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Customization is the main aspect of Minecraft. All the mods that are available for Minecraft are used for customization that provides a better gameplay experience. Without mods, Minecraft probably wouldn’t be fun to play with. Sometimes, if there are too many mods in the game, there can be a conflict. So to prevent this conflict and provide players with access to customizing the game, we have a mod called PlayerAPI 1.8.9.

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All You Need to Know About PLAYERAPI 1.8.9

PLAYERAPI is sort of a loader like Forge or Fabric, but unlike them, it cannot do anything by itself. It just provides support for multiple other mods in the game, but it is essential to have a PLAYERAPI mod for every player. It can help with other mods by providing users with access to use certain commands in-game. To use such commands, you need to have a certain amount of experience in using Java, since the whole game is made on it.

There are certain mods like Smart Moving and a few others that need the PLAYERAPI mod. Some features of PLAYERAPI include providing client access to users, access to servers, and also access to Bukkit classes. Other access includes “EntityPlayerSP” which is client class and “EntityPlayerMP” which is for server class. 

One important thing is that the current versions of PLAYERAPI are no longer supported and do not work. Only some older versions now support these features, versions like PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 and older ones can be installed to use the PLAYERAPI features. The PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 version for Minecraft was released in 2016 and still supports the PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 features. 

Some mods that use the PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 are Aether(1 & 2), Combat Tweaks, Enchantable Bow Patch, Galacticraft, MineFantasy, Skills API, Sports Mod, and some other mods that require PLAYERAPI 1.8.9. This makes the Minecraft PLAYERAPI mod essential. To find out how to download and install this Minecraft PLAYERAPI mod, you check the tutorial given below.

How to Install the Minecraft PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 Mod?

Before you begin with the installation process, you are required to change some things. First, check to see that you are making use of the Forge for Minecraft. If you don’t, then check this Minecraft Forge link. This is for the 1.8.9 version as we are talking about the payer API with the same version, you can even select other versions too…

Second, download the PLAYERAPI mod from It is better if you choose the PLAYERAPI 1.8 version, as the new ones are not supported. Now let’s begin the installation process.

  • After you have downloaded the PLAYERAPI mod, extract the zip file.
  • Go to the mod folder in Minecraft by using the Run box, and typing “%appdata%” in the designated space.
  • When you reach the mod folder, copy/move the .jar files from the downloaded files to the mod folder.
  • If you cannot find a mod folder, then create one and follow the third step.
  • With this, your PLAYERAPI 1.8 mod will be installed in your forge version of Minecraft.  
  • You can even check if the mod has been successfully installed by going to the mod menu from options in the game.

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Player Api Example - Minecraft

What Is an API?

To put it in simple terms, API(Application Programming Interface) is sort of a bridge between two applications. An API helps you communicate with an application, which can be a remote server of some app. 

To make it even simpler, let’s just say that you open a webpage on the internet, which is Twitter. The moment you try to access the web page or application of Twitter, your browser or app sends a request to twitter’s server. The server takes the request and sends back an appropriate response, which you can see on your device.

Here you can say that twitter’s server is an API and the app/browser is a client. That’s how an API works. Every time you open a webpage or use an application, it goes through an API. While the main concept is similar in Minecraft, it isn’t entirely the same. With the API in Minecraft, you get access to tinker the game code to either add certain new elements or remove them. 

If you have good experience in java, then you can fix minor bugs, innovate new mods, customize a part of the map in-game, and much more. You can even change the entire gameplay of Minecraft and make it like an arcade game. The possibilities depend on you.

Different Versions of PlayerAPI 1.8.9

The different versions of Minecraft player API mod 1.8.9 that we are talking about are the various release versions for the game that have been released so far with various changes. At the time of writing this article, the PLAYERAPI 1.12.1 was the last released version. After that, there has been no new release for the PlayerAPI, and the last released versions were abandoned. So if you want to install an API, then you should probably look for older versions.

Here we are going to list a few older versions of API along with their download links.

These are some older versions of Minecraft Player API that will still work with your Minecraft game, as for the newer versions there is no guarantee. 

Player Api

Mods That Use the PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 and Other Versions

I have already listed a few mods that use the above-said API. Here we are going to discuss some of those mods, and what they are used for in Minecraft.

Aether Mod

It is a great mod if you want to explore new places filled with dungeons and creatures, biomes, and other stuff. Aether mod offers players a whole dimension to search and dive in. To enter this fantastical dimension that is located high in the sky, you need to construct a glowstone frame and then fill its entrance with water. Entering the frame will teleport you to this floating dimension, and it is going to be fun exploring. 

There is also another mod which is like an upgrade over the Aether called the Aether 2. You should go for Aether 2 even if you haven’t experienced the Aether mod, as it is a much better mod than the previous one with unique dungeons and creatures.   

Battlegear 2 Mod

You probably already know about this mod as it is a recreation of an already existing mod of the same name which is Mine & Blade: Battlegear. This mod upgrades upon the already existing one as it adds new weaponry which can even be held in both hands and some new shields. Also, certain aspects like sword blocking have been removed in this mod. It also has a new system for battle mode along with new weapons like daggers, spears, and some more. You also need to know that not all mods are free from bugs, and this one isn’t an exception. It has certain bug issues with RenderPlayer API, and it often crashes with SinglePlayerCommand. You can get more info on this mod by using the download link.

Flan’s Mod

If ever thought of driving a car or a plane in Minecraft, then this is the mod that you should install. It gives everything from vehicles to weapons that will make your game into a warzone-like battlefield. You can even game with this mod in multiplayer mode, drop bombs on your enemies or just shoot them up with heavy turrets, and even throw some grenades.

This mod also features a few new game modes that are usually found in FPS multi-players like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. It would be worth playing such modes in Minecraft. 

Galacticraft Mod

This is an interesting mod as it lets you explore space, and it has 4 new dimensions added in it that will take you to an asteroid, moon, Mars, and also to a space that will be built by you. To explore all these, you need to use NASA’s benchwork to make yourself a rocket, and then you can just fly away into space. Various spaceships will help you explore different dimensions depending on the tier you are in. The distance that you travel depends on the spaceship’s tier.

You will get new items, mobs, dungeons, and a few other things. This is a huge mod and there are some add-ons available as well for this mod. 

Sports Mod

For sports fans, here is a mod that lets you play various games in Minecraft. You can play basketball, football, tennis, and even baseball. While you may have all these games separately in other video games, it’s not going to be the same. 

These games are a little difficult with the game mechanics of Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean you will always suck at it. All these games have a unique field of gameplay, and even the ball mechanics are different on each field. If you have installed this mod, you should also check some settings provided in the download link.

Many such amazing mods use the PLAYERAPI and let you make a few changes here and there. So add them and have fun.

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Finally, all you have to remember from this is that if you are someone who likes to change and tweak the game a little, provided you have the skills to do so, then you need to add the playerAPI 1.8.9 mod to your game. Not just for that, but if we like to play the game using the above-mentioned mods, then this mod for our Minecraft game is needed. Make sure that you install the right one, as the new ones are not compatible now. Also, check out the tutorial if you don’t know how to add new mods to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What renders PLAYERAPI 1.8.9 for Minecraft?

To render the player and its classes, the “render player API 1.8.9 Minecraft” provides access to certain 3rd party applications. This library provides access to classes like ‘RenderPlayer’, ‘ModelPlayer’, and ‘ModelBiped’.  

Can I customize mods that are not built on API?

No, you cannot customize or make changes to any mod that doesn’t have or is not built using an API. Without API, there is no mode of contact between the player and system, so you cannot make any new changes to the mod.

Does the 1.12.1 version of API work?

There is no specific confirmation that this version doesn’t work, but it is stated that the new versions of API are no longer working.

Does every mod require an API?

No, not every mod has or requires an API. That just means that a player cannot make any change to the released mod.

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