Rise of Mordor

Rise of Mordor

We all love the fantastical land of the Lord of the Rings, the characters, and their stories. The huge battles that took place in the world of Lord of the Rings like the Battle of the Fords of the Isen, Battle of Hornburg, or the Battle of Mirkwood were all amazing story points among few others in the books. What if you could fight such battles? Not in reality though, but through video games.

The Total War: Rise of Modor is one such mod that brings the world of J. R. R. Tolkien’s beloved book battles to the world of Total War. It can be called an epic overhaul for the game that stays true to books, at least in terms of the story. Even if you haven’t read the books the visuals will be quite familiar as they are based on the visuals of movies.

Now you can fulfill the fantasy of commanding armies from the world of Middle Earth and tearing down your enemy forces. Rise of Mordor mod was developed by multiple fans of the books, who took their sweet time to deliver this amazing mod. It was made by Haganaz, Thecrapshack, and victimized.

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Total War Rise of Mordor 

Rise of Mordor was released for the Total War: Attila to provide battles under the backdrop of LOTR and using factions from the same world. According to the devs, the story will close with the source material which is the books, though it might deviate at some places. Apart from the battle units, the devs also developing new battlefields, some custom settlement maps, and also developing Gondorian settlements. 

Gondorian settlements are being developed based on their architecture. Similarly, other Gondorian maps are also being made for the factions. You can expect to see some new creatures as well based on the same world, some of these creatures will include mûmakil, wargs, and trolls.

Not just that, but these custom creatures will also have new custom animations in the game. The Total War Rise of Morder can only be used for the multiplayer mode though, but the work for adding the campaign mode is in progress. Since it is a pretty large mod with so many things, the development on campaign mode is going a little slow, and the current priority is on the multiplayer mode.

The mod developers are also working on creating a replica of the map that represents Middle Earth. They have assigned a separate team for creating a custom tool to make such a map. You can command an army from 19 factions in this mod to fight against your enemies, some of them include Rohan, Dale, Gondor, Isengard, Dol Guldur, Goblins of the misty mountains, and a few others.

Features of the Total War Rise of Mordor Mod

The latest version of Rise of Mordor is the Alpha 0.5.0, which brings with it new maps, a complete Rohan faction along with tweaks for other factions, remade Mordor for Tier 3, and many other optimizations to your game. Here we are going to list all the info on the changelog of this Total War Lord of the Rings mod.

New Maps

A siege map has been added for the major and minor settlements of the Rohan faction. Apart from this, a few other siege maps have been added like Port of Linhir, Dunharrow, and Tarnost. The Edoras map has certain improvements along with the addition of the South Ithilien map, which is an ambush and land map.


Each unit from Tier 1 to Tier 4 has new unit members from various factions. You can notice some rework to the visuals of the Tier 3 Mordor units. The units of Rohan have been added new custom generals like Éomer, Théoden, and Théodred, all these generals are Knights from a different house.

Tier 1 now has Musetred Spears, Axes, and Archers along with Scouts of Rohan. Similarly, Tier 3s additions include Éored of the Eastfold & Westfold, Riders of Rohan, Esquires of Rohan, Sword & Axe Theigns, and Yeomen of the Mark.

In Tier 3 you can find Knights of the Mark, Eorling Men-At-Arms, and Garrison of the Hornburg. In the case of Tier 4, there are only two new additions that are Knights of the House of Eorl and Guards of the Golden Hall.

UI and Balancing

This release makes changes to the balance system in many aspects of the gameplay. For example, the berserker and cavalry unit size changes, battle rules, and battle morale system, changes to undead, Elven, stat changes, health tweaks to cavalry, overhauled weapon damage, and cavalry entries.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a few other changes and overhauls. In terms of UI, you can see new UI for Elves, new faction banners, and some units cards like Dol Guldur, Isengard, Dale, Easterlings, and Mordor have been improved.

Other Miscellaneous Changes

For many other changes and additions in this mod, you can observe things like bug fixes, a few new animations for ax and infantry category addition for the same, enchanted weather pack, a huge FPS increase in battle due to new LOD models, and a few other changes and fixes have been done in the Total war Rise of Mordor mod V0.5.0

To find out more about the V0.5.0 mod, you can check the developer’s official changelog from nexusmod.com.

How to Install Rise of Mordor Mod for the Total War Game?

To bring the breathtaking world of Middle Earth to the Total War game, install the Total War Lord of the Rings mod. Since the installation procedure isn’t like installing an app on the smartphone, you will need some help doing that. Well, listed below is all the help you need.

  • It would be wise if you temporarily disable the antivirus or the Windows defender since mods and anti-virus don’t go well together.
  • When that is done, download the Total War Rise of Mordor mod from nexusmod.com or you can also use moddb.com. If you cannot see the files then go to the Files tab.     
  • The mod isn’t available on Steam, and if you find one, do not download it.
  • Once you have download the mod file which should be a zip file, you have to extract its files to the “data” folder of the Total War Attila. You can also just extract and then copy the files in the said location. 
  • This can be found in the common folder of the steam. To go there, you can simply right-click on your Steam icon and select the “open file location” option.
  • When you get into Steam, next go to steam apps, and you will find the common folder. The rest you already know. 
  • After you are done with the copying of mod files(including pictures), click the mod manager file from the Attila folder to launch the game.
  • Tick any boxes you see on the launcher, and hit the play button to enjoy Rise of Mordor in Total War.

In case you have any more queries check out the changelog that also has installation instructions.

Other Total War Lord of the Rings Mods

While the Rise of Mordor is an impressive mod, it isn’t the only Total War Lord of the Rings mod for the game. There are few other mods for the game, some of which also include a campaign mode, which isn’t available in the Rise of Mordor.

Third Age – Total War

Third Age - Total War Rise of Mordor

This mod is for the Medieval 2 Total war game which is a total conversion mod for the game. It adds Middle Earth to your game along with features like many new locations and 25 custom settlements. One of the best things about this mod is that it has a campaign mode. 

The campaign mode has locations that are straight out of the LOTR book from Middle Earth. Not just locations, but you can play as the Middle Earth heroes and command armies from the said world. These armies consist of factions like Rhun, Isengard, Rohan, High & Silvan Elves, Orcs of Gundabad and misty mountains, and 7 other factions.

You can not miss this mod if you are a fan of the LOTR world and everything that resides in it. I can talk a lot more about this mod, but that’s not going to do it any justice, so play it and know it for yourself.

The Fourth Age – Total War

The Fourth Age - Total War

Another total conversion mod for a Total War game, but this time it is for the Rome: Total War. This mod is based on “The New Shadow” by R. R. Tolkiens, the abandoned sequel for LOTR.  This mod does the best to bring the world of Middle Earth and an aspect of it to Rome: Total War.

It might not be best for the mod since that place is taken by the Third Age mod, it still is a great mod that brings many things to the game. The major changes brought with this mod are the graphical improvements for your game along with many fixes, adjustments, and quality of life additions. 

You can also find battle settlement maps, improvements to huge units in battle, and a few other changes. Use the download link to learn more about this mod.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer: Rise of Mordor

It is more like a sub-mod for the Third Age: Total War, and is for the Medieval 2: Total War. This mod adds so many things to the Third Age mod and your game. You can find many new factions, new animations like 2D artwork, battle maps, scripts, and many more features.

Some playable factions include Remnants of Angmar, Orcs of Moria, Haradrim Tribes, Vale of Anduin, Kingdom of Dale, Kingdom of Gondor, Erebor, High Elves, Enedwaith, and 16 other factions can be used with this mod. 

Apart from all that you also get new units, UI improvements, campaign maps, et cetera. More info on this is available from the download link.

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The Lord of the Rings – Total War

The Lord of the Rings - Total War

In case you ever wanted to play the storyline of the LOTR trilogy movies then this mod is perfect for you. This mod lets you recreate and play all the battles that took place in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. There are new campaign maps added in this mod, and you can even find the Minas Tirith battle camp along with one another, which is the Helm’s Deep.

That’s not even the best part of it. To get an accurate LOTR movie experience, you can even play out the movie’s storyline of taking the ring from Hobbiton to the lands of Mordor to save the world. This is the mission to successfully finish the Free-people campaign.

The mod also lets you play minor battles that take place in the movies. All these features with minor fixes and vegetation additions. 

Total War: Middle Earth

Total War: Middle Earth

Use this mod in Total War Rome 2 to experience the world of Middle Earth. This mod supports single, multiplayer, and co-op gameplay. There is an option to choose from 19 different factions some of them include Dwarves of Iron hills, Erebor, & Ered Luin, Elves of Mirkwood, Imladris, & Lothlórien, Dunland, Umbar, and a few other factions.

The mod has a team of multiple developers who contributed to this mod to add campaign mode and many other features. You also have new events, new research trees, units, and many new features. Go to the “files” tab to download the mod. Also, the development for this mod has been discontinued. 

Total War Series

It’s been more than 2 decades now since the first game in the Total War series was released. Till now the franchise has spawned 15 games in the series, and that’s not including the 7 spin-off games. Even though not every game in the franchise has been a success, most of them have been praised for providing one of the best strategy-based gameplay experiences.  

Each game in the series has explored a different period, while some also explored completely different races. That’s what makes these games interesting though, also planning to topple different kingdoms with your army that has many factions. Since not every game in the franchise is a hit, we are going to list a few that are.

Remember the ones listed below are in no particular order, so don’t go insane in the comments section.

Total War: Shogun 2

With a 90 Metascore rating, Total War: Shogun 2 is one of the favorites in the Total War franchise because it stays true to its name Total War. This is due to more focused and well-executed gameplay that focuses more on the war aspect rather than trying to expand the gameplay with new additions. 

One of the main features of Rise of Mordor mod was the “Realm Divide”, this is an interesting feature that causes an all-out war between you and the rest of the clans. The reason for this war is simple, the other clans are scared of you and think that you possess too much power. So all the AI clans team up to take you out.

Total War: Warhammer 2

Building upon the previous game in the franchise which is Total War: Warhammer, the game adds so much new content for the players. Many players can agree that the gameplay experience is much better.

One of the main reasons for this is the augmented content from the previous games and the many new content packs. You get so many new factions, new warlords, tech options, and many other features from the previous game. It is also considered one of the most expensive games due to all features and content that had been added.

The game stands at an 87 rating from Metascore.

Empire: Total War

If you ever had the itch to battle troops on land as well as on the sea then the Empire Total War needs your time. You get to battle across the seas to conquer every part of the globe by commanding an army of troops that consists of cavalry units, artillery, and rifle squads. 

The game took place in the 18th Century and was a bit of an oddball when compared to other games in the franchise. While the game received a wide amount of love from fans and critics alike, this wasn’t the case when the game was first released. 

That’s because the game was rife with bugs that led to game crashes, installation errors, and a few other issues. Though all that changed when the game received all the necessary fixes. 

Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition 

The Warlord edition for the series first game is the Shogun: Total War that was released way back in 2000. Since they were many games based on the turn-based strategy theme, the Shogun: Total War was an instant hit. People loved the gameplay style and everything else.

Along with this addition, the game also got an expansion pack called the Mogul expansion that increased the game’s content by adding a new campaign, factions, and a few other things. 

Due to its sheer scale of battles and armies, players loved the game, and for that reason alone the game deserves to be played even though it is old.

Rome Total War

Some consider it to be the best game in the franchise, also, the 92 Metascore rating does support that. The reason being that the game offers more polished and balanced gameplay. It does the best job of allowing players to control various historical figures in the game.

The game was released in 2004, making players relive some famous and glorious battles in the history of mankind. Some of which include characters like Spartacus, Hannibal, Julius Ceaser, and the bloody Colosseum battles. All these things make the Rome Total War captivating, exciting, and worth spending hours of your life.

Some other games in the franchise that deserve a shoutout are Medieval Total War and Medieval 2 Total War.

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There are probably very few people in this world who haven’t heard about the Lord of the Rings books/movies, and even fewer who do not like it. So if you are one of those people who do not come under the above two categories and love to play turn-based strategy games, then you must try the Rise of Mordor mod for the Total War: Attila game.

If you did try Rise of Mordor mod and are looking for something similar, then head towards the sections that mention similar LOTR mods for various games in the Total War series.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Total War Rome 2 LOTR mod?

The Total War Rome 2 LOTR mod is a total conversion mod for the Rome Total War game. The mod adds factions and units from the world of Lord of the Rings to your game so that you can command those armies and be victorious in battles.

Does Rise of Mordor have a campaign?

At the moment no, the developers are currently working on the multiplayer mode only. They have also assigned a small team to work on a tool that lets players play a campaign in the Rise of Mordor, though it is far from complete and doesn’t even have a concrete date for the release.  It could be years before such a campaign for this mod is released.

How to install Rise of Mordor?

First, you have to download the mod from nexusmod.com then you have to copy its contents to the data folder of the game. For a more detailed explanation of this, you can check the installation sections of this article.

What are some other mods like the Rise of Mordor for Total War games?

There are a few mods that bring the world of LOTR to your total war games. Some of them include the Third Age – Total War, The Fourth Age – Total War, Total War- Middle Earth, et cetera.

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