Returnal PC

Returnal PC

Have you played the Sci-fi Third-Person Shooter Game Known as Returnal, which Involves Interesting Game Concepts Such as Time Loops? If you did, then good for you. If you have no idea about this game, then you are in the right place. As here in this article, we are going to discuss briefly the Returnal PC Release Game, why is it is so popular among the Gamers, along with its various features and benefits. Next, we will answer whether Returnal on PC is available for the players right now or not. Furthermore, we are going to discuss the various type of Biomes in this video game along with their various functions, benefits, and limitations.

What Is Returnal PC?

 Returnal PC

As stated in the previous description, the Returnal is a popular third-person shooter game, which is assumed in a game setting that features an Astra Scout Character known as Selene, landing on the Planet Atropos, to find the mystery of a “White Shadow” signal that is being transmitted across the galaxies. Upon entering the planet, the character finds herself in a time loop. During this time loop, the players will face multiple combat situations, and they must find a loophole or key to exit from the Time Loop.

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Furthermore, what makes this game more interesting is, it is one of the best games in the Psychological Horror Genre, featuring a sci-fi setting filled with rogue extraterrestrial entities, that cause various vision changes across the planet. Moreover, to help you understand why this game has been gaining popularity across the world, we have listed some of the best features of the Returnal PC Release game below.

Best Features of the Returnal PC Game

Here in this section, we will list out the best features of the Returnal PC Release game along with a brief description, functions, features, and limitations.

Game Structure

The best feature of the Returnal Video Game is it offers rogue-like elements for the players, throughout the storyline. This means the players as they go through the time loop, assume one type of character, weapons, and armor. Once this character dies, next the player will assume a new character with a different set of weapons, armors, etc on the Time Loop. Which in turn makes the game more interesting and engaging. And not just that, the surrounding environments of the player’s characters also keep changing once the players enter a new cycle in the time loop. And lastly, the exclusive items earned by the players also change with the cycles of the Time Loop.

Story Telling

Unlike other Rogue Genre Movies, the Returnal PC release video game brings new aspects of storytelling, making the game unique and interesting. Being a sci-fi-oriented game, the storytelling touches on various scientific ideas, alien or extraterrestrial aspects, and many more. Which might cause the players to compare the concepts in the game to the real world often, in other words invoking the imaginative skills of the players. Furthermore, the storytelling causes the players to come across various hidden mysteries of the game, which will push the player’s curiosity to the maximum. In other words, the storytelling asks various mysterious questions, along with various hints hidden in plain sight. And the players must answer these questions as they progress through the game.

Shifting Environments

Another Unique Feature of the Returnal on PC game is that it consists of various shifting environments whose visual appearance is awesome. Furthermore, as the player progresses through the levels in the game, they will encounter clear changes in the surrounding environment depicting various seasons. Making the surrounding environment more visually appealing and interesting. However, the main features are large-scale structures consisting of historic ruins which continuously change along with cycles. This in turn means the players will encounter a new type of Returnal gameplay altogether, as they will face new villains in a new environment with new weapons.

Weapons & Their Traits

If you have played the Returnal PC game before then you must have noticed that the game offers various types of interesting weapons for the players to choose from after each cycle in the Time Loop. And with the change in the Weapons, the traits offered by these weapons also change. moreover, the return game has 10 types of base weapons, ranging from rifles to short guns. Furthermore, the players will unlock many powerful weapons at medium and higher levels in the game. And not only that, but the players will also uncover exclusive weapons during their missions in one cycle, where they have the opportunity to switch between better weapons, to successfully complete the mission and defeat the enemies. Lastly, the weapon traits in the game are of 90 types, providing a wider range of choices for the players.

Exclusive Tools

It is always interesting to find exclusive and unique tools in the game, especially on an alien planet offering various functions. And the Returnal on PC game offers many types of tools for the players to choose from after each cycle in the game. For instance, the Kinetic Siphon item which helps the players to restore their Hitpoints as soon as they land hits on the enemy targets with melee weapons. While the Dismantler, essentially a bomb, can help the players to destroy all the enemies surrounding you at the same time, which can be extremely useful at higher levels in the game. And lastly, the Clothonos allows the players to fill up their arsenal permanently with unique items that they will earn as rewards during Returnal gameplay.

Is Returnal available on PC?

Now back to the main topic, is the will Returnal come to PC. The answer is no, not yet. As the Returnal on PC Game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment is only available for the Popular PlayStation 5 Platform. However, the game has plans to move to the Xbox gaming platform, due to its rising popularity. Although, the game might take a little bit longer to get to the PC. As the Returnal game is currently exclusive gaming from the PlayStation platform, and even if the game comes to the PC platform, it will be much later in the coming areas.

In addition to this, many people are confused that the Will Returnal come to PC, as many other Popular Video Games like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn have made it into the PC platform recently. Moreover, the game producers and the game developer company Housemarque has not disclosed any details about the game coming to the PC so far. This means we can hope that the game will eventually make its way to PC due to its rising popularity. Apart from this, the Returnal PC due to its high-quality graphics requires additional graphics cards and other requirements even if it came to PC in coming years. And lastly, the game was released recently on April 30, in the year 2021. Any plans of expansion on the game will happen mostly like at the end of the next year.

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What Does the Gameplay of Returnal On PC involve?

If you are new to the Returnal Game, then the Time Loop Returnal gameplay can be a bit confusing, and hard to understand at first unless you put some serious hours into it. Therefore, to help you out we will provide instructions or guidelines for you here in this section. First of all, when you start the game, you will assume the Selene Character. You will wake up in your crashed spaceship, from where you venture out into the surroundings to find the mysterious White signal, equipped with only one sidearm. However, during this first run, you will die within a few minutes, as you come across the alien enemies.

Similar to this, you will once again get back to the spaceship and start the journey again, although, you will have different weapons in your hand or find the exclusive weapons listed across the world. And for the next few runs, you will find new weapons that try to defeat as many enemies as possible and die again. Once you figure out, that you should concentrate on finding better weapons you will have the chance to succeed against the foes as well as the enemy boss. Now you will earn a key as a reward with which you can unlock a new biome, where you will face another enemy boss. Which might once again cause the players to die several times to succeed. Thus, as you unlock the biomes, you will progress through the levels in the game and earn exclusive rewards.

What Are the Different Biomes in Returnal?

First of all, the Biomes are new environments in the Returnal PC game after successfully defeating the Enemy boss at the start of the game. As the players continue to defeat the enemies, they will unlock more new biomes. And the Returnal Game in general has six biomes, which are explained in further more detail in the below sections. Along with their various features, functions, enemies, you face here, and limitations, etc.

Overgrown Ruins

Overgrown Ruins

The First-ever Biome the players will come across and spend hours and hours trying to defeat the Enemy Boss Phrike who resides here, along with his minions as well as other dangerous extraterrestrial species. Moreover, as the name itself suggests, this biome is full of ancient ruins that are covered in all directions with a massive rain forest environment in the Dark or Night setting. In addition, during the re-runs in this biome, who will discover various historical unique ruins built by various types of Aliens. Due to the darker environment, spotting certain types of enemies can be a bit difficult, however, once you find the right weapons and make correct strategies you can go through this biome easily.

Crimson Wastes

Crimson Wastes

True to its name, this Biome is filled with red sands depicting the Mars Environment, with various types of Alien Buildings Standing Tall all across the Biome. Moreover, the main unique visual feature of this Biome is the Mysterious Mountain in the distance the players can view, regardless of wherever they are in the Biome. Moreover, Ixion is the enemy boss you will face here in this biome, and similar to the previous one, you will come across various hostile alien species throughout this Biome. In addition to this, the Crimson Wastes biome is said to be located on the other side of the Planet of Atropos.

Derelict Citadel

Derelict Citadel

As the name itself suggests, this biome is located in a giant citadel-like environment that is expanding for miles and miles. No matter how much distance you travel in this dome, you will be located inside the Citadel itself. While traveling through this biome you will come across high platforms, with sheer drops that guarantee your death if you fall. The Nemesis is the Enemy boss you will face here in this Biome. And to find him you must head towards the Looming Tower in this distance. As you make your way to this tower, you will find many autonomous beings’ bodies littered throughout the area as well as exclusive items like weapons or other equipment.

Echoing Ruins

Echoing Ruins

This is one of those Biomes in the Returnal Game where you find some similarities with the First Biome, Overgrown Ruins, mainly because of the green rainforest-like environment. However, the Biomes showcases new types of Flora and the various types of alien enemies that live here. Which the players must face during their search to find the exclusive weapons or other items spanning here in this Biome. Moreover, this Biome is very difficult to complete, due to the various type of powerful enemies you face here as well as the Enemy Boss known as Hyperion. Therefore, in this Biome, the players will definitely die multiple times until they can understand how to beat the enemies located here.

Fractured Wastes

Fractured Wastes

If you have played the previous Biomes in the game, then you can certainly expect that this Biome is a Winterland located in a Dark Setting. Moreover, unlike an open world, like the Crimson Wastes, this Biome is located inside the Multiple caverns of the Caves. Which contain various enemies such as Dash-Proof Lasers, Dangerous Robots, and Dangerous Waters. In addition to this, unlike other Biomes, there is no enemy boss here, instead of his/her space is filled with several smaller size enemies who are equally tough. Therefore, you must prepare yourself, as this Biome will take a lot of re-runs, many hours, and powerful weapons to complete. Apart from the alien hostile creatures, the Iced up areas in the Biome also can be dangerous to the players, as they fire ice projectiles towards the players.

Abyssal Scar

Abyssal Scar

The Last Biome, the players will face in the Returnal PC Third-Person Shooter Rogue-Like Game. More importantly, this Biome is located in Dark Underwater Settings, filled with Murky Water Pools, giant Sea Plants, and many more. In this Biome, the players will come across the Enemy Boss known as Ophion. Apart from this Enemy Boss, the players will face various types of alien sea life creatures in the Abyssal Scar Biome such as Exploding Squids, Alien Fishes, and many more. In addition to this, the Biome consists of several deep gauges, which will lead the players to their certain death, if they are careful of their footing. However, in this Biome the players will earn an ability, which allows them to twice the distance in the Murky waters.

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In this article, we have provided a comprehensive description of the Returnal PC Game and answered whether the Returnal Game will come to the PC platform or not. Besides, we have shared the various features of the Returnal Game, that made this game popular across gamers from all around the world. Next, we shared a brief description of the Plot involving the Returnal Game Play. And lastly, we have listed all the Different Types of Biomes in the Said Game, as well as the Villains they will face, and the surrounding environments in each of these Biomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Returnal Video Game available for PC?

No, the Returnal Video Game, is not available for the PC systems yet. The game is only accessible to the PlayStation 5 Game Console Players as of right now.

What are the different Biomes in the Returnal Game?

Returnal Video Game consists of six biomes, like Abyssal Scar, Crimson Wastes, Fractured Wastes, Echoing Ruins, Derelict Citadel, and Overgrowing Ruins.

Why should you play the Returnal Video Game?

The Returnal Game offers various features such as an amazing storyline, unique shifting environments, multiple types of weapons, game structure, concepts, and many more. Each of these features is explained in detail in the above sections.

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