Just Cause 4 Mods

Mayhem, destruction, and total anarchy are the words that best describe Just Cause 4. Start the game, go for a mission, create absolute carnage and that is all you need to understand what Just cause 4 or any of the other games in the series are. While the initial games in the series have had a perfect storyline and missions, the new ones are the same thing with over-the-top Deadpool-style killing. If that wasn’t enough there are even many Just Cause 4 mods that add to the chaos.

Coming to the game, the story continues the events of Just Cause 3 and puts the series hero on the soils of Solís(fictional nation). He is here to blast his way through factions, police, military, and sometimes innocent civilians to stop the “The Black Hand”. This organization is not much different from any other villain group from a high-octane action movie. You might already be familiar with them if you played Just Cause 1 and 3, as they were serving the other villains of those games.

This time, they are the ones that Rico Rodriguez has to stop. You can glide, race through, or fly your way in the game and create massive chaos while taking down enemies. Honestly, that is the fun part of this otherwise predictable and pretty same entry in the franchise. Games like Just Cause don’t care about real-world physics, which is what makes it interesting for many gamers. Like many other games, this one too leaves players wanting for more, with the story, gameplay, and everything else.

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Since the game is a far cry from an original, the only thing that can make it better is building on its strong points. That is better guns and mayhem, and Just Cause 4 mods can help with that.

Best Just Cause 4 Mods

We can all agree that the game was a bit disappointing as it didn’t have much new to offer when compared to its previous entries. I agree that the graphics were an improvement and the whole natural disaster setup only added to the game’s already existing destructive theme, but that’s not enough now, is it? There are many ways to improve the gameplay using mods, and there are quite a few Just Cause 4 mods.

Each mod can add and build upon the aspects that make it interesting and more fun to play. So without wasting your time, here are the Just Cause 4 mods nexus worth checking out.

Vehicle Edits

Just Cause 4 Mods

One of the interesting aspects of the game is the number of different vehicles it has. I know most of you just use the grappling hook and glide around, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to try a superfast vehicle to go around. With the Vehicle edits mod, all the vehicles are upgraded to their absolute limits. Meaning, they are faster and their performance is maxed up.

Now you can zoom through and make some awesome jumps as all the vehicles now have turbo jumps and nitrous. So basically, it’s going to feel like you are in a Fast & Furious movie. The mod also adds unlimited ammo to vehicles that have weapons, so there is no stopping you now, Ever!

Unlimited Ammo

Just Cause 4 Mods

Talking about limitless ammo, why shouldn’t the whole arsenal have it too? Add this Just Cause 4 mod to your game and you never have to second guess about saving bullets. Sometimes it gets stressful to conserve them and get into heated battles with enemies. Also, looking for ammunition is a real pain. No more. A player never has to care about ammo. As you know, there is a never-ending barrage of ammunition in the game.

That’s not the only thing this mod improves, the wingsuit now has 16 missiles and the grappling hook distance is increased to 1000m. Even the hook speed is increased which means you never gonna miss those barely visible vehicles.

Ultra Realistic Lighting Graphics Mod

Just Cause 4 Mods

We have seen many games not deliver on the promise of “stunning graphics”. This isn’t something new and has been happening for more than a decade now. Games like Dead Island, Watch Dogs, The Division, and many other game trailers showcased amazing attention to detail and breathtaking graphics. Sadly, didn’t deliver on them. Just Cause 4 is a little similar in that aspect as the graphics are good but not as good as they are supposed to be. If you also feel the same way, then add this Just Cause 4 mod to vastly improve your gameplay experience. It improves light, shades, colors, and every other graphical aspect of the game. This mod is made with reshade and improves the lighting in the game

Hoverboard Edits

Just Cause 4 Mods

Now, this is one of my personal favorites in the game. Hovering my way out of mountains, surfing in the seas, and basically flying with its high-speed jumps. This mod adds a huge boost to the hoverboard, which doesn’t make it just fast, but super fast. The mod has three versions that increase the top speed, 4x increased top speed + force push, and 4x top speed+force push+inclined boost. I mean, reading about it is not enough to understand how amazing this mod is. So you should install it and try it for yourselves to find out. After that, you will never use cars or planes.

Grappling Hook ++

Just Cause 4 Mods

For some reason, using a grappling hook makes me feel like Batman. One of the highlights of the Just Cause series is Ric’s grappling hook which has been there since the first game. There are many things you can do with this other than grappling on to something, though there are certain limitations to it. Like, the distance or grappling/ reeling speed.

We have already mentioned a mod above that improves the grappling distance to 1000 m, but this mod makes that distance feel like a finger’s length. That’s right because the grappling hook++ mod lets you grapple to a distance of 8 km(8000m). WHAT?. Yep, some may feel like it’s way too much, but hey, it’s Just Cause. Other than the unbelievable grapple distance, the reel-in and retract speed is increased, the grapple kick produces a force of 1000 Ricos.

Better Weapons

Just Cause 4 Mods

While we are on the subject of attack power, why shouldn’t we also enhance some weapons in the game? Better weapons mod does exactly that, it boasts a bunch of weapons’ firepower and speed, including the mag size and recoil. So Rico now has a better shot at enemies and greatly improves his damage and precision.

Some weapons that receive an upgrade in this mod are Anti-tank RPG, AT7 RPG, AT3-X RPG, Grenade Launcher, PBX Auto Shotgun, SW9 Assault Rifle, and a few others. Each weapon has improved damage, while some have improved mag size, recoil, reload time, etc.

Tendril Weapons

Just Cause 4 Mods

Now, this is one insane mod, even for a game like Just Cause 4. What makes this gun so bizarre is that it can spawn other NPCs. These NPCs will then attack you and try to kill you, and not just any human NPCs, but also monsters. I’m not joking, monsters can be spawned in this game with the help of this tendril weapons pack. It has two different guns, one spawns humans, the other one monsters.

One monster is so bizarre that it rises from the ground, and is in the shape of a huge tentacle but has a tank as for head. Difficult to believe right? Sounds like I’m making it up, but no. Download the mod and be surprised if you haven’t seen it. One thing is that this mod has certain limitations when it comes to spawning things, but if you want a mod without any limitation then try the JC4 Entity Spawner.

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No heat Mod

No heat Mod

Isn’t it irritating when you are just having fun driving cars through pedestrians, emptying your mag in a citizen, or blowing a car on a highway and the cops make you the villain? Jeez, let the man blow off some steam. The whole point of Just Cause is to blow shit up and have some fun, but no, you have to be a responsible citizen and not commit genocide(Hope, you guys understand sarcasm).

If that bothers you too then maybe use the “No Heat” mod. This is perfect for you when you are in the mood to slaughter a few dozen people and want cops to turn a blind eye and just eat donuts.

Better Trainer Mod

Better Trainer Mod

Remember those good old days when you used to keep a list of cheat codes for GTA games and enter them one by one. Cheats that made you invincible and basically a god in those GTA games are also available in Just Cause 4. The best thing here is that you do not have to type a huge ass code, rather assign those cheats to a key on your keyboard and have fun.

There are 16 different cheats in this mod that can be assigned to a different key on your keyboard. It includes features like infinite ammo, infinite health, no recoil, slow motion, super speed. Also, show hidden objects, infinite wingsuit boost/missiles, etc. If you do not want any of the activated cheats, then there is also an option to disable them.

More Chaos Mod

More Chaos Mod

As I have mentioned at the very beginning of this article that Just Cause 4 is all about action, destruction, and total mayhem. That’s what every player wants from this game, blow up stuff as much as possible. While we are the only ones in this game that do stuff like that, what if I were to tell you that you can make everyone do stuff like that.

With the help of More Choas mod, you can dial up the destruction 10x and enjoy some amazing gameplay. In simple terms, all Silos are turned into a battlefield where everyone has guns and blows shit up. All the factions in the game, rebels, The Black hand, and the military are out to take out each other as if they have always been at war. Imagine multiple factions being at war, and you are right at the center of it all. That is total CHAOS.

Hopefully, these are enough for any player to enhance their JC 4 gaming experience. There are many others Just Cause 4 skin mods, and others, though no Just Cause 4 multiplayer mod is available. Check them all, then download and install them on your device. Now, I assume not everyone knows how to install these Just Cause 4 mods. So we are going to help you with that by listing down steps to install a mod on a PC.

How to Install Just Cause 4 Mods?

Anyone who has never used mods for a game might think that adding mods to the game is hard. While there is a little truth to that, it’s not true for every game. Installing mods in Just Cause 4 is quite easy and doesn’t require any complex procedures. Though you will need a tool called mod loader to add mods, do not worry we will help along every step of the process for a simple mod installation.

  • The main requirements for adding Just Cause 4 mods is that you have a mod and the mod loader.
  • Now, download the desired mod from the above list or if you need some other Just Cause 4 mod then videogamesmod and search for the required one.
  • Using, the above link also download the “Launch with dropzone”. This is the launcher for your Just Cause 4 game with which mods work.
  • The procedure here is simple, download the mod you require and extract it (since the mod is going to be a zip file). Copy the extracted file to dropzone folder in Just Cause 4 installed folders.
  • If is no dropzone folder for your game then create one in the game location folder and copy the mod files to that folder.
  • After that, download the “Launch with dropzone“, extract the downloaded zip and copy it to the fame folder. Not in the dropzone folder, just in the game folder.
  • Run the “Launch with dropzone” application and select the Just Cause 4 launcher and that will launch the game.
  • When the game starts, you can see that the added Just Cause 4 mods features work.

This way you can add any JC4 mods to your game and get the best possible experience.

Just Cause 4 Review

Let me just say this, if you have played Just Cause 3 then you pretty much played Just Cause 4 too. That is what I and everyone else who played this game thinks. The game drops you in the land of Silos where the same story follows. A tyrant and an army unjustly ruling the land and oppressing its citizen. The only different thing is here is the weather conditions, where you can see tornados, lightning, storms, etc.

The biomes look good and are vast, but I feel like the Just Cause 3 did it better. The slight improvements in this game, when competed with its predecessor, is the grappling hook, wingsuit, and a few minor additions to the arsenal. The missions in this game feel like one of those chores that you just have to finish. This is never a good thing for a game. Unlike the previous games, in this one, you have the option to control troops and deploy them into battles after you finish certain missions and take down baddies.

There are many cars and supply drops from them, but let’s be honest, we are all gonna just use the grappling hook and glide our way through the land of Silos. So most of the vehicles feel useless, not for everyone but for many it is. The open world is vast, but all anyone is going to do is blow up those antennas and propane tanks, which we have been doing for every JC game. In my view, anyone who wants new content and a great story is definitely going to be disappointed. People who are just playing for creating carnage will enjoy as that the only things it has, and does it best.

So maybe go back to playing Just Cause 3.

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Wrapping Up

While the game is far from being an innovative addition to the franchise, it’s good for what it promises. That is absolute Chaos, and that’s the only thing you can expect from this game. After a while, even that feels stodgy. “Enter Just Cause 4 mods”, will help you make the game more interesting by exponentially increasing the mayhem. Guns, explosions, invincibility, and anything you want are possible with these mods. Imagine Fast & Furious series and Mission Impossible movies on Adrenaline, that is what Just Cause 4 mods do to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What are Just Cause 4 mods epic games?

JC4 mods, meaning Just Cause 4 mods add entering and weird elements to improve your gameplay experience. One has to download and install mods to add things like more guns, better graphics, and obviously more blowing stuff up. There are many great Just Cause 4 mods to try, so check out the list we have provided above and download it using the links.

Are there any Just Cause 4 skin mods?

There are a few Just Cause 4 skin mods that let change skins for Rico and his vehicles. Some of those mods are Paintjobs Plus V2, Adidas Rico, JC5 Agency Concept Rico and Gabriela skin, Terminator Rico, etc.

Do you need a mod loader to add Just Cause 4 mods?

Yes, there is a mod loader called “Launch with dropzone”, which can be used to add mods to the game. Create a dropzone folder and add mod files to it and launch the game with mod loader to play the game with those mods. A detailed step-by-step tutorial is already provided in this article, just check that out.

Can I use JC3 mods for JC4?

No, you cannot use JCE game mods for the JC4 game because they are not compatible. Though you might find certain mods that are available for both games.

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