Journeymap 1.13

Journeymap 1.13

Mods in Minecraft provide players a better experience of the game by adding numerous features. Certain mods add new locations and items, others like shaders make your game look better. A few other mods can be used to travel and log all the places you have traveled in the game. One such map is Journeymap 1.13 which can be used to map live locations on the game and is supported for both client, and server-side of the game.

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Journeymap 1.13 in Detail

It simply means that when you have this mod installed on your forge Minecraft, it will map your current locations on the map. As soon as you visit somewhere, that area is mapped on your map which can be seen on the screen minimap that is placed in the top right corner. The map also provides you the exact location coordinates and time of the day. 

In case you forget what biome you are in, then you can check that info on your map, which is another handy feature of this mod. There are many features in this mod like you also have a world map which shows all the visited locations along with the current location. You can even find little dots on the map that mark mobs, villagers, and pets. 

Functions of Journeymap 1.13 Minecraft Mod

By bringing up the world map, you can change or choose different options. You can zoom in or out, look for caves all over the map, search for any location by entering the X & Y coordinates. Another handy option in the Journeymap 1.13 and other versions is the option to add waypoints on the map. 

These waypoints can also be used to teleport to those locations. Death locations are also marked as waypoints on the map and in-game. You can find beacons of the waypoints marked both in the game and on the map. If you don’t want to see any beacon on the map or in the game, then you can turn them off from the waypoint settings. You can also increase or decrease the size of your minimap, but unfortunately, you cannot move it around. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more simple features for editing marks on maps or enabling and disabling various options. 

Journeymap FPS

Other Mods Like Journeymap 1.13

While Journeymap 1.13 is great, it isn’t the only map-based mod available for forge Minecraft. Few others have all the options available in Journeymap 1.13 and some more. Maps like Xaero’s Minimap, Voxelmap, Antique Atlas, and Rei’s Minimap. 

All these mods have similar features compared to Journeymap 1.13, and some even more. The Voxelmap and Xaero’s map also have waypoints icons, the option to change minimap location on the screen shows every mob and creature on the map(even the ones that are underground or in caves). While the features are all good, the Voxelmap has few bugs that make the game crash frequently. That is why many players prefer Journeymap 1.13 over other maps because of their user-friendly design.

You can also these mods Voxelmap, Xaero’s Minimap, and Rei’s Minimap. All the basic info is also provided in the links for those mods. Now to download the Journeymap 1.13 Minecraft mods, you can use, and you can even choose other versions from the “Files” tab. 

Other Versions of Journeymap Minecraft Mods

Apart from the 1.13 version of the journeymap, many other versions support both fabric and forge Minecraft. The latest of this mod is Journeymap 1.16.5 and is available for both forge and fabric versions. This new version adds mob icons, extra-large icon sizes, option to create waypoints on the map with a double click on the screen instead of the map going to full screen.

Few bugs have also been fixed in the 1.16.5 version of the mod which includes fixes to bugs in LAN mode, radar slider, chat bug, rendering fix, and many more. You can find all those additions and fixes of the new version in the files section of the download page. The download link is already provided above which also has older versions like Minecraft Journeymap 1.12.2, 1.11, and 1.10 for both forge and fabric Minecraft.

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Steps to Install the Journeymap 1.13

Choose your required version of the Journeymap, preferably the Journeymap 1.13 Minecraft mod which can be for forge or fabric, but make sure that you have either forge or fabric installed on your Minecraft game. After that, you can begin the mods installation. 

  • Download the required version of the mod.
  • Go to the mod folder in minecraft by using the Run box. In Run, type “%appdata%” and on the opened Windows explorer page find the minecraft folder.
  • Now copy/move all the .jar files from the downloaded mod to the mod folder.
  • In case there is no mod folder, then you can create one, and then move the files.
  • After moving the files, you need to open the game in Forge or fabric(depending on the version of the mod you have installed) to use the installed mod.
  • You can also check if the mod is installed from the mod’s menu in the game.

That’s it now you can play using the Journeymap Minecraft mods.

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Low-end PC Issues With Minecraft

When Minecraft was first released all it need was a 2 GB RAM, Intel P4/Pentium D, or AMD K7/ Athlon 64 with just integrated GPU. These specs were enough to run the vanilla Minecraft and also supported some mods. Now those days are far behind as specs like those can’t even be considered as minimum requirements.

For any game to function and many of its mods you require at least 8 GB of RAM with a good I3 8th/9th Gen processor and 4 GB Graphics. If your device doesn’t meet these specs, you will face several issues. The java version of Minecraft will run very slowly on your device, with low frame rates, the game lags, and there is no sync between dialogues and the video. 

You will even see network connection issues and bad lag if you are playing in multiplayer mode. 

While it may seem like too much trouble, but few things can be done to solve some of those issues. 

Optimization Techniques for Minecraft Issues

There are a few simple settings that can be changed if your game is choppy or if you have an improper frame rate. Let’s see those tricks. The below tricks should only be used on java versions of Minecraft.

  • Go to your in-game video settings and change your graphic settings. These settings can be changed based on your device, as sometimes it is enough to just change from fancy to fancy.
  • Reduce the render distance, biome smoothing, reduce FOV level, and turn off the motion/distance blur if the option is available. 
  • You can also reduce the particle settings to a minimum, change clouds and smooth lighting settings to off.

For the bedrock version of Minecraft, you can change the following settings for a better gaming experience.

  • Reduce the render distance or completely turn it off along with other settings like render clouds, fancy leaves, smooth lightning.
  • Other settings can also be turned down, like fancy graphics and fancy bubbles.

There are few other settings for both java and bedrock versions that can be found from Minecraft performance optimization. 

You also do a few other simple things like updating your java, GPU drivers, and other drivers that can update your device performance. It is also better if you use the java edition which supports low-end devices, and also supports many mods which may otherwise require high graphics.

Mods to Increase Minecraft Performance

Some mods increase your games’ performance by increasing the fps and many such factors. Some of these mods require high specs, while others don’t. Here we are going to list a few such mods.


Devices that have low-end specs should install this mod to enhance your game experience as it prevents crashes, stuttering, and prevents fps from dropping. All this helps devices that do not have a good GPU.

Chunk Pre-generator

Generate chunks beforehand to reduce the load on your CPU. Whenever you go to a new place it takes time to load new chunks which then burdens your device performance and ultimately affects the gameplay. So with this mod, you get lag-free and load-free gameplay.


You might have already heard about this mod which is used for shaders which makes the game more beautiful. That doesn’t just mean it will need heavy graphics, since it is an optimization too you can make settings like reducing anti-aliasing, motion blur to reduce GPU usage.

There are few more mods like Phosphor, Better FPS, Dynamic FPS, Surge et cetera that more or less do the same thing.

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Journeymap Pic 2


For an easier and better exploration of Minecraft, you should install the Journeymap 1.13 mod on your forge or fabric. It has many features that can help players keep track of various locations and navigate to them. Install the right version of the mod which should be the same as your forge/fabric version. If you do not know how to install this mod then we have already provided a tutorial on it, check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can I disable the Journeymap mapping?

Yes, you can go to the mod settings and disable Journeymap mapping.

Is the Minecraft Journeymap mod available for fabric?

The Minecraft journeymap is available for fabric in various versions.

What are some other mods like Journeymap?

There are few other mods like Xaero’s Mininmap, Voxelmap, Rei’s Minimap that provide almost similar features like the Journeymap.

How to disable death markers in journeymap Minecraft mods?

You need to go to the mod settings and then to the waypoints’ menu. From there you can turn off death markers. You can also use the hotkey ‘J’ to go to waypoints settings, and disable the markers.

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