Mutant Creatures Mod

Mutant Creatures Mod

To quote Batman – “A hero is only as good as his villain”. If you do not have a great, challenging villain, there is no fun in playing any game. That’s why games have many sub-bosses and bosses to make it interesting. While there aren’t many bosses in Minecraft, there is a way to add a few sub-bosses to the game.

To do that, installing the Mutant Creatures mod in Minecraft is a must. By using this mod, you can have some sub-bosses that will spawn to crush you. These bosses are a rehash of some existing mobs in the game. These existing mobs are made bigger and better to match the level of a sub-boss in the game. 

They provide players with a good challenge and make the game more interesting. While it is not fun to get crushed by a boss, it is fun when you see it falling with the taste of defeat. That’s not it, every mutant creature from this Mutant Creatures mod also drops a unique item after it is slain. Each mutant creature drops different rewards which can either be a weapon or tool and even some fragments that can be used for something.

So buckle up, and install the mutant creatures mod for Minecraft to fight as many as six different creatures with this mod.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Mutant Creatures Mod

As stated earlier, these mutant creatures are like the stronger, and scarier versions of the normal mobs in Minecraft. You need to be careful as these creatures can spawn at random times and will target you. All these creatures except the one called mutant snow golem will show up randomly. If you want to spawn these creatures, then you just need to throw a chemical X on any mob to turn them into these creatures. 

Though that doesn’t work all time as some mobs will just die if you throw that chemical X at them. If you do want to fight those creatures then you need to be prepared as they will have multiple abilities and increase in healing power than the normal mobs. These mobs also have their strengths and weaknesses along with healing abilities, and the healing abilities make them a little harder to take down. 

To help you understand these monsters better, we are going to provide all the info on them including their abilities and stats so that you are prepared to take them down when they spawn. But let’s think about that later, let us see how to download and install this Mutant Creatures mod in your Minecraft forge.

Steps to Install the Mutant Creatures Mod

If you don’t already have the mod downloaded to your device, then you can check this to download the mutant creatures mod, and then follow the instructions provided below to begin. You can also choose precious versions of the mod like the mutant creatures mod 1.12.2 to download or any other version of your choice by clicking on the ‘Files’ tab of the page.

  • Choose the right version for your device and click the download button. You also need to forge Minecraft to run mutant creatures mod, and if you do not have one, then use this Forge Minecraft.
  • Now look for the mod folder. Minecraft folder. To find this you can type “%appdata%” in the Run box which can be opened with the “Windows + R” shortcut key.
  • When the Mutant Creatures mod folder is found, copy/move all the .jar files into that folder. In case there is no Mutant Creatures mod folder, then create one.
  • Finally, run the game in a forge with administrator privilege to use the newly added mod.

All Mutant Creatures in the Mutant Mod

Now you know that there are as many as 6 mutated versions of the normal mobs in the game that can be spawned accidentally or by using the chemical X. This info is not enough to handle them, so we are going to list all their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and any other stat that is going to provide you an upper hand when you encounter these monsters. 

Mutant Elderman

Mutant Elderman

Let’s start with the primary antagonist in the Mutant Creatures mod. The moment he lays his eyes on you, he is going to attack you. He has a wide range of attacks and can attack from a distance, and also at close range. Escaping him is difficult as he uses teleport mechanisms on himself and even on you. So be on your toes as he can smash you by using his teleport ability. 

There is one annoying attack of Mutant Elderman which is that he uses to make clones of himself, and also, he hides among those clones. He can attack you by throwing blocks and even by his screams. Along with that, he has massive health of 100 hearts.

Another troubling thing is that there is no known weakness of Mutant Elderman. So you just have to hold your ground, doge, and just hit him as much as you can. After you defeat him, you will get his fragments and a glove called Ender soul glove. You can use this glove to perform melee attacks, and use telekinesis to pick up a block and teleport it.

Mutant Skeleton

Mutant Skeleton

A mutated skeleton mob that shoots arrows at you. Well, there isn’t anything new as the normal ones shoot arrows too, but the mutant skeleton arrows deal more damage than the normal ones do. Not just that but it also leaves you with a random effect like decreased speed, poison, or exhaustion.

When you get in proximity to this monster, then it tries to throw you, and always goes back to shooting arrows. If you thought that you can dodge the arrows, and then you may be wrong, as it can shoot multishot arrows. 

These arrows will hit one after the other 6 times all at once. It doesn’t have any weakness and can heal itself every 5 seconds after taking the damage. Also, our monster is a hugger, but not a loving one. That’s because he will hug you so tight that it could damage your rib cage, and then throws you in the air.

Killing him will grant you his skeleton armor parts that you can craft to same armor for you.

Mutant Zombie

Mutant Zombie

Even just by looking at him, you can say that he looks a lot like the Hulk. Not that just, but he also fights like him. You get near him, and he will smash you with his bare hands, and even if you just back up, it will still hit you. 

He also uses his roar to deal slight damage to you, while the damage is very low, it’s not what the attack was for. His roar can resurrect tiny zombies from the ground. If you are quick to break the block, then you can prevent those zombies from resurfacing. 

Like the other two mutants, this one too throws you into the air like a teddy bear, only it doesn’t catch you back and lets you fall on the ground. He does have a healing factor, but it only kicks in during the night.

Just when you think that you have defeated him, he will rise again after death. To prevent that, you have to burn his body under 7 seconds after he’s dead. When you do that, and he is dead, you get hulk hammer as the drop. To impose more damage, use swords, bows, and any fire-based attacks.

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Mutant Creeper

Mutant Creeper

This creepy-looking doggy is aptly called Mutant Creeper, and just like a dog, he jumps and charges on to you to attack. So lookout for this creepy dog in the air when he jumps. You get a small window when he charges his attack for 6 flashes, and that’s your attack window to deal damage and break his charge. If you fail, then he also gets some health with the charge.

If you piss the dog off, then he will spawn some minions and then throw them at you. Also, maintain distance from him as he can summon a bolt of lighting near him to damage his enemies, and boosts his minion’s damage. Defeating it will grant you your very own little creeper minion in the form of his egg.

Mutant Snow Golem

Mutant Snow Golem

If you are looking for a friendly companion who can assist you in battle, then just throw some chemical X at a snow golem, and evolves into a large snow golem. This creature might look cute but it will aggressively move forward towards any mobs it lays eyes on. You can even make him follow you around, then you just have to right-click on it. 

Its attacks are pretty simple as it throws blocks on enemies and freezes water, and also ground. If he takes damage, you can heal him by hurling snowballs at him. If he dies, you get a pumpkin head and some snowballs.

Spider Pig

Spider Pig

Now, this is one ugly abomination in the world of Minecraft. This is one of the less harmful creatures in this mob, but it will attack if provoked. It just jumps on enemies to deal some damage and immobilize them.

It is immune to poison and jumps just like any other animal. If for some reason you like this creature, then you can tame it by lowering its health to 3-4 hearts. 

Well, these are the creatures that spawn in mutant creatures mod, and if you want more info on them then check this mutant creatures mod forum. To get their stats, check this mutant creature’s stats.

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I think we have covered the aspects and details of the mutant creatures mod. We have also shared the explanation and the various creatures that will be present along with a simple tutorial for installation. To install this mod, and have fun. You can also download other versions of mutant creatures mod from the provided download link.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is there a separate mod for the mutant creepers mod?

There is no separate mod for the mutant creeper because that creature is already available in the mutant mod Minecraft.

What is mutant beats mod?

The mutant beast mod is the same as the mutant creatures mod, but this one doesn’t need Animation API.

Can I use the Mutant creatures mod apk?

No, the apk version of this mod is for the Android version of the game. So you cannot use this on any other device.

Will the Mutant creatures mod 1.12.2 download work for my game?

The mutant creatures mod 1.12.2 download can only work if you use the same version of Forge for Minecraft.

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