Skyrim Together Mod

Skyrim Together Mod

There are very few games that blur the boundaries of time and are still playable. One such amazing game is Skyrim, which is also one of my favorites. It’s been almost a decade since the game was first released, but it still finds many players among multiple consoles and PC. But what can you do if you want to play with friends? The answer to this question lies with the Skyrim Together Mod. This clearly shows how glorious the game is. You can spend hours just exploring the realm of Tamriel, its caves, mountains, and forests. There are so many amazing side quests that sometimes you even forget about the main story. Skyrim has so many things like Dragons, Gainst, Werewolves, Vampires, and many other weird scary creatures.

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Skyrim Together Mod and Having Fun With Friends

It’s so fun killing these creatures, but there was one thing that was missing in the game. You can only play the game in single-player mode, but now that isn’t the case with the Skyrim Together Mod. This is one of the greatest additions to Skyrim as many players have demanded such a feature, ever since the game was released.

Apart from all the items that are already available in the game, amplify this with many more items using mods. You can add so many things to the game, from better graphics to more missions, skins, and new skills. All things aside, here we are going to talk about the Skyrim Together mod and what it does to your game.

Skyrim together example

Steps to Download and Install Skyrim Together Mod

Before you start installing this mod, you need to remember that this mod can only be installed on the Special Edition of the game, and not any other version, and definitely not the pirated version. So if you do have one, check the steps below.

  • The first obvious thing would be to download the Skyrim Together mod, which you can do from the GitHub link Elder Scrolls Skyrim Multiplayer Mod
  • When you open the link you can see a file named “Harbor-1.0.6.exe”. Click on the file to start the download.
  • Now run the downloaded file with a simple double-click to install it.
  • When the Harbor file is installed, run it. This will launch your Skyrim game.
  • Then select the “install” option from the launcher that can be found in the bottom right corner.
  • If the launcher shows that “Game Not found”, you have to manually add the directory.
  • Click on the small magnifying glass next to “Game Not Found”. This will open a Windows explorer, and now you have to assign a directory.
  • The address that you should assign is the “Skyrim Special Edition” folder that can be found in “common” in “steamapps” that is in the Steam folder of Program Files (x86).
  • After going to that location, all you have to do is click on “Select Folder”.
  • Now you can launch the game through Steam or the Skyrim launcher.

How to Use the Skyrim Coop Mod?

The installation procedure is done, but you also need to know how to use this mod, which is easy. When the game loads and you are in the game, press “right control”. With that, a new interface window opens that has options for multiplayer like LAN, join or create a server, etc.

You can also check this Skyrim Multiplayer Mod tutorial if you have any confusion. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Together Mod in Skyrim

We have all tried to take on a giant right at the beginning of our Skyrim journey, and have been brutally smashed to the ground multiple times. Though it is really difficult to take on a giant as a beginner, it would be a little easier if you have your friends. 

Similarly, what if you can join with a bunch of friends in a multiplayer match to fight other players? It would be a new and amazing experience and one that’s worth trying. The Skyrim Together mod does exactly that by allowing you to join a server to enjoy one of the best games of all time.

While there is already an Elders Scrolls multiplayer which is from the same Skyrim series, it is pretty different. It doesn’t have the same aesthetics and feels as Skyrim, which is why modders have decided to make the Skyrim Together Mod. Even it has been almost 3 years since the Skyrim Together Mod was first released, it is still under development. That doesn’t mean you cannot try it. It just means that there are some more changes and additions to be done.

This is probably the best Skyrim multiplayer mod experience that you can get in Skyrim with the Skyrim Together Mod. So buckle up, install this mod and start having fun with your friends in the realm of Tamriel. You can check out all the features of the Skyrim Together mod and install the procedure above.

Features of Skyrim Together Mod

Not Every Game Edition Supports This Mod

Currently, there is one edition of Skyrim that you can use the Skyrim Together mod, and that is the Special Edition. You can only play with this mod on Steam in Special Edition. So maybe you should get the special edition instead of vanilla or Legendary edition if don’t already have one. 

For other players who use consoles, wait a little longer to try this as it is not supported on PS or Xbox. The good thing about this mod apart from the obvious one, is that it can be played with any DLC like Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard. Also, if you are using a pirated copy then forget about trying the Skyrim Together mod.

Joining a Server

Only if you need to create a server and the rest can join it. There are no restrictions on the number of servers or person that hosts it in the community. Even though the server was made for 64 players, it currently holds only up to 8 players. 

As including more gamers than suggested may crash the server, it is best if you stick to the numbers. There is one more requirement to play on the server, and that is to finish the starting quest, which is the Unbound Quest. Only when all the players have finished this quest can they play on a server.

The server also works on LAN and supports VPN, so if have a good VPN then you can run the game smoothly.

Fight Your Own Skin

Some humans are savages, they find joy in killing their kind, at least in games. If you do like a “mano a mano” type of confrontation then you can even fight with other players on the server. A PvP mode is enabled in the mod’s server which lets you attack other players. Frankly, it is fun to fight a skilled player rather than fighting a boring bot in games. 

The rest of the players that are involved in this server apart from the ones involved in PvP battles will behave like NPCs. Also, you can easily spot enemies now, even when they are sneaking. The teleport option will not work when there is a hostile player near you.

Skyrim Co-op Mod Quest Are Not Possible(Sort of)

This is one of the important features for Skyrim that is missing in the Skyrim Together mod. Usually, not all player’s storyline quests are not in sync, so if one play is at the beginning of the story while the other is so were close to the finish., they cannot play quests together. Since that quest is already finished in the other player’s game.

There is only one way to play multiplier quests: if all the players in the server start the same quests instead of random quests. Also, this only works when all the players choose the same kind of options/choices in a quest, clashing of choices will not work in this mod. 

In-game Time Is still the Same

While the storyline quests may not be in sync, the in-game times are. So time is linear for all players in the game. Sleeping will not affect time like it usually does. All the players in the game will have the same time even if they pause the game.

All the Items in the Game Are in Synch Too

It would be weird and confusing if one player opens a lock or a door, and it is locked for another player. There is no point in playing Skyrim multiplayer mod quests when one player unlocks a door, but the other player still has to do the same. 

Luckily, this is taken care of in this mod, so whenever a player goes through a door or loots a chest it will be incomplete synchronization with another player’s game. It would have been great if multiple players could loot a single chest, even though it is cheating.

Skills and Abilities

You can every spell and shouts that you usually use in single-player mode, but this time it can even harm other players. You can use various spells on other players in PvP mode, use shouts, but the transformation spells are a little off. So it is better if you do not use them. 

If you do not want other players to get hurt, which is something that is going to happen, you should turn off the friendly-fire option. You can find the option from settings. Also, killing an enemy with players will not share the experience points will all players who took part, but you all get the dragon soul since all are Dragonborn.

Does It Work With Other Mods?

Well, it works perfectly well if all the players have similar mods installed in their server. If they don’t then there may be an issue. Since one player can use items or do stuff that other players can’t. So it’s better to use mods that all players have in their game.

There are certain mods like mods that are made from Skyrim Creation Kit, which usually work well with any other mods. The problem is caused when you use mods made from SKSE. So it is better to skip the latter mods if you want to use them in multiplayer mode.

What About Split-screen Gameplay?

This is something Co-op gamers want in their games. Though it is best if you take advantage of any split-screen functionality, this is not going to be the case in most modern games.

You may see different things from players on split-screen. Things like animals, climate, light, time of the day, and many other functions will vary in the split-screen gameplay. Do you enjoy these world changes? Then go for it, and use the Nexus Skyrim coop mod to play split-screen.

When Will the Final Version Release?

There is no concrete date set or hinted at the final finished product, but the modders are still working hard to bring the best experience from this mod. If you do not want to wait for the final product then you try the Nightly Builds that is sort of a beta version of the mod which is still in development. 

You can try this mod, and if you find any bugs then you can report to the creators on GitHub. Frequent updates are being released for this mod, so work is currently in progress with constant bug fixes.

This mod offers a new and immersive experience to players who have been waiting for a long time for this. While it isn’t perfect, it is still close to every Skyrim player’s dream of multiplayer mode. That’s why many players are using this mod even though it isn’t fully developed.

Skyrim Creation Kit

Bethesda has released a tool called Creation Kit in 2012 to offers many modders and players a chance to edit, add, remove and do many such things to Skyrim and Fallout 4 games. The Creation kit provides players access to the game’s every graphical aspect with which developers and players can change the world of Skyrim to their liking. 

With some patience and passion, you can alter the textures, create mods, create new monsters, places, characters, and even alter the GUI of the game with some external tools. This kit is for every Skyrim and Fallout 4 player who wants to add his/her touch to the game. 

I know that it all sounds like a complex job, but there are so many tutorials on the Bethesda YouTube channel. Also, there are so many Creation Kit Wikis that explain how to use this creation kit to do various stuff.

If you do not know how to install the Creation Kit then just check the steps given below.

  • First, you need to own Skyrim’s original version and a Steam account to install CK. 
  • Then you can go to Steam, and login into your account. 
  • Now find the “Library” menu and click on it to access “Tools”.
  • Then you have to search for the tool from the search bar by “Creation Kit”.
  • Finally, run the file to install it. For further instructions, you can check the opened installation dialogue box.

If you want to install the CK for Special Edition then check this Installation Wiki.

Some Features of Creation Kit

  • Create and edit NPCs with scene editor to make various interactions with the NPCs.
  • Add real-time shadows and visual aspects can be added with the Creation Kit.
  • A new scripting language called “Papyrus” is used for editing various workflow enhancements in the game editor.
  • One important addition is the introduction of Steam Workshop which allows modded to add their newly created mods. All Player can find these mods and install them into their game by subscribing to them. 
  • You can easily upload any mod by selecting the file menu and adding a brief description of what the mod does, then add screenshots and tags if you like. Doing that helps players find your mod easily and understand what it does. 

Many other things can be done with this tool kit, just check the YouTube tutorials and wikis to help understand this tool. Also, check this unofficial wiki.

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How to Create Mods in Skyrim?

If you use a lot of mods in games, and especially in Skyrim then you have probably thought about making your own mod. I know that because I thought about it too. So all those people who thought or are thinking about making their own Skyrim mod should check this tutorial on the basics of mod-making. 

To make a mod in Skyrim you require the Creation Kit on your Steam. You download that and add it using the tutorial provided in the above sections. When this is done you can check the steps below for a basic mod creation.


  • Open the Creation Kit and you will observe multiple work windows in the tool. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of options in the tool, most of those are not required for beginners.
  • Here we will use the Object Creation Window, Render Window, and Cell View. Each has its functions like the Object window is the most used one. You add objects to the mods, by choosing from various categories from the right and left side menu. One shows your objects category and the other shows the objects present in that category.
  • The render window checks the final product you create and how it appears in the game. Also, the cell view shows all the cells available in the game 

Mod Creation

  • Now let’s begin the process by opening the Data window by clicking on the File tab. Next, select “Skyrim” from the Data window.
  • Then go to “Object Window” and select “Weapons” from the Items drop menu.
  • In there, you will see so many assets that are preinstalled in the game. 
  • From those assets, you can select anything. For example, select a Dwarven Sword and remember to duplicate the item with a right-click. You do not want to lose the actual file.
  • Now it’s time for the main event. Name the new weapon and Left-click twice on the duplicated Dwarven Sword to open the mod editing window which is the Weapons tab.
  • Here you can make any sort of changes to the sword from the multiple options that are available.
  • When you are done, click the ok button to save the changes.

Now you are done with the mod creation part, and it is time to add the weapon to the inventory in the game. Start the game and use the “~” key to open the command prompt. In the command prompt type “help Weapon Name(name that you assign)” to get the Weapon’s ID. 

By using this Weapon ID you will add it to your inventory. Again in the command prompt type “player.additem ItemID Quantity”. When you give a quantity with the weapon’s ID, for example, I give the command “ player.additem 1E001E25 2”. This will spawn 2 weapons with that ID, which in my case is 1 Dwarven Sword. 

Now you have successfully made a new mod for your Skyrim game. If you need an in-depth tutorial for creating a new mod from the scratch then check this Mod Creation Kit Tutorial

Best Skyrim Mods

Skyrim has some amazing mods for an open-world game, which is mostly due to the loyal fan base it has. Here are a few good mods that you can try for if you’re bored with the usual story.

Skyrim HD 

HD Pic

Almost a decade after its release, you can say that the graphics are a bit old and nowhere close to the ones today’s games have. That can be changed though with the Skyrim HD mod. This mod adds 2K textures to your game.

Sky UI

Skyrim - Sky UI

In Skyrim and others like it, it is a bit difficult to go through your inventory to find stuff when there are so many items. The Sky UI makes it easier to find items from your inventory by providing a better interface with some extra options.

Interesting NPCs

Interesting NPCs

Some NPCs in Skyrim can be plain, dull, and not so interactive. With the Interesting NPCs, you can find many new NPCs that have interesting interactions, give quests, and many more things. You can also check some other NPC mods like Immersive Citizens, Immersive Creatures, or Amazing Follow Tweak.

Immersive Weapons

Skyrim Immersive Weapons

If you think you had enough with all the weapons in Skyrim, or if you are tired of searching for new ones then add the Immersive weapons mod. This mod adds 250 new weapons to the game


Enderal Mod

Already done with the main story, finished all the side quests? If you thought you completed every story in Skyrim. If you want some more, then Enderal is the best choice for you. It is a massive expansion pack that adds more stories, NPCs, landscapes, creatures, etc. 

It is one of the best expansion mods for Skyrim, but it may not be very compatible with the special edition, but you make some SSE Tweaks for this mod. Also, check another similar mod called Falskaar.

Pros & Cons


  • Skyrim Multiplayer mod options like PvP and PvE.
  • Can play multiplayer quests, if all players join the same quest at the same time.
  • Players can use shouts and other magic abilities on other players.
  • Can turn off friendly fire.
  • Supports other mods created from Skyrim Creation Kit.


  • Has a lot of bugs.
  • The server only supports up to 8 players at the moment.
  • Split-screen doesn’t work well.
  • No word on the release of the final version of the mod.

Even though many things are suggesting you wait for the final version of the mod, you can still have a lot of fun playing with your buddies with this mod. 

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I can keep on talking about Skyrim all day long, but it’s not going to be enough to help me learn how amazing this game is. You can only truly know if you try it out. Play this with your buddies by adding the Skyrim Together Mod. Check the mod creation tutorial if you are interested in making your mods.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the Skyrim Coop mod?

The Skyrim Coop mod is the feature that is available in the Skyrim Together mod, which lets you play coop matches with your friends.

What is Skyrim multiplayer mod Nexus?

The Skyrim multiplayer mod Nexus is a modding community from where you can download mods that are available for Skyrim.

How to get the Skyrim Together mod?

You can download this mod from GitHub. When you open the link, click on “Harbor-1.0.6.exe”.

Does the Elders Scrolls Skyrim has Multiplayer?

Yes and No. There is no multiplayer mode in the official release that lets you play Elder Scrolls Skyrim in multiplayer, but you can use mods like Skyrim Together mod to use the multiplayer feature.

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