Skyrim Romance Mod Incident

Skyrim Romance Mod Incident

The sheer amount of content in Skyrim is pretty huge, though that’s never going to be enough for many players. The vanilla version of the game might have done justice to most parts of the game, except for one. That is the romance aspect, which is plain bland. You can marry NPCs in the game and all you need is an amulet. Get that and make some simple conversation, and voilà, you are now married to a stranger. This can be way better if you use Skyrim Romance mod. That is what we are going to discuss here, along with the infamous Skyrim Romance mod incident.

You may already know that there is an abundance of mods for Skyrim, each of them adds specific things to the game. Some of them improve graphics, while others add new quests and storylines. So it is natural that modders would make a mod that can make romancing your weight carrying slaves easier. So now there are a lot of interesting mods that spice up the romance with your NPC.

Some mods even add new NPC and storylines to add a layer of depth to those romances. So why are these kinds of mods so popular? Apart from the obvious reason that the vanilla game didn’t do justice to this aspect, many players just find some form of comfort with these kinds of romance. To be blunt, many people feel lonely, even if they don’t care to admit it. This is one weird way to fill that black hole inside their hearts. Hence, the popularity of such Skyrim mods. There is one such mod that led to a controversy and that is termed as Skyrim Romance Mod incident. Find out what it is from the next section.

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What Is Skyrim Romance Mod Incident?

Now, this is a pretty scandalous incident in the Skyrim modding community. Bishop – A Skrim Romance mod creator Mara, is at the forefront of this Skyrim Romance mod incident. So the whole thing is that Mara copied the main character Bishop and almost every aspect of this character from another game called Neverwinter Nights 2. Most of the content of this mod including character interactions, dialogues, textures, and a few other stuff is entirely taken from the NWN 2 game and that game’s similar romance mod. The other mod was made by Gibberlings3.

The Neverwinter Nights 2 is a role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment that is based on the D&D 3.5 Edition. It follows similar rules of the game where players create their own and play the game within the confinement of the rules. This mod was mainly targeted at female players to provide them with a romance option in Skyrim.

The most heinous thing that the creator did here(apart from plagiarizing a whole) is not telling her team working on this mod that this isn’t an original. Soon when players came to know about his crime and were furious. Though not many liked the mod, and even the ones who did criticize the author left and right.

How Did the Skyrim Romance Mod Incident Got Resolved?

Many people found that the mod was in bad taste and then came the hate campaigns and online shaming. While the author, Mara, might have deserved it, it wasn’t the right thing to do. After the Nexus community pointed out Mara the issue, they put the mod in moderation mode. She was later banned from the nexus community. This Skyrim romance mod drama didn’t stop here because Mara later created another account. This was another violation of Nexus terms by Mara.

Before all this happened Mara started a campaign to collect funds for another mod that was in the making. This is also a grave violation of nexus community guidelines. The atrocity here was that she was using the same Bishop mod to raise those funds. All these led to her ban from the community. Though the whole Skyrim romance mod incident cooled down after she took permission from the original creator to use their content. Along with that, she also posted an apology to the community and creator stating she wasn’t aware of such terms. Now you can find the mod back in the nexus mods. This is the whole Skyrim Romance mod incident.

How Do You Install the Mod That Caused the Skyrim Romance Mod Incident?

How Do You Install the Mod That Caused the Skyrim Romance Mod Incident?

Now if you have never installed any romance mod, then you might now be tempted to install at least after reading this whole Skyrim Romance Mod incident. The following instruction will help you install the same mod that caused the Skyrim Romance Mod incident.

This Skyrim romance mod requires a bunch of other mods and files to work, so you download and install them as well. Those mods and files include Skyrim Script Editor(SKSE), SkyUI, Racemenu, Fores New Idles in Skyrim, XP32 (XPMSE), Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS), Sexlab(18+), and of course the Skyrim romance mod. Download and install the mods in the mentioned order, and even load them in the same order.

Installation Order

  • The first thing as mentioned above is installing the SKSE using a mod manager. After you do that, add a shortcut of SKSE. This is because the game has to be stareted using the SKSE for mods to work.
  • After installing SKSE, Since SkyUI requires SKSE, only after you install the former should you install the SkyUI. Use the link to downlaod and install with the mod manager.
  • Next up is Racemenu mod, now you can also use another mod called Enhanced Character Edit along with NetImmerse Override. Though the Racemenu is a better option.
  • To install Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS), the procedure is a little differnt so you have to look at the instruction provided in the download page of this mod.
  • Now it is time ot install the XP32 mod, this is somthing that should never be overwritten as it can cause a bunch of problems.

A Few More Steps

  • Before installing this mod make sure that you have SKSE, Realistic Ragdolls and Force, Fores New Idles in Skyrim, and Racemenu/ Enhanced Character Edit and NetImmerse Override.
  • Otherwise, these are gonna overwrite the XP32 mod which you do not want. In case, you see window or pop up asking to overrirde XP32, just select no.
  • Before you install Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS), there is an option mod called Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition (CBBE) which you can try out for female bodies. Though this is pretty adult stuff.
  • Now, time to add Schlongs of Skyrim (SOS) and Sexlab(18+) mods. Use mod manager for them because adding so many mods and managing them can be tricky.
  • For the SOS mod, you need to have an account in the Lover’s lab. So make sure to create one, but mind you it contain 18+ content.
  • Finally, add the Skyrim romance mod and you are done.

These are all the things you need to install the Skyrim nexus romance mod, and we strictly recommend that you follow the steps to the point. So there are no errors, but if you need more instruction or a video guide then check this SkyrimRomance guide for more steps.

Best Skyrim Romance Mods

Many players are divided on this mod, even though the majority dictates that it is pretty bad. Partly due to the Skyrim Romance mod incident, and it is plagiarised. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a good Skyrim romance experience because there are plenty of other mods for that. So here we are gonna list some of the best Skyrim romance mods that one can try out for their game.

You Probably Heard About Vilja in Skyrim

Skyrim Romance Mod Incident - Best Skyrim Romance Mods

If you are here looking for a Skyrim romance mod then there is a good chance that you already used this mod or at least heard about it. That’s because this is a pretty famous romance mod for Skyrim. Many players love this mod as it adds a romance option with Vilja, who is a very interesting character in the game. All you have to do is install this mod, interact with Vilja, and let her join you in her mission.

Install this mod, and you are in for a pretty good time as she has a lot of interaction options. The character is a pretty talkative one, which I personally like. As all good things are not perfect, so is Vilja. The only problem you will have with her is her voice. Vilja doesn’t have a very good voice which might get annoying after a certain time. In case, you can just some who manage to ignore this thing, then this mod lets you have some interesting romance with Vilja.

Have You Met Viconia Devir?

Skyrim Romance Mod Incident - Viconia Devir

We all have companions, maybe not in real life(cause you to don’t out of your couch still playing Skyrim in 2021), but definitely in Skyrim. They are pretty handy NPC as they carry all your stuff for you and a few of them are even ready to marry you(Even though you treat them like animals). While there are many companion options in the game, only a few of them are good, and fewer offer romantic options.

With the Viconia DeVir companion mod, you have an awesome companion, who unlike the previous one in this list, has a great voice actor(Amber Lee Conners). This mod adds Viconia DeVir with different skins, who is a standalone companion. The mod also adds a quest for the NPC, but choosing that quest will take out the romance option. So choose wisely. In case you cannot find her then you can use a spell that brings her to you.

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Try Raven of the Reach

Skyrim Romance Mod Incident - Try Raven of the Reach

At this, you have read or at least heard of the Skyrim Romance Mod incident, where a creator named copied a lot of content for her romance mod. The same creator made another mod called the Raven of the Reach. This time though, she made original content(good for her). This mod is pretty huge, and you can even compare it with a DLC as it adds a lot of content to the game. New characters, storyline, romance options, etc.

Apart from those things, the mod also contains new monsters, some custom outfits, textures, and even boss battles. Since it is a huge mod there is a lot more content in this mod which will take a lot of time to explore. In this mod, you will romance the chieftain Cael by joining the Foresworn. The romance pacing is a bit slow, but it is still worth it.

Multiple Marriages Should Be an Option

Multiple Marriages Should Be an Option

This mod here is a bit of a departure from the romance, but it is still something that many players would want. Loving someone and marrying them is a great thing, but what if you are one of those people who keep falling in love with many people. Yes, there are many such people who feel that way. So monogamy might not feel like the best option for you, hey as long you and your spouse can agree on it.

Since Skyrim doesn’t let you marry more than one person at a time, this To Have and To Hold is a marriage mod you should look into. So if you install this mod then you have the chance to have up to 11 spouses. Yes, you heard it right. The mod lets you marry up to 11 NPC’s in the game, and all at the same time. It also adds a handy feature that lets you know all the people you married by keeping a log of things in a book called Mara’s Tear. In case if things don’t work between any of your spouses then you can even get divorced.

Why Not Show Some Romance by Kissing?

Why Not Show Some Romance by kissing?

A simple lore-friendly mod that just does one thing, which is let you kiss an NPC. The vanilla game never had this feature, which is quite baffling, since you can marry people but not kiss them. So a modder took it upon himself to add this neat feature to the game. Though do not expect any adult content from this mod because all it does is allow you to kiss your partner. Nothing more. Though you can find mods for that too. So, install this mod for some light romance with your spouse.

You May Need the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

You May Need the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

Romance doesn’t always have to be physical, sometimes it is just the way you speak to your partner. We all know that Skyrim doesn’t do much in terms of conversation with characters, and especially spouses. You marry them, but there isn’t much to talk about except ask them to give you some money or food. The Relationship dialogue overhaul mod is perfect for such situations. Add this mod to your game, and you will have access to 5000 new lines of dialogue for your NPC.

These new dialogue lines are not just limited to your spouses, but other NPCs like followers or friends too. So it’s not just about romance with your loved one, but you can also have many interesting conversations with others too. Maybe using this and multiple marriage mod will get you some interesting NPC spouses.

While a few of these are not exactly the romance mods you might have been looking for, but they do add a good element to it. The rest are pretty standard romance mods, but if you need more options then try Amorous Adventures, Anna’s NPCs, and Casavir Romance: A Paladin’s Tale. These should be enough to keep you occupied with good romance options in the game. Also, it’s going to make you forget the bad aftertaste left due to the Skyrim romance mod incident, which is if you ever tried it.

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Wrapping Up

Pretty much even in the Skyrim modding community and even the players know about the Skyrim romance mod incident. Even if you have never heard about the Skyrim romance mod incident then we list all the key pieces of information and timeline of things that took place. So just read it up to find out. In case you are interested to try that mod then we have listed instructions on how to download and install it. There is a good chance that you are not gonna like it, in which case you are gonna look for other similar mods. Well, we got some interesting recommendations for you then.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where are can I find the Skyrim romanceable companion mod?

There are plenty of Skyrim romanceable companion mods for players to try out. Such mods add new companions and a romance option for them so that players can have interesting conversations and even marry them. If that’s what you want then check out our recommendation on the same, or just search nexus mod for other such mods.

What is skyrim vilkas romance mod?

This mod allows players to romance Vilkas, who is a Jorrvaskar. He is the brother of Farkas, who both come as a romanceable option in a mod. There are plenty of mods based on these two NPC, who you can romance and add hem as followers. Check out some of these Vilka mods.

How did the Skyrim Romance mod incident get resolved?

Well, the issues took quite some time to be resolved but ended with the creator Mara releasing an official apology to the creators and nexus community. She then later took official permission to use the content of the NWN2 mod in her Romance mod. So her mod is now back and anyone can download it.

How can I download and install this romance mod?

The Skyrim romance mod from Mara requires a bunch of other mods to work and is a bit tricky to install. We have listed out instructions to download them install them. You can check them out from the earlier sections of this article.

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