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Lux Skins

If you have never played League of Legends, then you are missing out on one of the best games that were ever made. League of Legends is inspired by DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), which was a separate map in Warcraft 3. DOTA became so popular that Riot Games made a standalone game based on the gameplay style of DOTA, which is League of Legends. Before we dive into the different Lux Skins, let us dive into Lux’s backstory.

The result was amazing, it became an instant hit for Riot Games. That was in the year 2009, but the game still hasn’t lost its players. Agreed that the current number of players may have declined a bit, but it is still far from being anywhere near the end line. The gameplay and characters are the main aspects that the LOL servers pull such several players.

Champions in LOL are unique as each has its skills and abilities, and choosing from a roster of over 100 plus characters will always be entertaining. Here we are going to talk about one such champion from LoL named Luxanna, or in-game called Lux. Lux is a mage class champion with magical abilities and moderate-level difficulty. Before deep-diving into the skills set and Lux skins, let us find out where she comes from and what kind of person she is.  

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Champion Luxanna

Being born as a mage in the land of Demacia where magic was forbidden, Luxanna had to hide her true self. She couldn’t reveal that she was a mage not just because she would be feared and hated, but that she had to uphold the honor of her family. Since she was born to the Crownguard family, she had a role to fulfill, which was predetermined even before she was born. Luxanna’s ancestors were the crownguard; she and her brother Garen would eventually have to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors.

Unlike Lux, Garen was an earnest soldier who always saw himself as a Crownguard who would become a better soldier than their ancestors ever were. So joined the military and left home even before he was a man. Lux on the other hand was different. She wasn’t like Garen and had more of a free spirit. While she was aware of her heritage and duties, she wanted to explore the world beyond books and walls, she wanted to find out what lay ahead for her if and when she ever left the kingdom.

A Wish Fullfilled

One way or the other Lux’s wish was about to come true and slow her worst fears. Even though magic was forbidden inside the walls of Demacia, the outside world saw the rise of magic. One night, Lux was ambushed by a pack of sabrewulfs. Lux always had control over her powers, but at the moment she lost her control and let lose her magic. At that moment, fear and anxiety overcame her, and she was left with this troubling thought: would her powers consume her, and let her down a dark path?  

She eventually started learning to control her powers and become more aware of herself. When she visited the capital, she made a friend named Kahina who taught her self-defense and the ways of the outer worlds.

All Lux Skins

Lux skins or costumes are an important addition to the champion, they provide a new spin on the champion which makes players feel that they are playing with a new champion. So here are all Lux League of Legends skins that you can use in the game. Remember, most of the Lux Skins require RP, which is the in-game used to purchase stuff.

Sorceress Lux Skin

Sorceress Lux Skin

For champions in LoL, the devs have introduced some skin, and these sometimes follow a closer theme to the original skin, while others do not so much. The sorceress skin may not be similar to the classic skin, but it does follow some close thematics with it, which should be pretty obvious if you know Lux. Since she is a mage class champion, the sorceress type Lux costume is a good choice, but it’s just kind of ok.

In terms of design, yes it is a new look, but apart from that, there are no new additions like animation effects or sounds. It’s just a plain old costume that you can get for a cheap price of 520 RP. If you are new to the game and don’t have much to spend, but still want to use a new Lux skin, then go for it. It is also pretty old skin, I don’t suppose many people are still using this. The sorcerer hat looks cool though.

Spellthief Lux Skin

Spellthief Lux Skin

Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory, and if you observe there isn’t much work put into this skin. This skin provides a simple robe for Lux which is something you see a low-level thief wearing in movies, or maybe like a robe that a princess wears while escaping her castle.  There is nothing that stands out about this skin, and there are no animations, VFX/SFX for this skin. This skin was released along with the Sorceress, which makes it pretty old. If you are still interested in this Lux skin then you can get it from the store with 750 RP. 

Commando Lux Skins

Commando Lux Skins

Doesn’t this skin remind you of the chief in Halo, while it isn’t a piece-to-piece copy of the armor for Lux, the green armor does look a little close to the armor from Halo. Just remove any additional heavy parts and make it sleek and compact, then armor will probably look like this Lux’s skin. It’s ok and flips the champion theme, which is far from a mage in medieval times. Also, the want is completely redesigned and now looks like some sort of gun. Again, there are no new particle effects or recall animations or new snappy voice, it’s just a new Lux LoL skin for the champion. It can be bought with just 520 RP from the store.

Steel Legion Lux Skin

Steel Legion Lux Skin

With small changes to animations for attacks and recall, this is a slightly better update when compared with the previous one on the list. The changes are minor and aren’t that appealing, but still are better than the ones with no new animation. This Lux LoL skin provides her with a little bulky armor when compared with the commando lux armor. Also, the new design for the wand is more or less a decent chance. 

Even after 3 years since the Lux League of Legends champion was added to the roster, there isn’t one single decent skin, which makes us wonder if at all devs cared about this champion. If you are looking to add more Lux League of Legends skins to your inventory then buy this for 975 RP.

Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux

Now, this is what effort looks like. Lux here is reimagined like more of a fairy than a mage, and it is pretty evident by the looks of it. It also kinda reminds you of a fairy from a show called Winx Club. There are many new changes to Lux in this skin. She can fly, emitting some kind of sparkly wave, and has new particle effects for her attacks. 

The best thing about this skin is probably the recall animation where you can see some new effects and at the end, she does a cute little pose before being teleported. The new design for the wand and the pink hair look good on Lux. I believe you would want to add this to the stash of skins, so get this from the store at 1350 RP, which is worth it.

Pajama Guardian Lux

Pajama Guardian Lux

Everyone needs a break once in a while, even if you are the leader of the Star Guardians. This Lux LoL skin is a variant of the Star Guardian skin and has all the same animations and effects of the said skin. The only difference between the Pajama Guardian and Star Guardian skin is the costume design. Pajama Guardian is the Lux as a star guardian in pajamas, while the concept sounds funny, it works. 

Lux looks good in this skin, and you must be comfortable in your “skin”. So if you have the star guardian lux skin then you should give one a chance too, and it costs the same with 1350 RP.

Cosmic Lux Skin

Cosmic Lux Skin

Cosmic Lux is a powerful sorcerer that commands celestial cosmic energy. She serves Queen Ashe and keeps balance in the universe with her magic. The champion is pretty good, including her wand. Now, the best part of this skin is the animation and particle effects. Every change and upgrade in animations are gorgeous, the attacks, recall effects, and animations all are amazing. 

Also, the running animation is breathtaking and is even better than the flying animation of Star Guardian and Pajama guardian skins. For me, this is the 2nd best Lux LoL skin so far. If I were you I would buy this skin for 1820 RP without any second thoughts. That’s how good this skin is for me, and there is another variant for this skin which is mentioned below.

Dark Cosmic Lux

Dark Cosmic Lux

This Lux LoL skin is a variant of Cosmic Lux skin. If you have read the lore of Lux or if you are familiar with it, then you would know that Lux was always afraid of herself. She was afraid that her magic would turn her evil at some point, and the power would consume her. This skin is the depiction of what Lux would look like if she turned to the dark side. 

Its animations and particle effects are similar to the Cosmic skin but have a dark vibe since it is dark cosmic skin. The design is the same as well, instead of blue, you can see the black and purple shades to show her turn to the dark side. Its price is the same as the other skin which is 1820 RP. You also get a new voice-over with this and the previous cosmic skin.

Battle Star Academia Lux Skin

Battle Star Academia Lux

A Lux LoL skin which pictures her as a student of a powerful magic academy, who is a protégé and the most powerful mage in the academy. Many modifications are applied to the skin, which is obvious from the splash art for the Lux LoL skin. New animations for attack and particle effects are added along with a new voice filter which may be impressive on the paper but aren’t that appealing on the screen. 

Agreed that they are better than most skins that do not have any new stuff, but it doesn’t stand a chance against the Star Guardian or the 2 cosmic skin. If you like a mash-up of Harry Potter, Winx club or any other magical high school sort of stuff then try this skin for 1350 RP. Since the cost isn’t that high you can give it a go. 

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Space Groove Lux Skin

Space Groove Lux Skin

Sailor moon anyone? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this skin. There is a resemblance between the two if you see the costume and hair of Lux in this skin. It is the latest addition of Lux LoL skins as it was released in April 2021 which makes it more appealing. The newer the skin, the more interesting it is. This was released as one of the space groove skins along with many others for various champions. 

Other than the physical aspect of the skin, it has added new animations for attacks and recall, along with some new voice changes and emotes. Not just that, but it is one of the three Lux LoL skins that have chromas. It has a whopping 9 chromas with this skin, though you have to buy those chromas separately with RP. As for the actual skin, it costs 1350 RP.

Imperial Lux Skin

Imperial skin

If you are looking for something simple and not anything flashy, then check this Imperial Lux skin. It has a simple design that shows Lux as a soldier in red and blue with a cap, which is kind of cool, like a general. After seeing all the above Lux skins, you may not find it interesting, but like I said If you are looking for clean and simple skin then this may be it. Unfortunately, this skin will not always be available in-store as it is a legacy skin, which means it is rare. When it is in store, you can get it for 975 RP.

Lunar Express Lux Skin

Lunar Express

What is more powerful than a mage, a demigod? Hell yes. Lunar Express Lux is a demigod that stands guard between realms to protect everyone from the never-ending darkness. The white hair, blue armor with gold plates does suit a demigod, and the design staff is worthy of a demigod weapon. It was released in 2018 and is also a rare skin that is placed in the legacy vault. 

If you are not yet sold on this skin then let me tell you that this skin has 5 different chromas. So get this skin for 13580 RP as soon as it is available in the store. 

Battle Academia Lux Skins Prestige Edition

Battle Academia

Released as one of the prestige edition skins for Lux along with other champion skins, this skin is also a variant of Battle Academia Lux skin.  This is the rarest and limited skin for Lux which can be difficult to obtain. Every prestige edition skin just takes up an existing skin and changes its color by adding gold and some other color. It is the same skin with different colors. Even the animations and effects are similar to the battle academia skin. Well, if you like going with the fad then you can buy this skin from the store with 2000 Trails 2019 Tokens, they are event-specific tokens used to unlock prestige skins for some champions.  

Elementalist Lux Skin


I have saved the best for the last. There is no doubt that many players in the LoL community would agree that the best Lux skin is the Elementalist Lux skin. There are several reasons for this. Look at the splash then you can say that this is good skin, but what makes it the best skin?  

The main reason for declaring the Elementalist skin as the best skin is that it has 9 unique chromas. Now, what is so unique about chromas you may ask? Unlike other chromas in the game, Lux chromas have their animations and effects. That’s right, each chroma has its animation effects for the attack, movement, and recall. Along with that, you have a new voice and some cool dancing emotes for this skin. 

For all the above reasons this skin costs 3250 RP which is probably the highest for any skin in LoL. This shouldn’t be surprising, as the Elementalist Lux Skin offers so many things with it. So why wait, get it as soon as you can, and you will probably never get bored playing this game.

That’s it for the Lux skins that are available in the LOL game. So far, these are the only Lux Skins that have been released. Who knows, maybe we will get some more in the future.

Best Lux LOL Skin

Now choosing the best Lux skin is not going to be an easy task, but if we carefully consider the important aspects that make it good, we can probably choose the best one out of 14. Let us start by eliminating the bad one. By choosing to eliminate the bad ones, we can dump the not-so-appealing Sorceress, Spellthief, Commando, Steel Legion, Imperial, and Battlestar Academia skins. There is nothing special about these Lux skins. There are no great animations or effects, and no chromas for the above Lux skins, and these factors are important to distinguish a good skin from a bad one.

The Star guardian and Pajama Guardian look good with new animations, but they certainly aren’t the best for Lux, Same goes for Lunar Empress, Battle Academia Prestige Edition, and Space groove, even though two of these have chromas and good animations, they aren’t the top contenders. I believe the best Lux skin spot should be either for Elementalist or the Cosmic Lux skin, you can even choose the dark cosmic one if you like it better than the light one. Both of these Lux skins have amazing animations and transformations, and playing with these Lux skins is more fun than with the rest. There is one factor that can help us decide the best Lux skins, and that is chromas. 

Elementalist Skin is the best Lux skin because it has 9 different chromas, and each has its effects. Cosmic skin is great, but it lacks chromas, so Elementalist Lux skin is hands down the best Lux skin in League of Legends.

Lux Stats

Every champion in LoL starts with a certain amount of stats and abilities that are essential for battle. In the case of the Lux League of Legend champion, those basic stats are as follows.

  • Armor: 19 – 57
  • Attack: 54 – 110.1
  • Health: 490 – 1935, This is the amount of health you start with, and after taking damage your health will regenerate with 5.5 – 14.85 units per every 5 seconds that you stay alive without taking any damage from the enemy.
  • Magic Resistance: 30 – 38.5
  • Mana: 480 – 879.5, just like your health regenerates after taking damage, so will your mana regenerate after using it for attacks. For every 5 seconds, your mana will regenerate 8 – 21.6.
  • Speed: 330, this speed stats is for the champion movement.
  • Critical Damage: 175%
  • Attack Range: 550

These are the basic Lux League of Legends champions stats that you start the game with. All these stats will increase as your level increases, and if you want more info on her stats then check this Lux Stats list. As for her abilities, you can find them below.

Lux Abilities


A basic attack of Lux that once used will mark any targeted enemy to deal additional damage on the next hits. The first attack charges for a certain time, and the following attack will deal additional damage. The amount of damage depends on your champion level. 

Light Binding

Apart from dealing a certain amount of damage to the enemy, this attack also restricts their movements for 2 seconds. You can hit up to 2 enemies with one use of Light Binding attack. 

Prismatic Barrier

This is a support and defense ability that grants the user and any ally it hits, a defensive shield that can last up to 2.5 seconds, and more if Lux is at higher levels. Upon multiple uses of this ability, the effects and even stack for 2 times. While the duration is short, it can still make a difference between victory and defeat.

Lucent Singularity

An attack that has both defensive and offensive capabilities. When Lux uses the Lucent Singularity, any enemy that is caught under this attack, whose effects are spread over a small radius, will have slow movement for a small duration. This attack can affect multiple enemies caught in the radius, and on the offensive side, you can detonate it and cause damage to your enemies. You will also get a view of the area if it is hidden.

Final Spark

Just like Bulbasaur in Pokémon uses the solar beam attack after charging for some time, Lux releases a beam light after charging her magical energy. Multiple enemies can take damage if caught in the final spark’s path, and the attack also reveals any hidden area by providing sight. If the enemy is marked with illumination, then the final spark deals additional damage.

These are the 5 abilities that Lux can use in battles. Now that the basics are covered. So far we have 14 different Lux skins available, and maybe we shall get more, but let’s talk about the ones that have been released so far.

Tips to Play with Lux League of Legends Champion

Every champion in LoL has its advantages and disadvantages during battles, and using them wisely will grant you victory. So to help you provide an idea of how to use Lux in battles, we have compiled a few suggestions below. 

  1. You need to remember that using Lux as a support champion rather than a damage dealer will provide your team a better chance at victory. That’s because her attacks don’t deal massive damage, and are most suited for support.
  2. Building on the above point, you should use her light binding attack to restrict the enemy, with that your allies can mount an attack using the opening provided by your attack. Also, the lucent singularity can help you slow down enemies, and plan your attack or escape.   
  3. You should always use Lux from a distance and spam her basic spells to slowly reduce the enemy’s health, and the burst damage helps too. Since Lux doesn’t have a good defense, that’s the best course of action for her.
  4. For providing support to your allies you can also use the prismatic barrier and raise the defense for a small period. 
  5. To increase your lucent singularity damage, get as many items as you can during the mid-game. Lux’s best attacks her Lucent singularity and the illumination, these attacks can help her survive till the end. 

These tips should help beginners navigate the game till the end, and if you need more info on this then you can check this Lux Build guide. It can info based on levels, and you can find out what items are best to use in different battles.

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If you are one of those LoL players who like to take it slow and play mid-lane then Lux can be a great choice for you. Every important piece of info on Lux is already provided in this article named Lux Skins from her stats, abilities, and playing tips to all Lux League of Legends skins that is available to use. If you want more info on Lux then there are links provided as well on her various aspects. So use all the info here and have a good time playing the game with Lux. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What are Lux legendary skins?

Lux Legendary skins or any other legendary skin is the one that was designed with good animations and other features. For lux Legendary skin, you have the cosmic and dark cosmic Lux which are lux legendary skin in LoL.  

Is Lux League of Legends a good champion?

Lux League of Legends may not be the best champion, but she is a decent choice for mid-lane players. Also, it has a moderate difficulty which doesn’t make the champion any hard to master. 

How many Lux LoL skins are there in the game?

There are a total of 14 lux LoL skins that you can play with. Some are rare and others can be easily bought from the chests.

What is the best way to use Lux?

There isn’t a simple answer to this question, and I have already mentioned a few tips on how to use her. If you need more info on the said topic then you can check these pages Lux gameplay guide and LUX gameplay strategy.

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