Sims 3 Eyelashes

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Life simulation games offer a plethora of customization options for the in-game characters. This is true for every game, but wherever you talk about life simulation games there is just one game that comes to mind, and that is Sims. So far there are 4 sims games, while The Sims 4 is the last entry in the game, we are gonna talk about its predecessor, Sims 3. Specifically the sims 3 eyelashes.

Now, if you have never played this game or any other entry in the franchise then reading an article about an in-game character’s eyelashes seems weird. In case you have played this game, then you know how important customization is in the Sims game. As I mentioned earlier there are unlimited customization options for a character that covers every physical and emotional aspect of a sim.

This isn’t just something trivial but a vital part if you are to keep playing the game for the long run. It is like adding gun skins, except you are adding physical features to a sim. If there are a multitude of options for customization then why not use them to the fullest. So here we are helping find some of the best sims 3 eyelashes CC for your sim, so they look pretty and never go out of style. Check out all the amazing options from the list below.

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Best Sims 3 Eyelashes

If you start looking for the best sims 3 eyelashes on the internet, the rabbit hole you enter will be deeper than the Marina trench that you ain’t coming back from. So we are making it easier on you, without having to do that. Just take a look at the ones that we have shared below and it should be enough to satisfy your customization hunger.

A Minimal Look

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Let us start with something simple, shall we? To give your sim some pretty and very minimalistic look, these sims 3 eyelashes cc works perfectly well. The eyelashes in this cc are not too chic or dull but are good when simplicity is all you want. They especially suit well for sims that are not too trendy or stylish. Just download this cc for such a sim and give them a simple makeover. It does wonders even without too much makeup.

Running Mascara?

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Things took quite a turn here, from a minima design to one which is a bit gothic side. This is the right choice of eyelashes when you have a gothic sim. The whole dark clothes, tattoos, and piercing are gonna fit perfectly with this sort of bleeding mascara. In case there is ever a Halloween theme then I’m gonna add this cc to the already dark and thick eyelashes of my sim.

Poison Ivy Sims 3 Eyelashes

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Do these eyelashes remind of you any specific character from comics? From DC comics maybe? No? This kind of reminds me of Poison Ivy. In case you don’t know who that is, she is a character from DC Comics, specifically from Batman, and has the power to control plants. Mostly, lethal ones. The flowers or butterflies(a bit confused about that) on the eyelashes are pretty similar to some of her designs in the comics. Though it can also work pretty well in the real world too, since it is in Sims 3 it can be anything that you want it to be. So try this out on your sims and check out how she looks.

Feathers for Eyelashes

Sims 3 Eyelashes

This looks more like eyelashes on those Victoria’s Secret models that walk the ramps during fashion shows. Not very practical for real life, but hey, this ain’t one and you are the boss of this world. So you decide the rules. Regardless, these feather designs still look pretty on the eyes and kind of provide an angelic vibe.

There are multiple designs in this set that are customizable depending on the eye size of the sim. Add these sims 3 eyelashes on the bottom side of the sims eye. So check all the different designs and colors in this eyelashes set.

Subtlety Doesn’t Hurt

Sims 3 Eyelashes

After a few eyelashes that are slightly more on the cosmetic side with too much stuff, here is a design that goes for subtlety. The eyelash design is very neat and doesn’t add much to the eyes except for simplicity. You can try to on your female sims but I believe these are gonna work well as sims 3 male eyelashes. As you know, most guys have eyelashes like this. This might even work for sims that are more on the younger side, and even for those who do not like makeup.

More Dark and Smokey

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Don’t they just look like a doll with these sims 3 eyelashes? Perfect for a party or a dinner date, and works almost in all kinds of events. The lush dark on the edges gives it a smokey look on the eyes of your sim. This cc is compatible with all kinds of face sizes and shapes and comes in 3 different colors. Suitable for teens and older people, might not be very suitable for males but give it a try cause you never know. This one also contains an eye line, which is the reason for the whole smokey look.

3D Eyelashes CC

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Now, this is another color eyelashes set that set itself apart from the others. How? Because it has sort of a 3D design to it. You can see the vibrant colors combined with different shades that give it a unique feel. Most of these eyelashes have pretty dense shades with long edges at the end adding multiple colors. You can choose between multiple shades ranging from 3, 2, or just a single color. Even the bottom eyelashes have vibrant colors that are in sync with the above shades.

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3D Lace Eyelashes

Sims 3 Eyelashes

Another 3D design for eyelashes, but unlike the previous ones these are more about the eyelash design rather than the color. There are multiple designs that you can go for this pack with designs including horses, flowers, peach blossoms, and peonies. Each includes a unique structure that makes your eyelashes easily stand out from the rest of the sims. The patterns are very intricate and might have required a lot of time and effort to create. So you should add this to your cc list and download them ASAP. There’s even a butterfly-shaped eyelash.

Romantic Eyelashes

Romantic Eyelashes

Ever wanted to get ready to go out on a ready but felt that your eyelashes look like washed-up linen. I’m not talking about real-life here(which also happens) but in Sims 3. Your sim might have a blind date or a romantic dinner with a special someone, in such cases, it is crucial that they look their best.

These romantic eyelashes are perfect for such occasions and can do wonders for the eyes. Do you know how they say magic lies in the eyes? If the sim’s eyelashes look disgusting then forget the magic, the other person is gonna have a hard time looking at them. The pack also has an option to switch between two shades for the sims 3 eyelashes.

The Sims 3 Eyelashes Kijiko

Sims 3 Eyelashes

This recommendation is mainly for those sims kids with bad eyelashes. Now, you do not want your kids to look bad with uneven eyelashes, do you? So such players should download this Kijiko 3D eyelash for kids. These same 3D eyelashes are also available for toddlers, you can download that pack as well using the download link. To get such beautiful 3D sims 3 eyelashes for adults, try this Kijiko eyelashes ink.

Tender Eyelashes

Tender Eyelashes

Sometimes tenderness is all one needs, and this is something one can find right in the eyes of a person one likes. The eyelashes are one such part of the eyes that can convey such tenderness. With these tender eyelashes cc, the eyes of the sims are gonna have that kindness and warmth. The pack has 2 channels and eyeliner that adds effects to bottom eyelashes as well.

Heatwave Eyelashes

Heatwave Eyelashes

When one is on vacation, it is difficult to find the right kind of eyeliner that can handle all the things you do. Especially the heatwave can do weird things to one’s makeup, eyeliner, and eyelashes. This cc will work well for such situations. The pack has eyelashes and eyeliner that can handle all kinds of activities you do on vacation. The eyelashes are of two types that can be added to sims with or without makeup. So choose between natural and enhanced makeup depending on the mood.

Manga Eyelashes

Manga Eyelashes

Fans of anime should take a peek at these eyelashes that are designed after manga characters. Miss Manga Mascara brings multiple eyeliner options for the sims that give them a more manga-esque feel. This is suitable for all kinds of faces and even sizes and is even suitable for male sims. The pack contains 2 recolorable channels, a launcher, and a CAS thumbnail. Apart from that, there are 4 different options for eyelashes, no lashes, with eyeshadow, 50% opacity, and 100% opacity.

S Club Sims 3 Eyelashes

S Club Sims 3 Eyelashes

We started with a simple design, and let us end this with a simple one as well. At first glance, these might look like simple eyelashes but they aren’t. They provide a 3D design that comes in many colors which suits all kinds of skin tones. Some of these eyelashes will even work for male sims in the game. You can see colors like golden orange, white, baby blue, pastel pink, and the usual black. So choose the one you love for your sim.

Now, these are some of my picks for the Sims 3 eyelashes in the game. While there are many options to choose from, these should be plenty enough for the time being. In case one needs more options they can check out this fandomspot and gamingspell recommendations. As for adding this cc to the game, you can find the instructions in the next section.

How to Install Cc and Mods in Sims 3?

Downloading and adding Custom content to one’s Sims 3 game is a really simple process. In case one does not know how to do that, this guide will help to do that in simple steps. Take a look at the steps given below that will help add CC to sims 3.

  • For our first order of business, one has to download the CC they want for their game.
  • Since we are talking about sims 3 eyelashes, download the sims 3 eyelash you want using the links provided in this article.
  • After you download the custom content, you need to copy the downloaded files to the “Downloads” folder in The Sims 3 game folder.
  • In case thee is no Downloads folder in there, then create one.
  • Now copy the extracted sims eyelashes files to this folder. One more thing to note here is, if there are multiple files then keep them organized in a folder.
  • When you add new cc to your Downloads folder, if there are other CC files then keep the new files in a separate folder.
  • This is so that there is no conflict and all the CC files work properly.
  • In case the added cc doesn’t work then open your Sims 3 game and go to settings. Make sure that the CC box is checked, if it isn’t then the cc or mods won’t work.

Customization Options in Sims 3

In Sims 3, you are the god of the whole game. I say that because the game offers a lot of customization options for players. They will be able to create and morph their sims as many times as they want. Even after creating a sim in CAS, players can do whatever they want with their sim. You might as well name the sims world with your name(Just like Sheldon did with Sheldonopolis).

While the customization options are a ton, this is only possible by using a mod or by adding Custom Content(CC). Mods bring in an infinite number of things and changes to your game. In case you want to make your sim look taller, then there is a height slider to do that. Similarly, if they want them to look pretty, or dress differently, or any other things there are mods for everything. As weird as it may sound, there are mods related to a sims pregnancy.

So you get a basic idea of what kinds of customization options are available in the game. Now, there is one more way to customize the sims and that is by using cheats. Cheats are simple codes that you have to enter into the console command to edit the game. Using cheats, one will be able to bring up the CAS to edit a sim after you are done creating a sim. Instructions for that are mentioned below.

Using Cheat Console

  • The very first thing that you have to do is bring up the cheat console, and that can be done by using the Ctrl+Shift+C command.
  • After the cheat console opens, type in”testingcheatsenabled true” in the console window and press the Enter key. This is to enable cheats.
  • Now, select the sim that you want to make changes to by clicking Shift+left click on the desired sim.
  • Then select “Edit in CAS” as option for sim customization.
  • Here, all is in your hands. Use the CAS tool to edit your sim and save the changes after you are done.
  • When everything is done and saved, bring up the cheats console using the same key and type in “testingcheatsenabled false“(this step is essential).

This is all you have to do to edit your sim using CAS. The downside to this is that there are limited customization options. So for more such options, you have to rely on mods or CC. Since most people don’t know which ones are good, these Sims 3 thegamer and fandomspot recommendations will help. If you want to know about sims 4 mods then check out this Sims 4 mods guide.

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There isn’t much to discuss when it comes to eyelashes, they are either pretty or just plain bad. So it all depends on what of sims 3 eyelashes you want for the sim. The list contains a wide variety of designs that can completely turn the sim into a new person. Some of these recommendations are cc packs, so you have multiple options with different colors for those sims 3 eyelashes cc. After you have downloaded the required eyelash for the sim then one will be able to add them to the game with the instruction we have listed. Also, maybe check out customization options for Sims 3.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why do my sims 3 eyelashes look weird?

Well, there is no other reason than the developer not paying much attention to designing good eyelashes. That’s the reason why there is so much custom content for sims eyelashes. So if you feel that your sim has bad eyelashes then just some mods or CC to make them look better.

Do the Sims 3 eyelashes come with eyeliner customization?

Yes, you can find customization options for eyeliner as well in many sims 3 lashes cc. Though not every cc some with such options.

What are some good sims 3 customization mods?

Overwatch, Story controller, Add social interactions, Midnitetech’s Career Mods, among many others are some of the best and useful customization mods for sims 3.

Can you customize sims without using mods?

Yes, you can customize your sim in sims 3 by using cheats. Just open the cheats console and use the cheats to bring up CAS to edit your sims. The instruction for this has already been provided in this article. So check them out.

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