Mass Effect Andromeda Respec

Mass Effect Andromeda Respec

The moment Mass Effect Andromeda was announced, it instantly became one of the highly anticipated games. The sole reason was that the previous titles in the series were a hit(most of them). So it is natural that when a new title is announced in the series, expectations skyrocket. Then after the release, Mass Effect Andromeda was met with mixed feelings, while some even loved the game. One of the interesting aspects that the game brought back was respeccing. In this article, we are going to discuss Mass Effect Andromeda Respec.

Before we get into the Mass Effect Andromeda respec, you need to understand the game a little. This third-person shooter game was made by Bioware studios, but unlike the previous game in the title, this was made with the Frostbite 3 Engine. The game is open world and provides a lot of exploration options for players. Players can choose between 2 different characters and from 6 different classes, and each has its own unique abilities and skills.

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Players have to complete the mission and progress through the story to earn experience points to add to their skills. They can add various skills to their character and build a unique play style. For example, if you invest your points in the Technician skill then your character can handle drones and hack stuff. This is how you build your character in the game.

Now, there are times when you might invest in a wrong skill thinking that it would be best. Sometimes it can also be the case when you want to switch up your gameplay style and skills based on the mission you are on. In times like these, you need the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec.

What Is Mass Effect Andromeda Respec?

The Mass Effect Andromeda Respec is a station where players can reset all their skills. This is more like a second opportunity for you to choose the skills that best suit you. The thing is, this isn’t something new but it was also present in the previous titles. Regardless, using the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec, players have the option to choose their character skills again.

Using this respec station, you can also reassign/reselect the skills of your squadmates and not just your main character. So you can understand how important this option is and why players would wanna know how to use it. Now that you understand what Mass Effect Andromeda respec is, and why you should use it, let us see how to use it. The respec station is easily available to players, but they have to navigate their ship interior to find this station. Check out the next section where we shall list out all steps that will help you access the Mass Andromeda Respec station.

How to Access the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec Station?

How to Access the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec Station?

Accessing the respec station is a pretty simple task but there are certain requirements that a player should meet. Only then can you access the respec station. The following steps will help you understand everything.


  • To be able to use the respec station, players will have to play the game for a little while. Meaning, only after you complete some part of the game can you access the respec station.
  • This is because the players will have skills to respec only if they complete some part of the game and acquire skills.
  • After you meet that basic requirement, the next one is that you need to acquire Tempest. This is only available after you have reached Nexus by escaping Habitat 7.
  • When you have the Tempest, it contains the repsec station. Though if you do not know the way, then it could be difficult to find. Do not worry though because we will guide the way for you.

Finding the Way

  • In the Tempest, players will first have to go to Deck 3 as this is where the respec station is. You can take the elevator to go down to the Cargo bay.
  • In Cargo bay, you will find two separate doorways which will then take you to various other spots on the ships. Those parts include the Med Bay, Pathfinder’s Quarters, and Crew quarters.
  • Choose either way, it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to reach the Med bay.
  • After taking one of the doorways, players will see three different paths.
  • Pick the one on the right as it leads to Med bay. When you are in Med bay, on the right you will see Lexi using some kind of medical equipment. That’s not what we want though.
  • On the side which is on the left, players can see the Mass Effect Andromeda Respec station which has some kind of human skeletal imagery.

Using Respec Station in Mass Effect Andromeda

Using Respec Station in Mass Effect Andromeda

Well, well, well, you got what you were looking for. The respec station is in your grasp now, but do you know how to use it for Mass Effect Andromeda skill reset? In case you don’t, we are gonna help you with that as well.

  • Assuming you followed the above steps and are able to access the respec station in the Tempest. Interact with by using the option from the left side of the station.
  • Now, when you interact with respec station, it will show you all the characters that you can respec.
  • Select the required character to respec, and you will then see a pop-up asking you to spend 20 credits for the respec.
  • This for the very first time when you respec a character, after that the players have to spend 500 credits every time for a respec.
  • After you accept the option to respec, all the skills that you have will be reset, and you can add fresh skills to your character.
  • Now select the required skill tree from Combat, Biotics, and Tech. This will then show you all the skills under that skill tree.
  • Assign the desired skills to your character to change or modify your gameplay.
  • In case you just want to wait out adding skills then you can also do that. Just add them when you want at any later point in the game.

While there are a lot of steps for the Mass Effect Andromeda skill reset, it is a very rudimentary process. One that even a new player can do.

Best Player Builds in Mass Effect Andromeda

Since there are a lot of skills in the game, it can be oftentimes straight confusing as to which skills best suit your gameplay. While this is something unique to an individual player, there are certain builds that suit most players and are worth giving a shot. So if you need some good build recommendations in Mass Effect Andromeda then here they are.

The No Bullshit Offensive Type

Mass Effect Andromeda Respec

Some people like to talk with their fists, and in case of a game, it is mostly guns. Sometimes going in guns blazing is the best option and honestly, it works pretty well. So if you like such kind of playstyle, which I personally love, then the Soldier build is perfect for you. Go for Flak Cannon, Turbo Charge, and Concussive shot as your active abilities and Soned as your weapon. Carnifex Heavy Pistol is also a great choice of weapon for a soldier.

When it comes to passive abilities Assault Rifle and Combat Fitness should be your pick. With all these abilities and skills, your character can be a force to reckoned with. Also, don’t forget to equip a Maverick Deadeye armor. Markman’s focus is also a good ability for a Soldier build in Mass Effect Andromeda

A Tech Savvy’s Offense

Mass Effect Andromeda Respec

Guns are always a great choice for offensive characters but they aren’t the only weapons one can use in Mass Effect. There are various interesting gadgets that are pretty lethal to use, and Engineers are the ones that can use them perfectly. So the obvious thing to do here is to concentrate on your Tech skills if you want to go for the Engineer build.

For choosing abilities, I recommend going for Remnant VI, Assault Turret as Active, and Combat Drone as a special ability. There are also options like Auxilary Systems and Offensive Tech for passive abilities. Silhesh as a weapon and Angaran Commando as armor would work well for an Engineer. From these abilities, the Combat Drone adds a deadly touch to your drones as they can also explode on contact when a target comes close to you.

Invincible Biotic Warrior

Invincible Biotic Warrior

There are many ways of fighting a battle and going in guns blazing doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes you have to be smart and use your surroundings to your advantage. With biotic skills, you can kick ass without even breaking a sweat. You are basically a space sorcerer if you have biotic abilities. This kind of character profile is called Adept and the skills required for such a character include Singularity, Throw, and Pull for your Active abilities.

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If we add passive abilities, then those should be Containment, Barrier, and Offensive Biotics. These kinds of characters are difficult to kill as they take very little damage by avoiding most of the attacks. In this regard, an N7 armor works best with the Silhesh weapon. You can just push and pull the enemies towards various things like magma and off a cliff for a simple kill.

The Annoying Sniper

The Annoying Sniper

I say Snipers are annoying because this kind of character stays hidden and takes out enemies without even being seen. This actually one of my favorite ways to play this game, or any game for that matter. My friends don’t like it when I play against them as a sniper because they do not see me coming. A single shot to the head and I get a confirmed kill. This also works in Mass Effect Andromeda if you equip Combat Fitness and Sniper Rifles as your Passive abilities.

Then the active abilities can be Trip mine, Barricade, and Concussive shot all best suited for a Sniper Soldier. Kishock Harpoon gun is a deadly option for a sniper, but if you need better accuracy then go with Black Widow. Even if you take cover and take out enemies from a distance, armor is a must. So go for Maverick Deadeye.

Become a Krogan Warrior

Become a Krogan Warrior

Almost every recommendation in this list is about damage dealer builds and the last one is no exception. I can also suggest you some tank or other builds but those aren’t very interesting plays, and such character requires you to depend on your squad most of the time. That is something I do not like. So when it comes to a Korgan warrior build, players will get to experience some brutal close-range combat as the character uses a shotgun for damage.

Apart from that, other passive abilities include Backlash and Barrier that help in both defense and offense. The Backlash skill also works as an Active ability along with Flak Cannon and Charge. Since is also a part of this build, equip HyperGuardian. For weapons, there are multiple good shotguns, but I would suggest you equip Shorty or Piranha. The latter works really well against armor.

In case you are looking for something different then check out this Reddit thread that has a lot of recommendations. Also, check other comments to get some unique ideas.

Best Skills to Have in Mass Effect Andromeda

Skills, skills, skills, there are so many of them in Mass Effect Andromeda, aren’t they? So naturally, which one should you choose and what skills will work best for your build. We did slightly touch upon this in the previous section where we recommended a few good builds. While we did mention some skills that work well with those builds, some might have no idea as to what they are. In any case, we are gonna talk about a few good skills that almost every build user can add to their list.

Combat Fitness

This skill in itself doesn’t deal any kind of damage to your enemies, but you can call this a buff effect. Also, this is very essential for many things that you can do in that game. This skill sort of provides a boost to all your weapons as it increases the damage, reload speed, and a few other things. While this may not sound like much but this skill is a really useful one and if we did recommend this in many builds.

So when you have the chance to add this skill, do not hesitate to put those skill points in there because this effectively improves your whole gameplay.

Trip Mine

The name should pretty much give it away as to what it is and what you can use it for. In case you are still clueless about this skill, let me tell you that using this player can damage a great amount of damage. How do you that? It’s simple, just place the trip mines in a certain location, and as an enemies steps on it, BOOM!

This is a very useful skill and can help in area control as you can place multiple trip mines and take down a lot of enemies. The best thing about this is that the mines are invisible to enemies. Even if the target isn’t dead after this, then you can immediately launch an attack while they are still reeling from its effect. You might also wanna try the Omni Grenade, as it has way more explosive power than this.

Concussive Shot

Another skill that we mentioned multiple times in the various build recommendations. While this isn’t as fancy as the previous Omni grenade or Trip mines, it is a pretty handy one. Basically what it does is unleash a powerful shot from your gun that deals heavy damage to the target. This is even if the target has a shield and pushes them back, and as for the ones with no shield, the attack can be very lethal.

So having such an attack for your weapons is very useful as it helps you crowd control when there are too many enemies. Using this with the right weapon can help you land a pretty serious blow. This skill will take some time to unlock as you will need 9 skill points to unlock it.

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Wrapping Up

The Mass Effect Andromeda respec is a very useful feature that is something every player will probably need at some time. You may not make any mistakes when it comes to choosing skills but you will still need this if you want to try some other build type for your character. So make sure you check our instructions on how to find the Mass Effect Andromeda respec station and use it. Just to provide you with some more interesting and useful stuff we have also listed some best builds for your character and some great skills to pick from.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Mass Effect Andromeda reset skills?

In the Mass Effect Andromeda game, there is a feature called respec. Using respec players can reset their character skills and make desired changes to the skill tree.

How to Respec in Mass Effect Andromeda?

If you do not know how to respec in Mass Effect Andromeda, the procedure is quite easy. You just have to access the respec station then select the character you want to respec. Then pay the required Mass Effect Andromeda respec cost, which is 20 credits for the first time. Now you can make desired changes to the skill tree.

Can you reset your team’s skills with the Mass Effect Andromeda respec?

Yes, players can use the Mass Effect Andromeda respec station to reset their crewmate’s skills as well their own skills. The procedure is really simple, but you might have difficulty finding the respec station. That is why we have provided instructions for players to find and use the Mass effect Andromeda respec station.

What are some of the best skills to have in Mass Effect Andromeda?

There are a bunch of skills that can be useful based on your character build. Some of my personal favorites are the Concussive shot, trip mines, pull, flamethrower, combat fitness, etc. These skills should work pretty well regardless of the kind of build you have.

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