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If you are one of those people, who want your Minecraft character to be nutritious conscious unlike most of us. Then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we will discuss Minecraft Nutrition Food, Its features, and many functions. And you can also learn what are the various benefits of making your Minecraft characters health-conscious or in this case nutritious conscious.

What Is the Minecraft Nutrition Mod?

Minecraft Nutrition Mod
Minecraft Nutrition Mod

Minecraft Nutrition Mod is a highly configurable mod that helps the players to make sure their Minecraft characters are fit and healthy. This is achieved by making sure that they receive all the required nutrients and proteins through the food they are eating. And in turn reducing the dependence on non-vegetarian foods like cooked meat, etc. Using this mod, the players can monitor five types of food group systems as Vegetables, Proteins, Dairy, Grains, and Fruits.

The nutritious consciousness for the Minecraft character might seem a bit questionable. But it’s true, the Minecraft characters are designed similar to us, they possess the same type of results due to our choices. For instance, if you do not make your Minecraft character healthy and fit, then he will become fatter. Which in turn makes the character weak and easily exhausted. Therefore, affecting the performance of the quests and tasks in the game.

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This is why, we need the Minecraft characters to be more health-conscious, and the Minecraft Nutrition Mod helps us just for that. With this mod, the users or players can now configure or choose what food types the character must eat, and add or remove the food options based on your choices.

What Are the Features Offered by the Minecraft Nutrition Mod 1.12.2?

As you know from the above section, the nutrition mod Minecraft curse offers multiple features for the players who install this mod into their Minecraft game. All the features that this mod has to offer are discussed in detail in the following section.

  • The players can now add or remove the individual food types that their characters must eat in the game with the Minecraft Nutrition Mod.
  • Using this mod, the gamers can now monitor multiple custom food types such as Vegetable, Diary, Fruits, Protein and Grains.
  • In addition, they can also add a spicy tolerance bar or systems to the list which will give you additional benefits such as being invulnerable to fire.
  • They can also configure the mod in such a way that their Minecraft character has high gluten intolerance. Hence, whenever the said character eats high gluten foods like bread, he/she gets sick.
  • Moreover, the mod helps the players to configure their characters in such a way that they will only take selected food types as food during game play.
  • Above all, the mod helps the players to find out how many nutrient points can a character earn by opening the food description of the said food type or hovering over the selected food type.
  • Most importantly, the mod makes the Minecraft characters more healthy and fit. Which will help them to complete various tasks efficiently and earning experience points at a faster rate.
  • And lastly, they will also help the Minecraft characters improve their Toughness, Strength and Resistance Skills.

Alternatives to the Minecraft Nutrition Mod

Now that you have known about the sevtech nutrition mod for Minecraft, let us explore some other popular nutrition mods made that you can install right now. Also, let us learn more about the various benefits offered by the listed mods here in this section.

The Veggie Way Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

 The Veggie Way Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 (Minecraft Nutrition Mod)
The Veggie Way Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5

If you want to turn your Minecraft Character into a Vegetarian-Friendly person then the “The Veggie Way” Mod is the right one for you. In addition to this, you can also make sure your character stays fir and healthy by choosing the nutrient-rich vegetables for them. Moreover, this mod allows the players to craft nutrient-rich food for the Minecraft characters. Above all, by installing this mod into your Minecraft game you can unlock other features such as how and where to find Protein Powder, Fructose Powder, Milk, Carb Powder, Vitamin Powder, and Drying agents. And finally, it is safe to say that this mod, helps the characters to reduce the dependence on eating cooked flesh in the game.

Nutritional Balance – Mods – Minecraft

 Nutritional Balance Mod(Minecraft Nutrition Mod)
Nutritional Balance Mod

Another important point that most players usually forget while playing the Minecraft game is that it is very important for the characters to maintain their Nutritional Balance. While the other nutrition mods may help you access nutrients, but they sometimes add more nutrients on average than necessary. This can affect the health of the Minecraft characters as they are designed after ourselves. Therefore, you must remember that every nutrient you take from eating various foods must be balanced. The Minecraft Nutritional Mod helps the players just do that.

Diet (Forge) – Mods – Minecraft

 Diet (Forge) Mod(Minecraft Nutrition Mod)
Diet (Forge) Mod

A unique mod offered by the Curse forge helps the players to maintain the diet of their characters inside the Minecraft game. Well in the outside world, we people also struggle to maintain our diets, hence becoming lazy and fat. Now at least by installing this mod into your Minecraft, you can at least make your characters maintain Diet. Moreover, the mods help the players or the users to choose the selective food types each character can eat. And the mod also retains the custom food systems of the Minecraft Nutrition Mod, such as Diary, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, and Proteins.

Nourish – Mods – Minecraft

 Nourish Mod
Nourish Mod

If you want to monitor and maintain other important nourishment parameters other than proteins and vitamins. Then the “Nourish” Mod will be the right one for you. Through this mod, the gamers can now also monitor additional parameters such as Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fruits, fats, vegetables, etc. In addition, they can also add other parameters as the secondary functions, for example, sweets, etc. Moreover, unlike the other mods, this mod calculates the parameters using data sets. Thus, the results shown under the tabs are more accurate.

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Vlad’s Food Mod – Mods – Minecraft

 Vlad's Food Mod
Vlad’s Food Mod

If you do not want to regulate the nutrient cycle of the food types eaten by your chosen character in the Minecraft game. But want to monitor the consumption of various essential nutrients by the character. Then Vlad’s Food Mod will be very helpful for you. The mods detailed tracks all the nutrients gained from each food in a separate tab for the players to access. An additional customization feature means the users can now add their own parameters to this list and monitor them. And also the mod helps the players to take effective strategies to recover certain or maintain parameters so that their characters stay healthy and fit.

Best Food Mods for Minecraft

Well if you are not interested in maintaining the nutritious consciousness of your characters. But are interested in finding the best foods items you can eat by installing mods in your game. Then you are in the right place. Here in this section, we will list out the best food mods for Minecraft, their various features, and their benefits.

Pizza Craft – Mods – Minecraft


There is no way that I’m not gonna mention when we are literally discussing the food. Now not just discussing with the help of the Pizza Craft mod your characters can also taste the amazing pizzas in their own Minecraft World. Moreover, this mod creates its own pizza oven and displays all the ingredients required for making the pizzas. Ingredients such as vegetables, flour, and dough. In addition, the players now have the opportunity to choose the type of pizzas they are making and how much hunger points will reduce by eating one slice of pizza, etc.

Lots of Food – Mods – Minecraft

Lots of Food Mod
Lots of Food Mod

As the name itself suggests, this mod indeed adds various new types of foods into the Minecraft game. Food items such as different types of Chocolates, Cakes, Pasta, Pizzas, Candies, Pop Corn, Marshmallows, and many more. And in addition, the mod also adds other unique items such as Alcohol Drinks, Juices, Milk Shakes, Ice cream, Hot Drinks, Non-Vegetarian Meals, etc to name a few. However, the most interesting feature of this mod is not the food varieties, but the Sweet Houses, that randomly appear all around the Minecraft world. Most importantly these sweet houses are made of caramel, sugar, and chocolate, so you can indeed the whole house if you want to. And lastly, the sweet house also consists of random food items for the characters inside them.

MoarFood – Mods – Minecraft

MoarFood Mod
MoarFood Mod

Have you ever thought of planting your own crops & trees and eating the food grown from them in the Minecraft world? If you did, then the MoarFood mod might be the best suitable one for you. In addition, this mod also helps the players to create new crops and fruit trees, by simply putting the slices of these crops and fruits into the ground and watering them regularly. And in a further update, the mod creator is going to bring furthermore food items and crops into the game. Some of those food crops you can grow using this mod are orange, strawberry, cherry, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.

Yummy – Mods – Minecraft

Yummy Mod
Yummy Mod

A unique mod that updates the general food settings of the Minecraft game. For instance, the mod makes food rich in carbohydrates less saturating compared to protein-rich food. And also, cooked food to be much better than the raw food, instead of the opposite in the Minecraft world. This mod differentiated each food item based on their saturation ratio, into different types using color-coded titles such as Biomes’O’Plenty, Yummy, and Vanilla. Above all, the mod brings new food items to the game such as Fish, Chips, Desserts, Pizzas, Calamari, sandwiches, Sushi, Salad, and many more.

Wild Crops – Mods – Minecraft

Wild Crops
Wild Crops

If you are one of those people who often love to go on adventures in the Minecraft game. For you people, finding food all the time may be a little difficult while traveling through certain areas. And to solve this problem, we have listed here the “Wild Crops” mod. This mod creates random food patches all across the Minecraft world. So that the Minecraft adventurers can get enough food during their travels. Moreover, it is also better suited for the people who want to gather food by doing small explorations in the Minecraft world.

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In this article, we have discussed clearly the Minecraft Nutrition Mod, its many features, and functions. Learn more about the various benefits of eating nutritious food in the Minecraft world. We have also listed the popular alternatives mods for the people who are looking for mods helping characters to be nutritious conscious. Moreover, from this article, you can also find out the Top 5 Best food mods one can install on their Minecraft game, and learn all about their benefits and disadvantages here in the above article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Minecraft Nutrition Mod”?

The “Minecraft Nutrition Mod” is a mod that Minecrafters can install into their games, which helps them to monitor the nutrients taken by their chosen characters. And also choose the type of food eaten by the characters in the game.

Name some of the Best Food Mods for the Minecraft Game?

Wild Crops, Pizza Craft, Moar Food, Yummy, and Lots of Food are some of the best foods for people playing Minecraft games. To know about these food mods, visit the best food sections given in the above article.

Why should we maintain nutritious consciousness for the characters in the Minecraft game?

The players must maintain the nutritious consciousness for their characters in the Minecraft game because they might get sick easily and can grow more tired compared to other characters.
Hampering the skills, strength, and endurance of the selected characters in the game.

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