Prestige Skins – League of Legends

Prestige Skins

Devs often reward their players with unique items in-game that can be super rare and difficult to get. This is to keep players hooked to the game even after they have been playing the game for years. It also makes players feel that the devs care about them, and the game finds more players even if it gets old. 

In League of Legends, there is one such reward that players get that is rare to obtain, and that is Prestige skin. Prestige Skins are limited edition skins that only exist for certain champions in the game. These skins are difficult to get because they can be exclusively bought with a rare in-game currency, which is Prestige Points.

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What are Prestige Skins?

In LoL, there are many types of skins for every champion. Those skin types include rare, epic, legendary, and some rare/limited skins. Riots have released a rare version of the skin called Prestige skins for certain winners. Out of 140 champions in LoL, devs have chosen around 26 champions to give them these rare skins. 

So what exactly are these LOL prestige skins? To put it in simple terms, they are just a better version of an existing costume for a champion. Let’s say there is a champion named Ahri, devs chose her and include different colors, more VFX/SFX, new animations for particles, attack, recall, death, and movements. In a word, the hero looks more cool or badass, depending on the vibe they are going with. Then they paste the tag of rarity and only release that look during a particular event.

Result? Players are excited to get a rare skin and flaunt it in front of other players to feel superior. That’s how every game earns its money. I don’t mean to say that it is a scam, but not every LoL prestige skin is the best version of that champion. You can only get these skins using prestige points. Each prestige skin costs 100 prestige points in the store.

Best Prestige Skins in LoL

I mentioned earlier that there are 26 skins in the game for 26 characters, and some more are on the way. Here we are going to discuss some that were ever released in LoL.

Mecha kingdoms Garen Prestige Edition

Mecha kingdoms Garen

While Garen has always been a great warrior, this version of Garen is not just a warrior, but also the leader of the Great United Kingdom. He manages battles from the front and leads his fellow men on the battlefield. Even though most skins of Garen have armor, this is different from the rest as it covers every part of the body including the head. You can draw similarities from this skin with the ‘mecha suits’ in the ‘Mobile Suit Gundam’ series. The golden armor looks pretty good and impenetrable from any sort of attack.  

Also, new animations like the recall effect make it one of the best prestige for any champion. You also get a new voice filter with this skin. So to get this skin, you need to spend 100 prestige points in the store.

Dark Star Malphite Prestige Skin

Dark Star Malphite Prestige Skin

It’s one thing if a creature is made out of stone, but if it is made from a dark star consuming its energy, then there is no telling how much strength it possesses. The dark Star Malphite prestige skin pictures Malphite being born out of cosmic dark stars and the result is scary as it is breathtaking. You do not want to mess with this big guy, as he can annihilate entire systems and consume them within. 

You get cool new VFX/SFX and voice filters with this skin, along with some great animations for attacks and recalls that make this skin worth spending prestige points. This skin is an event-exclusive skin that costs 2000 tokens to purchase. 

Coven Zyra Prestige Edition

Coven Zyra

The design for Coven Zyra may be new, but the character is pretty the same with skin. She is as ruthless and vicious as she ever was, and she doesn’t show mercy on anyone. The golden-white color is a great departure from the original classic skin, which makes this skin even more interesting. New additions for this skin include an audio filter, VFX/SFX, and new animations.

If you have saved some prestige points, then you will be able to buy this skin using 100 of those prestige points.

PsyOps Ezreal Prestige Edition

PsyOps Ezreal Prestige Edition

A decent chance to the PsyOps Ezreal skin, while it does make the normal PsyOps skin look better, it still is far from being the best of Azreal skin. The LoL community is a bit divided with this skin as many are not happy with the new animation changes and especially with the hairstyle for Ezreal. Sometimes he looks like Pentakill Kayle rather than any other version of Ezreal.

Even though many may not be happy with this version of Ezreal skin, it still is a good Prestige skin edition when compared with other champion skins. Unlike other skins that can be bought using Prestige points, this skin needs special 2000 PsyOps tokens to add to your collection. 

Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Edition Skin

Nightbringer Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a skilled martial artist and a warrior who always seeks battle. He lives to fight and finds pleasure in the heat of battle. Nightbringer Lee Sin is completely consumed by his deepest and darkest desire of battle to unleash chaos and is terrifying in this skin. There is not much difference between the prestige version and the normal Nightbringer skin, except for color thematics. The attack style particles and recall animations are similar, which doesn’t make it much appealing for players to grind for this skin. Anyway, you can get this skin with 2000 versus 2019 tokens from the store. It is a pretty rare requirement, as many skins require prestige points.

Battle Queen Diana Prestige Edition Skin

Battle Queen Diana

This League of Legends prestige skin for Diana has a contrasting design when compared with her classic skin. Her original lore which says that she is the living avatar of the silver moon’s power can be drawn parallels with the Marvel character Moon Knight. He too, like Diana, receives his power from the moon god Khonshu which isn’t a direct derivation of Diana’s character but is a little similar to him. 

With Battle Queen Diana, the champion’s story is quite different, as she is more of a warrior now than a vigilante. The golden-white armor looks pretty great for the champion and puts it in a top spot from all other Diana skins. Now you probably want to get this skin, but to get one you need 2000 Battle Queen tokens.

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True Damage Yasuo Prestige Skin

True Damage Yasuo Prestige Skin

The whole point of skins is to provide a unique spin on champions and make player’s feel that they are playing with a new character. In the case of True Damage Yasuo Prestige skin, the change is pretty obvious as the classic character is a wandering samurai who is living his life one day at a time.  With the Prestige skin of Yasuo, the story is quite different, as this one is a successful music producer who demands the attention of everyone with his music.

If we talk about the skin then you can notice the common golden color inclusion in every prestige skin, and there are new animation changes with these skins which while not the best for a prestige skin are not that bad either. To get this skin, you need to spend 100 prestige points in store.

Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition

Obsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition

A new prestige skin was released for Sett as a variant of his Obsidian Dragon skin in 2020 which is the 3rd skin for the champion. It has new animations for recall and particle effects for attacks that, while not much sparky, still provide a decent upgrade over the classic skin animations. Especially, the dragon recall effect and armor design look good for our champion.

Instead of prestige points in League of Legends, players need 2000 World 2020 tokens to get this skin from the store. There is another LoL prestige skin that is going to be released for champion Sett called the Pool Part Sett. So be on the lookout for this skin and have fun playing with Sett. 

So these are some of the best LoL Prestige skins in League of Legends that players can choose for their champions. Most of these can be bought by using prestige points from the shop. There are some more skins on the way for other champions. You can find more info from this Prestige Points League page.

Upcoming Prestige Skins for other Champions

Since the new system for purchasing rare and limited items hasn’t been introduced yet, and will probably take till the year-end to be implemented, some new skins are going to be released this year. The below LOL prestige skins are going to be released in 2021.

  1. Lunar Beast Fiora
  2. Sylas
  3. Pantheon
  4. Battle Academia Leona
  5. Conqueror Jax
  6. Zed

Best Prestige Skin in League of Legends 

You need to focus on many things that determine the best skin. Things such as animations, champion design, and  VFX/SFX. These should be the key factors that you should consider before going for a skin, and another important thing is how good the gameplay feels while using a particular skin. 

Considering all those factors, the best prestige skin in League of Legends is a personal choice, but if I have to choose then I would go with the Nightbringer Lee Sin Prestige Skin as my personal favorite. While many skins for Lee Sin make him look cool, this skin provides more of a badass look, and the animations are good. Even though my initial description may not seem like I like this skin, this would be my choice for the best skin. I would also like to mention that Pulsefire Lucian Prestige skin and Star Guardian Soraka Skins can also be considered as the best prestige skins.

Changes to The Prestige Skin System

In late 2020, Riot Games announced they are going to make changes to the existing system of buying rare items and skins using the prestige points. This was meant to be done by the mid of 2021, which was somewhere around June. Again, the loL community wasn’t happy about this, as their hard-earned prestige points would go to waste.

By the end of every year, a sale opens up for using the prestige points. If you don’t utilize those points by the end of each year, then your whole year’s grind for prestige points was for nothing, as the points reset by the coming year. In the light of new developments, Riot Games announced that the time limit for using prestige points shall be extended till mid-2021, which is the time given before a new system is introduced for buying rare items.

Two months ago, one of the devs from LOL announced that the new setup that was about to take effect by July 2021 will be pushed to the latter half of 2021, probably by year-end. Along with that news, he also stated that some new prestige skins are about to be released for some characters. So if you have some of those prestige points saved up, then you can spend them on some new skins.

What are Prestige Points?

Every game has a specified in-game currency to purchase certain items like cosmetics, characters, and upgrades. Only with that specified currency, you get certain rare items. For League of Legends, that unique rare currency is Prestige Points. Riot Games introduced Prestige points to let players buy limited-edition versions of stuff like emotes, items, and skins. The devs also wanted those prestige points to be difficult to obtain because that’s the whole appeal of being rare.

Initially, the prestige points can only be bought using actual real-life money. This decision didn’t sit well with the players, for which the devs received flak. So they incorporated other ways in the game for players to get Prestige points. You can farm matches in various events after getting their pass to get prestige points, or buy master chest bundles using RP to get some prestige points. There are few other ways as well.

Though you can buy many rare items with prestige points in LoL, many players mostly spend their prestige points on obtaining rare prestige skins of champions.

Prestige Point

How to obtain Prestige Points in League of Legends

As mentioned many times in this article, Prestige points in League of Legends are the rare currency used to obtain rare chests with items and some unique prestige skins. Let’s see how you can get those precious prestige points.

  1. There are two common methods to earn prestige points. One is using your RP and buying masterwork chest bundles from the store. If you spend 2250 RP then you can get 13 prestige points in that chest bundle, which at first might not seem as much but is one of the best methods to get prestige points without much effort. That’s not the only thing you get from these chests, you also get other rewards like champions skins. So if you don’t want to put any effort or time into getting the prestige points in League of Legends, then get more RP and buy as many masterwork chest bundles as you need.
  2. Another method is, to acquire event passes for many events and finishing milestones and activities in those events to get some prestige points. While this may not be simple, it still is a good option to get prestige points in League of Legends.

Also, by playing events, you are rewarded with event tokens that are specifically required for some champions to unlock their skins in the game. While most skins require prestige points to open, and some need event tokens too.

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For anyone who is looking to get some prestige skins then this is the time to spend some RP or grind event matches to get those prestige points as the prestige points system will most likely be changed by the end of this year. Check all the accessible skins, and also make sure you have enough prestige points or event tokens to get the ones that are releasing in 2021.   

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Can you buy any prestige skin using prestige points?

No, not every prestige skin can be bought using prestige points, some skins need event-specific tokens to be unlocked. Many events require you to buy event passes so that playing those events will reward you prestige points when you complete some event missions and milestones. So not every skin can be bought using prestige points.

When will the new system to buy rare items replace the prestige points in LoL? 

While Riot Games announced that it will replace the current system of buying rare items in-game way back in November 2020, it still hasn’t been changed yet. According to a recent update from devs, the changes to the prestige points system will probably take effect by the end of 2021. So make sure to take full advantage of the currently existing system before it is replaced with a new one.

Can you directly purchase prestige points from the LoL store?

You cannot directly buy prestige points by using real-world currency or even RP from LoL stores. To get prestige points you need to spend RP and buy masterwork bundles which provides you a certain amount of prestige points depending on the bundle you buy. 

Why are prestige skins so rare?

There is a simple reason for that, anything which is rare attracts the attention of humans(in LoL players). So players compete and spend real-world money to get those rare skins and items like prestige skins, which helps game studios earn money. Also, any new and rare items/skins in games keep players hooked to the game. That’s the reason devs introduced prestige skins as rare items.

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