Not Enough Items 1.14.4

Not Enough Items 1.14.4

Every Minecraft player knows how huge the inventory of items exists in the game. It can often be confusing to keep track of or find a particular item if you do not have any specific mods for it. This issue was gone long ago because now, there are some mods that you can use to maintain and keep track of all your stuff in Minecraft, specifically, the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 Mod.

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Not Enough Items 1.14.4, Just Enough Items 1.14.4 and Too Many Items Mod 1.14.4

So for the said requirements, you should download the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 or any other version of this mod depending on your Minecraft version. The not enough items mod is one of the best utility mods that was ever released for the game. Whenever you open your inventory, you can find this mod which helps to view recipes, manage every item that you obtain in-game, and you can even use it to spawn those said items.

You just have to install this mod and access it using the keyboard key ‘O’, which can also be used to disable this option. The Not Enough Items 1.14.4 was created as a standalone mod that had all the above features, but this self-contained mod now only supports older versions like the Not Enough Items 1.7.10 or below. 

Not Enough Items 1.14.4(nei 1.14.4) Mod as Addon

For newer versions of the mod, like anything above 1.8 and above, the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod is not supported. Instead, it is used as an addon to another mod, which is called Just Enough Items(JEI). This is sort of a better version of the NEI mod and has similar functions that provide stability with better performance. 

Just like NEI, the “Just Enough Items 1.14.4” can be used to search, check inventory, recipes, and most of the things that NEI can do. So you should install JEI 1.14.4 or above for newer versions along with NEI as an addon. But if you are using an older version of the mod, say like 1.7 or below then you don’t need the JEI mod. This JEI mod doesn’t even exist for older versions.

Another important aspect of using a mod is to make sure that you’re using the right kind of mod for your server or client game. The  NEI 1.14.4 can function on both client and server-side of the game. It will run fine if you install it on your device and even on the server. There might be certain complications for some users with the magnet mode, weather control, and a few other features.

Not Enough Items 1.14.4(nei 1.14.4) Mod as Addon

Features of Not Enough Items 1.14.4 Mod

There are many essential features that this mod adds to the game which are truly useful for every player. Here we are going to list and discuss all those features of the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod. Remember, all the below features are common among all the versions of this mod.

Recipe View

After you start playing Minecraft, the number of recipes for making items like weapons or any other stuff just keeps on increasing. Eventually, at one time it gets so messy to navigate around these recipes. With the NEI mod, you can view all those recipes with the default “R” key. 

Just go to your inventory and scroll through all your items, and when you see an item that you want, just press R and you will see recipes that use that item. Since a particular item should be used to make multiple recipes, Just scroll through them using your arrow keys.

Any recipes used in various craftings like smelting or furnace can be found in this recipe viewer. When searching for a recipe, if there are some kinds of the same item, then it can even cycle through them.

Usage View

We all have a huge inventory in Minecraft, and sometimes we may forget what a certain item does. In that case, this usage view feature comes in pretty handy. Now, whenever you find an item in your inventory that you are not aware of or might have forgotten about, just use the “U” key. 

It will show you what that particular item can be used for, which is the recipes it is can be used in. This is a simple feature that pretty everyone uses. The U key is used in cheat mode, and if you are not using the cheat mode, then you can use the right mouse click.

Search Box for Items

This is probably the most important feature for many players, as it helps them find the required item. This does exactly what it says, and for that, you need to use the search box that can be found at the bottom of the inventory screen. You can find almost every item in your inventory with this feature. 

I used the term almost because you cannot find items that do not have text in their name. Click on the search bar and type whatever item you are looking for, and if you want to space, then right-click on it. 

If you want to highlight the search item, then you need to double-click on the search bar. It can then be highlighted with the same procedure. The search history will be saved even after you restart the game.

Subsets of Items

Every item in the inventory of Minecraft is categorized and placed into certain sets or subsets. To find these subsets, use the radio button. This can be seen on top of the NEI screen, and it will drop a menu of items placed in multiple sets. 

Any item placed in a particular set can be shown on the screen when you click on a set. To remove those items back in the set, use the right-click. To find a particular item in a specific set you can Shift-click on a set which then displays @setname below the search bar. Use that to find an item in a particular set.

Using Enchantment 

To increase the stats and add abilities to the items, we use enchantments. With the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod, you have a better interface to select and use your enchantments. To bring up the enchantment menu, use the “X” key and select the item that you want to enchant. 

Add the item and choose the enchantment from the list, following which, Choose the level of enhancement on the object too. The pre-established rules of enchantment also apply here, which mean that you cannot have silk and fortune.

Sometimes you may see a different name for enchantment. You need not worry about this issue as some long names are shortened due to space constraints. 

Cheats and Creative Modes

Cheats are what make Minecraft more interesting. With the creative mode, complete access is given, and you should do whatever hell you want. While it does take away the survival element, it’s much funnier than before. 

With NEI mod, you can use the cheat mode to get unlimited resources and features from your items in the game. Though in the server, this feature only applies to the player and not the whole team. Also, with the creative mode, you change/make/destroy any block in your map. 

Cheats and Creative Modes - Not Enough mods

Not Enough Items 114.4 Cheat Codes

There are some functions in these cheats and creative mode that can be found in this Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod. You can also find brief info on them below.


From your keyboard, press the “C” key, and you can use this creative mode in your Minecraft game. 


If you dislike something and just want to remove it from your game, then you should enable the trash mode. It helps you remove any unwanted blocks or items in-game by holding the “Shift” key and clicking on a particular item.


Like rains or hate them? No matter what kind of person you are, you can turn on/off rain on your map with this feature.


You can become Magento from X-Men with this feature, and pull anything within a certain distance. Remember, you can pick up items only if you have enough space in your inventory.

Utility Buttons:

There are certain buttons added by this mod that lets you heal and change time in the game. The heal button, apart from healing fill also removes any burning on the player. Time change buttons can be change or shift days and nights in the game that can only go forward in time. 

Save States:

To save every item in your inventory, this mod provides you 7 slots. With each distinct key, you can perform different functions to save your stuff. Like, for selecting the slot you can use the left-click, for renaming you can use the right, and to clear a slot use the “X” key.

These are the important and most popular features of the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more unique function keys to work. To find out more about these other features, you can check out this NEI 1.14.4 Fandom wiki.

Now let us see where you can find this mod to download it. We have mentioned a simple tutorial below to install this mod.

Take a look at gentlemen of the row weapons

Steps to Download and Install the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 Mod

Installing any mod in Minecraft is a simple task and doesn’t take much. Before we begin with the process, you are required to download the mod, which you may do from Select the right version of the mod, which is the same version as your forge Minecraft version. The link provided is for older versions of the mod, but it also has a separate link for a new version.

If you haven’t installed forge on your device, then install the forge version of Minecraft to use this mod. Add forge from this Minecraft Forge link. Now that the forge and the mod are downloaded on your device, it’s time to install them.

  • If you haven’t yet installed forge, then check this Forge Installation tutorial. When that is done, we can begin the installation of the mod.
  • After you have downloaded the mod from the link provided, you have to move those files into the mod folder in .minecraft.
  • To find out the mod’s folder location, you can use the Run box. Type “%appdata%” in the search bar of Run and on the opened window you can find the .minecraft folder. 
  • If you cannot find/see a mod folder, then create one. Next, copy the .jar files of the downloaded mod into the said folder.
  • Finally, open the game in the forge to use the installed mod in your Minecraft game. 

Now that we have finished discussing the installation process of the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod, there are mods similar to it. We have mentioned the JEI, apart from that there is another mod. We shall cover a few things about them later on in this article.

Just Enough Items 1.14.4

A pretty simple mod that is similar to the NEI 1.14.4 in almost every aspect. It does everything the NEI does but is much better at it in terms of performance and stability. It looks very similar to the NEI 1.14.4 in every aspect and functionality. Though the NEI mod is mostly supported for older versions of Minecraft, this JEI 1.14.4 can be installed on any version above 1.8.

Features of Just Enough Items 1.14.4

  • Manage all your items from the inventory by using the different command keys, each assigned for a specific task. Like, press “R” when you are browsing over an item to see its recipes. You can find every recipe that uses the selected item. You can also find out the uses of a particular item with the “U” key from your keyboard.
  • Search any item located in your Minecraft Inventory by using the “CTRL + F” key. If you want to search for a mod, then you can use “@” in front of a mod name to search. There’s also an option to remove the search history by right-clicking on the search bar.
  • Other features like Item list, recipe view can also be used which are similar to the NEI function.
  • There are also some advanced search options like credit, tooltip, multiple searches, and many more options to explore in this Just Enough Items 1.14.4 mod.

You can download this mod using this JEI If you want to choose a particular version, then go to the “Files” tab. It also has complete info on the mod, including the advanced options. 

As for the difference between the JEI and NEI, there are a few features that are a little distinct. Like the advanced options like recipe transfer, lookup, or modded recipe transfer along with a few others can be named as differences. In some ways, JEI is better than NEI, in others like save/load time and hotkeys NEI should be your choice.

Too Many Items Mod 1.14.4

In this mode, you can take up any block from the game and save it directly in your inventory. This doesn’t have as many features as the NEI or JEI because it was created way before these mods. Though it shares some similarities like the multiple save slots, viewing all blocks in inventory(including the ones from other mods), and a few other features.

With this mod, you can also pick up infinite stacks by using the “Shift” + left click. One thing different about this is that it requires a mod loader to work, while mods don’t need any such extra addon. This additional add-on may be a drag on some devices. 

There aren’t such differences between all these mods except for some missing features in TMI 1.14.4, but one simple difference is that it is made by different developers for different versions of forge Minecraft. You can download the TMI 1.14.4 Forum

The best mod out of all these 3 is the JEI 1.14.4 and its other versions because it has almost every necessary feature from all the other 3 mods, and it provides better performance. 

Steps to Install the TMI 1.14.4 and JEI 1.14.4 mods

The installation for both these mods is similar to the NEI mods, which you can find out below.

  • Use the download links provided for Too many Items 1.14.4 and Just Enough Items 1.14.4, and download them.
  • Now copy/move the .jar files from the downloaded folder to the mod folder in “.Minecraft”.
  • Enter “%appdata%” in the Run box to go to the mod folder. If there is no mod folder in .minecraft then create one.
  • Copy/move .jar files in that folder, that’s it. You have now installed the mod in your forge Minecraft. 
  • To use these mods, you need to open the game in forge.

You can use this method to install both TMI and JEI on your game.

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Not Enough Items Example


If the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod isn’t already there, then how are you even playing this game. Check out all three mods, but it is best to pick between the NEI 1.14.4 or JEI 1.14.4 or any other versions of these mods depending on your game. Every necessary detail has been listed about the two mods that make it easier to identify which one you should go for. So download the right one and use the installation tutorial for the mod to successfully add it to your forge Minecraft. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Why does the Not Enough Items 1.14.4 mod keeps crashing?

The NEI mod cannot be directly used as a mod for the new forge version, instead, it is used as an add-on for the JEI mod. For some forge Minecraft versions, this addon is not entirely compatible, so it keeps on crashing. So it is better if you use the JEI mod.

Can I install the Not Many Items mod for my new version of forge?

No, you cannot install, I mean you can, but any version of Not Many Items mod above 1.8 is not compatible with newer versions of a forge. So instead install the JEI mod is an even better mod than the NMI.

What is items mod?

Items mod in Minecraft helps you better handle your items in your inventory. As there are so many items in the game, it becomes quite difficult to find a specific item. With items mods like Not Enough Items, Just Enough Items, and Too Many Items, it biomes quite easy to handle all your inventory-related functions.

How do I do the jei 4.8.0 download for forge version mod?

You can use this JEI for the jei 4.8.0 download for the forge version mod.

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