Project Zomboid Mods

Project Zomboid Mods

A game rarely runs for more than a decade, so not many can claim that feat. Tough often times a few games are just so brilliant that they keep on living from one generation to another. A few such games would be Sonic, Pac-Man, Mario, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and a few others. All these are unique and offer a different gaming experience, but there is one more game that many might not be aware of. It is Project Zomboid, and we are gonna talk about this game, along with some Project Zomboid mods.

Before we start talking about the project zomboid mods, let us first talk about the game itself. This is a pretty simple isometric game actually that was released in 2011 by “The Indie Studios” on Steam. They release this game on Windows, OS X, Linux, and Java platforms. The game is set in a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world and is a survival game. It has many horror elements and allows players to explore its open world.

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Since it is an open-world horror game, you can guess little how it is gonna be. Despite its simple premise, the game is hit, which should be evident as it has been running and being developed for a decade now. The reason for the constant development releases is that the game’s original code was lost. That’s right? Two laptops containing this game’s code were stolen from the Indie Studios, so most of the original content was lost. Hence the game is still receiving updates and patches.

The recent update added a lot of content to the game. Including a new map, animations, music, sounds, and a few overhauls. There’s also a new city called Lousiville, other than Knox City, that the game is set in.

Project Zomboid Gameplay and Some Interesting Project Zomboid Mods

There are a lot of things we can discuss about this game, and all of them are interesting. While the main aim of this article is to provide you with some Project Zomboid mods, we shall also talk about the gameplay a little. So, we will talk about what kind of gameplay project zomboid has, then we will jump into the project zomboid mods.


Project Zomboid Mods

When it comes to gameplay, any zombie apocalyptic game aims to survive, but this is all about how you are going to die. The surviving part and the elements involved in it are going to be a bit different for this game. The area that the game is set in, Knox County, is a quarantine zone. Players start the game with a character creation menu that will allow players to choose a trait, occupation, and major skills from the available pool. There are quite a few options in every category so make a wise choice. It is better if you go for the Thick Skin trait to survive wounds.

Do not be thick-headed and just read the tutorial shown at the beginning of the game. This is if you do not have experience with such games. The game starts by dropping you off in a house or a trailer. If you have played the tutorial then you will already have certain things like some nails, a bat, a shotgun, pain pills, a lighter, a hammer, and a few essentials. Using what you have, gather the necessary resources for survival and find & build a safe house.

One piece of advice for beginners is to steer clear of windows as the herd outside will notice you. Also, don’t be a hero and go on a killing spree when you see zombies. You also have to preserve your energy and food, so be stealthy and avoid unnecessary confrontations. Everything after that is something you will figure out on your own. In case you need a complete guide for this, then this pzwiki or Fandom guide could be of help.

Features of Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Mods

The game may be simple and easy to play, but everything is not what looks like, so is this game. There are a lot of things this game offers, so we are going to list out some features of this game that everyone should know.

  • The already known feature is that it is sandbox style Zombie apocalytic horror survival game. Too much?
  • It also supports online mutliplayer mode and there’s also an Co-op mode where 4 players can enjoy splitscreen gameplay.
  • Great animation and sounds for all those hordes of zombies following you to eat your brains out.
  • The lighting and shadow details are great, and in the game, you can use those things to avoid zombies. Just stay in the dark or cover your windows with sheets.
  • Character customiztion feature that lets you add and choose variosu skills and abilties available in the game. Fishing, cooking, carpentary, farming, etc are few of those skills.
  • In-game, players will have to face various psychological and mental challenges like depression, hunger, and anything that comes with survival.
  • The game’s map is pretty huge and provides a vast number of options for exploration and scavenging.
  • There are a plethora of mods, that add and improve the game vastly. Since the game is still is developement, there are a few interesting that are available through mods.
  • The game is highly customizable and you can choose aspects like the transimissiability of the virus, number of zombies, type of you loot you get while exploring.
  • Use every tool to your advantage to build barricades, fortress, or anything that helps you survive.
  • You can even play the game with a gamepad.

For more such features, check out this GOG Project Zomboid article.

Project Zomboid Guide

I know you guys have been waiting to find out some great Project Zomboid mods, though I suggest you hold on to your horses for a little while. If you are just starting in this game, then more than Project Zomboid mods, you need a guide on how to start in this game. It might seem like a simple game, but there are always new and different things in each game. In such cases, it doesn’t hurt to know things ahead. While there are a lot of ways to survive in this game, we are gonna share some tips and tricks that are gonna help you out.

Tips & Tricks for Survival

Project Zomboid Mods
  • Before you start this game, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. This might be a survival game, but you are gonna keep dying and there is no denying that. So prepare yourself for that.
  • It goes without saying that stealth is your best friend. No matter how skilled you are at smashig zombies, being stealthy is absoultely necessary.
  • Supplies, supplies, supplies. This shouldn’t be surpising as it is a survival game. The best things to get early in the game are a bag, battery(spare one), torch, and backpack. Just overdo looting.
  • Even if you have a roof over your head, if the windows aren’t barricaded then it is becomes your grave.
  • Make use of skill boosk, especially crafting recepies, and for godsake, learn to cook(to prelinish health).
  • Guns might be fun when you land a headshot, but they are extremely loud and draw unecessary attention of those rotting walkers.
  • Talking about loud noises, some houses and cars have alarms. So be on your guard when you enter such places. Also, if an alarm is triggered then just flee the scene immediately.
  • Every occupation has its benefits, like theives have the ability to use locked cars. How? With a simple hot wire.
  • Keep an eye out of your surroundings. While maps are huge in this game, knowing the battlefield always helps.
  • Always have more than one safehouse, this helps when you go looting and need a place to crash when spotted. Also, take any house keys you find, you never know which lock one opens.

Well, there are a lot of other tricks that can help you out. In case you do need more such help, check this setreadygame article on the same.

Best Project Zomboid Mods

Now the time is ripe for you to take a look at the some of amazing project zomboid mods that are available for players. You do not have to add project zomboid mods if you already feel the game is huge, but there are a few mods that make the gameplay experience better without adding more gameplay content. Here, you will find all kinds of great mods, which are our personal favorites.

Craftable Molotov Cocktails

Project Zomboid Mods

If you have been playing this game for a long time then you may why this project zomboid mod is helpful. For those who don’t, let me enlighten you. The game previously had the option for players to craft and use Molotov cocktails. All you needed was appropriate materials to craft them. Though for some weird and unknown reason, the developers decided to remove them completely from the game.

So, the modders took it upon themselves to create a mod that would bring back this very useful feature to the game. Just install this mod and you will be able to craft and use those amazing Molotov cocktails on zombies. Now you can watch those hordes of zombies burn to a crisp, I like medium rare though.

Armored Vests Is One of the Best Mods for Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Mods

Doesn’t matter how good you are at stealth or if you place a fortress to stay safe, you will eventually go out and come in contact with hordes of zombies. While tunning off might be a good idea, there are times when you have to fight and fights get messy. Zombies are gonna scratch and bite your skin off, but if you have good armor, the damage can be controlled. The armor vests are the best bet for that.

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It vastly improves some vests in the game like the Balaclava, Police/Military/Civilian bulletproof vest, mask, helmets, etc. These improved vests and armor reduce the damage taken from zombies and protect you from bites, bullets, and scratches. For more detailed features of this mod, use the download link and check the description.

Resident Evil – Jill Valentine

Project Zomboid Mods

This is a very simple project zomboid mod that just adds cosmetics to your game in form of a character skin. If you have played the Resident Evil game and are familiar with the characters, then you probably know Jill Valentine. She is one of the favorites in the series, and this mod brings her skin to the game. Apart from that, there are no other stat changes or additions to the game, this is purely an aesthetic thing.

This character’s skin is similar to the one that we see in Resident Evil: Nemesis, with just a few slight modifications. If you love the character then add this mod for her skin, as the original game doesn’t have much interesting look for the character. There are a few other Resident Evil skins that you can add from mods. Other character skins include Chirs Redfield, who has 2 different skins. Take a look at this Skin 1 and Skin 2.



Getting bitten by those nasty mindless walkers is inevitable in the game. After getting bitten, you turn into a zombie or staying human is all about luck. Let me tell you that you aren’t gonna be lucky. So this is one of those project zomboid mods that can be a relief to players in the game. It balances the game and gives you better odds of battling the infection.

When a zombie bites you, the antibodies start their job of battling the infection. This is more similar to how real-life antibodies work. The mod adds some factors that decide whether you turn into a zombie or not. Things like the Infection stage, Moodles, Traits, and parts that are infected. All these factors decide whether you turn in to walker or not.

ORGM Rechambered

ORGM Rechambered

While bashing brains out of zombies is extremely fun, you cannot deny that having guns and headshotting them doesn’t feel any better. So I suggest you add this mod that adds a bunch of guns to the game and makes it more interesting. If you have used OrMntMan’s legendary Real Guns Mod, then this might look familiar as it is the next step in that mod.

You will find more than 100 new guns in this mod along with options for various configurations to them. These guns have better reloading and are highly configurable when it comes to reloading and other mechanics(recoil, barrel length, etc). There’s even an option to add hotkeys for a faster and effective reload.

Recycle and Craft

Recycle and Craft

This mod adds a lot of interesting and useful features to the game. If you are like me, who loves to explore every inch of the game and take everything they can find, then this is for you. Find and use every junk you get in the game to make useful items like katana(my favorite), Axe, metal extractor, etc. You’ll find this very useful in the game.

The mod also brings a new Dehydration system, where you have to find the metal junk and build a metal dehydrator. This will help you preserve food and water to make it last longer. There’s also an option to use dehydrate rotten food, but I’m guessing not everyone is going to be okay with that. Excluding the ones that we mentioned so far, there are more additions in this game. Things like darts, javelin, clubs, and nail clubs, etc along with their recipes.

Realistic Textures

Realistic Textures

It may seem like it is wrong to expect good graphics and textures from this game, you do not have to feel that way. That’s because there are a lot of people who think that and hence we have the realistic textures mod. While this doesn’t completely overhaul the game’s graphics, it still does a pretty good job at it. The characters now look way better with improved textures for their body and hair.

The mods have multiple hairs and skin colors for the player, including new textures for zombies which are terrifying to look at. This mod has 5 different installation packs and each of these options adds more or less similar to the game. So I suggest you check out the mod download description and everything that the page mention to get a better idea of what you are downloading.

Well, I believe these are some of the best project zomboid mods available for this game. Though there are a few others that might be useful as well as interesting. Try Bedford Falls, Levelers Skill Bonus, Homemade Bats, LiveStat, etc. Also, check out this Project Zomboid Nexus mod page.

How to Install Project Zomboid Mods?

Since we talked about Project Zomboid mods, it is only fair that we also provide you with a guide on how to install those mods. This helps those individuals who do not have any idea about Project Zomboid modding. The download links for the mods have already been provided and along with access to download all Project zomboid nexus mods. The other way is to use the project zomboid Steam workshop.

So first, download the required mod from the project zomboid steam workshop, then the following instructions will help you with Project Zomboid modding.

  • Like many other games out there using mods, this one too has a separate mods folder(you can create one if there isn’t such folder).
  • In case you do not know how to find that folder then this is where it is — C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid\mods
  • Before this, make sure that you have downloaded the required mod and unzip it if the mod is a rar or zip file.
  • Then copy the contents of the mod to the mod folder in the above mentioned location. You can also drag and drop or move the mod contents entirely.
  • Just in case, save your game files somewhere else. This isn’t necessary but helps when things go wrong with any mod.
  • Now, open your game and go to the in-game mods menu and select the newly added mod.
  • Finally, restart the game and the work will work.

Well, this is how you install project zomboid mods. There is more thing that you might be interested in, and that is project zomboid modding. If that is something that you are looking for, then the next section could be interesting for you.

How Does Project Zomboid Modding Works?

Modding project zomboid can be quite difficult because there haven’t been many updates since 2021. Their wikis, forum, and even most of the experienced modders aren’t active even though there are many who want to mod the game. Regardless, to mod this game, you will need a text editor, Git, and some programming knowledge. It is difficult to teach the whole modding thing here, so you can check out this Reddit thread that will be of great help to you.

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Wrapping Up

This game is huge and has many interesting & immersive aspects. It is only when you start playing this game can you understand the whole fuss. So read this article in its entirety and you will get a better idea. Also, the mods will help add more content and optimize the game for a better experience. Just in case, we also listed a few good project zomboid mods for you, so take a gander.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Project Zomboid Nexus?

The mods for this game can be downloaded from either Steam or the project zomboid nexus mods page. So it essentially is a site where you can download project zomboid mods.

Are mods necessary?

No, it completely depends on your gameplay preference. Just check them out to understand what they offer.

What is a project zomboid workshop?

The project zomboid workshop is a Steam workshop where you can find all the content related to the game, including project zomboid mods.

Where can I download mods from?

There is Nexus mod and then there’s the official steam. Choose the desired option.

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