Kayle Skins

Kayle Skins

If League of Legends is part of your gaming time, then you might have come across its various champions. Apart from the gameplay, another great aspect of LoL is its champions(characters in the game) that you can choose to play with. Each champion in the game has unique abilities and stories that make them interesting. So you must know every champion before you start the game. This article is going to be about the best Kayle skins, but more on that later.

One such champion that you should know about is Kayle. Kayle is a champion that is known by many names, like ‘The Righteous’, ‘The Winged Protector’, and a few others. She is a pretty good fighter which can be used in top or mid-lane. Any beginner can pick her up and play easily, that’s how easy she is. Although she is a fighter who belongs to the Specialist class, she can also provide good support to other champion teammates using her healing abilities.

Before we get into the whole stats, gameplay, and Kyle skins, you should know that Kayle also has an amazing backstory in the game. So before we discuss Kayle skins and other things, let’s deep-dive into her backstory.

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Champion Kayle

Kayle and her sister, Morgana was born to Mihira and Kilam during the Rune Wars. Mihira along with her husband was trying to find something that could help them put an end to this war. So she began climbing Mount Targon in search of a weapon that could help them stop this war and save their tribe. She may have never thought that she could become the very weapon that she was looking for. It is then she became a vessel for a divine being to deliver justice for everyone by wielding a blazing sword. 

The blazing sword helped Mihira fight for her people and family, and after some time she was blessed with two twins. With the war continuing, Miiara was so consumed with it that she became a threat to the very thing that she sought to protect, her family. Now Kilam feared this and took the girls far away from her to keep them safe. 

Kayle and Morgana grew up on an island that was protected from any magical beings. While Kayle never met her mother, she knew that her mother was a great warrior and had probably put an end to the war, but what she didn’t know was that she was about to follow in her footsteps. One day, the sky was split into two and like a blazing asteroid, a sword dropped on the ground by splitting into two halves. One was picked by Kayle and the other by Morgana.

All Lol Kayle Skins

There are a total of 12 Kayle skins available in LoL, apart from the classic one that is the usual one used by the champion. You may check all the Kayle League of Legends skins, and I have also highlighted some of the best Kayle skins.

Viridian Kayle

Viridian Kayle:

Anyone who looks at the skin can tell that it is based on an elf design. You can notice the elf ears of Kayle that suggest this skin reimagines her as an elf. The armor is a combination of green and gold colors, which suits your champion very well. It also provides a new feel for Kayle as it is a drastic change from an angel to an elf.

The bummer here is that this skin doesn’t have new animation or particle effects for the champion, but you get  5 different chromas with this skin, I mean you do have to purchase them separately using RP. So if you get bored quickly with this skin, then you can choose from 5 different chromas. To get this skin, you just have to spend 520 RP. 

Battleborn Kayle

Battleborn Kayle

One of the best Kayle Skins, this skin pictures Kayle as a warrior than an angel, but the skin still does have wings for her. The armor looks a bit heavy and large for the champion, but after the rework for this skin, it has more of a Viking feel to it. While it may not be the best Kayle skin out there, it still isn’t that bad for our champion. The best thing about this skin is probably the sword design, as it matches the armor with twin heavy blades.

Sadly, this skin doesn’t have any chromas, and there are only a few minor animation changes with this skin. You can get this skin for 950 RP.

Aether Wing Kayle:

Aether Wing Kayle:

Usually, many skins in Lol don’t reduce your balance more than 1350 RP in store, but this one costs 1820 RP. That alone should allow you to know how much passion has been put in by developers in this skin. It looks pretty great, as the design has more of a modern touch to the champion, which shouldn’t be surprising as the skin description states that this version of Kayle is a space military pilot. Apart from the armor, the wings have a metal design.

There are many additions with this skin to our champion like new animation, particle effects, voice changes.

Iron Inquisitor Kayle

Iron Inquisitor Kayle

While the skin has a new design for Kayle, missing animation changes that make it feel like a new skin, rather it feels like a chroma. While the missing animation doesn’t have much effect for some other skin, but for this skin, it’s a different story. That’s because this pictures Kayle in a witchy avatar, so having animations for an angel doesn’t feel right with this skin. 

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, this skin will not even crack the top 10 spot. If you still find this skin attractive then you can buy it from the store using 750 RP.

Pentakill Kayle

Pentakill Kayle

When an angel likes heavy metal and forms a rock band, this is what you get. This skin hits the bullseye in terms of authenticity, and by that, I mean that this skin maintains the theme with every aspect of the champion. The wings, hairstyle, a sword with a mic, and costume everything goes well with the skin.

If you like the heavy metal look, then go for this skin. It also has some new animations for attacks. The four wings for Kayle look great, and the divine judgment has amazing animation. It can be bought for 1350 RP from the store.

PsyOps Kayle

PsyOps Kayle

I believe this is one of the best Kayle skins, at least in terms of the motion. The particle effects, attacks, and other movements look gorgeous.  I also think that this skin is underappreciated. The design for armor and wings look great and provides a fresh take on the champion. This skin labels her as a powerful and delusional psionic swordswoman.

Apart from the new animation, you also have 8 different chromas for this skin. So if you get bored with one color, then you can choose 8 others. Remember that these chromas are always available in the store, and can only be bought as a chrome bundle for the skin. As for the skin, it costs 1350 RP.

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Dragonslayer Kayle

Dragonslayer Kayle

Saying this is an epic skin for Kayle would be an understatement, it can be said that this is one of the best Kayle skins. It’s a new skin that was released just a month ago. Dragonslayer skin pretty tells the story of Kayle as a warrior who slays dragons. This is a contrasting look for Kayle as the skin is more of a devil look with the blazing horns helmet and armor. The armor looks like it was made partially from slain dragon scales. 

Kayle wings in this skin also look more like dragon wings than angel ones. You probably would be tempted to buy this skin at first glance. If you do want to buy this then it is probably live now in the store and can be bought for just 950 RP, which is cheap for such a skin. Another appealing thing about this skin is that it has 8 different chromas.

Transcended Kayle

Transcended Kayle

A reworked skin, which was earlier named unmasked Kayle, is now called Transcended Kayle. There are only minor changes to the champion in this skin, like some color changes, feathery wings, and she is unmasked. Apart from that, the general feel remains the same for the champion.   

You need to be on the lookout for this skin if you want to add it to your collection, as it is a legacy skin. It means that it is rarely available in the store for you to purchase, snag it for 975 RP. There are new animation or particle changes in this skin.

Riot Kayle

Riot Kayle

This used to be a pretty different skin when it was released back in 2019. It was based on a police uniform and also had a beret for the champion. After rework, this skin looks quite different and not everyone’s happy about it. The changes are easily noticeable as you can see that the shoulder pads had a blue and red color resembling a police siren, but now it is just plain blue through the skin. Previously, the sword was modeled like a police baton,  which now looks just like a normal sword.

As I said, not everyone is happy, and all hate it. One change that we all can agree on is the wing’s design, they are better than they were before also the recall animation looks good. This skin was released during the 10th Anniversary of LoL and then added to the legacy vault. So the chances are, it’s going to stay rare, but you can still get it for 975 RP if and when it is available in-store again. 

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle

While Riot Kayle reworks divided players, the silver Kayle skin reworks made it look better. In the actual skin, she looks like a knight who’s wearing heavy armor. While the old design was good, you can say that it wasn’t very innovative for the champion. Even the wing’s design was plain and simple, but after the rework, Kayle looks much better with this skin.

Even though the developers added a new design, there wasn’t much change in terms of animations. There are a few VFX/SFX changes though. It is a super rare skin, which was received by players who purchased the Collector’s Edition of the game.

Judgment Kayle

Judgment Kayle

Among all the Kayle skins, this is one of the rarest. A limited-edition skin for Kayle was introduced by the developer and was later reworked to alter the look a little. She now looks more intimidating, and a little terrifying with all the hood and dark wings. The splash art provides a great look for the champion which portrays her as a lady justice who acts as judge, jury, and executioner for the evil souls.

It is a pretty old skin that was released in 2011 and is also super rare. There is no accurate price listed for this skin, and it is also difficult to say when it will be available again.

That’s pretty much it for all Kayle skins that were released by the Riot Games. If you want to find out the best Kayle skin from the above list, check the next part.

Best Kayle Skin

Personally, anyone can have their own opinion on the best Kayle skin, but it isn’t as simple as that. Choosing one among all the Kayle skins is hard. Certain items need to be taken note of before you can judge a skin and term it as best. Skins that have good animation like particle effects, recall, attacks along with new sounds, and chromas should be the deciding factor for the best Kayle skin.

So taking into factor all those things there are a few pics like PsyOps Kayle, Aether Wings, and the new Dragonslayer Kayle should be your choices for the best Kayle skin. While some people like the rarest Kayle skin, I don’t think those should be considered the best ones, since they don’t have any good animations or chromas. I think everyone should go with the Dragonslayer as the best Kayle skin because it fills every criterion I have mentioned above, and it is a brand-new skin, and new skins are the ones every player looks for.  

Also, Dragonslayer Kayle looks breathtaking.

The Winged Protector Kayle

Like her mother, she fought many battles and brought peace to her land. It is then she became a legend called the ‘Winged Protector’. Kayle then formed a law and made the citizens of that land abide by them, but there are always going to be people who will rebel against any law. Kayle hunted down such people and punished them. With time, she grew fond of her protégé, Ronas. While Kayle didn’t spare any of her enemies, Morgana gave them a chance to become better people. This didn’t sit well with Ronas and other Kayle followers, who then thought of subduing Morgana.

When Kayle was away, things turned bad as there were riots and many people died as a result, including Ronas. This sent Kayle spiraling down a path she would never return from. She then in rage attacks her people, and Morgana tries to stop her. A battle between sisters took place that stopped only after hearing their father cry before breathing his last breath. After that moment, no one saw Kayle ever again, but people hope that she would return for them if they were ever in danger, But more importantly, they might be looking for the best Kayle skins.

Kayle Base Stats

Every champion including Kayle has a minimum amount of health, attack, mana, defense, and some other stats. These stats determine how she can perform during battle, and with each level increase, these stats grow too. For Kayle, those stats are provided below. 

  • Attack:  50 – 92.5, each attack of Kayle has a 175 range in any area.
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Armor: 26 – 77
  • Health: 600 -2045, The base health depends on your champion level. After taking damage from the enemy, Kayle can heal up to 5 – 13.5 health per 5 seconds.
  • Mana: 330 – 1180, since attacks consume mana, you have to make sure that you have enough for the next attack. In case if you are low on mana then you regenerate the mana as 8 – 21.6 mana is recovered for every 5 seconds.
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Speed: 335

All Kayle Abilities

Kayle is one of those champions that can be used in mid and close-lane encounters. That’s because she has certain abilities that make her flexible in every battle. To make the best use of her, you need to know her every move, and you should also know which attack of her can provide you an advantage in battle. So below we have listed her every ability.

Divine Ascent:

At first, this attack may seem like a normal slash, but with each hit the damage increases and stacks up to 5 times. This is for level 1 Kayle, with an increase in level the damage increase for each strike. After she reaches level 6,  apart from the normal slash that has increased damage, she also launches a wave of flame towards her enemies from a range. When she reaches level 11, her range is increased and so is her damage. This is a pretty great attack that increases damage, speed, and range with each level.

Radiant Blast:

With this attack, you can slow down your enemies and decrease their armor along with magic resistance. The moment you activate this attack, a portal open’s up at the enemy’s face and is hit by a divine sword from the portal that applies the aforementioned stats and also deals damage. 

Celestial Blessing:

A Support ability that affects Kayle and the ally that is nearby. Whenever Kayle uses Celestial blessing, she can heal herself and her teammates that is closest to her. It automatically heals a teammate with the lowest amount of health.

Starfire Spellblade:

This ability has a passive and an active effect. With passive effect, you can deal increased magic damage to the enemy.in case of active effect, your magic damage and range are increased if Kayle is level 6 and above. Now if Kayle has level 11 then with Starfire spellblade your magic damage is way more than before, and your attack explodes when it hits the enemy.

Divine Judgement:

Using divine judgment will rain a barrage of blazing swords on an enemy within a marked area. This attack will also make any teammate of Kayle invulnerable for a few seconds. 

For better damage, you prioritize increasing your champion level, rather than just taking a fight at the beginner level. With each level increase, Kayle can do more damage to your opponent and can also provide good support.

If you are still looking for Kayle Skins, You can find a brief description of every Kayle skin, if and there are any new animation changes, SFX, and chromas that are available for any particular Kayle skin.

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If you have picked Kayle as your pick in LoL, then it would say you have made the right choice. For mid-lane and close battles, Kayle can land some pretty serious blows and also provide support for other allies in battle. Just use her wisely and if you get bored after playing with her then you have 11 Kayle skins for her. Each Kayle League skin provides a fresh take on the champion and has new effects. Those 11 skins should last long enough for many players, and even if it doesn’t, then there’s also the option of buying chromas for some skins. We hope that these Kayle Skins have given you sufficient variation in how you choose to play Kayle.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is Kayle League of Legends’ best character?

It wouldn’t be apt to say that Kayle is League of Legends’ best character, but you can say that she is one of the good ones. Since she has moderate difficulty, it may take a while for you to get better at using her, but once you are accustomed to her battle style, then you can handle pretty much any enemy.

What is the rarest Kayle skin?

The rarest Kayle skin would not be just one skin, but 2. The Riot skin and Judgment skin are the rarest Kayle skins in, LoL. Both were released during certain events and are not available at present from the store. Though you can get Riot skin from the store for 975 RP, the judgment skin doesn’t have definite pricing. 

Where can I find Kayle skin reviews?

Many sites can provide Kayle skin reviews, but there is no need to look anywhere else as we have already described every skin of her, and also talked about the best Kayle skin. You check the earlier sections in this article to find the appropriate info. Other than that, if you need more in-depth info and gameplay of the champion, then you can check out this Kayle Skin Spotlight video from YouTube. 

Are Kayle and Morgana the same characters in LoL?

No, Kayle and Morgana are two different champions. Though Morgana is the twin sister of Kayle according to Kayle League of Legends lore. Since they are sisters they are completely different champions, and you can choose either to play in LoL.

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