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Minecraft is a game with infinite possibilities, meaning that there are so many things to do in the game. It’s a virtual simulation of a player’s life. Imagine being inside a matrix, but with free will and endless supplies for doing any kind of stuff. That’s the simple way to define Minecraft. You can either choose to live your life in peace(in-game) by yourself, or you can play the game in multiplayer mode with your friends. 

You have to survive in Minecraft by doing everything in your power. The player needs to hunt, look for food, find resources and fight off enemies. Another thing that is similar to the real-life in Minecraft is that you can sleep on your bed in the game. That’s right, you can just sleep off at night and start your game at dawn. 

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The Morpheus Mod for Minecraft


This can be helpful if you prefer the daytime setting in the game, but there are certain factors or requirements for you to sleep in the game. You can also use a Morpheus mod that lets you decide the sleep time for a multiplayer server. It’s really helpful to plan your game on a server. Before we get into that, let’s just cover the basics of the sleeping mechanism in Minecraft.

Sleep in Minecraft

So for sleeping in Minecraft, you just have to go near your bed and tap on it to sleep, and with that, you can change the time of the day. This is applicable when you are playing the game in single-player mode. Since you are the only gamer, you can sleep and change time on your own. 

When you tap on the bed, you will notice a transition animation that changes the surroundings to resemble a sleeping environment. You cannot sleep if there are any enemies nearby, as the screen will show a notification stating the same and preventing you from sleep. There is no option of sleeping during the day as well.

In the previous versions of the game, you cannot sleep if there is a thunderstorm or rain near your bed. That feature has been removed. So now you can sleep even if there is heavy rain or a thunderstorm above you. Also, in the old version like 0.8.0, you can heal yourself while sleeping. Though it was a small amount, it was possible to heal up, but that feature too was removed in the later versions of the game.

In case you die after waking up, then you will automatically respawn near-bed as it will be set as a respawn point. If for some reason your bed was destroyed, then the respawn location will change to the previously saved one. Sometimes it can even change to a completely new location. 

There are certain dimensions in Minecraft like The Nexus/Hell and The End where if you try to sleep then your bed will explode, taking along any nearby blocks. So make sure that you do not try that. 

Sleeping in Multiplayer

This is a bit tricky as there are many people on a server, and every online gaming friend of yours may have the same sleep schedule as you. To change the time to dawn, all the players in your team have to sleep at the same time, and if they don’t, then the sleeping player’s screen will get darker. This can be a drag as some of your players can be AFK, leaving others to decide for themselves. 

While it is problematic, there are a couple of ways around it. Firstly you can use the Minecraft server sleeper mod which is the Morpheus mod to vote for a time slot for sleeping, and some reason if the players are missing players to decide that, you can use command blocks to solve that issue. 

Using command blocks to execute various kinds of commands, is very useful in multiplayer mode. To use the command block, you need Redstone, and you also need to enter the command in the command block GUI from the Use Item control. For more info on the command blocks, you can check this Command Block wiki.

Sleep Detection

Minecraft Morpheus Mod

We have already talked about the multiplayer sleeping issue, and one solution would be to use the Morpheus Minecraft mod. Now let’s see what and how you can use the Morpheus mod for sleeping in Minecraft. 

Well, the Minecraft Morpheus mods provide a sort of voting system for players who are in multiplayer to decide the time change. With this, not everyone on the server needs to sleep for the day to change, you can decide on the percentage of votes for the time change. When the Morpheus Minecraft mod is installed, the moment someone taps on their bed to sleep, every other player in the server will receive a notification stating the same.

This Minecraft server sleep mod helps players to coordinate their sleep time and time change in the game. It is mostly used only on a server and is controlled by the person who creates the server. The amount of voting percentage can always be changed by using the config file in the mod folder of the game. This mod is for forge and can be downloaded with this Morpheus Mod link. Download the file depending on your forge version.

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Steps to Install Morpheus Mod in Minecraft

Use the link provided above to download the mod file, and when the file is downloaded, then follow the steps given below.

  1. First, find the Minecraft folder on your PC by opening the Run box with Windows + R key.
  2. Then enter “%appdata%” and click ok. This will open the Windows folder where your installed Minecraft files are.
  3. Move/Copy the .jar files from the downloaded mod file to the Mod file in the Minecraft folder. Sometimes you may not see a mod folder, then you should create one.
  4. When the files are copied/moved, you can run the Forge version of Minecraft using the launcher. 
  5. If you are using a Mac device, then go to “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft” instead of using steps 1 and 2.

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While the Morpheus mod in Minecraft may seem like a pretty small addition to the game, it can be really useful, which would be obvious if you are gaming on a server. All you have to do is add the mod with the help of the tutorial provided above and use the voting to decide the time change when you sleep. If you cannot do that due to a missing person, then you can use the command blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can I use Morpheus mod on Fabric?

No. This is only supported for forge loaders with forge APIs and cannot be used on fabric. 

Are there any mods like this for the fabric loader?

You can use the Better Sleeping mod for fabric loaders in Minecraft, which is pretty similar to the Morpheus in Minecraft.

How can I download the Morpheus 1.7.10 version?

To download the Morpheus 1.7.10 version, you go to select that version from the list. 

What are the Morpheus mod commands?

The Morpheus mod commands include alert, disable, version, and percent. You can choose these commands depending on your requirement. 

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