OK Zoomer Mod

OK Zoomer Mod

Minecraft has many resource packs and mods that let you enjoy the game according to your terms. There is a chance that the look of the game might not interest you. No problem, resource packs(also called texture packs) allow you to change that. If you are having a hard time playing the game, then you can use mods to make it easier. Some mods let you change and add certain aspects to the game. Ones that make it more interesting and easy to play. Now there are so many mods for Minecraft, and here we are going to discuss the “Ok Zoomer” mod.

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Ok Zoomer Minecraft Mod 

People who have been playing the game for a while would know this mod, and even if you don’t, we are going to discuss the ok zoomer mod in detail. The ok zoomer mod grants you to zoom in on your game for long distances. Now if you are new to Minecraft or haven’t played it all then you may think that isn’t such a great mod, but that’s not true. “Ok Zoomer” is a very useful mod in Minecraft. The zoom mod in Minecraft helps you explore its open world.

There is no doubt that the world of Minecraft is huge, and it helps if you can scout a place from far without having to travel long distances and waste time. You can decide how much you want to zoom in using ok zoomer mod, but for that, you need to configure the zoom settings from the Mod menu in the game. To use this feature all you have to do is press the Z key from your keyboard, and if you want to go back or zoom out the screen then you can use the mouse scroll button to do so. You can also turn off this setting from the Mod menu.

You may be wondering if the quality will degrade with the zoom, then let me tell you that it won’t. There won’t be any pixels(apart from the actual ones in-game) when you use the zoom option, and you will see everything as it is. Remember that this is only supported by Minecraft 1.16.2 and above versions of the game. There are many other things that this mod offers along with the zoom options, so let’s see what they are.

Other Features of Ok Zoomer Minecraft Mod

There are a few other choices or should I say configurations that Ok Zoomer mod offers and these options affect your scrolling, zoom transition, and few other configurations in-game. Here we have listed them below.


In every game, sensitivity is an important configuration. If your mouse sensitivity is not properly calibrated, you will have difficulty playing a game. With the WI Zoom feature in ok zoomer mod, you don’t have to worry about sensitivity, even while zooming. That’s because the ok zoomer mod slows down the mouse movement when you are zoomed in, which makes it easier to use.

Zoom Mode

You can use Ok Zoomer mod in 3 modes, and the choice depends on the user. You can make the zoom permanent with just one push of the button while being Persistent, and Hold will only zoom while the zoom button is being held. The other one is a toggle that lets you switch it up between the previous two options.

OK Zoomer Mod

Zoom Transition

The transition from in and out of Zoom is something that is also an important part of using zoom. If there is no proper transition, then it causes discomfort to players. So for that, there are 3 options here, you can choose for a simple and easy transition or linear for step-wise transition. By using the third option, you can turn off the transition. 

Zoom Scrolling

Like in many games, you can use the mouse scroll button to go in and out of zoom.

There are a few more features and kinks to it that you can find, check out more info from curseforge.com. You can also use the link to download the ok zoom mod for Minecraft by clicking on the download button in the screen’s upper corner the right. If you need to choose from different versions of the mod, you can use this Zoomer Lod Minecraft link. There is an important prerequisite for this mod which is the FabriAPI, without this, the mod wouldn’t work.

Fabric Mod 

Every Minecraft player knows that the mod version of the game is mostly run on Forge. Forge lets players add mods to the vanilla Minecraft(Minecraft version without mods) so that they have fun playing the game. The Fabric mod for Minecraft is similar to forge, but you can say that it is a light version of Forge as it is a less complex API when compared to Forge, which helps the devs provide faster updates. 

While Fabric isn’t as popular as Forge among the Minecraft community, the good thing about Fabric is that you get so many mods(as many as a couple of thousand mods are available) that can be used on every version of Minecraft. The Thing with mods is that they can be too buggy, and if you are tired of bugs in your Forge version of Minecraft then maybe it’s time that you switch to the fabric as it doesn’t have many bugs due to less complexity. 

Due to that reason, many people now have started using Fabric, and another reason for that is some complex Redstone designs can be built with ease on Fabric. So if you want to build something simple in Minecraft, then Fabric should be your pick, but remember that it can be quite tricky if you are using multiple mods. Another thing to remember is that there are various versions of Fabric, and so you have to choose them after making sure that it is the right one for your game. You have Cursed Fabric, Jumploader Fabric, Legacy Fabric, and a few more to choose from. Now to help you download and install the Fabric we have provided a few instructional steps below.

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Fabric API Download

Before we begin with the installation process, you need to have mods downloaded on your device, and for that, you can go to curseforge.com and choose your required Fabric mod for the game. Another important thing that you need is a library called Fabric API, which is crucial to install and run any Fabric mod. 

So for that, you can use this Fabric API download link. You can find the download button on the top right side, and if you need to choose a particular version then you can click on the ‘Files’ tab and choose the required one. Next, follow the below steps for a simple installation.

OK Zoomer - Closeup

Steps to Install Fabric Mods

  • After you have downloaded the required mod from the provided link, use the keyboard keys Windows + R to open the Run box.
  • In the Run box, type %appdata% and click ok. In the opened windows tab, go to the Mods folder in the Minecraft folder.
  • If you cannot see a Mod folder, then just create one. After that, go to the downloaded Mod file and copy/move its .jar files to the Mod folder.
  • Finally, after you are done with the above steps, the installation is done, and you need to open the game in Fabric profile from the launcher.

That’s it, your Mod installation is done. You can use the same procedure to install any Fabric on your device. If you are doing this with your Mac device, then for the 2nd step you should “~/Library/Application Support/Minecraft” to go to the Mod folder.

Some Fabric Mods

It is difficult to choose from 2000 mods, but here are a few good ones for you.

There are many more great fabric zoom mods in Minecraft, but for now, check these out, as most of these are pretty great as they provide a fun experience. Though all of these are Fabric mods, some are even available for Forge. You can download any of these mods by clicking on them. It’s our wish to select a particular version of the mod, then click on ‘Files’ and choose the desired version.

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OK Zoomer- Full Zoom


Now that you know what Ok Zoomer mod is, you probably understand how important it is for every player. So download this zoom mod for Minecraft with the link provided, and if you have trouble installing it then we have already covered a small tutorial on how to do so. You should also check out the other Fabric mods provided in the above list that will provide you the best experience for Minecraft.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Is there a Minecraft zoom mod Forge?

Like OK Zoomer for Fabric, other Minecraft Zoom mods for Forge let you zoom your game for large distances. Mods like WI Zoom, Better-Zoom, and SimpleZoom can be used for Forge. 

Can I use the Fabric zoom mod in Forge?

No, you cannot use the Fabric zoom mod in Forge as they have different APIs.

How to change the zoom settings in zoom mod?

You can go to the mods menu and change or calibrate your mouse or other zoom settings for the mod.

Do you need Fabric API for mods?

To install any Fabric mod you need the Fabric API library which is a prerequisite for any Fabric mods.

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