Shaders Mod 1.12.2

Shaders Mod 1.12.2

Minecraft is all about customization and the kind of change it brings into the game. Without customization and the use of mods, the vanilla Minecraft can get tiring very soon. When it is just about survival in a game with not-so-good graphics, interest might drain away. That’s the reason there are so many mods for Minecraft, and these do not just add items and events to the game, but also adds new worlds. One other kind of mod is the Minecraft Shaders mod 1.12.2, or any other version of it.

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Shaders Mod 1.12.2 Is Used for What?

With shaders mod 1.12.2 , you can alter your Minecraft game experience. The Shaders mod 1.12.2 make your game more graphically clean by rendering the game. Everything looks better with shaders mod 1.12.2, and things that looked plain bad with dull colors are now vibrant. The water, sunlight, sunset, mountains, rivers, shadows, and many other things are amazing to look at now.

If you have played other games on PC or PS4 then you know what kind of graphics are missing in Minecraft. While Minecraft wasn’t made to provide players with a rich game with high graphics and rendering, that doesn’t mean many players are not going to ask for it. If you’re one of those players then you should definitely try the Shaders Mod 1.12.2.

These shaders add better lightning to the maps, more in-depth and accurate shadows, great reflections, contrasting and vibrant colors, Motion and distance blur, and many such features that turn Minecraft into a whole new game. While some players may prefer the old Lego kind of look, many players would want their game to look better. 

To install and run any kind of Minecraft shaders mod, but it would be better if you used the Shaders Mod 1.12.2 you need to have OptiFine in your Minecraft. It is sort of a support tool that lets your game support HD textures and helps it run faster with better optimization. It is a necessary requirement for any shader, and you can only install shaders on the Java version of Minecraft as it supports customization. Shaders are coded with Minecraft GLSL which is an OpenGL Shading Language.

Types of Shaders

Shaders are basically of two types, one is the core shaders and the other is the post-processing shader. Most of the shader stuff is done by core shaders as they render most aspects of the game. Like mentioned earlier, the shaders are coded using the Open GL Shading Language. 

There are basically two steps or parts to rendering with a shader. One part is called Vertex, which is used to change the vertices’ positions. For each point, a shader is called once to change its position. Vertex is used for various effects like the wavy effects of water. The other step or part is called Fragment that adds blur effects for motion/distance blurs, other effects like bloom and god rays are added with this part of a shader. Fragments are also applied to the pixels of every map.

Core Shaders

For most of the rendering items in the game, the core shaders are used. You can find their work in almost every part of the game, from various blocks, mobs, and other in-game things to game menu options, and other settings screens.

Post-processing Shaders

The post-processing shaders have one simple job which is to render the view when you spectate through a mob. Different mobs have different spectate views, sometimes you see a blurred screen, other times you will see everything with glowy effects.

If you are interested to find out more about the types of shaders, and the kind of effects they add to the game, you can check this Shaders Wiki. To get a better idea about shaders and about the Shaders mod 1.12.2 you should check shaders for Minecraft like Sildur’s Shader that changes your game completely by adding effects to everything from sunlight, rains, fog, and night view. 

The Sildur’s shader is quite famous among the Minecraft gaming community. You can also check other shaders like Continuum Shader which vastly improves the sky, water, and cloud view in the game. 

How to Install Minecraft Shaders Mod 1.12.2?

Any Shader in Minecraft is a pretty simple task that can be done directly from the in-game menu. Before we begin the Shaders Mod 1.12.2 installation, you need an OptiFine and a Forge Minecraft. Choose the appropriate version based on your Minecraft version.

  • When you have installed Optifine and forge, which can be done by simply running them and following the on-screen instructions. 
  • Now you have to download the required shaders mod 1.12.2 that can be found on Minecraft Forum, just search for your required shader.
  • When that is done, open the game in the Optifine profile from the Minecraft launcher. Now go to options from the main menu in the game, and click on Video Settings.
  • Next, you will find shaders options on the left side of options, click on it. On the next menu, click on the Shaders folder option that is in the bottom left corner. This will open a windows tab.
  • Now take the downloaded shader file to drag and drop them in the opened shaderpacks folder. After that, restart your Minecraft game for the changes to take place.
  • When you run your game in OptiFine now, you can see your shaders are added to the game.

There is another method to add the shaders mod 1.12.2 to Minecraft which is mostly used for older versions of the game. You can check that procedure below.

  • You have to copy the downloaded shader files to the Shaderpacks folder in .minecraft.
  • To do that, type “%appdata%” in your Windows search bar or in the Run box. This will take you to the location where there is .minecraft folder.
  • In the .minecarft folder, copy the shader files in the shaderpacks folder.
  • When that is done, open the game in OptiFine to use your Shaders in Minecraft.

Top 10 Minecraft Shaders Mod 1.12.2

There are many shaders that you can add to your Minecraft game, but not all are worth spending time on. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best shaders mods 1.12.2 that you can try in Minecraft.

Continuum Shader

Continuum Shader

If there is one shader in Minecraft that has the best lighting and is photorealistic then it is the Continuum Shader. The whole focus of this shader is to provide a realistic look for your game in terms of lighting. You can clearly see what I’m talking about from the image.

It almost looks like a game with highly rendered graphics, and if it wasn’t for the blocks, it would have been difficult to recognize that it is in fact Minecraft. While all that is great, the shader lacks optimization. It looks great when you just stand still, but during gameplay, there are certain aspects that just don’t feel great. is difficult to run this shader on devices with less configuration.

Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders

There are not enough words to describe how great this shader is, you can probably spend months and years playing the game with this shader. It changes every aesthetic of Minecraft and gives it the best possible makeover. 

It adds motion/distance blur, various reflections, shadows, lightings, and many other features which vastly improve your Minecraft maps. Everything you see is in high definition, and all these effects are not only added during the day but also appropriate changes at Night. 

Even during rains, you can see details that it adds to your map, similarly to fog. It requires OptiFine, GLSL, and forge to run in your Minecraft. One other great thing about this mod is that you can make any changes to your game as there are 6 different modes in this shader. You can find out more about the Sildur’s Vibrant Shader from our article which deep dives into the features and many other aspects of this mod.

Oceano Shaders

Oceano Shaders

You can probably guess what this shader specifically does to your game. Water in Minecraft probably seemed better with this shader. It makes every water body look just gorgeous and magnificent. The shader also adds great reflections, shadow, depth, and light to the water, which makes it look pretty real. 

The best part is when you go underwater, it is as beautiful as it looks from the outside. Usually, without any shader water in Minecraft looks awful, but with this, it is completely the opposite. 

BSL Shader

BSL Shader

It is one of the few shaders in Minecraft that I would definitely recommend to everyone. Think of it as a shader with one of the best graphics like Continuum but without the heavy load on your GPU. Other than the common and the important aspects like depth of field, great lighting, reflections, motion blur, and other stuff, this adds another great effect called the World Curvature.

The world curvature is a great feature that makes it photo-realistic, and great for taking some screenshots. Since it doesn’t use up much of your GPU like the Continuum, so you can run your game smoothly in 60FPS.

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader(SEUS)

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shader(SEUS)

If you were a part of the Minecraft community, Minecraft since 2011 then you have probably tried the SEUS shaders as it is one of the first shaders to be created for Minecraft. Every in the Minecraft community can agree that it is one of the top shaders out there. The reason is pretty simple, it does bet what it was intended to do, provides a gorgeous view to your Minecraft.

With shaders, you expect to have great soft lighting, underwater reflections, bright sleek luster, great shadows, and anything that makes your game looks realistic. The SEUS proves the efficacy of those features, giving you an amazing experience other then RTX.

The only downside for some players would be the high load that it takes on your device, so if you do not have one then it would be better to go for something lite like the BSL shader.

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KUDA Minecraft Shader

KUDA Minecraft Shader

While the KUDA shaded does provide good shadows, cloud textures, and reflections, the selling point for this shader is the lighting, and specifically the sunlight. The lighting during sunrise, sunset, or any other part of the day is just exquisite. You can just sit there and keep looking at it for hours, just like how it is in the real world, sometimes even more dazzling.

All this without draining too much out of your device performance. With all the good that it brings there is a slight downside to it, the KUDA Minecraft shader isn’t updated very often. It may be a slight drawback, but it is still a good shader. So you should definitely give this one a try.

Lagless Shader

Lagless Shader

If you have ever been frustrated with shaders draining the life out of your PC and dropping frames here and there then you should try the Lagless shader. It is specifically designed for PCs that cannot handle shaders with high rendering, so you can install this shader and still improve your Minecraft experience. 

Since it runs on low-performance devices, it isn’t as good as the other shaders on this list, but still improves your Minecraft graphics to a great deal by changing every block appearance better than before. 



Another shader emphasizes providing the best graphical experience without stressing your hardware. The water, lights, and mainly the sky look great in this mod and all that without affecting your FPS or gameplay in any way. 

The ProjetcLUMA is actually a sort of replacement for the KUDA shader that has all its features but is upgraded and has less performance impact. It isn’t derived from the KUDA shader but is made completely from a new code and some borrowed features. If you have ever tried the KUDA shader and liked it, then you will definitely love the Project LUMA shader.

Chocapic13’s Shader

Chocapic13’s Shader

There aren’t many shaders that provide a good night view in Minecraft, but that can be changed with Chocapic13’s Shader. To see the best it can offer you have to play the game at nighttime, the subtle lighting during the day and night is really relaxing. If it is the day then the floating clouds and grass provide a sense of peace.

One unique thing about the Chocapci13’s shader is that it can run on a wide range of devices. Meaning it can run on devices that can handle heavy rendering and even the ones that cannot. You just have to make changes depending on your device. 

Other things that you can notice in this shader are the fogs, reflections, Anti-aliasing, volumetric clouds and shadows, depth of field, and bloom. 

Complementary Shader

Complementary Shader

A sort of spin-off of BSL shader, the Complementary shader is something of an all-rounder in shaders. That is because it is developed to support even low-performance devices, and at the same time provide brilliant visuals just like the BSL shader. 

It is also bug-free and there is a very low chance that you will run into trouble with this shader. Also, it functions faster than BSL and is a slight improvement on it. While it isn’t as good as Lagless shader in terms of supporting many machine, it still does a great job at it. 

You can find some other shaders for the Minecraft game, but these are the best ones that are currently used by many players in the Minecraft community. Also, remember that these shaders can be only installed in the Java version of Minecraft that has forge and OptiFine. 

If you do not have either then you can check the driver installation section for download links. Almost all these mods and many more can be downloaded from sites like or Minecraft Forum.

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Shaders Mod 1.12.2 has really cool features that completely enhance your Minecraft experience by adding various things like lights, shadows, reflections, anti-aliasing, clouds, fog, water reflections, and many other things to your Minecraft graphics. If you have a Java version of Minecraft along with forge and OptiFine then you can try most of the shaders available for the game, and every shader provided above.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Minecraft GLSL Shaders?

Minecraft GLSL shader is nothing but a shader that is written in GLSL which is an open-source Gl shading language that is sort of like C programming language. 

Can I install the Minecraft 1.12.2 shaders in the bedrock version?

In short, yes you can run Minecraft 1.12.2 shaders in the bedrock version. Though these won’t be the same shaders that you run in the Java version or pocket version.  The bedrock version has separate Minecraft 1.12.2 shaders that you can install.

What is OptiFine shader 1.7.10?

The OptiFine shader 1.7.10 is a version of the shader that is required for every shader to support HD features that come in every shader packs.

How to install shaders 1.12.2?

You can install shaders by downloading a shader and placing the .jar files in the “mods” folder of “.minecraft‘. To find out how to install shaders 1.12.2 check the detailed tutorial that has already been provided in the shader installation part of the article.

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