LoL has certain base stats, to begin with. These stats grow as the champion levels up with various battles. For Irelia, the base stats for health and attack are 430 and 56.3 respectively. To defend from the enemy attacks, you get an armor 15 stat and a 30 magic resist. If you are to cast some spells, then you need mana, and this one has 265 mana as her base stat. Similarly, there are a few other stats of Irelia that you can find in the game.

LoL Irelia Skins

Now let’s get into the best or the most interesting part for our LoL champion, which is Irelia skins. Like mentioned before, Irelia, like other champions in LoL, has various skins that players can get from various methods. If you are new to the whole MOBA world of LoL, then there is a slight chance that you do not know what skins are. 

To put it in layman terms, skins are the cosmetics for champions in LoL that provide certain changes. Those changes can include a completely new look for the champion, new sounds, new animation for recall, new particle effects, attacks et cetera. 

Many players compete in various battles to make RP(Riot Points) which is the in-game currency to procure stuff. Using this RP, you may receive various stuff for your champion, including skins. If you have a lot of money to spare, then you may spend some of it to get every LoL Irelia skin from the store.

There are as many as 10 Irelia skins available for players, though 2 of those skins are in the legacy vault. Meaning they are not always available in the store, and one skin is rare/limited. So here we shall help find out what those skins are and how you can get them.

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Nightblade Irelia Skin

Nightblade Irelia Skin

The Nightblade Irelia skin is probably the most badass skin for Irelia that she receives after making a deal with an evil spirit. While looks-wise, this is great, but except that it doesn’t have much to offer. Since there are not many changes in animations except for a few VFX and a sound filter, this skin is cheap with just 520RP. 

Aviator Irelia Skin


This is one of the Irelia skins that depicts her as a war pilot who is as skilled with planes as she is with blades. The design is pretty simple which may not be the first choice for many players, but still, it offers a fresh take on the champion. There are no changes in voice or animations, but her blades have a new design along with changes in particles. You can get this skin for 520RP, The cost of both nightblade & aviator irelia skins are the same.  

Frostblade Irelia 

Frostblade Irelia

With this skin, there are major changes to Irelia’s animations, sounds, particles, and other effects. The blade’s design has been changed to match the champion skin. You can observe new particles and speed run animation that coupled with the added sounds for ice attacks makes it one of the best skins for her. You can also get a golden chroma for her if you rank higher. The frost blade skin price is  975RP.

Order of Lotus Irelia

Order of Lotus

While the splash art makes it look amazing, the in-game result isn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it still is a good skin, but it would have been better. There are no major animation changes, but you get new sounds along with quotes. Other than the ones mentioned above and changes in blades, there is nothing much to get excited about. Maybe due to the missing animation and no major appealing feature, this skin is priced at 750RP.

Divine Sword Irelia 

Divine Sword Irelia

In some cultures, people depict great warriors as gods, which is understandable. This skin pictures Irelia as a demigoddess who slays a dragon and captures in her blades. With this skin, you get many chances for the champion. New animations for the attack, recall, particles, and speed rush are included along with sounds in this skin. Due to all the added features, this skin is a little higher than the other with 1350RP.

Another good thing about this skin is that you get 7b different chromas if you rank higher in the season. There are very few champion skins that provide these many chromas.

Project: Irelia 

Project: Irelia

This is one of Irelia skins that were added later in the game through patch updates. While most skins provide a mystical look for Irelia this one has an advanced futuristic look, which is a welcome addition. It is a variant of the rare Project: Irelia Prestige Edition skin. For 1350RP, you get various new animations, sounds, and quotes.

High Noon Irelia

High Noon

All the skin mentioned above either makes Irelia look pretty or badass, while this skin has more of a darker tone for her character. The skin description does mention this version of Irelia as a fallen angel, which the design shouldn’t be surprising.  There are many things that this has to offer which include various animations, sound effects, and also 7 different chromas. All this can be obtained with 1350RP.

Infiltrator Irelia


Well, if Riot Games stores a skin in the legacy vault, then that explains how rare and good that champion skin is. This infiltrator Irelia is one of those legacy skins that are rarely available in store for players to purchase.  With this skin, irelia has more of a superhero vibe than a warrior’s, well I’m not complaining though. Even though this is a rare skin, it costs just 975RP but has new animations for attacks, recalls, particles and sounds. So be always on the lookout for this skin if you want to buy it.

IG Irelia

IG Irelia

This skin was added to the vault after the Duke won the second championship with this Irelia’s skin. Like the High Noon Irelia skin, this also provides more of an evil look for her. You can also notice the new blade design and sounds, along with a few animation changes. It costs 1350RP when it is available in-store, which could be hard to guess.

Project: Irelia Prestige Edition 

Project: Irelia Prestige Edition

Like the Project: Irelia skin, this is an almost exact design of that skin with color changes. You can also notice similarities in the animations and other VFX/SFX. It is a super rare skin and is only available for a limited time. If you are lucky, then you may be able to get it with prestige points and or $195.

These are all the Irelia skins available for the Irelia champion. So if you want to get all these skins, then you better start grinding more matches to get maximum RP and prestige points.

Best Irelia Skin

You already know all the Irelia skins that are available for this champion, but now it’s time to decide the best one among those skins. Frankly, this is a personal choice for everyone because not everyone has the same taste and similar definition for ‘best’. Still, let’s see which could be the best Irelia skin based on various factors.

In terms of pure design, the Nightblade Irelia and Infiltrator Irelia have the upper hand. If you add in factors like animation, effects, and chromas then the obvious choice should be High Noon irelia. There are other skins with these features, but they don’t look as good as they appear in the splash art.

Again, like I said your choice might be different, but considering every element of skins, those are the best skins.

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Well, all the above information should be enough for you to decide and choose the best Irelia skins from the many options available. So grind as many matches as you can, and get those RP to buy those skins. If you need more info on these Irelia skins then you can always check out the Irelia wiki Fandom which has everything on the champion.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is Irelia the best League of Legends champion?

Irelia may not be the best League of Legends champion, but that doesn’t mean she is bad. She is a pretty good character from the LoL roster.

How many LoL Irelia skins are available in the store?

While there are a total of 11 LoL Irelia skins(if we count the classic one), all of these are not available in the store every time. Infiltrator Irelia and IG irelia skins are legacy skins, meaning they are mostly stored in the Lol skins vault and are rarely available in the sale store. 

Is the Nightblade Irelia League of Legends skins free?

No, there isn’t any free skin of irelia. If you want to get the Nightblade Irelia League of Legends skin, then you need to spend 520RP.

Where can I see Irelia gameplay?

You can watch any video to find out her gameplay. One such video is all Irelia skins spotlight, which showcases her gameplay with every skin. 

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