Risk of Rain 2 Skins

Risk of Rain 2 Skins

Let us now talk about Risk of Rain 2 and the Risk of Rain 2 skins that may help and enthrall you while playing this game. If you have ever played Risk of Rain then there is a good chance that you have the sequel as well, and if you didn’t then I recommend that you do. Hopoo Games has vastly improved the graphics for this game by introducing 3D animation elements, unlike its predecessors which had 2D and pixel designs. The world of Risk of Rain is gorgeous and large that you can explore by using 12 different characters.

The game offers players online 4 person multiplayer modes that you can play with your friends, which would also provide an advantage with difficult bosses. If you have never played or heard of this game, then let me tell you that it is a shooting survival game that is played from a 3rd person perspective. As mentioned earlier, you can choose a different character of your choice from the list of 12 characters(called survivors in-game), and each character has unique abilities that provide an advantage over a specific enemy. For those characters, the game provides players with various Risk Of Rain 2 skins, which are cosmetics for characters without any innate abilities. 

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Characters in Risk Of Rain 2

Now, at the time when Risk of Rain 2 got released, there were only six playable characters in the game. With time and new patches to the game, there are currently 12 PCs (or survivors as they are known in the game) that you can play with. The whole point of having different survivors is to provide -players with unique gameplay when they use a particular survivor, and these survivors are equipped with different skills. To help you out and understand the survivors in the game, we have listed them below.


Most games provide one or two basic characters that the player can use to begin the game. For this game, Commando is one such survivor which you start your game, and he is sort of an all-rounder that can be used with any enemy.  He also doesn’t have any particular special advantages or disadvantages, so you can always count on him.


Another default survivor that you can choose at the beginning of the game. If you aren’t interested to choose commando, then you can choose huntress. Huntress has a decent “DMG” output, combined with great mobility. For a character like Huntress that has high damage and mobility, the health is low, so is the defense stat. Also, her attack range isn’t that high.


It is sort of a monster that has DOT (Damage Over Time) attacks. So if you spam with those DOT’s, then you can get good damage with multiple stacks. It can also use melee attacks in the adjacent range that can apply a DOT effect on the enemy. This survivor was added into Risk of Rain 2 with new updates. Acrid has the second-highest base damage when compared to other survivors.


If you want to play with this survivor, then all you are required to do is unlock him first. That can be when you finish the ‘Pause’ achievement. You can take on multiple enemies with his fire and freeze attacks, which are the result of magic. Artificer’s armor stat is 0 so make sure to maintain some distance when taking on hordes. 


Every game needs a stealth character, and the bandit is the one for ROR 2. The best way to use this survivor would be to attack from behind. I know it’s not an honorable way, but monsters don’t have honor. His attack deals more damage when hit on the back of an enemy. He can also throw bombs and daggers. To use him in the game, you need to complete the ‘Warrior’ achievement.


As the name suggests, the controls a ship that can rain down assaults on any enemy. He can also heal other players by using the same method. He can be a pretty useful survivor for controlling the outcome of a battle with multiple enemies. Using Captain on the battlefield requires you to finish the ‘Washed Away achievement.


An OG survivor of ROR2 which was also playable in ROR, is a pretty simple survivor who uses various weapons, more like gadgets, to take care of his opponents. His weapons range from grenades, mines to auto-turrets. Such weapons can be handy in taking down a bunch of monsters. Unlock him by finishing ‘Engineering Perfection’.


You can say that Heretic is a rare and powerful survivor in ROR 2. He has an amazing amount of health, which generally makes such characters a tank, but he also has more speed and destruction than any other survivor. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the devs have made this survivor a rare character. The one downside of Heretic stats is that his health depletes continuously for a certain amount of time, though this effect can be removed with some items. 

To use him in-game, you need to collect 4 heresy items without dying, which means in a single run. Only then can you select this survivor.


By finishing the ‘Guardian Offline’ achievement, you can unlock this character and use it in battles. It also has a good amount of health like Acrid along with 20 armor stat, which lets it take a decent amount of harm. The downside being that Loader can be slow and less agile.


Mercenary can jump twice and use melee attacks with agility. He can also dodge attacks and stun his opponents. While he has armor, his other base stats are pretty standard. With ‘True Despite’ achievement, you can unlock Mercenary.


Survivor with a good amount of health and a unique ability that lets him use two weapons/skills at once. It also has decent armor, but it is a little slow. Agility doesn’t matter as long as it can stand the ground and provide good offense. If you complete the ‘Teleporter Event’ 5 times, then you will complete the ‘Verified’ achievement that unlocks the MUl-T survivor.


This is probably the most weird-looking survivor in ROR 2 with its weird plant body and 4 metal legs. Its passive can help you reduce any incoming damage, and an opponent’s speed and armor. While it isn’t much of a damage dealer, the passive can provide good support for other players. 

If you need more info on all the ROR 2 survivors and their skill set then you can check this Risk Of Rain 2 Fandom link which can provide all info on the survivor.

Now that we have talked about all the survivors that you can choose to take part within ROR2, it’s time you know that there is an option to make these survivors look better in-game. That is, by using Risk Of Rain 2 skins. These Risk of Rain 2 skins are cosmetics for the survivors that you can equip to make them look different and better.  

Risk Of Rain 2 Skins

While it is a good thing that these Risk of Rain 2 skins are available for the players to unlock, the bad news is that there is only 1 Risk Of Rain 2 character skin for every survivor apart from the default one that you already have. Still, I can get behind having at least one extra skin for a survivor. Unlike other games like LoL or  Overwatch, you cannot buy skins for characters with the game currency. The only way to get a new skin for a specific survivor is to use a particular survivor and finish the game with it in monsoon mode. 

Hornet Skin: 

This ROR 2 skin is for our very first survivor Commando and can be unlocked when you finish the game in monsoon mode with the Commander. Monsoon mode in RoR 2 is a difficulty setting which is the hardest mode in the game. The hornet skin is a darker version of the default skin, with black and a darker shade applied to the suit. 

Arctic Skin: 

This is also a great skin. That is, among all the Risk Of Rain 2 skins. Arctic Skin is for the huntress survivor that like comm

ander can only be achieved by finishing the monsoon mode. There isn’t much to describe the skin, as the changes you will notice are with the colors. The red color in the suit is swapped with white, which explains the name arctic.

Janitor Skin:

While Janitor is a human name, this Risk Of Rain 2 skins name is actually for the MUL-T robot. Unlike the Hornet skin for commando, you can easily notice the changes with the skin. The yellow and brown shades are now changed to black and red respectively. With these changes, the machine looks like it has turned to the dark side.

EOD Tech Skin:

Another from the catalog of Risk Of Rain 2 skins for another machine survivor in ROR 2. In this new Risk Of Rain 2 alternate skin, the green color instead of violet provides our Engineer survivor with a little camouflage vibe. While it isn’t exactly a camouflage skin, it does resemble the design with its colors.

Chrome Skin:

Unlike other Risk Of Rain 2 skins mentioned above, this skin also makes little changes to the survivor design. The minor design change is with the clothing that changes the Artificer’s robe design along with the colors. The color theme is now darker compared to the default white theme, and you can also see changes with the gauntlets on her fists, which are now a little bulky.

Oni Skin:

I think you can pretty much guess who this new Risk Of Rain 2 skin is for, it’s for a Mercenary survivor. With the default ROR 2 skin, Mercenary has a fishbowl helmet. Since the skin specifically uses the term ‘Oni’, you can understand that the new design changes the old helmet with an Oni mask(which if you like ninja and samurai, will be a welcome change).  Other than the Oni mask, the mercenary’s armor is now changed from blue to red.

Smoothie Skin:

An apt Risk Of Rain character skin name for a weird-looking survivor. Other than the obvious color change, Rex’s waist part, which is between its weird plant and machine body, now, has flowers. Previously it was just some part connecting its upper and lower body, but now it has flowers blossoming. The upper plant part with large leaves now looks like an upper part of a pineapple thanks to the new green shade.

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Classic Skin:

Many Risk Of Rain 2 skins that we have been talking about have changed their skin color themes from light to dark, but this skin changes the theme from dark to light. If you are still wondering who this ROR 2 skin is for, it is for Loader. It looks like the pant’s color is swapped with the armor color. You can see that pants in default skin are yellow, and now they are sort of dark purple shade, and the armor now has yellow along with some orange shades.

Albino Skin:

If the default ROR2 skin didn’t make Acrid look ugly, then this one does the job perfectly. While the Acrid isn’t particularly good in its default skin, this Albino skin diminishes anything a little good. There aren’t many major changes to the survivor, but the change from dark red to pink is hard to look at. Hopefully, the devs either make changes to this Risk Of Rain 2 character skin or introduce a new one.

Admiral Skin:

Similar to other Risk of Rain 2 character skins in-game, this skin for Captain makes changes only with the color, Still, the changes make him look cool and as the name implies look more of an admiral than a captain. You can also draw a few similarities for the skin with other pop culture characters. While the similarities aren’t straightforward, there are a few similarities here and there. The dark black color is now changed to white, along with some yellow at the uniform collar. 

Chilly Skin:

A new skin that was recently added to the list of Risk Of Rain 2 skins. This ROR 2 skin is for bandit survivors and makes a few changes with the survivor design. There are no new color changes, but the design for Bandit’s hat and the gun have changed. The hat is replaced with a new helmet that looks like a creature’s skull that has horns, and the shotgun is now smaller with a slightly modern look.   

As stated multiple times before, all these skins can be unlocked by playing the game in monsoon difficulty and defeating the final boss. Another method would be to perform the Obliteration run, which is entering a portal in the 3rd stage of monsoon difficulty. That’s it, these are all the Risk Of Rain 2 skins that have been released till now. 

Well, that is most if not all the Risk of Rain 2 skins.  All of these can be used in the ROR 2 game. We hope the information provided to you in this article helps you understand every skin and make better use of it as you go on to play this fun game.

Tips for Beginners playing ROR 2

Tips for Beginners playing ROR 2

Some people need to accept that not everyone is good at gaming, and not everyone can pick up a game and be magically good at it. Sometimes you need a little beforehand so you can prepare to play a hard game. ROR 2 is not necessarily hard, but it can be depending on the settings and player’s skills. So here are a few tips for beginners to have fun playing ROR 2.  


First thing is to make sure to select the right difficulty for the game. There is no shame in admitting if you are not a tough player and if so you should go for the Drizzle which is easy mode. As you get accustomed to the gameplay, you can later try other difficulties.

Experiment with Survivors:

Try every survivor in the game. Don’t judge a survivor with just one bad run, and try playing multiple runs with them. Every character has their plus and minus, and one bad experience with them shouldn’t label them as not playable. It takes time to master a character, who knows you may change your opinion after a few runs.

Think Fast and Be Agile:

Now, the basic thing that every player should keep in mind is that the game’s difficulty increases as time passes. So make sure that you are quick on your feet, and take out the monster as quickly you can. The goal remains the same in every stage, finding the teleporter and waiting till it charges to go to the next stage. While the teleporters charge you will face hordes of monsters, so be quick to dodge and slash, hack, bomb or do what your survivor to win.


These are very crucial to persevere and win in ROR 2. Few players dismiss them for experience and leveling their survivors, but that would be a wrong move. Multiple items help expand a survivor’s damage data and life signs to provide a better chance at surviving.  Items like glowing Meteorite or Gesture of the Drowned can provide you an upper hand in battles. So spend those coins wisely before moving to the nest stage.

These tips should help any beginners get a good handle on the game, and if you need more info on this then you can also check the ROR 2 Steam Guide.

Challenges in ROR 2 

In ROR 2, there are few things or rather some achievements that you need to finish getting stuff. Unlike other games where you can use the in-game currency to buy items, characters, and upgrades, ROR 2 requires you to finish some challenges. There are so many challenges in the game that it is difficult to keep count, and finishing each challenge you can unlock stuff like survivors, items, skills, artifacts, types of equipment, and skins. All these things help you progress in the game, one way or another. 

For each reward, there are separate challenges, like for unlocking survivors you need to finish certain challenges, and for items there are others. Some of these challenges may require you to finish other challenges like unlocking Acrid survivor need to finish. To be left alone’ challenge, but to finish that you need to complete ‘Void Fields’. To list all challenges and their requirements in this article wouldn’t be enough, that doesn’t mean I cannot point you in the right direction. Check this ROR 2 Challenges Fandom page to get all the info on the said topic. 

Shrines in ROR 2

Shrines in ROR 2 provide an opportunity and advantage for players to get items that can sometimes be rare. There is no guarantee as to what item you will receive from certain shrines, you need to know that some shrines are battle shrines that will spawn hordes of monsters or bosses. Defeating those spawned enemies will grant you items. In total, there are 6 shrines in the game, so let’s briefly touch upon each of those.

Altar Of Gold Shrine:

If you want to place a ranking on the shrines, then it is probably the best one out of 6. It grants a huge amount of gold to players once you activate it. You will rarely find this shrine and can only use it once. Also, a gold orb appears on teleporting, allowing players to play a challenge to some more rewards.

Chance Shrine:

Think of this as a store placed randomly on a stage from which you can buy stuff. The items are usually random and there is a way to know what you will get from spending gold.

Woods Shrine:

The only good that it can give is Gnarled Woodsprite, which is after finishing ‘the one with the woods’ challenge. That challenge will finish later when you complete upgrading the wood shrine.

Blood Shrine: 

Using this shrine will grant you gold, but you have to pay the price with your health. By losing a certain percentage of your health, you will receive gold. Make sure you have enough health to survive later before using this shrine.

Mountain Shrine:

At the final battle near the teleporter, you can choose to change it to mountain challenge by using this shrine.  When powered, you may have to fight multiple bosses and monsters, but you also get extra items after defeating them.

Combat Shrine:

Activate the shrine and fight a boss or group of monsters at the shrine. Defeating them will drop gold, items, and if you are lucky then you can get the Artifact of Sacrifice. Difficulty and type of reward depending on the location of the shrine.

Well, these are the 6 shrines that you will find in ROR2, choose the required ones wisely and defeat everyone to get rewards.

Risk Of Rain Gameplay

Risk Of Rain Gameplay

Although we are looking for skins, it makes sense that we take a look at the game itself first. Since it is a survival game, the main objective is to survive various levels by facing hordes of different enemies. To pass to another level/map, you need to find a teleporter that can be anywhere on the map and activate it. When the teleporter is activated, you have to wait for a certain time before you can jump into it and land on another level. In the meantime, you need to face many enemies and bosses.

Till the teleporter is activated you need to kill all the enemies, and if you are playing multiplayer mode then you may have a slight advantage with the backup. That doesn’t mean that the monster that attacks you would be weak. With each passing level, the difficulty is raised to make the game challenging, and what’s the point if the game is easy, right? Also, if you stay for a long time in a single place, then you will face a larger onslaught which is stronger than before.   

As you keep killing enemies, you will level up and your stats will increase. Other than the stats, you will obtain various items as drops from enemy corpses. You will also get in-game currency, which then can be used to buy and unlock stuff like skins and items from chests. Some items dropped by killing enemies will boost your character stats, and even provide a synergy effect with others that can stack multiple times.  

Well, that’s the general gameplay for Risk Of Rain 3, which is pretty similar to the previous installment of the game. 

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I have covered pretty much everything about this game that can help both beginners and advanced players to move forward in the game. Make sure you check the beginner’s tips if you are a newbie, and not just, but check all the challenges and info on rewards that you can get in the game. Finishing various challenges can help you get rare items sometimes that provide an edge over other players, it helps even if you are not competing with your teammates. When you have enough experience, then play the game in monsoon mode to unlock all the Risk of Rain 2 skins.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is the Risk Of Rain 2 new skins?

So there are only 11 skins available in the game, the recent Risk of Rain 2 new skin being the Bandit skin which is Chilly skin. There is no news about any Risk of Rain 2 new skin, but hopefully, we will get a few more.

What is the Risk of Rain 2 mastery skin?

The Risk of Rain 2 mastery skins are the new alternate skin obtained by finishing the game in monsoon mode. There is no other Risk of Rain 2 mastery skins other than the ones already mentioned above in the article.

Do challenges only unlock items?

Items are just one of the rewards that you get from successfully finishing a challenge. There are various kinds of challenges; each kind of challenge rewards stuff like survivors, items, equipment, artifacts, skills, and skins. So now you can understand how important challenges are in ROR 2.

What are Elites in RoR 2?

Elites are enemy bosses with different kinds of abilities, they are kind of troublesome. Currently, there are 5 kinds of Elites in the game are Blazing, Glacial, Overloading, Celestial, and Malachite. Each belongs to different elemental abilities, like blazing is fire, glacial is ice, overloading is electric, celestial is haunted meaning they have ghost-like abilities, and finally the malachite which use poison to deal damage over time to their enemies. 

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