Sims 4 Traits CC

Sims 4 Traits CC

Have you ever heard about the virtual life simulator game Sims 4 game? It is one of the best social simulation games you can play right now. If you did not, you are missing out on a lot of time. If you did, then good for you. As here in this article, we will discuss deeply the Sims 4 Traits CC for each character or sim in the game, and their benefits and features in more detail.

What Are Sims 4 Traits CC?

Sims 4 Traits CC
Sims 4 Traits CC

For those who do not know, sims traits are essentially character parameters that define a sim or character that involves various aspects such as their hobbies, emotions, personality, and many more. These parameters as mentioned help the players to differentiate their sims or characters from one another and are essential for the players to decide the life choices for the sims or characters in the game. Moreover, the traits also help the players to make the sims more realistic as they help the chosen display the emotions based on the player’s choices regarding the traits.

All the traits regarding a particular sim can be accessed and edited from their profiles. However, you must also remember that some traits chosen for a said character, cannot be changed or edited. While some traits regarding the characters can only be earned as rewards for completing conquests or missions in the sims 4 games. Therefore, it is safe to say that you must choose your traits for the sims carefully as many of them cannot be easily added or edited.

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Types of Sims 4 Traits CC

The Sims 4 game offers multiple types of traits of the sims or characters, for the players to choose from. Traits such as emotional, hobby, lifestyle, bonus, and reward traits. More about these traits are discussed in much more detail below.

Emotional Traits

Emotional Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)
Emotional Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)

These traits play a very important role in the sims 4 games, as they help the players to choose the types of emotions displayed by the characters or the sims in the video game in question. And these traits consist of various aspects that are listed below.

Active Sims

This parameter as the name suggests, helps the players to choose whether the sims to be active or not. Thus making them be energized all the time regardless of the tasks pr work they do in the game. And it is very easy to make them energized, simply by making them do exercises. Moreover, their activeness can be infective to other sims, as the second sim can also be energized. However, there is one downfall to this trait, as the sims with this trait cannot be lazy. So they become cranky if they did not properly complete their exercises.

Cheerful Sims

One of the best emotional traits for the sims, that helps the sims to overcome any kind of situation or problem easily. And in addition, they can also easily recover themselves easily from these types of situations. Moreover, you must remember that making sims happy in the game can be quite difficult. However, with this trait, you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Creative Sims

As the name itself suggests, this trait helps the players to add the creative skills a sim or character posses in the sims 4 games. For example, painting, writing or playing music, sports, etc. However, this trait also depends on their experience in the said skill. Moreover, the sims with creative traits always take part in fun activities, and their creativity in chosen skill, may inspire the other sims to start learning the said skill. And as always the fewer chances to use their creativity, the sims have more chances to get cranky or lazy.


Do you want your sim to be the most intelligent character? Then the genius trait must be the ideal for you to choose. And these characters tend to have a focused attitude, and they always love to expand their knowledge by reading books. And so the characters must have regular opportunities to improve their knowledge, if not they are most likely to be unhappy. Moreover, the best part about these sims is they share their knowledge with others and make other sims more focused.


If you are one of those people who love to tell jokes and prank, other people, all the time. Then the goofball trait is the best emotional trait you must add to your character. Moreover, with these traits, you can convince other sims in the game to be like you, and join together and prank other sims in the game.


One of the emotional traits for the sim, which we sincerely request you not choose. As the trait mire disadvantages than advantages or benefits. As the sims with these types of traits tend to have extra work to keep them stable. And these sims are most likely to face various issues, of which some of them can be long-lasting, while few of them can be temporary. However, you can control these types of sims or characters by adding more healthy habits for better health and wellness.


A sim that always gets angry for one reason or another. And they often tend to take out their frustration on other sims nearby, in turn making them also hot-headed. Most importantly, these sims’ anger can go through the roof, if they come across the sims who frequently tend to prank or do mischief. However, their anger can be controlled, by allowing them to beat the hell out of the punching bags frequently.


Do you like your sim to be confident all the time because they have the right skills or abilities? This emotional trait might be the best-suited one for you. And in turn, these skills make the sims more career focussed and often ensure that they will tend to land the best job opportunities. Moreover, what task you throw at them, the sims with confidence traits will successfully complete them.


As the name states itself, these types of characters often tend to flirt with other sims. Which in turn helps them to start romantic relationships with other sims at a much faster rate compared to other sims. And the downside for these sims is, if they do not have an active romantic relationship in the game, then they will become sad.


The exact opposite of the flirty types of sims, as they tend to get uncomfortable when other sims try to flirt with them. Moreover, these sims do not love to display romantic traits in public. And therefore, they have the least chance of getting into a romantic relationship with other Sims in the game.

Hobby Traits

 Hobby Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)
Hobby Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)

As the name suggests, these are the type of Sims 4 traits CC that helps the players to choose the type of hobbies their sims will love to participate in all the time. And they are further differentiated into multiple sub traits that are described herein in much more detail.

Art Lovers

For all those people who love art, this trait is the right one for you. These sims tend to view and explore new types of art, understand them deeply and convey their meaning to other sims. Making these sims more inclined to learn about art. One of the main hobbies for these sims is to discuss and view art all the time. And by displaying these traits the sims can earn powerful moodlets as they progress through the sims4 game.

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Similar to art lovers, these sims love to read all the time. Therefore, their daily hobbies include reading books, discussing books, and analyzing various books. However, this hobby or trait can be a good thing, as it helps the sims to be more career-focused and also get opportunities to earn powerful moodlets often by reading books.


Do you love exploring new food items all the time and want your sims to have the same hobby? Then the foodie hobby trait might be the best one for your sim. The sims with this hobby or trait, always love to eat good food, and if the food tastes bad then they will become sad. Moreover, the foodies can get bonuses by eating foods, and they can also watch cooking shows to get new ideas.


You can call this sim a nerd, as they are much interested in finding exclusive collectibles, reading Sci-fi stories or books, and they also enjoy playing video games all the time. If they are unable to perform or participate in either of the hobbies mentioned above, they will become sadder. And they are the most likely to indulge in conversations related to their hobbies with their fellow nerds or sims most of the time.


Another creative sim who often loves to create their own things from the scratch. Therefore, they tend to spend a lot of time trying to complete their self-appointed projects. The sims have the ability to manufacture various types of things or products such as Woodworking Station, Juice Fizzer or Candle making station, etc.

Music Lover

As the name itself suggests these sims love to listen to music and play musical instruments whenever possible. And they get lazy or sad if they are not allowed to indulge in their hobbies. Moreover, these sims have the natural abilities on how to use stereo systems. And not just that, they can also get powerful moodlets by listening to or creating music in the game.


Are you one of those people who want everything you do to be perfect? Then this hobby trait might be the best one for your sim. This sim loves to design and manufacture products of high quality all the time, and they often take longer time periods to create the best products Regardless of the type of products or hobby. Hence, when they are not allowed to obtain the best products and solutions they will become depressed and sad.

Lifestyle Traits

 Lifestyle Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)
Lifestyle Traits (Sims 4 Traits CC)

These Sims 4 Traits CC play a major role in the type of life the sims spend in their game and are linked to multiple aspects. In other words, these traits help the players to choose how a sim reacts to an environment and their regular actions on daily basis. Different types of lifestyle traits are listed below.


Do you want your sims to be more adventurous, who loves to take part in adventures all the time, then this lifestyle trait might be the ideal one for you? As stated here, this sim loves to take on new adventures and unique experiences which make them happy and content with their virtual life. And therefore, when not allowed to participate in adventurous activities, they will become lazy and sad.


Ambitious Sims have the best opportunities to land the top-level jobs in the game. As they are always working, planning on how to get the best results out of the situations. So when the sims do not perform well in their careers, they tend to get sad or silent. And the players must make sure that these sims will be able to reach the daily career requirements to progress in their careers. Above all, the ambitious sims get access to two types of moodlets, positive moodlets from career success and negative moodlets from failure.

Animal Enthusiast

Are you an animal lover? And do you want your sim to have the same passion as you? Then this lifestyle trait will be the best-suited one for you. Moreover, these sims always establish a relationship with the animals nearby or love to spend some time in their company. And they are often the best caregivers and are most likely to end up as pet caretakers or veteran doctors.


Do you miss those days, when you were so carefree and your only worry was to submit homework the next day? Then this lifestyle trait might be the best suited for you. And thus the sims need a lot of toys to play with and cartoons to watch while they stay at home. And they might spend all the time playing if you have a park nearby.


We humans often tend to get clumsy while doing the same work again and again or trying something for the first time. And there are also people who often tend to do clumsy things on daily basis. Imagine these traits added to sim in sims 4 games, and that’s what the clumsy lifestyle does. And for sure these sims tend to mess up most of their activities on regular basis.

Child of the Ocean

If you are one of those people who love looking over the bright blue ocean extending towards the horizon and have a pleasant feeling at hearing the waves crash. And your chosen sim leaves in a world, next to the ocean, then the Child of the Ocean will be the right one for you. And technically these sims prefer to stay closer to the ocean and love taking part in ocean activities.


As the name suggests, these sims love to eat any time of food items, and they tend to care less about the taste more about filling their tummies. And sometimes their food-eating abilities can get a little out of hand, as they often tend to eat food directly from garbage bins. Sounds gross right? But here is the best part these sims have the best metabolism as they stay healthy all the time even when they eat spoiled food.


A sim with unpredictable mood swings and regularly does things that qualify them as insane. And therefore controlling this sim might be very difficult as you can predict how they are going to react to a new environment or fellow sims. And it is one of the least favorite sim traits for the players.


This sim as the name suggests is not very interested in waking up early or competing tasks before the due date. They often tend to complete the tasks after the due date, and they obviously spent more than half of the day sleeping. Moreover, to keep this seems happy and content, the players might need to spend a lot of money buying comfortable furniture for the sims to doze on.

Loves Outdoor

A quite opposite sim compared to the lazy person, as this sim loves to spend time participating in various outdoor activities. And they are often quite fond of nature, and they spend amounts to add new plants to their gardens often. Therefore, these sims might be good for working as gardeners in the Sims4 world.


This sim is best suited for the players who love materialistic possessions such as luxury houses, hypercars, etc. And so they often spend most of their time bragging about the riches accumulated. Therefore, their happiness depends on whether they bought new materials or not. However, it is safe to say that only the sims who get high salaries are suitable for having this trait.


Do you have a friend who likes to have their belongings clean all the time, who essentially spends most of the time cleaning stuff? This sim does just that. However, in this case, the sim cleans their house regularly without any prompts, and they love keeping their things and house in a proper tidy fashion. Therefore, when the house is not tidy and clean, then the sim might be sad.


An egotistical sim as far I have concerned, they do not like to buy cheaper products. And they often tend to buy luxurious products and products of high quality. And they tend to spend more on brand than quality. Moreover, to keep this sim happier we need to fill their accounts with an abundance of $20,000 all the time.

Social Traits

Another important Sims 4 Traits CC required for the sims, that decides how a sim interacts with another sim in the game. The social traits are-

Family Oriented

As the name itself explains, these sims love to have quality spending time with their families. And so take part in various activities along with their families all the time. And by taking part in these family interactions the sims can earn multiple powerful moodlets. However, this sim must have a larger family instead of limited family members.


This sim doesn’t love to interact with anyone, he/she finds more peace in alone time than interacting with others. And when are placed in social situations like family interactions they often tend to get tense or moody. Therefore, they also feel uncomfortable talking to strangers.


Complete opposites to that of the Loner sims, and they often love to spend their time in social interactions and friendly chit-chats. And they often tend to strongly call out the people who are mean or homophobic sims.

Bonus Traits

The Sims 4 Traits CC cannot be chosen by only earned as bonuses after completing certain achievements in the game or conquests and missions. And similarly, there are a lot of bonus traits a character can earn as they progress through the game.

Quick Learner

One of the best bonus traits you can earn in a social simulation game, that it helps the sims to learn all the new skills at a much faster rate than other sims. Making them more successful in their careers as they have a high chance of landing the best jobs. And they can also use this trait to learn whatever skills they are interested in.

High Metabolism

Another awesome trait to have, as it helps the sims to be healthy all the time, and reduces the chances of them getting fat or thin, maintaining a physically fit physique. And to maintain their physique, the sims spend most of their time working out.

Business Savvy

If you want your sims to earn higher money for their jobs then the Business Savvy is the best one for them. And as stated here, they often end up at the top jobs in the companies and make more money compared to other sims. In addition, this trait goes hands-on hands with the sims who need more money and materialistic possessions.

How to Change Sims 4 Traits CC in the Sims 4 Game?

First, of all, there are two ways to change the Sims Custom traits in the sims 4 games, either directly from the game itself or by using the cheat codes during the gameplay. Each of these methods along with proper instructions for them is described in greater detail below.

Re-Traiting Potion
Re-Traiting Potion

Without Using Cheat Codes

  • Now before we start this process the players or the sim characters must have earned at least 5000 satisfaction points during their game play.
  • Then they must go to their rewards store in the game.
  • In the rewards store purchase the potion for the Re-Traiting that will cost you 5000 satisfaction points.
  • After that, drink the potion you bought.
  • Now a pop-up window is displayed showcasing the personality traits of the said sim of the player.
  • Here you can choose to add or remove the traits you want to.
  • Then click on the “Tick mark” below indicating the completion of the procedure.
With Cheat Codes
With Cheat Codes

With Cheat Codes(PC)

  • Open the Sims 4 game on your PC or Laptop.
  • Then press the Ctrl+Shift+C on the keyboard and add the “testingcheats” word.
  • Click on the “enter” option and add “cas.fulleditmode” and again click the “enter” option below.
  • After that hit the “ESC” tab on the keyboard.
  • Now hold the shift tab and click on the sim you wanted to change the traits for.
  • Here select the “Edit in Cas” option.
  • Now the “Create a Sim” option will be displayed.
  • Through this menu option, you can add or change all the existing traits of the sim.

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Here in this article, we have described detailed about the various types of traits sims possess here in the sims 4 games. And we have shared the various benefits and disadvantages of each of these traits listed here in the above sections. Moreover, we have also provided detailed instructions on how to change sims 4 custom traits for sims in the game with and without using cheat codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Sims 4 Traits CC?

Sims 4 Traits CC are the character parameters of each sim in the Sims 4 game that helps the players to choose the personality, habits, lifestyle, emotional character of the sims.

What are the different types of Sims 4 Traits CC?

Hobby, Emotional, Social, Lifestyle, Bonus, Rewards, are some of the different types of Sims 4 Traits CC in the Sims 4 game.

Can you change the Sims 4 Traits CC without using cheat codes?

Yes, the players can change the Sims 4 Traits CC without using cheat codes by buying the re-training potion from the rewards store in the game. However, this requires them to spend 5000 satisfactions points.

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