Pixelmon 1.14.4

Pixelmon 1.14.4

Just when you think that you have heard about or seen almost every good mod in Minecraft, the modders bring something and surprise you. Once start trying different mods in Minecraft there is no stopping you, you will keep on playing the game for hours, and try as many mods as you can. Mods add many new aspects to the world of Minecraft, sometimes they just add some features, and other times, they just completely change the game.

One such mod that completely changes your Minecraft gameplay experience is the Pixelmon 1.14.4. The word Pixelmon 1.14.4 sounds familiar doesn’t it, that is because it is. If you are playing Minecraft then you probably aren’t living under a rock, and if that’s the case then there is a good chance that you have heard of Pokémon. That’s right, the Pixelmon 1.14.4 brings the world of Pokémon into Minecraft.

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Pixelmon 1.14.4 in Detail

If you love Pokémon then you might have some famous Pokémon games for Nintendo like the Pokémon red, blue, black, white, diamond, sun & moon, etc. While all those games are amazing and to play, they cannot entirely capture the true essence of playing Pokémon as a game. On the other hand, with Minecraft, it’s as real as it can get(obviously not counting Pokémon  Go). 

With the vast open world of Minecraft, you can add the Pixelmon 1.14.4 mods and get a true experience of what the Pokémon game would be like. You can battle, trade, and many other things that are possible in the world of Pokémon. All the mobs in Minecraft will be replaced with different kinds of Pokémon that can be of various generations. 

You can just go out into the wild and encounter Pokémon just as you encounter any mobs. Some Pokémon may attack you and others might not, and if you have a Poke ball of your own then you can catch any wild Pokémon. Also, the bosses are replaced with Pokémon s of different generations. Currently, there are as many as 898 kinds of Pokémon added with the Pixelmon 1.14.4 mod.

Apart from the Pokémon, the mod also adds items, Pokédex, NPCs, Poke balls, TMs, new blocks, ores, and many more. 

Pixelmon 1.14.4

Features of Pixelmon 1.14.4

Various Generations of Pokémon 

The number of Pokémon in Pixelmon 1.14.4 mod is no joke. All 898 different Pokémon are divided into 8 different generations. From the all-time favorite Pikachu in the first generation to the 8th generation sword and shield starter Pokémon like Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. 

You can not encounter all these Pokémon, but it would still be fun you can at least find half of them. For more info on all the Pokémon in the game, you can check this Pixelmon mod 1.14.4 wiki.


With all these Pokémon you need to away to keep track of all the ones that you encounter or catch. Just like in other games, you have Pokédex for that. The Pokédex updates every time you face a new Pokémon or catch one. The goal here is to find and catch as many as you can to complete the Pokédex.


You cannot have a Pokémon-themed mod without having items like poke balls, TMs, ores like bauxite, Apricorns, new blocks, medicines, and held items. All these are important items in the world of Pokémon as you need poke balls to catch Pokémon, TMs (training machine) to teach new moves to your Pokémon, and held items that provide extra power-ups/effects.

You can buy some items like TMs, poke balls, and medicines from Poke marts which spawn on various locations. Other than buying poke balls, you can also craft them using Apricorns and iron.


There are various recipes available in pixelmon 1.14.4mod that can be used to craft items like PC(used to store/move/switch Pokémon), healer, trade machine, multiple vending machines, old rod, camera, item finder, various kinds of poke balls, and decorative items. 

If you want to evolve your Pokémon then you need evolutionary stones that are different for each type. You can craft many types of evolutionary stones with appropriate materials.  Look for more recipes from this Minecraft Pixelmon 1.14.4 wiki.

Riding a Pokémon 

You heard it right, there are few Pokémon that you can ride. Flying-type Pokémon can be used to fly to different places by riding them. 

Apart from all these features the mod also adds some well-known characters from the world of Pokémon as NPC which can interact with. Also, you can find random Pokémon loot chest around the map that contains poke balls, medicines. There is no fixed goal for this mod, you can play solo to find various Pokémon, battle NPC, battle gym leaders that can be NPCs, or other players which depend on the server. 

Check this Pixelmon Wiki for a detailed list of items and other info. You can choose between Pixelmon reforged and Pixelmon generation for your Minecraft which are the same mods with slight variations. Some prefer reforged versions for smooth gameplay while others prefer generations for their quick updates. We will talk more about these two in the latter part of the article.

Now it’s time you download and install the Pixelmon 1.14.4 mod for your Minecraft. You can check the tutorial which is given below.

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Pixelmon Starting

Steps to Install the Pixelmon 1.14.4 Mod

  1. First, download the mod from curseforge.com. The download link is for the reforged version of the mod, you can also download the generations with this Pixelmon Generations 1.14.4 link that also has other versions of the mod.
  2. Assuming you already have java and forge installed on your device continue with the next steps. If you don’t hen download Java and forge before starting the mod installation.
  3. Now after you have downloaded the mod, extract the files.
  4. Type “%appdata%” in the Run box or in the Windows search bar to go to the .minecraft folder.
  5. In there you will find mod folders, and if you don’t then just create one.
  6. Move the .jar files of the downloaded mod to the mod folder.
  7. To use the added mod you have to open the game in forge profile from the Minecraft launcher.

That’s it, now you can battle or catch Pokémon in your Minecraft. Also, this procedure can be used for both reforged and generations versions of the mod.

Pixelmon Reforged and Pixelmon Generations

If you have recently started playing Minecraft with the Pixelmon 1.14.4 mod then you might have heard Pixelmon reforged and Pixelmon generations multiple times. These two are the same mods with a few different options that are made by different developers. Even though they offer the same features there are slight variations in performance, number of Pokémon available, and release of updates.

Each dev claims that their updates are frequent, but at the time of writing this article, Pixelmon generations have the latest update which is the Pixelmon version on 6/12/2021. That doesn’t Pixelmon reforged updates are not frequent. The Pixelmon reforged updates add new mega evolution along with some new Pokémon and items. The reforged version is smoother and has fewer bugs than the generations. 

Previously the Pixelmon reforged version has fewer Pokémon in the 7th generation, but the mods now have been updated, and have the same number of Pokémon as in Pixelmon generations. While both versions of the mod are great to play you have to choose between the two.

 If you are looking for good gameplay then choose the reforged version, and if you need constant updates with more features then go for the Pixelmon Generations mod. There is no better mod in comparison, each just has its perks. You can choose your desired version from the links below.

Pixelmon Reforged Mod

Pixelmon Generations Mod

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Minecraft Pixelmon 1.14.4 Mod


You shouldn’t need any more information than the description “A mod that brings Pokémon into Minecraft” to decide to play pixelmon 1.14.4mod. This is what Minecraft is all about, changing the game to your affinity. If you do not like something then you always change it. Make sure that you choose the right version for your gameplay which is either reforged or generations, and also the same version as your forge. If you do not know how to install this mod then the tutorial for the same has already been provided in this article. Have fun catching them all.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Was Pixelmon mod canceled?

Yes, in 2017 Pixelmon mod wound up in a controversy. The controversy had to do with the rights of the Pokémon, and how it cannot be used in Minecraft. So the creators of Pixelmon received a legal notice to take down mod from Minecraft, which they did at least for some months. Then by the end of the year, the mod came back and was renamed Pixelmon Reforged.  

How many generations of Pokémon are there in Pixelmon mod?

Currently, there are 8 generations of Pokémon in the mod which are approximately 893 types. Some of these Pokémon spawn randomly, and some can be fought as bosses.

Can you run the Pixelmon mod on a server?

Yes, you can both Pixelmon generations and reforged on a personal server. Based on the server you can even fight other players in 1v1 battles or as a gym trainer to earn gym badges.

What crafting recipes are available in this mod?

You can craft many items like poke balls, medicines, vending machines, PCs, healers, etc.

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