Sacred Flame 5e

Sacred Flame 5e

I don’t know about you, but I like flame attacks. Be it a fireball attack or a dark flame that incinerates everything in its path like Amaterasu, fire attacks are cool and devastating. When it comes to D&D 5e, one of the cantrips called Sacred flame 5e is something that you want to look into. This is indeed a fire attack, but it is not like others. That’s because this isn’t a beam of fire or a fireball, but it descends upon your opponents. Observe the term descends, which means it falls on your enemies from above.

This also makes it difficult to escape but can be avoidable when certain conditions are met(we shall discuss this later). To escape this cantrip one has to land a dexterity saving throw, or else take 1d8 radiant damage. While the damage may not seem like a devastating one, it still is a decent choice for players. The damage from this cantrip increases for the 5th, 11th, and 17th levels where it deals 2d8, 3d8, and 4d8 damage respectively.

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Features of Sacred Flame 5e

Features of Sacred Flame 5e

Some might argue that there are better cantrips than sacred flame 5e, which is true but this ain’t a joke either. Every spell, especially a cantrip, comes with its limitations. In the case of Sacred flame 5e, it is the range. You can hit a target with sacred flame 5e as long as they are in 60 ft range which ain’t that bad. It still is a decent range and the casting is instantaneous with just 1 action time. Now, to use this spell one has to have verbal and somatic components.

The spell description states that “the target cannot gain any benefit from a cover”. Now, this might be a bit confusing or some players might misinterpret this. The above statement doesn’t mean the taking cover will still land a hit, which it won’t though not in every situation. For example, if the target is hiding behind a wall with less than 50% or 25% visibility, then the spell will still hit them. That is because this spell isn’t a beam that gonna get blocked by a wall.

In case there is 0 visibility and the caster doesn’t even know where the target is, then in situations the target is safe. The spell doesn’t work if there is no proper line of sight, and this is true for most spells in D&D and not just Sacred flame 5e. So now you know how this spell exactly works, but do you know who can use this? Well, only clerics are the ones that get to use this spell in battles. No other class has access to this spell, which makes it unique to the cleric class.

Also, there are fewer chances of resisting radiant damage when compared to fire damage.

How to Use Sacred Flame 5e?

We have already discussed most aspects of this spell that give you a better idea of what this spell is. Remember whenever you are casting sacred flame 5e, you are not using a fire attack but a radiant spell. Radiant damage is different from fire damage, in a way that the radiant damage is more like a burst of light or a holy power. Though most of it depends on your flavor, regardless, both are different.

As long as one can move and speak without being blinded or affected by deafness, one can cast this spell with verbal and somatic components. Since it is a cantrip, one doesn’t require a spell slot to use it and can be cast instantaneously. Just use this spell on anyone who is in 60ft range and within one’s line of sight. The spell is sure to hit the target unless they make a dexterity saving throw. If the target misses the save then they are hit with radiant energy damage up to 1d8. This is when are under level 5, and we have already mentioned that the damage increases for the 5th, 11th, and 11th levels.

While cantrips are far from high damage spells, their output is steadily increased with increasing levels. This is to make them still useful even after a player reaches higher levels, though not many players prefer cantrips at higher levels. Unless they are cornered and are not able to use other spells.

Other Alternatives to Sacred Flame 5e

Sacred flame 5e spell is often compared with other spells like Toll of the dead or Eldritch blast. This is in terms of damage, range, and casting time. While the other two here are also cantrips, they aren’t truly comparable as one necrotic damage and the other deals force deals. Since they are both different kinds of cantrips it won’t be fair to judge them here. So we are gonna compare a few other spells that also deal radiant damage, just like sacred flame 5e.

Instead of the above-mentioned cantrips, we shall compare Sacred flame 5e with spells like Word of Radiance, Guiding bolt, and Divine Favor.

Word of Radiance

Sacred Flame 5e

A cantrip that when cast, makes you erupt with radiant energy that when hits a target deals 1d6 damage. This sounds like you turn into a Super Saiyan and attack your target, pretty cool right? Though “all that glitters is not gold”, because this cantrip has just a 5ft range. So unless an enemy is breathing on your face, this spell is not that great. Also, the damage is less when the sacred flame 5e. Dodging this attack will require the target to get a constitution saving throw.

This Area of Effect can be cast by Clerics. To learn more about this spell, you have to buy Xanther’s guide to everything. If we compare this with Sacred flame cantrip then this falls flat in just the amount of damage to can deal and especially range. So if you have to choose between the two, I would go with sacred flame 5e.

Divine Favor

Sacred Flame 5e

Now, this spell here isn’t a cantrip but a level 1 spell that also deals radiant damage. We are listing this spell here because there aren’t many cantrips that deal radiant damage. This spell is quite different from the ones that we talked about so far, as it doesn’t deal any damage per se, but boosts your weapon damage. A player has to cast this spell on themselves to add a 1d4 damage boost to their weapons.

This spell requires 1 bonus action to cast along with verbal and somatic components. It takes a minute to cast this spell so be aware of your surroundings when casting it. Paladins and War domain classes can use this spell. The best way to use this spell is to use this on dual-wielding Paladins to boost their weapon damage.

Divine Favor seems like a nice spell that can significantly turn the tide of battle. While the damage output isn’t much, it can be increased by using better weapons. So all you have to do is wield a better weapon and use this spell to add more damage. Both Sacred flame 5e and Divine favor cannot be directly compared, but if we do, I think I would go with Divine favor. Then again, this isn’t a cantrip so you cannot use it whenever you want.

Guiding Bolt

Guiding Bolt

Another spell that is available to clerics at level 1, and is useful if you are making them for tanks or offense builds. Any target that is visible within 120ft range can be hit with this guiding bolt spell. This ranged attack also buffs your attack on the next turn after dealing a 4d6 radiant damage on the first one. You get an advantage in the second turn after using this spell.

With 1 action casting time, you attack your enemy using verbal and somatic components. As your spell slot level increases, so do this spell’s level of destruction. With every spell slot level upgrade, this adds a 1d6 radiant damage. So it is a decent damage dealer, might be even better than Sacred flame since this has twice the range. So you can go for this spell instead of the d&d 5e Sacred flame cantrip if you choose classes like Clerics, The Celestial, or the Oath of Glory.

These are the spells that come close to d&d 5e Sacred flame as they all deal radiant damage. Even though not all of them are cantrips, they are still a good choice for your spell list. Just before you choose the spell for your class make sure that you understand it completely and discuss it with your DM.

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Best Cleric Spells in D&D 5e

Clerics are one of the best classes in D&D 5e as they can be molded to fit any kind of role. Though the best role that they can play are the ones of healers. That’s right, they have pretty useful spells that can heal allies as well bring them back from the brink of death. While they are even playable in an offense or a tank role, using them as healers is the best option to go for. So here we are gonna pick out a few cleric spells that are a must for every player.

Healing Word

Guiding Bolt

This is a 1st level spell for clerics, you can use it right from the beginning of the game. As we mentioned earlier, clerics are better suited as healers for the team. So this spell does exactly that, and when used, heals 1d4 add with the ability modifier. This is a bonus action spell so you don’t have to waste the turn, which means you can cast a cantrip along with this spell. The best time to cast this spell is when you are allies are about to drop dead with 0 hp, and then this will bring back anyone who is in 60ft range. Since this is a low-level spell, don’t expect huge miracles.



A 5h level spell is usable by clerics which lets them contact a deity to get answers. What kind of answers? Anything. A cleric can cast this spell and use the 1-minute time frame to get answers to any 3 questions. This is a very useful spell for the whole as this can work very well to know about the surroundings they are in, or about any potential threats lurking around. Though there are many other things you can ask about. It’s best to discuss the details with your DM first. The best thing about this spell is that it doesn’t require any material components.

Mass Heal

Mass Heal

This is one of the best healing spells in the game, probably the most useful one. The only thing is that this is a 9th level spell you can not even use this in mid-game. Also, you should have a level 17 cleric to use this spell. That shouldn’t be surprising though because this spell can heal anyone in 60ft range, and the hp healed is up to 700 points. So you can just bring back your whole party to full health amid a battle. This spell can turn the tide in your favor and can even cure the creatures of any disease or condition. Well, this makes it a must-have for every party in the game.

You can even double its range by using the distant spell and then it heals creatures in a range up to 120ft. This is an OP spell. In case you need a spell specifically to heal the status conditions of your team then I suggest you try Power word heal.

I guess these should suffice for the best clerics list and if you need more recommendations based on spell levels then I suggest you take a peek at this rpgbot list.

Best Cleric Builds in D&D 5e

Since clerics are one of the most versatile classes in D&D 5e because they suit all kinds of gameplay styles. You can play them as support, tank, and even on the offense. Though you have to have an appropriate build for that. While it is impossible to discuss all such builds here, we are gonna list just a few of them here for you. So check them out.

Make Them Warriors

The first thing one needs to do before building a character is to choose the race of their cleric. Since we are going to make our cleric a warrior who is gonna be our offense, go for Aarakocra or Half-elf. The latter is also suitable for multiclassing. Then add Strength and dexterity to your character and intelligence or charisma if they are to lead the party.

When it comes to choosing divine domains, opt for War, Twilight, or Order. These will help the character in using heavy weapons and armor. Finally, choose appropriate feats that will add to their fighting skills like the Great Weapon Master or the War Master.

Damage Dealing Tempest Clerics

While picking from diving domains, upon selecting the tempest option then their clerics will have access to some scary lightning and thunder spells. That’s not it though, they can even equip heavy armor and be battle-ready. They can handle an area of enemies with their spells and are often termed crowd control characters in battles.

Since these characters are damage dealers and can handle their own in battles by equipping heavy armor, a few spells can assist them in that area. Two such best spells are the Destructive Wrath and Destructive Wave that can unleash a great deal of lighting damage. Combine this with Call Lightning spell and you have a mighty attack that can wipe an area of enemies. Did you know that tempest clerics can fly? Yes, they can fly after reaching level 17, which is probably their best ability.

Go Dark Side With the Grave Domain

If you want to build a jack of all trades character with clerics then Grave Domain is the option to go for. Since this class feature contains healing, defense, and offense abilities for our cleric. This is because they have spells of both life and death domain mixed to help your cleric handle all kinds of situations. Though the damage and defense aren’t as high as the other classes, they are balanced enough for the cleric character.

When it comes to special abilities, if you want something for healing then opt for the Circle of Mortality. This isn’t a conventional option as it lets you tinker the line between life and death. Though at the first level you receive the False Life spell that restores your hp overtime for about an hour. When you need defense in battles, the Anti life spell is a great option though it is a 9th level spell.

While this isn’t a very detailed list of cleric builds, this does provide you a basic idea of what you can do with them. Since there are many other ways to build them and it’s not possible to list them all here, check out this Thegamer and rpgbot cleric classes guides.

Wrapping Up

Well, we started this article by talking about sacred flame 5e and discussed a lot about it. We have covered all the basics one should know about the sacred flame cantrip 5e in D&D along with how to use it. This article also contains various recommendations for other spells that one can use in the place of this d&d 5e sacred flame cantrip.

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That’s not it, if you scroll down past that section then you will find info cleric spells and some best builds for the cleric class. This is a lot of information to process if you are new to this tabletop game. So take your time and soak it all in because you are gonna have a fun time with this game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can clerics use Sacred flame cantrip?

Yes, like many other classes in D&D 5e clerics can also use the sacred flame spell. The best about this cleric sacred flame spell is that it is available from level 1 and deals a decent amount of damage that works for beginners.

What are some other better options for cantrips?

If you are looking for some other better options for cantrips then you may wanna take a look at Toll the Dead, Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, and Guidance. Some of these assist you in your quest while others like Eldritch blast can remove hit points from enemies.

How can you avoid sacred flame 5e attack?

To escape from this spell one has to make a dexterity saving throw. If they are successful with this throw then they can avoid this attack, and if they fail, they take 1d8 damage. This is when the caster is under level 5, as the spell damage increase 1d8 for every 5th, 11th, and 17th level.

What do you need to cast the D&D 5e sacred flame spell?

A caster needs to be able to move and speak while casting this spell as it requires both verbal and somatic components. If the above 2 conditions are not met then this spell cannot be cast. This spell doesn’t require any materials probably because it is a level 1 cantrip.

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