Sims 4 Private School Mod

Sims 4 Private School Mod

Sims 4 mods add an interesting new element to the story which sometimes has new characters, places, and events. These mods expand the narrative of your game with amazing new stories. If it wasn’t for mods many players wouldn’t still be playing the game. So if you are one of those players who live for Sims 4 mods then you should check out the Sims 4 Private School Mod.

Saying education is expensive would be an understatement, and if it is in an esteemed private school then it is going to burn a hole in your pocket. The Sims 4 Private School mod isn’t free, which means you have to buy the mod from Patreon to play it. There might be a free version in the future, but so far it isn’t available, so just have to buy it. 

This mod is a little similar to the private school mod in Sims 2 but isn’t as easy. In Sims 2 you could easily get into a private school by doing certain things like playing music, serving lobster, showing off expensive paintings, and repeating all these things till you get your kid into that private school. In Sims 4 you may have to up your game as it is going too difficult to convince the headmaster. 

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Sims 4 Private School Mod

Before you begin the private school mod, you need to know that it is going to cost a good amount of simoleons to get the headmaster to your house, and then enroll your kid in private school if he/she is selected. Also, if you fail in an attempt then you won’t get your simoleons back, and each attempt will cost you simoleons. If you use cheats then you do not have to worry as you can try multiple times. 

So you can begin this simulation by giving the private school headmaster a call. To do this, go to your mobile setup and select the “Schedule Headmaster Visit”. You need to spend 500 simoleons for this interview. The headmaster isn’t like you, so he will arrive on time which should be around 6.05 P.M on a Wednesday. So make sure that you have prepared a good dinner and cleaned your house as even a slight bad remark will cost your child his education.

One important and obvious requirement to play this mod is that your sim should have a kid to get enrolled in the private school. You cannot play this mod if you do not have a kid.

Visit by the Headmaster 

Before the headmaster’s visit, you should unlock all your doors because the headmaster will leave if he finds a door is locked. Many players forget to do this and the headmaster leaves before entering the house. The headmaster can be either a male or a female, and the person changes every time you restart the event. 

When the headmaster comes to your house, you should start the event by greeting her/him by using the special menu. Then you can choose the option to discuss the private school, you will also see other options like bribe the headmaster, try to secure a spot at school, and lie about your children. Do not choose any of those options as you may lose the event.  

You have to present yourself in the best way possible to win the headmaster, you should be likable, your house should be clean, and shouldn’t be any missing bills. If you lose power right when the headmaster visits your house then it would mean that you haven’t paid bills. This may lead to a bad impression, and you will lose the private school seat.

From the interactions option on the headmaster, you should select “friendly” and talk to him/her, ask them about their day, their career. Do try to choose “romance” to seduce that person as it is not going to work. You can try some activity with them to let them know you. Sometimes using “talk up kid” works in your favor and other times it doesn’t. Also, you should try to finish all the tasks that are shown in the top left corner of the screen. 

Finishing those tasks will most probably guarantee your kid a seat in that private school.

Getting your Kid(s) Enrolled

If you are successful then you can see the message “Accepted into Simston Private School”, and you have to use a computer to get yourself enrolled in the school. Go to the computer in your house and when you select it, you can find the option to enroll your kid(s) into the private school. The enrollment fee is 1000 simoleons, and you will receive a message when you have successfully enrolled in the school.

A private school has a better quality of education and good teacher that lacks in public schools, and public schools are cheap. There are special Sims 4 private school Mod uniforms, but you have to download a separate mod for them. You can join the school from the next weekday of getting enrolled. You have to pay each day’s tuition fee for your kid in private school.

Private Schools in Sims 4

In Sims 4 private school Mod, you have to enroll in various courses, complete your homework, do some extra credit work, and do any extra activities. If you miss a day then your grades will decline, so make sure that you reach school before 9.00 A.M.

In school, the sim can choose from many options like slack off, make friends, study hard, or normal. The options you choose will determine how you will progress and what grades you get. If you increase a skill to level 2 then you can get a B grade, and if a skill grows to level 4 then you get an A grade.

For more information on schools in Sims 4, you can check the Sims 4 Fandom page on schools.

Steps to Install the Sims 4 Private School Mod

If you have never installed a mod before for Sims 4 then do not worry we got you covered. You can just follow the steps to download and install the sims 4 high school mod.

  1. First, you have to download the Sims 4 private school mod. Generally, there is one single zip file for mods that should be placed in the mods folder of the game, but here we have three separate files.
  2. Those three files are a package file, XML Injector, and .ts4 script file. For the .ts4 script file, you need to download the child teen version from the link provided. Download all these files using the links.
  3. Now before you copy all these files in the mod folder. Open your game, and go to option, then to other, and select the option “Enable custom contents and mods”.
  4. When that is done, copy the downloaded mod files into the mod folder that can be found in Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. 
  5. Remember to place all the 3 files in the same folder. Also, the .ts4 script file shouldn’t be more than one folder deep.

There are a few places on the web that you can go to download the Sims 4 mods, and if you do not know what those sites are, then we have provided links to some of those sites below.

  2. Itsmetroiccfinds
  3. The Sim Resource
  4. Sims Dom

Apart from these 4 sites, you can also find Sims 4 mods on Pinterest. While it can be difficult to look for mods on Pinterest, you can still find many mods.

Alternatives to the Sims 4 Private School Mod

Just like the Sims 4 Private school mod, there are many other mods in this simulation that are used to provide your sim education. Sometimes school is boring, so to make your sims’ school life a little interesting and entertaining we have compiled a list of mods that are based on the school life of a sim.

Elementary School Mod

Elementary School Mod

Elementary school education is a must for every toddler, it isn’t meant to increase their knowledge but rather the kids can learn to interact with other kids. This mod does the same for sims, and the classrooms look beautiful and are huge. The school has many rooms for the toddlers including a restroom, arts and crafts room, computer, and the napping room where those little munchkins take naps after a long day of fun. At least this mod is fun for both sims and players. Also, this mod doesn’t need any extra files like cc to work and look gorgeous.

After School Activities

After School Activities

Schools are not just about studying and working hard to get better grades, they are also to build your sims character, provide interactions, and the most important aspect is to have fun. With the After School Activities mod, your sim can be a part of the many activities like sports club, gaming club,  pop club, and many such activities instead of studying or doing their homework. 

These after activities start from 4 P.M, and your Sim can participate in more than 30 fun activities, and all these activities will also earn you skill points. Sometimes the activities mod may coincide with your other mods like the private school mod, so make sure that you are not using both mods at once.

Early Exit From School

Early Exit From School

All of us at some point in our school life has thought about leaving school early which could be due to various reasons like you may already read whatever is being taught, or you already know that concept. Whatever the reasons it’s something many of wanted, well, if not in real life then how about at least as a sim.  

You can use the Early Exit from school mod to get out of school early, but there are certain conditions that you need to meet for that. Only students with good grades can leave the class early which means that if you have a grade between B and D then you can leave the school at 3 PM, if you have an A then you get home at 1 PM. 

The actual school time is from 8 AM to 3 PM, and if you have an F then you have to stay even longer which is till 4 PM. So it all depends on you if you want to get home early then get good grades.

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Drop Out of High School & Get a Job

Drop Out of High School & Get a Job

Even this is one that most have wished for, but only a few did do it. Fortunately stopping high school is not the right choice, but that may not be true for your sims character. With this Sims 4 high school mod, you will never have to spend time on your homework or working hard to get some extra credits or get schooled in Sims 4.

You can start your life as a young adult and get a new job. In terms of the story, this could be a drastic change for your character, which would most certainly be an interesting take. If you have ever tried this mod then you know what I’m talking about, and if you liked this mod then you should thank Telford, the creator of this map.

Go to School Mod Pack

Go to School Mod Pack

This is one of the best additions for Sims 4 as it lets you go to school and sit in classes. If you have never played Sims 4 and maybe players Sims 2 or 3 then you may be wondering what is so great about this addition, as it is pretty common for sims to go to school. 

The reason is that the Sims 4 doesn’t show you your sims going t school and sitting inside a class. The sims just leave the house and come back after school is done, just like how adults go to work.  

Not just that, but this mod has many other features like five different subjects that you can attend every day, and each day can be a different subject. You can chat with some NPCs in the game, get points for special activities from the principal that you can redeem. These are the features that you get with this mod, but to use this mod you also need to install the Sims 4 Get to the Work expansion pack.

Education System Bundle

Education System Bundle

The Education system bundle mod is the result of combining multiple mods. That’s right, it is a combination of 4 different mods made by Kawaiistacie that can be installed on a base game and doesn’t require any other mod. It has the features of the Preschool mod, better schools mods Sims 4, Smarter homework mod, and Online schooling mod.

It takes features like skill upgrades through homework and study for children, schooling for toddlers, study and do homework alone by taking online classes, and visit the school for more interactions with your classmates. All these features are clubbed together from those 4 mods to provides players with a unique experience.  

No Grade or High School From the Start Mod

No Grade or High School From the Start Mod

With No grade or High school from the start mod, you can just relax and chill as you never have to attend school or college ever again. Your sim would be like a good-for-nothing kid who is just at home all day or hangs with other dropout teenagers from school. 

If you intend to play with the backstory of your character to see where the story goes, then you should try this mod, and it would be a change from the usual ones that many players use. This mod can also be helpful if you know that your sim will drop out of school at a certain point, and since he would never go to a school with this mod you never have to think about it.

In case you change your mind then you can enroll your sim back into school again, or you can just homeschool your kid. 

Take a look at biome bundle 1.12.2


If you love the private school in SIms 2 & 3 then you will love the Sims 4 Private School Mod also because it is a little different and more challenging than the previous ones. To install Sims 4 Private School Mod to play a new event and try your best to get your sim kids enrolled at a prestigious private school.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sims 4 high school mod?

There are no specific Sims 4 high school mods, there are other school mods that will take your kids to high school or lets them drop out. Mods like Willow Creek High school, Cheat High School Performance mod, drop out of High School and get a Real Job mod, No Grade or High School from the Start. 

Is there a Sims 4 no school mod?

For sims 4 no school mod you can use the “No Grade or High School from the Start mod”. You can also use “Drop out of High School and get a Job mod” if you do not want your kid to attend school.

Does the private school Sims 4 mod has uniforms?

No, there is no Sims 4 private school uniform in the mod, but you can separately download a mod for Sims 4 private school uniform.

How to get the better schools mod in Sims 4?

To get your kids in Sims 4 to get schooled better, you can add the Education System Bundle mod which adds multiple features which make it a better schools mod in Sims 4 than any other mod in the game. 

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