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The amount of customization options in Sims 4 is mind-blowing, add mods to that and the options are practically limitless. The game has options to customize a character and every aspect of their life in the game. This lets you control even the tiniest detail of their life in Sims 4, which is what makes this game interesting. There is one crucial element of the game that also needs customization, which is CAS(Create a Sim). This screen looks pretty bland and requires remodeling, and in that regard, the Sims 4 CAS background can help.

So what are these Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds, and why are they necessary? As mentioned earlier, CAS means ‘Create A Sim’. Every player has to use CAS to create a character’s personality and appearance. Since this is something that is essential to the game and keeps churning out characters in the game, it gets boring to look at the same screen every fricking time. Enter custom Sims 4 CAS backgrounds. These backgrounds are useful to change the boring blue-green CAS screens to a design of your choice.

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There are a plethora of backgrounds for players to try out for their CAS screen. So we here are to bring you some amazing CAS background for the game and make it look a little more interesting. Assuming you have never used a CAS background before, you might then also need help with the installation part. In any case, first, we are going to help you download and install Sims 4 CAS backgrounds. Then we will recommend you some of the best CAS backgrounds out there.

How to Download and Install Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds?

It’s ok if you have never installed a mod or a CAS background before, and do not worry because it is a pretty simple process. Just follow along with the steps that we have mentioned below and everything is going to go smoothly.

  • Your first task is to downlaod the desired CAS background. Sicne there are a multitude of options for this it can get confusing.
  • We are going to recommend you some of the best cas backgrounds, but till then check thsi Katverse site to look for some Sims 4 CAS backgrounds.
  • When you are on the site, click the “Read more” option to find out more about the background, including its download link.
  • Click the download button and a zip file will be dowloaded.
  • Extract this downlaod zip file of CAS background. Now you have to copy this backgound file that is “Package” file in to the mods folder of the game.
  • Go to the mods folder of your game which can be found in Sims 4 folder that is in “Electronic Arts” folder.
  • Copy/cut the package file fo the background in to this folder.
  • Check if this works by going in to your game and start or load a game.
  • In case if it doesn’t work then go to your Sims 4 game menu and click “Game Options”.
  • Then go to “Other” tab and make sure that the “Enable Custom Content and Mods” option is checked. This will make the mods/background work.

This should do it. Now your CAS background will have a completely new look. One important thing to remember is that you cannot add more than one package to the game in the mod folder. If you want a different one then remove the previous background and add a new one.

Best Sims 4 CAS Backgrounds

Told you we are going to help you pick out some great CAS backgrounds for your game. So here we are with some amazing and gorgeous recommendations. Check them out from the below list.

The Colorful Rainbow CASBackground

Sims 4 CAS BackgroundJ Image

This background might be a little too much for some people, but it is a great design and makes you forget the dull default one. The colors are vibrant and the mix and match of different hues provide a sense of calmness. This background looks more like an art, straight out of an oil painting. This kind of background is perfect for those stylish female sims or artsy young teens.

It was created using the Sims4Studio tool by busra-tr. This creator has a collection of Sims 4 content, so do check them out.

Wallpaper Style Striped Studio CAS Background

Striped CAS Studio - Sims 4 CAS Background

Sometimes a simple wallpaper is a good enough change from the default one. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea as some might be looking for a drastic change. Regardless, give it a try and you might change your mind about it. What’s more, is that this isn’t just a single background but a CAS background pack. It means this contains a bunch of backgrounds, 8 different ones to be precise.

These 8 different backgrounds have the same striped design except for the various colors added to them. Just download and put them in the mods folder as explained in the installation procedure. I love the green and violet ones, let me know yours.

An Interesting CAS Background Pattern by Alice

Background Pattern By Alice

This background combines 3 different colors in a simple yet elegant design. The Millennial pink goes well with the tank color, and the rest is left out as white. I wish this was a real background so I could click some amazing pictures. Since that’s not possible maybe just stick to the game and get some good shots of your Sim. The best thing about this is that it also applies to the loading screen of your game.

One more interesting thing about this Sims 4 CAS background is that it goes well with the other two CAS backgrounds from the same creator. So try out the Rose Gold CAS background and the Leef CAS background.

The CAS Bg Part 3 for the Anime Lovers

For Anime Lovers

Gather around Otakus because this one’s for you… and also for people who play Sims 4(Obviously!). This CAS package has multiple backgrounds for your game. While not all of them are anime background, the ones that are, are pretty amazing. It has 6 different backgrounds, 3 of them are anime backgrounds depicting snowing weather, sky, and a street. Out of the other 3, two depict the moon in the sky and the other one has some flowers.

Keeping aside the other 3, this is going to be a great CAS background for anime lovers. Remember don’t get greedy and try to add multiple backgrounds at the same time because that’s not going to work. Also, if you don’t care about the shadow under your sim then just use a blob remover.

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Why Not Do It in the Bedroom?

Do Not Do It To Bathroom - Sims 4 CAS Background

Hold your horses, I’m talking about the Sims 4 CAS background. So far we have mostly seen simple designs for the CAS background. Now, take a look at some more intricate and detailed ones. This Sims background is a perfect replica of a great bedroom with the background consisting of clothes, mirrors, a dresser, and a great overall design. You will probably never have enough photos of this background with your sims even if you click dozens and dozens of them.

Inclusivity With This Sims 4 Pride CAS Background

Pride CAS Background

In today’s world, many people are still ignorant. It is important they understand inclusivity and representation matter. So here are some great CAS pride backgrounds for your Sims 4 game to transform your Sims 4 world into your very own. This is a package CAS background that has multiple designs for every representation out there, no matter what your pronouns are. It doesn’t mean you have to just stick one, check them all out but not together.

This pack was created by NekoChan-Simmer and has a whopping 36 different CAS backgrounds. So you might not need another one for quite some time.

Check Out These Kawaii CAS Backgrounds

Kawaii Background - Sims 4 CAS Background

If you think your character or the CAS background is missing some cuteness then bring in some from the Japanese culture. Yes, I’m talking about Kawaii. This is a CAS background pack that contains multiple CAS backgrounds of Sims 4 that have a few different characters. You can find characters like Molang, Rilakkuma, a few others, and some characters made by Ghibli studios. Some of these characters are insanely cute while others are a little funny.

I understand all these are great but do not go crashing your game by adding in multiple backgrounds. Also, remove any other previous background before you add this.

A Little Sunshine Could Never Hurt

Sunshine Background

A cool breeze, warm sunlight, and soothing waves, just imagining these things feels pretty good right? How about making something like that, your default CAS background in Sims 4? If you think this works for you then check out this Sulani CAS background. This one has 3 different backgrounds each set in a little different background of beaches. This is a fresh and new background of your Sims game and makes it feel refreshing to look at. One of these backgrounds has a night setting with a huge lava explosion(sort of) in the back.

Graffiti is Cool

Graffiti is Cool

In case you are looking for a more street style aesthetic then this might be a good choice. This pack has 6 kinds of CAS backgrounds to bring in those tough street looks to your game. Each of these designs is pretty good and makes your game look more real. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea but damn, it has some street art. Also, the background quality is pretty good with great vibrant colors, and you will not notice any pixels. This tells you that a lot of work has been put into this.

The Streets of Agrabah

Sims 4 CAS Background - Streets of Agrabah

I don’t think there is anyone who hates Aladdin, at least not the original animated movies. As a kid, I imagined myself parkouring through the streets of Agrabah and the marketplace, just like Abbu and Aladdin do. The animation in the movies is really great and makes you want to explore such people. While this might not really be possible, there is a less than realistic way for this. Just add this Disney Sims 4 CAS background with the Agrabah marketplace, and you can at least have your sim relive your fantasy.

Since it is impossible to list every CAS background out there, we have listed some of our favorites. So if you do like them, just download and install them. In case you want some assistance with the installation procedure hen we have a tutorial right before this list. That should be enough to help you out.

About Sims 4

There is no way for a human to lead a double life, at least not for a normal person. Though there are a few eccentric methods for that. One such way is to play games, now you might be wondering how can one live an alternate life in games. I’m not talking about those Call of Duty, GTA V, or any such games. This is about Sims 4. Some of you non-games might have heard about this popular game, which is a life simulation. You just create some characters, drop into a fictional world, and live a normal life.

Sims 4 isn’t about completing missions, taking down enemies, or exploring a fantasy world. It’s real life, well, almost similar to real life. As I mentioned earlier, you start the game by creating a sim that can be anyone or look like anything you desire. Then you start a life, build/buy a house, raise a family, you know the whole real-life deal. The only difference here is that you can do anything and be anyone you want with your Sim, no judgments.

The game is pretty similar to the previous titles, apart from a few changes and additions to the game. For example, the previous title had “create a style” for sim, whereas now you have the “create a sim” option. Also, the game has a better narrative and more realistic emotions for your sim. It’s all about making connections and exploring the world with this game.

I personally love this game as it allows me to explore different storylines with my sims even though the game has some issues. Like the same height thing, fewer color options, the building system is pretty basic, etc. Despite all this, it is still a lot of fun.

Some Sims 4 Cosmetic Mod Recommendations

Even though there is so much to do in this game, we as humans, are never going to be satisfied. For such people, there are many Sims 4 mods. Let me tell you this, the game has tons of mods to change the tiniest of details to completely overhaul the gameplay. For some, this is what makes the game more interesting.

In case you are one of those players then check out our sims 4 mod recommendations. All of these mods are going to be about improving the overall look and feel of a sim, and not about adding any new content.

I Want to Be Shorter/Taller

Height Slider Mod

One annoying thing about sims 4 is that all the sims in the game have the same height. Height in the game is determined by age. Every sim close to the same age has the same height, this doesn’t make sense at all. So it feels weird when everyone has the same height. Fortunately, this can be fixed with the Height slider mod. Install this mod, and you can use a slider to increase or decrease the height of your sim.

This is perfect for your game and makes it look realistic as opposed to the vanilla game settings. It also has options to change neck size and hip shape.

Mods for Your Skin

Skin Mods

No matter how good Sims 4 looks there is always something that it can do better. One such aspect is the skins of sims, and most importantly their faces. The game’s design makes their face look just ok, but that isn’t going to cut it for everyone. It’s true that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but what if no one finds it beautiful. This means, there is something actually wrong with it. So if you want your sims to look better, then maybe this skins mod will do that for you.

This mod improves the overall skin details of your sim, and most importantly it adds freckles to your sim’s face. I know, not everyone likes people with freckles, but personally, I feel people with freckles look gorgeous. With this mod, you can add freckles to any sim regardless of their age or gender, and BOY, do they look amazing! Also, the mod has 30 versions of freckles to add to different areas of the face.

Good Hair Means a Good Day

Hair Mods

We can all agree that our sims hair sometimes looks like shit, and that be a bit frustrating. Especially if it is a female sim, but do not be disappointed though because we have some great mods for that. Actually, there are many mods for a sims hair. Since we cannot talk about all of them here, we are just going to recommend to you what we like.

Try this LeahLillith Nelli Hair mod for your female sim to make that hair look stunning. Similarly, you can also try out this Anto – Blackout hair mod for men to add a man bun.


Tattoos are fun

Again, not everyone likes to get tattooed. I’m talking about real life, but it’s different in Sims 4. You don’t have to weigh the feeling of deciding what happens if you get a tattoo of your partner and then break up. That would be embarrassing. In sims 4, you don’t have to think about such stuff. Just get a tattoo if you want one, and see this mod to find some interesting designs.

That’s it for now. If you want to check out some other mods for this game then take a look at this Explore Mod Sims 4. This has some interesting mod recommendations for your game. When it comes to installing these mods, the process is pretty much similar to installing Sims 4 CAS backgrounds. In case you require a detailed explanation on this and what mods are then this How to Mod Sims 4 article should help.

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Wrapping Up

You just asked for good Sims 4 CAS backgrounds, and we delivered you the best ones. Along with that check out the instructions that will help you download and add these backgrounds to your game. If that doesn’t appease you then there are a few cosmetic mods for your sims 4 games. Try them to make your sims look even better.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the best place to download Sims 4 CAS backgrounds?

There are many sites where you can find some great Sims 4 CAS backgrounds, but we recommend you first check out the katverse website. This Katverse site has so many amazing and great design that works perfectly as sims backgrounds.

What are Sims 4 custom CAS backgrounds?

The Sims 4 custom CAS backgrounds are nothing but custom-designed CAS backgrounds for the sims 4 games.

Where can I download the Sims 4 pastel CAS background?

These sims backgrounds can be downloaded from the Katverse site using this download link – The site has a plethora of CAS backgrounds for your game, so make sure to take a look at as many as you can find out some great-looking sims 4 backgrounds.

Do solid colors look good as CAS backgrounds?

Yes, solid colors do work well as CAS backgrounds. Though it depends on each individual’s perspective. You can try some Sims 4 CAS background solid colors to find out for yourselves if they do look good for your game.

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