Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4

Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4

The amazing thing about Minecraft is that you can change anything and everything based on your requirement. These changes are not just minor upgrades, but they can even change the whole genre of the game. To make such changes you will need mods, and one such mod is the Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod. Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod changes the games’ genre into an RPG which is fun to play in the world of Minecraft.

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Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 Mod

With Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod you can change those boring, pesky little villagers into interactable NPCs. Now all the villagers become humans and are interactable for various purposes. This is a huge mod that adds many features to the game, and the changes are applied to both single and multiplayer modes.

What Can You Do With the Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 Mod?

There are more than 250 skins for villagers in the mod that are either males and females. With the Minecraft comes alive 1.14.4 mod, you can link with these villagers and how you respond and behave with them will have long-lasting effects. You can talk, hire, give them presents, and even ask them to follow you on your quests. They will also assist you in fighting mobs, but do not rely on them too much as they are not much helpful during fights.

If you have good interactions with villagers and develop a relationship with them then you can even legalize your relationship if you know what I mean. That’s right, you can even marry a villager with this mod, and not that just, but you can even have babies. Then your wife and kids will also follow you around to help you in daily chores and fight alongside you. Kids will also grow into adults after a certain time. 

You can even marry other players in multiplayer mode and have kids with them. If any of your family dies then you can revive them if you collect a chest that drops at their death point. Using the items from the chest and staff of life you can revive your dead family or any other villager. Though getting the staff of life would be a difficult task as you need to kill the grim reaper.  

Steps to Install Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 

First, download the Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod, and you can also choose other versions of the mod by going to the “Files” tab of the download page. When you have downloaded the mod follow the steps below to install it.

  • This mod is for forge, so you should have installed it for your Minecraft. If you don’t have one then install the required one from the link.
  • Now after you have downloaded the MCA 1.11 or any version of the mod, you need to place it in the mod folder which can be found in .minecraft.
  • To go there, use Run and type “%appdata%”. This will take you to .minecraft.
  • Copy/move the .jar files of the MCA mod into the mod folder. If there is no mod folder then create one, and copy/move contents into it. 
  • When that is done, the final step would be to open the game in forge profile from the Minecraft launcher. 
  • That’s it, now you have installed the MCA mod in Minecraft. You can check from the mods menu, and make any appropriate changes if necessary.

This procedure can be used only for Windows devices, and if you are looking for a tutorial on Mac devices then check this Mac OS MAC mod.

Features and Settings of Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4

Choose your Destiny

Before you start the game using the Minecraft comes alive 1.14.4 mod, you have to choose your gender and preference. After you have set up the mod for the first time, you have to pick from certain options that come into play when you spawn. You can choose to spawn in a house with a family in the village which will have a wife and two kids or spawn a home alone, or spawn alone in a very populated village, or something else. All these decisions will affect your gameplay.

Interaction with Villagers

You can interact with villagers by choosing various options which will be displayed on the screen when you right-click on a particular villager. You can choose actions like interact, follow, ride a horse, trade, and a few more actions will be available.  How you interact with any villager will ultimately decide their role with you. You can either make a friend or a foe based on your interactions with them. 

Villager’s Psyche

Every NPC villager’s mood and behavior change each time you interact with them, which sometimes can be interesting or annoying. All villagers have a predetermined personality and these personalities don’t change for every interaction. These personalities come with unique abilities like confident personalities deal more damage, Athletes can run fast, curious will work more and find more chores et cetera. There are many such personalities assigned to each villager.

Chores for Family

Farm, woodcut, mine, hunt, or cook are the chores performed by a villager and your family. To see all these options you need to use the work option when interacting with anyone.

Recipes In Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 

This Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod also brings with a few new formulas that you can craft. All the available formulas depend on what version of MCA you are using. Here are a few of the available formulas that you can craft 

  • Wedding/Engagement/Matchmaker’s Ring
  • Tombstone
  • Whistle
  • Divorce Papers
  • Villager bed
  • Diamond dust, colored diamond dust, and colored diamond.

And a few more of these recipes are available in this mod. Check Radix shock mods for more info on recipes. Also, for more info on features of this mod check this How to play MCA guide.

Mods Like Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4

The MCA 1.14.4 might be the best mod in terms of playing Minecraft as an RGP, allowing you to live a normal life in the zone by interacting with villagers. Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 may be the best mod according to some, but it isn’t the only mod that has such features. They are a few more mods worth taking a look at.

Tek Topia

Tek Topia

A Minecraft that is pretty similar to the MCA mod that lets you live a normal village life. You have to work many chores every day to build your village, take care of people in your village by helping them become strong, provide them jobs, assign them professions of 20 different kinds, and provide some sort of entertainment at the end of the day. 

This may not have as many features as MCA but still is kind of living a simulation in Minecraft. It also has male, female genders with options to train and educate them.

Villagers Trade Table

Villagers Trade Table

By using this mod you can create living zones and professions for every NPC. You can even create custom professions and assign them to an NPC. If you are happy with particular tasks then you can disable or change them. You are an employer for a whole village who creates tasks for his people. Trade items like emerald for various items like wood, fish, wool, armor, and weapons.

This mod may not be compatible with new versions of Minecraft so check before installing it.

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This mod is a little different in theme from the above two mods as it changes the villages entirely from normal Minecraft to 11th Century villages. In this mod, there are 5 different villages, each with unique cultures and people. You can work with them to assist them to make their living zones, farm with them, and provide resources by trading, This will give you a lot of rewards. You can get closer to them by joining them and buying land. If they like you enough then they may even build you a house.  

There is one more mod called Mo’ Villages, which doesn’t have as many features as the previous mod. It builds upon the existing vanilla Minecraft villages and expands them on other biomes with some changes to existing blocks.

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If you are looking for a real fun time playing Minecraft, and are bored with the same repetitive survival tasks then you should install this Minecraft Comes Alive 1.14.4 mod. Even if you are not bored with your current game mode, this mod is worth your time. Check all the features of this mod, which should be enough to convince you to try this mod. Download link and installation tutorial are already provided above.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Minecraft family mod?

The Minecraft Comes Alive can also be called the Minecraft family mod as it allows players to interact with NPC villagers and form a family with them. Good interactions with the other gender villagers can lead to a family in this Minecraft mod.

Where can I find the Minecraft Comes Alive guide?

The Minecraft Comes Alive can also be called the Minecraft family mod as it allows players to interact with NPC villagers and form a family with them. Good interactions with the other gender villagers can lead to a family in this Minecraft mod.

What is Minecraft Comes Alive commands?

There are a few customs Minecraft comes alive commands that can be used in this mod which can be found in this MCA commands Reddit thread.

How can I download the MCA 1.11 version of the mod?

You can download the MCA 1.11 mod from curseforge.com.

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