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KDA Skins

What happens when you bring together the music and gaming industry? If you’re curious to find out, just look at the Riot Games music division. Riot decided to step into music full-fledged by releasing their first track, Pop/Stars. This single was released in 2018, and with a live performance during the LoL World Championship. It became an instant hit after the track hit YouTube. It currently has more than 400 million views in 2021. 

This track was performed by real artists Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, Miyeon, and Soyeon. The track was composed in both English and Korean languages. These four singers represented four different champions in LoL. Ahri, Akali, Evelyn, and Kai’Sa were the champions that the above artists represented respectively. 

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Latest Line of Skins

Riot planned to produce more music, and they used their other property which is LoL to help them get a boost in that aspect. They released a new line of skins called League of Legends KDA skins for the 4 champions and combined that with the music aspect to get more in-game sales for KDA skins. That was a brilliant move both skins and music were a hit and not just that, but the music was also well-received by the general audience and gamers alike. 

Another aspect that helped the studios was that the KDA designs were inspired by K-Pop, and at that time K-Pop had a huge fan base all over the world. Other than these four champions, there is another champion named Seraphine who is also associated with these KDA groups. Though she isn’t an original champion of the KDA group, she has temporarily performed with the group. This was during the 2020s ‘More’ track of KDA.

KDA Champions

Apart from the hit track ‘Pop/Stars’ there are few other singles and albums released as a part of the KDA line, but before we get into that let’s talk about the champions that are part of this KDA group.  

KDA Ahri

I don’t think there is any LoL player that hasn’t heard of Ahri, as she is one of the popular ones in the game. You can find her mostly on the mid-lane as she is best suited for that position, and she is an assassin that belongs to the mage class, so you can handle enemies from a distance. While Miyeon is the singing voice for the champion, the in-game voice for the champions is provided by Laura Post. In the KDA band, she stands as the leader and founder of the group, due to Ahri being the first choice for the KDA band. 

This isn’t the first time Ahri has been associated with a music band. There is another version of Ahri skin called the pop star Ahri which was released way back in 2013. People like her as a pop star, so Riot decided to add her to the KDA band, and there are 3 KDA Ahri skins available in the game. Other than Miyeon few other people have lent their voice for Ahri in other tracks, people like Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and few other artists. You want to know more about Ahri, the original Ahri, and not the KDA Ahri then you can find info on her from this Ahri Fandom page

KDA Akali

Another Assassin class champion from LoL is also a member of the KDA group. This is a more contrasting look for Akali than it is for Ahri as she is more of a stealthy ninja type of assassin while Ahri is a mage class assassin. Her fighting style is way different from Ahri’s as well. Since Ahri uses an orb for magic attacks, she can keep her distance from enemies in mid-lanes, but Akali is more of a close combat champion who uses Kunais. Akali’s agility for fast movements helps her dodge attacks and take on enemies.   

Akali in the game is voiced by two voice actors, one is Laura Bailey and the other is Krizia Bajos. For KDA Akali, the voice artist is Soyeon, who voices all her music tracks. Like Ahri, Akali also has skin that is based on another band which is True Damage.  This band is different from the KDA band and has different champions in the team. Apart from the True Damage skin, Akali has 3 different variants of KDA Akali skins. If you are interested to find out more about Akali champion before she was reimagined as a KDA star, then you can check this Akali Fandom page.

KDA Evelynn

We have a mage, a ninja, and now a demon in KDA, which is the most diverse team ever made. Evelynn is a demon who preys upon the weak souls by using her charms. Once a person falls to the charms, there is no escape from the torment that Evelynn inflicts upon their souls. She enjoys their agony, and when she is done with them, she finds others. Her stealth ability is awesome as she can become invisible as long as she doesn’t engage in battle. This provides a perfect opportunity for her to sneak up on any enemy and take them out. The best way to use her would be to sneak and charm enemies and finish them with her ultimate move.   

KDA Evelynn is a vocalist of the band that performs along with Ahri, not that just she also has her own single which is the “Villain”’. Evelynn has prior experience as a vocalist before she joined the KDA band. She is voiced by artist Madison Beer in the famous “Pop/Stars” track, and in others, she is voiced by Bea Miller and Kim Petras. These are her voice artists in albums, but her in-game voice is provided by Mara Junot. KDA Evelynn skins are of 3 designs just like other champions in KDA, and all those skins will be discussed later. 

KDA Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa is one of the champions that you play in the far bottom lane, as she is a sniper class champion in LoL. That makes her best suited for long-range battles, and if you have any support champions, then it would be wise to pair her with them. Since Kai’Sa can also teleport, you can use those huge cannons to take down enemies from close range as well. She is not just a skilled fighter, but also a talented dancer and rapper, which is evident from tracks “More” and “The Baddest”. Kai’Sa also released a single of her own named “Drum Go Dum”.

Kai’Sa is the only member of the KDA band that has 4 KDA Kai’Sa skins. She is voiced by many artists in albums, Jaira Burns and Aluna are a few of the noteworthy ones. In the game, her voice is lent by Natasha Loring. Kai’Sa Fandom page has more info on her original backstory.

These are the OG KDA champions that form the KDA band and have their League of Legends KDA skins in the game. There is one other champion that is more of a guest performer in the KDA band, and that is Seraphine.

KDA Seraphine

Unlike KDA champions here, who originally have different stories in the game and are nowhere related to music, Seraphine is the champion who uses music as her weapon. That’s right, she uses tunes as her weapon and can be played on various lanes in battles. You can play with her in the mid-lane and bottom lane. Based on the lane, she can either be a damage dealer or a support champion for your allies. 

Seraphine has joined the KDA band on more than one occasion, and the most noteworthy one is the track called “More” which was voiced by Lexie Liu for Seraphine. Another track is the All out, which Seraphine collaborated with KDA for. Even though she was a guest performer in KDA there are 3 KDA Serapine skins in the game for her, and those are the only skins available for Seraphine apart from the classic skin. More info on her can be found on this LoL Seraphine Fandom page.

Now that we covered all the members of KDA, it’s time we also list all their League of Legends KDA skins that you can use in the game.

All-League of Legends KDA Skins

Take a look below for some wonderful League of Legends KDA Skins.

KDA Ahri Skin

K/DA Ahri Skin

The KDA Ahri skin was released in the year 2018 which was 5 years after her Popstar Ahri skin. This skin is a reinvention of the champion, who is now a famous singer and leader of a hit band named KDA. It brings some new animations and effects with this skin, and design changes for the champion. The most noticeable design apart from the obvious costume change is KDA Ahri’s crystalized tails. Her hair also has a new color, which is a combination of blonde and pink hair that suits the new KDA Ahri.

This League of Legends KDA skin can be bought from the chest if you spend 1350 RP and is also loot eligible. 

KDA Ahri Prestige Edition Skin 

KDA Ahri Prestige Edition Skin

Before you just dismiss this as a variant of the KDA Ahri skin, take a better look at it. The short blonde hair, golden costume, and the crystallized pink nine-tails are more attractive than the original League of Legends KDA skin. Prestige skins are rare and cannot be bought by using RP, this Ahri KDA prestige skin requires 100 prestige points which can be bought from RP or multiple master chests. Owning a prestige LoL KDA skin is always better than the normal one as you can brag about having rare/limited skin. This LoL KDA skin is due to the success of her band’s debut single “Pop/Stars”. 

KDA All Out Ahri Skin

KDA All Out Ahri Skin

The latest LoL KDA skin for Ahri was released for their album “All Out” in 2020. This skin is slightly better than the Prestige Edition skin as it has more of a K-Pop star vibe to it.  The All-out album has two tracks “The Baddest” and “More” with which every champion in the KDA band received an “All Out” skin. Being the leader of a successful band, Ahri is provided with her best LoL KDA skin to look the part. 

This skin has new animations, particle effects, VFX/SFX, and most importantly new chromas. Ahri All-out KDA Skin has 8 different chromas, which means you have 9 different LoL KDA skins for Ahri in your collection. This should help you keep going for a while, but only if you spend 1350 RP for the KDA All Out Ahri skin and some RP for the chromas.

Popstar Ahri Skin

Popstar Ahri Skin

This isn’t the LoL KDA skin of Ahri, but it still is a skin that is based on the musical aspect of the champion. You can also check this skin out if you are interested, but remember that it isn’t comparable with the KDA skins, as it is a simple one. It is also a little cheaper than the rest as it costs 975 RP.

KDA Akali Skin

Instead of Kunais and blades, Akali here holds a mic that she can use as skillfully as a blade. Together with other KDA members, she will demand your attention with her voice. This LoL KDA skin for Akali pictures her in more of a street-style rap battle than someone from a band. The hip hop style jacket and the cap do support the argument. You get animations with this KDA skin, and to buy this from the store, you need to spend 1350 RP which is common for many League of Legends KDA skins.

KDA Akali Prestige Edition

A variant of the KDA Akali skin is more sparkly and shiny. The golden color variant is a little better than the original one and has more of an accomplished rapper vibe than the previous. Since Akali is the main rapper of the group, this League of Legends skin is the perfect depiction of her position(as the lead rapper) in the group. Also, owning a Prestige skin is better than the normal one as they are limited. Buying this skin can be difficult as they cannot be bought with either RP or Prestige points, but you need event-specific tokens. To be more precise, you need 1800 Snowdown tokens to add this skin to your collection.

KDA All Out Akali Skin

KDA All Out Akali Skin

Another All out album skin was released for Akali champion in the 2020 album release. This one of the League of Legends KDA skins has more of a cool chick vibe for Akali. You can notice many changes to her design, from her blue hair to the crystal kunai, all of which are pretty great. Every new change looks cool, and the chromas are all amazing. My favorite chroma is the Catseye, with the yellow jacket and the golden shades to her hair. This skin will cost you 1350 RP and can be bought from various chests in store.

KDA Evelynn Skin

KDA Evelynn Skin

Evelynn in LoL is a vicious demon who likes to hunt her prey and watch them suffer, which that’s the case with many Evelynn skins, the KDA Evelynn Skin throws that backstory out in the garbage and completely reinvents her. From a scary demon to a diva, this transformation is off the charts. This skin provides a great new look for the champion and makes her a superstar with fans and haters alike. No matter what you cannot ignore her charm or voice. 

This design for KDA Evelynn is what makes skins interesting. Sharp tentacles, golden claws, and a new hairstyle for Evelynn are added to this new KDA skin. Since it is a diverse look for our champion, adding this skin to your inventory is all the more reason. You may have to spend 1350 RP if you want this skin, which frankly isn’t much for this skin.

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KDA Evelynn Prestige Skin

K/DA Evelynn Prestige Skin

Gold, silver, and white robes with blonde hair seem to be the common running theme for Prestige skins in LoL. While that may not sound so appealing, when you look at the champions with those prestige skins, you are sure to change your mind. This skin was designed for the Pop Music Awards with a few changes to the costume like the golden claws from the KDA skin are now replaced with slight blue crystal ones and so are the pointy tentacles. 

While every prestige skin is a variant of some other skin, they aren’t that appealing for every champion, but that is different with KDA champions. Every KDA prestige skin is better than the original variant it is based upon. The above points should suffice to convince you to get the KDA prestige skin for Evelynn, and for that, you need to get 100 prestige points. You can either spend your RP on chests or buy an event pass to finish various milestones to earn some prestige points

KDA All Out Evelynn

KDA All Out Evelynn

All KDA All-out skins are similar to each other in terms of theme, which should be obvious if you are designing skins for a champion who is part of a band. This KDA Evelynn skin is part of the All Out album skins line which was released along with other KDA skins.  While it is difficult to say with certainty that this could be the best KDA All Out skin, I can at least say that it certainly stands as a contender for the spot. 

At least for Evelynn, this KDA Evelynn skin is the best one out of all her skins, even better than her other skins. It is also a legendary skin for Evelynn which makes it rare and interesting for players in LoL. So do not wait if you have a chance to buy this skin which requires 1350 RP. Another important thing is that the KDA All Out Evelynn skins also have 8 colorful chromas, and one of the chromas is named after her track “Baddest”.

KDA Kai’Sa

The fourth and final founding member of team KDA, who is also the main dancer of the group and can even rap with Akali. To add Kai’Sa into the KDA, devs have to completely change her design and give her a makeover, and players are loving the changes. The purple hair and a street dancer outfit provide a fresh spin from the battle-hardened Kai’Sa. You get new particle effects and VFX for this skin, and so it is priced at 1350 RP. 

KDA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition

KDA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition

Ditching the purple hair for a classic blonde look. Kai’Sa shines with her golden costume in this rare and limited KDA prestige skin. You can see her evolution from a street dancer to an accomplished dancer with this skin. Her cannons have a new design that is completely golden like her jacket.  Buying this skin can be a little difficult as you need event-specific tokens, which are 2000 Worlds 2018 tokens. The World 2018 tokens were rewarded for players during an LoL event in 2020, so if you missed that event, there is probably no way you could get this again. If you are lucky then Riot Games may add this again someday in the store. 

KDA All Out Kai’Sa Skin

KDA All Out Kai’Sa Skin

If you are looking for a more splashy and sparkly skin for Kai’Sa, then this is the one. Adding to the list of All Out skins for the KDA band, this skin brings out the best of Kai’Sa as an artist. The long hair and shiny crystal cannons(that now look more like extensive jewelry) are what make Kai’Sa stand out from the rest of the KDA members. Her new animations look cool, and she also has one chroma with this KDA All Out Skin, which is named after their track “Baddest”. With 1350 RP you can have this skin for your champion. 

KDA All Out Kai’Sa Prestige Skin

KDA All Out Kia’Sa Prestige Skin

Kai’Sa is the only member of KDA who has a prestige skin for the All Out skin, and a total of 2 prestige skin. It is difficult to decide which All Out skin is better, the classic one or the prestige edition, but I think we can all agree that the All Out prestige skin is better than the other Kai’Sa prestige skin.  Apart from the costume, the cannons also have a slight design change. Just like other Prestige skins, you need 2000 worlds 2020 tokens for this skin.

KDA All Out Seraphine Indie

KDA All Out Seraphine Indie

A budding singer who dreams of reaching out to people with her voice and changing the world with her music. Seraphine is a champion that you can play on multiple lanes by using her either as a damage dealer or as support with your allies. The obvious reason for adding Seraphine to the KDA would be her abilities that are based on music, and what better champion to join a music band than the one who uses music as a weapon. 

This KDA All Out skin for Seraphine has many new changes like a new voice for the champion along with new particle effects for attack and recall. While the skin may have a simple design, it still looks great for the champion. If you want this skin then you may have to save some RP as it costs 3250 RP which is probably the highest for any KDA skin.  

KDA All Out Seraphine Rising Star

KDA All Out Seraphine Rising Star

Seraphine is on a roll and quickly rising the ranks as a singer and artist. The rising star Seraphine pretty much sums up her journey from a small-time singer to a member of the KDA band that performs along with all the already established pop icons. The design is a little similar to the Seraphine Indie skin, but small changes have been done to her costume. Another cool thing about this skin is that you have new voices, animations, and VFX. 

Owning this KDA skin could be a little tricky as I have to complete various missions to obtain this skin. Many missions reward a certain amount of points to obtain KDA All Out Seraphine Rising star skin. If you finish these missions with Seraphine then you8 get 20 points, and if you use any other champion then earn 10 points for each mission completion.

KDA All Out Seraphine Superstar

KDA All Out Seraphine Superstar

Now, this skin design for Seraphine is in line with the other All Out skins and has the same aesthetics. This is the best skin for Seraphine and is probably the best one when compared with the other KDA skins.  Just like the previous skin, you have to finish various missions to unlock this skin.  Everything about Seraphine is gorgeous in this skin, the hair, costume, and the crystal wings. Along with transforming her looks, this skin also adds animations, VFX, and a new voice. 

That’s it for all the KDA line skins that are available for our five champions in LoL. For a little more info on these, you can check this Music Skins Fandom page. 

These are all the KDA skins released till now. You can use all the above skins in your game, but you need Riot points and Prestige points and have to complete some levels too.\

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If you love music and LoL then you should check their various albums and tracks released by Riot Games. Each track was accompanied by a new skin release for the champions in the K/A band which makes the game a fun experience. So check out all the KDA skins that have been released and choose your favorite one for your champion.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Are all KDA skins available in the league store?

No, not every skin from the KDA line is available in the league store as most of them are rare and event-specific skins. If you missed those events then you may not have another chance to get these skins.

Is champion Seraphine in KDA?

Seraphine isn’t a part of the KDA band, but she did collaborate with the band on multiple occasions like for a track called “More” and “All Out”.

What is the first track released by the KDA band?

The first-ever track from KDA was Pop/Star that was released in 2018and became an instant hit.

Is KDA Ahri the leader of the KDA band?

Yes, KDA Ahri is the leader of the KDA band.

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