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Mercy Skins

From the moment Overwatch was announced, it instantly became a highly anticipated game. Rightly so, because there was no other game like Overwatch before. It combined the high octane action of a first-person shooter with the online multiplayer aspect. Now that isn’t very original, right, because those aren’t the selling point of the game. In this article, we are going to cover the best Mercy Skins, but more on that later.

The actual selling point is that this game offered players to choose from various characters called ‘Heroes’. These heroes are equipped with unique abilities and are classified into three classes namely Tank, Damage, Support. Using these classes in the right way will provide each team with equal opportunities for victory.

If we keep on going about the game, then this article wouldn’t capture enough of what makes it great. So let’s discuss one such element of the game that has garnered it a huge number of players, which is its huge roster of heroes. From those heroes, we are going to specifically discuss the hero ‘Mercy’ and various Mercy skins.

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Champion Mercy

Known by the name Mercy, She is a support hero in overwatch who supports added heroes with her healing abilities, and she also boosts other heroes’ damage. Many players don’t care about the support heroes, but they are as vital as any damage dealer in games. A good support hero always helps in a team’s victory. Now back to Mercy, Other healing and boosting the damage to other heroes in her team, she also revives a fallen teammate. 

A support hero who can revive teammates is a pretty big asset for any team. Even if Mercy herself takes damage, you don’t have to worry because she can heal herself too with a speed of 20 health per second. Due to her nano angelic suit, she can also fly and glide through various terrains on any map. Even though she isn’t a DD, she has a caduceus blaster, which can be used when ambushed. All of these abilities can be used by any player that chooses Mercy as their hero.

Every hero comes from humble beginnings, and they grow, rise with circumstance to become a hero. While Mercy is now a bonafide hero, she wasn’t always one. 

Dr. Angela Ziegler Becomes Mercy

Like many heroes or villains in comics and games, Mercy has had a traumatic childhood, which she had no control over. During the Omnic Crisis when war was raging in Switzerland, Mercy, whose real name is Angela Ziegler lost her parents. Her parents were doctors who never wavered when it came to saving their fellow humans’ lives, even when they knew that it may cost them their lives. 

Though this kind of tragedy always pushes a human towards an edge, Angela Ziegler was different. Instead of holding out for revenge, she walked her parent’s path and became an expert in the field of medicine, surpassing every doctor on the face of the earth. She later developed a cure for many fatal diseases and injuries using nanotechnology. 

Due to this unique achievement, she got under the radar of Overwatch. An organization that comprised many heroes with unique abilities who were the best line of defense during the Omnic Crisis. Since Overwatch also provided her with resources to develop her technology, she joined the team as head of medical research.

A Genius Evolved

Using Overwatch resources, she developed a suit called ‘Valkyrie’. Angela used this swift response to suit herself and eventually took her place as Mercy in the ranks of heroes. With her found identity, she carried out various missions for Overwatch and became an invaluable asset to the team. 

Mercy might not be the best support hero in overwatch, but she does work pretty well to support a single hero at a time. The revealing ability is also a plus when you have a dumb friend or when the best hero gets killed. Another great thing about this hero is that there are many Mercy skins available for players to choose from. Mercy skins provide a fresh spin on the character and its design.

All Mercy Skins 

Apart from the classic Mercy skin, there are more than 20 skins available for this hero. All these skins are divided into three main kinds that are the Rare skins, Epic Skins, and Legendary Mercy skins. So let’s find out all the various Overwatch Mercy skins you can buy and unlock.

Rare Mercy Skins

While the skin name suggests that these mercy skins are rare, in reality, they aren’t. These skins are pretty easily obtainable from the loot boxes. There are a total of 4 Rare mercy skins which are Celestial, Mist, orchid, and Verdant that have the same design with slight changes in their colors. While these rare skins don’t have creativity in terms of design, they could still look good for players who like minimalistic design, and the color pattern is also applied for Mercy’s weapons. All these skins can be brought from the store by spending just 75 credits.

Celestial Skin

This is one of the rare Mercy Skins which is pretty similar to the classic original one, but instead of brown and yellow colors, you get dark blue color. The white armor stays the same.


People who like a black shade can opt for this skin as it switches color with black while the rest of the armor isn’t changed.


I feel this looks better than the rest of the skins in the rare category with classic skin colors changed for purple. 


There isn’t much to describe this skin except that it comes in green color for our support hero.

Epic Mercy Skins

The Epic Mercy skins are a little finer than those rare skins, while the standard hero design is the same, these skins provide more in terms of color combinations rather than a simple change in one color. In the epic skin category, there are a total of 5 skins, and one of these is rare. None of these skins aren’t a complete redesign of the hero, but still provide a better look than the rare skins. To purchase these skins, you have to spend 250 credits in store, and you have the chance to get them.


This epic skin completely recolors the classic mercy skin with yellow and some shades of dark red. This skin also covers the wings and weapons of the hero and matches its color with the armor. This skin is easily available from the store and can be obtained through loot boxes or by using 250 credits.


With the same design as the original one, you get a new theme for this skin as the color has been changed to blue and gray. These two colors compliment each other pretty well, thus providing an attractive look for an epic Mercy skin. Its price is similar to the Amber skin, which costs 250 credits and is available from the loot boxes in the store.


An epic skin doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a unique design. This skin is also merely a rework of all other skins, with just some color changes. The Eidgenossin skin is probably owned by many players, as it was available for summer games in overwatch. Even with just a color change, this looks pretty good if you like maroon color, as the skins pretty much that color on it. The skin pattern is also applied for the halo, which may not be the best choice for a halo, still a unique touch. Color changes are also found on Mercy’s weapons.


Like all the other epic mercy skins, this one has the same aesthetics, still maintains an edge over the other epic ones. The reason for that is this skin, while has the same armor and wings, is a rare skin to get. That’s because this skin was released during the Lunar New year, so you may not find this skin anywhere if you missed that opportunity. 

Apart from being a rare epic skin, the other slightly appealing feature is the color. It has golden color armor which also covers the wings and boots. This skin has a little fresh take in terms of color that while it isn’t much innovative, still provides a new color combination with a slightly green shade under the chest and maroon shades to the robes under the armor. You would know that it costs 250 credits if you had bought it during the Lunar New Year event.

Snow Angel
Snow Angel

The name Snow Angel pretty much describes this epic skin of Mercy. Like the Fortune skin, this one was also released during an event called Winter Wonderland Challenge in 2019. So any skin that is released during a particular event is by default a rare skin. That’s because there are very few chances for you to get that same skin again, which is also one of the tactics that game developers use to lure players into buying a skin. 

Other than the rare aspect there isn’t much to describe this skin, well not at least in terms of design. The changes that you observe with this skin are only limited to color combinations. For the chest armor, you can see that they have used light blue while the rest of the skin which includes boots and wings are in a dark blue shade. 

If you are a fan of Elsa from Frozen, then this skin comes close to being that version, as it looks pretty much like a mashup of Mercy and Elsa skins. 

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Mercy Legendary Skins

The Mercy legendary skins are some of the best skins that you can use for this character. Almost every Mercy legendary skin has a completely new look and vibe for the character. Another feature that makes these skins appealing is that they are actually pretty rare to come by, if you miss them once, then you probably will never be able to buy/unlock them. 


Any fans of Norse Mythology? If you are one, then you’re in for a treat with this skin. This skin is based on Valkyries, who are warriors from the Norse mythology that serve the god Odin. Valkyrie serves Odin and fights battles on his command, their whole purpose is to slain their foes on the battlefield and bring back any foe that is a worthy warrior to enter the halls of Valhalla.

This skin closely resembles those Norse warriors and encompasses their spirit. So use this skin and fight with glory on various maps of Overwatch. While Valkyries look more like angelic warriors, this skin opts for a more earthly Viking warriors vibe, which is apparent from the whole armor and boots. 

Another noticeable change is with her helmet, as Mercy usually has a halo overhead, this skin switches it with a helmet that resembles a Viking’s helmet. Still, that’s not bad at all because you get a whole new look with this legendary skin while the epic and rare one only has color changes.

To get this skin you need at least 1000 credits in your account or if you get lucky with a chest opening. Since these are legendary skins, they are bound to cost high.


Not a very original design for Mercy skins, which is pretty obvious as this skin looks similar to the Valkyrie skin. The only changes in this skin are with the colors used, also the wings have a single steel color, while the Valkyrie has a combination of gold and silver wings. 

One unique thing about the Valkyrie and Sigrún skins is that both skins give Mercy long hair, while the previous skins mentioned in this article all had short hair for her. The armor also has pretty incredible detail, which shows that developers cared about providing a better output. You can get this skin from loot boxes or by spending 1000 credits.

Devil Mercy Skin
Devil Mercy Skin

This Overwatch Mercy skin takes her savior images and completely smashes them to make a new persona, which is evident by the focus of it. Every physical aspect of Mercy has been changed with this skin, while that sounds like a bad thing, but it isn’t. 

Players always appreciate the effort from game studios to introduce something new and unique. Well, the effort here seems to be appreciated. You can notice many changes here, from her horn to her boots. The swapping of halo with horns is a pretty cool look for her, and you can also see a new design for her wings. Usually, her wings look like blades, but in this skin, they are more like flames from hell or maybe just a jetpack. Considering this skin says devil, let’s go with the latter one. The color choices are pretty obvious for a devil character, and these choices fit pretty well with the whole skin.

Another cool thing about this skin is that it comes with a tail. That’s right, a devil skin isn’t complete without a tail, which also has little scales on it that makes it look cooler. Even though it is a legendary skin, you can easily earn it from loot boxes or with 1000 credits.

Imp Overwatch Mercy Skin
Imp Overwatch Mercy Skin

Imp Overwatch Mercy Skins are a rework of her devil skin, which uses the same base design as the hero but switches colors. While skin provides an opposite take on the hero and makes her look evil, this skin still keeps those aesthetics but makes her look less evil.

The purple, black and white colors provide a great spin on the devil’s skin and manage to keep her look good. The horns and tail are still intact with this skin, and purple hair looks good too. Unlocking this skin involves the same methods as the devil skin where you can try your luck with loot boxes and or play it safe with 1000 credits. 

Winged Victory Skin
Winged Victory Skin

If you ever saw any movies on 17th – 18th Century Greek stories or even saw some pictures in books or the internet, then you will recognize the inspiration for this skin. Every minute detail in this skin resembles the clothing of people from Ancient Greece and other European countries, who usually wear a white robe and have a crown that has a leaf design on it.

The winged victory skin is pretty similar to those robes and crowns were worn by those people, which is another unique aspect of this skin. Now before you try to find any historical inaccuracies and point fingers, remember that it’s just a hero skin that was designed for players to provide them with rare skins. So just enjoy this new look for your hero.

Other than the robe and crown, the wings are designed to resemble actual wings that we see in movies and books. While her hair length is the same, its style is pretty new and probably put that way to match the whole vibe of the skin. This cannot be found in normal loot boxes, instead, you need to look at the anniversary event loot boxes if you wish to add this to your collection.

Mercy Witch Skin
Mercy Witch Skin

Witch Mercy skins may seem like a fresh take on the hero, but it isn’t. If you know the story of mercy, then you may remember that she once dressed as a witch during Halloween. It is probably based on that event. There are many changes to her look with this skin.

For Example, the halo has been replaced with a witches’ hat, there is also a book hooked to her robe which is probably a witch’s grimoire. Her robe looks more like a dress that people wore in the early 1800s. One unique change that comes with this skin is for her weapon caduceus staff. Remember how every witch has a flying broomstick, well here Mercy’s caduceus staff has been turned into a broomstick, that is a cool change.   

It is an event-specific skin that is available for Halloween events, so even if you missed it once, there is a chance that you can find it during the next Halloween event.

Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy

Usually, Mercy looks like an angel, but this skin reimagines her as a fairy, which is the perfect design for her character. It is one of the best skins for Mercy and provides an amazing look for her. Everything about this skin is gorgeous, from her fairy wings to her plum color armor and her ballet shoes. 

Other than the armor and robe, you can also notice that she has fairy ears, which make her look even cuter. Also, her halo is replaced with a floral crown that is similar to many depictions in movies and games. Her weapon caduceus staff also has a fairy spin on it, with the design being similar to a wooden staff used by mages. 

It is three times more than the previous legendary skins which are 3000 credits, and can also be bought with the loot boxes available during the winter wonderland event.


Another event-specific skin was available during the Lunar New Year. Mercy is pretty much unrecognizable in this skin if this is a vastly different look for her. The color combinations in this skin are abundant and unique, and changes also extend to her weapons too.

Have you ever seen any of those historical Chinese movies where queens get dressed in their traditional attires, this skin looks very close to that design. You can keep a lookout for this skin for every lunar new year. It also cost 3000 credits.

Combat Medic Zeigler 
Combat Medic Zeigler

It looks like a combination of a medic and combatant for the Zeigler character.  This skin is also a callback to the early days of her combat life in overwatch. Wings and armor look amazing, also she wears a captain’s hat in place of a halo. 

This skin will cost you 1000 credits if you cannot get it from the archive’s event loot boxes.

Dr. Zeigler
Dr. Zeigler

Dr. Angela Zeigler, before she joined the ranks of Overwatch, she used to save lives from the hospital using her advanced knowledge of nanobiotechnology. This skin is for players who wish to play as the original character before she became a hero. The doctor’s coat and glasses make her look like a proper medical prodigy.  

Unfortunately, you can only get this skin from a recall challenge, if you missed that then there may not be any other way to get this skin.


Dragoon skin looks like it was forged out of green dragon scales and skin. Though it isn’t Skyrim, it still looks as if that’s how this skin came to be. Anyway, this skin presents a fierce warrior look for mercy, which isn’t common with other skins. The green might be a bit too much for some, but the green dragon helmet looks cool. This skin was also available from a loot box during an anniversary event, other than loot boxes you can spend 3000 credits to use this skin.

Pink Mercy Skin
Pink Mercy Skin

Rarest of the rarest is this skin. That’s because it was only available during a charity event. So you did fund for that charity during that event, then you are proudly flaunting this very skin to other players in the game. 

The skin is pretty, with pink color armor and wings, and a new pigtail hairstyle that wasn’t available for any other skin. This is probably the second-best skin for Mercy.

Atlantic All-Star Skin
Atlantic All-Star Skin

Released during the 2019 All-Star Atlantic event, this might be the best skin out there for her. Though some people tend to disagree about that, anyone can agree that the design is like anything that has been done before with Mercy’s skins. She truly looks like a queen of the ocean, with a crown and armor befitting the title.  

She also has new purple hair and a completely new design for her staff, this skin is truly stunning to play with. The only drawback of this skin is that it was available only during the star’s event, other than that there is no other skin that can top this one.

Camouflage Mercy Skin
Camouflage Mercy Skin

At the time of writing this article, Overwatch is in its 5th Annual event, which offers various skins and loot boxes as rewards. One such skin that you can get with enough points is the Camouflage mercy skin. So it is a brand-new skin for the character that hasn’t been unlocked yet. 

While the design looks good with dark olive and black colors, it is still too early to say how it will look during the game.

These are pretty much all the Mercy skins that most players use in the game. For more info on these skins, you can check out the Mercy Skins Fandom page.

Overwatch Gameplay

After looking at all the Mercy skins, you might be tempted to play the game. If you haven’t played Overwatch previously, then now would be the right time, and have no idea about this game, don’t worry, here you will find everything you need to get started. 

Overwatch is a free-to-play game developed by Blizzard studios where two teams play various modes for victory. Each team has 6 players that compete with the other 6 players from the opposing team to finish mode-specific tasks. In some modes, you can also play solo or in 3v3 and 6v6 for victory. 

Now, the best part about this game is that there are as many as 32 characters in this game that you can choose to play with. Now, these characters(called heroes in-game) have potential that is unique to each hero. Every hero has 6 abilities that you can use during the battle. Another thing that you need to know about these heroes is that they are divided into three types. Tank, Support, and Damage are the three classes that heroes are divided into.

Classes that you need…

Tank: Heroes that provide defense for the team by taking damage or blocking hits. These heroes usually have high resistance to damage and their health is high too. These heroes may not be able to deal much damage during the game.

Damage: These heroes are the offense for your team. They have high attacks and also a certain amount of health to stay alive in the battle.

Support: Every team needs to support characters to keep other teammates alive. These heroes heal other players and even revive them when they die.

The above-mentioned classes are the three types of heroes that this game has. Now, using these heroes, you can play matches on different maps. These maps are specific to game modes available in the game. Meaning, there are certain game modes with different objectives that have unique maps.

Game Modes

In Overwatch, there are a total of 7 game modes.

  1. Assault: In this mode, one team holds two bases/points from getting carried off by the other team. The Assault/Attack should make sure that they capture two bases before they run out of time.
  1. Control: Instead of one team defending and another one attacking, this mode lets both teams fight and capture a single point for the victory. The winner is decided based on a 3 round match. You need to make sure that the point is 100% captured, and at a safe time prevent the other team from stealing the point from you.
  1. Escort: In this race against time match, one team tries to escort a cargo to its destination while other teams try to prevent that from happening.
  1. Hybrid: It is a mashup of Assault and Escort modes, where you begin with the Assault mode and end with the Escort mode. Rules for these modes are similar to each mode.
  1. Capture The Flag: This is a classic game mode that is available in many multiplayer games like CS: Go, Far Cry 2. The objective is simple, each team has a flag which they should prevent from getting captured, and at the same time should get the enemy team’s flag back to their base. The team that gets 3 points wins in this mode.
  1. Deathmatch: Another popular game mode in many multiplayer games. As the name suggests, kill anyone who comes your way. Each match has 8 players and no teams. So you can kill anyone to reach 20 points that grant you victory. Another way to win is to score maximum points in the 10-minute timeframe.
  1. Elimination: This mode is a deathmatch with the choice of going in solo or with a 3v3 or 6v6 team. In a team match, you need 3 victories, while in solo you need 5. There are two downsides to this mode, one is that you stay dead and don’t respawn, and the other one is that you cannot use the same hero in the next round if you win.

Heroes in Overwatch

Heroes in overwatch are the best part of this game. That’s because each hero has a unique backstory and abilities that make this game extremely fun to play. That’s how this game differentiates itself from the other multiplayer games like COD and Battlefield.  You get to choose from a roster of 32 versatile characters that are with damage dealers, tanks, or support characters. 

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Heroes, game modes, maps, and gameplay is why this game has such a huge phenomenon all over the world. Many esports events are held in overwatch, in which many players participate to win cash prizes. What more could you ask from a game?

So gear up and clear up your schedule because once you start playing this game, there is no stopping it. Choose your heroes wisely, and if you choose Mercy then you have a wide range of skin like the Mercy witch skin or the very rare pink skin that makes her look cool. All the info on this is already provided for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is every Mercy outfit available in the Overwatch store?

No, not every Mercy outfit can be bought from the store. Some Mercy outfits are event exclusives like the Mercy witch skin, Atlantic all-star skin, and the super rare pink skin.

Does Overwatch Mercy have new skins released every year?

While Overwatch does release new skins every year for many heroes, it doesn’t specifically release Overwatch Mercy’s new skins every year.

Is the pink mercy coming back again?

The very rare pink mercy was released during a charity event and has never been back again since then. There has been no indication from the developers that the same skin will ever be available again. So better not count on it.

What is the Overwatch 2 release date?

As of now, there is no concrete Overwatch 2 release date set by the studios. Though, you can probably expect it to release by the fall of 2022 or in early 2023.  

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