Pokémon Fusion

Pokemon Fusion

Pokemon are unique and amazing creatures, well, in the game I mean. Each pokemon comes under a unique elemental type, which also means that they can use those type abilities. With 8 generations of pokemon games so far, there are a total of 898 different pokemon. These 898 pokemon can be categorized into 18 different types. Now, did you know there is such a thing called Pokemon Fusion?

Yes, you hear right. There is such a thing called Pokemon Fusion where one kind of pokemon can fuse with other pokemon. Not just that but fusing in such a way will even allow the resulting pokemon to use the moves of pokemon it fuses with. Still can’t figure out this whole fusion deal? Then just picture the Dragon ball series fusion thing without the whole funny dance or the earrings. Similarly, pokemon can fuse together using an item called DNA Splicer.

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If you have access to this item then you can fuse two pokemon. In case you have played the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 games then you will come across this Pokemon Fusion thing. In those games, Kyurem is seen to fuse with Zekrom/Reshiram, depending on which game you are playing. The Pokemon Fusion using a DNA splicer will not work on every pokemon but a selected few of the same species. One other thing is that the pokemon that have mega evolved cannot be fused with other pokemon. It just doesn’t work that way.

Players can even buy this DNA splicer in the game from the pokemon mart, though not every pokemon mart will sell them. Luckily, these are available pretty early in the game. Once a pokemon fusion is done, it can also be undone by using a DNA Splicer.

Any other Way for Pokemon Fusion?

This isn’t the only way to fuse pokemon though, there is one other method. This method isn’t like the one that we previously talked about before. In this other method, you can fuse any pokemon with others without any restriction but this one isn’t in the game. There is software created by Alex Onsager, which allows you to fuse any pokemon. You can just go to the site and choose the pokemon you awn to fuse and click the fuse button. This way you can fuse any pokemon regardless of type and species.

I know I said that there are no restrictions when it comes to Pokemon fusion using this method, but there is one minor detail I might have forgotten to mention. One of the software on the internet only allows you to use 151 pokemon sprites. Using this method will just replace one body with another and change come of their colors and design. They do not make a major overhaul but the result does look very different from what you would imagine. Some of them even look hilarious.

Pokemon fusion was actually a thing of the past, but it recently reemerged again. In this age of social media, all it takes is one good meme to revive anything. This has happened with many things, and now the same thing with the pokemon fusion. Some use on Tumblr posted a meme of pokemon fusion which got a lot of popularity. Naturally, people started sharing this across various platforms, and let this led to people trying out various pokemon fusions.

How does this Pokemon Fusion Generator Work?

Pokemon Fusion

There are actually quite a few sites that have these pokemon fusion generators. The process is very simple. All there is to do is go to the site and select any two pokemon from the available list. Then hit the fusion button. In this fusion, there is one primary pokemon and another that it fuses with. You can try out sites like pokemon.alexonsager.net or japeal.com.

The Pokemon fusion generator site also has an option to select pokemon randomly to see how various fusions look. Just click on the random button and have some fun with various fusions of pokemon. If you use the alexonsager site then there’s also an option to enter your name and see which starter pokemon you get. Every fusion of pokemon has either a cool or a funny name, which is also basically the fusion of two names.

Using DNA Splicer

Pokemon Fusion

When it comes to fusion in the game using DNA Splicer, you already know how it works. Just in case you do not how it works, here is the explanation. To fuse pokemon in the games like White 2 and Black 2, open your bag and select the DNA splicer. Then use it and you have to select your two pokemon. The first one you select is the primary pokemon and the next one that you choose is the one that fuses with that pokemon.

Fusion will add attributes of both the pokemon to the resulting pokemon. Some fusion can even make the pokemon stronger and better. They will also have moves of the fused pokemon and increased stats. Fused pokemon cannot hold any items.

Some In-game Fusions

If we talk about the official fusions from the games like Black 2 and White 2 then there is the Kyurem fusion. In these games, Kyurem fuses with Reshirem and Zekrom to become White Kyurem and Black Kyurem respectively. This is the official fusion we know about from the games. Apart from this, there are several fusions from Fanon. Some of these fusions include

  • Pangoro + Beartic = Artic Pangoro
  • Espeon + Umbreon = Lunar Espeon
  • Lucario + Zoroark = Illusive Lucario
  • Meinshao +Raichu = Lightning Meinshao
  • Gardevoir + Gothitelle = Gothic Gardevoir

The first one mentioned in the fusion is a primary pokemon while the latter one is the secondary pokemon.

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Best Pokemon Fusions

While there aren’t many fusions in the game, canonically that is, but there are a lot of fusions that you can try using various fusion sites for pokemon. Thanks to the rising popularity of fusions for pokemon(again), many people have been trying out various fusions. Some of them look great while others are hilarious. Here, I’m going to list out a few such fusions that I have loved.

These fusions are going to be from those pokemon combiner sites, and specifically from japeal.com since there are a lot of pokemon options in there.


Pokemon Fusion

Remember that cute and not so harmful Caterpie from the first-gen bug-type pokemon. We have used it as our primary pokemon and chosen Trubbish as the secondary pokemon. Trubbish looks a little weird without even fusing with any pokemon. Imagine fusing these two into a single pokemon. Well, you don’t have to because we already did that for you. Caterpie and Trubbish will fuse to become Trubpie. Some might even think that I have robbed caterpie of its cute face, but it is what it is.

This fusion has basically put the face of Trubbish on Caterpie and added all the colors to Caterpie. If you think this looks weird then wait till you look at the fusion of their evolved forms.


Pokemon Fusion

What happens when a mighty rock and fighting type pokemon fuses with a measly little water-type pokemon. It’s simply the result is you have basically devolved a fierce pokemon into a puny little one. You can see from the image how the fused pokemon looks, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Terrakion deserves better. Regardless of that, the whole point of fusion is to make the pokemon look weird, interesting, or funny. So I would this does a pretty great job at that.

I mean, just look at its face and those fins for legs and tail. Makes you feel sorry for poor Terrakian for being fused with one of the most useless pokemon, Seaking.



You would imagine two pokemon like Pyroar from generation 6 and Regigigas from generation 4 would become intimidating pokemon if they ever fuse. The truth seems far from it though the image clearly shows that Pyroar and Regigas are not a match at all to become a strong and fierce pokemon. It is a shame that a legendary pokemon as Regigas is reduced to look like a clown when fused with such a fire-type pokemon.

You can see that the fused pokemon looks like they just changed the colors of Regigigas to the ones Pyroar has and put its face of Regigigas. The face covers up the whole making it look like the pokemon is missing its torso.



Now this one doesn’t look that bad, actually, it looks great. A simple water-type pokemon like Seel looks like he got some upgrade in the form of steel armor. All thanks to the legendary steel-type pokemon Registeel that a mere pokemon like Seel looks like a formidable one. Now Seesteal will have both the abilities of water-type pokemon and a steel-type. Though this doesn’t provide much growth for the pokemon as there is no edge to its moves when compared with other pokemon types.

Both the steel-type and water-type are strong against rock type, but steel is weak against fire type. This is where the fusion works as water-type is great against fire-type. Well, there is no point to it though as these are just for fun and as there is no such fusion in any game.



Wow, I must say this is the best fusion that I have seen so far. Incineroar and Metagross fuse together to become Metaroar and they just look fantastic. You see that the Incineroar is the primary pokemon here as the main body is of his, while Metagross is the secondary pokemon. Combining the Fire, dark, and Steel, Psychic types gave birth to a Steel and Fire type pokemon. Steel types are usually weak against fire types, so this is an interesting combination.

It has the huge arms of Metagross so you can punch your way through. You’ll be able to use both fire and Steel-type moves with this pokemon.

I believe these are some of the best fusions that I have found on the internet and the ones that I like. Try out the various fusions on your own and tell us which are your favorite ones in the comment section.

Pokemon Fusion Generation

Pokemon Fusion Generation

Since we are talking about fusions, how can we not talk about Pokemon Fusion Generation? For those people who have never heard about this game, it is a fan-made game. The name should give it away that the game allows players to use fusion. This was released in 2012 by developer Matt Martin. It takes various elements from Generation 1, 3, and 4, while the game is set in the Kanto region.

It is an RPG game, and the game was made with RPG Maker XP. You will find the game is very similar to the other, with the only exception that there is fusion in this one. Most of the things in the game are Generation 3 and 4, which is evident from the NPCs, setting, and player. The game has been in development for a long time, which is from 2004-2012. This is also the period when all its pokemon fusion sprites were made for the game.

The game has also received multiple updates in the form of game improvements, new additions, etc. There’s also a sequel to this called the Fusion Generations 2, but unfortunately, the game didn’t see the light of the day. Now, do not mistake this with the Fusion website that we discussed earlier. Both are different things, one is a game and the other one is just a website with software that various pokemon fusion. In the game, you can use those fused pokemon to play, but in the generator, all you can do is just look at them.

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

The pokemon infinite fusion is another game where fusion is the main theme, but the only difference here is that there is infinite fusion. Unlike in the official games, Black 2 and White 2 where you can only fuse the legendary pokemon Kyurem with Reshiram and Zekrom, this game allows 145,161 combinations of fusion. This basically means that you can fuse any two pokemon together. Though you will need a lot of DNA splicers for that. All the sprites are made by the pokemon community which amounts to 15,000 types. For more information on this game, take a look at this pokecommunity page.

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Wrapping Up

If you wanna have some fun with pokemon mergers then the fusion generator site is perfect for you. That japeal.com site will let you choose almost all the pokemon there are from 8 generations to try fusion. The only ones that are not available are the mega evolutions of pokemon. As for the normal evolutions, you can try them out too. We have also listed a few interesting and unique fusions that we tried out ourselves. So do not forget to take a glance at that as well. In case you want to actually play with such pokefusion characters then try the Pokemon Infinite Fusion game, as this allows for all kinds of pokemon to fuse.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can you fuse other pokemon in White 2 & Black 2?

No, Kyurem is the only pokemon that can fuse with two other pokemon in the game. We have already discussed this in this article multiple times. In case you do not know the whole deal about fusions in pokemon then I suggest you take a glance at this article to find out.

What is Pokefusion?

Pokefusion is nothing but the fusion of two pokemon to form a single entity. The resulting pokemon from fusion will have the moves of both pokemon. Fusion also boosts the stats of the resulting pokemon, improving the pokemon most of the time. Try out some sites mentioned in this article to find out how fusion looks. Also, we did list some fusions.

How does fusion for pokemon works in games?

Players need to use the DNA splicer to fuse two selected pokemon. Just use the DNA splicer from the inventory and select the two pokemon you want to fuse. That’s who simple it is. Play Pokemon Infinite fusion if you want to try various fusions.

Where you can find DNA splicer in Pokemon White 2 and Black 2?

The very first DNA splicer you will find is when you go to Opelucid City in those games. In there, you need to meet a Gym leader named Drayden, he will give you a DNA splicer. Another way to get some is to buy them from poke marts.

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