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Every Minecraft player knows how difficult it is to grow various things in the game. You need many things like sand, water, sunlight, and fertilizers like bone meal. Plants are as important in Minecraft as they are in real life. To be in survival mode, you need food, and the main source for that is the crops. So you need every advantage that you can get in this game to stay alive. One such advantage offered by the RoBrit is the SNAD Minecraft mod.

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Snad Minecraft Mod

One such advantage of getting resources for survival comes in the form of mods in Minecraft. If you have wondered how to raise plants quickly in Minecraft, you can use the Snad Minecraft mod. Snad Minecraft mod helps our crops sprout speedily in normal sand. Usually, a plant in Minecraft takes around 10 to 30 minutes (depending on the type of crop), but with the Snad Minecraft mod, you can close that timeframe to a good extent. 

What is SNAD How to Use Snad Minecraft Mod?

Sand is a material that can be used to grow crops like cactus, sugarcane, and kelp. You need to know that the Snad Minecraft mod can only be used on sand and red sand. No other soil will be as effective. So crops like sugarcane and cactus can be grown faster using the Snad mod. All you have to do is combine two sand blocks by placing them one after the other in the crafting menu.

That’s all it takes to use the snad mod in Minecraft. You can also use red sand in the crafting menu to make the plants grow at a faster pace. Usually, cactus grows a little faster in red sand than in normal sand, so snad mod can make it grow twice as fast. Snad Minecraft mod was created by The RoBrit, and is available for both forge and fabric Minecraft loaders. 

To download the Snad Minecraft mod, you can go to and download the mod. If you want to choose a particular version, then click on ‘Files’ and download the required version of the mod. After you have downloaded it, you may also need help to install the mod if you have never done it before. The instruction mentioned below will help you to do so easily. Find the links to the latest version of the Snad Minecraft Mod right here.

Steps to Install the Snad Minecraft Mod

  • The first step would be downloading the mod, and when that is done, you need to look for the Minecraft installed files folder.
  • To do that you can type “%appdata%” in the Run box which can be opened with the “Windows + R” key, and even from the start menu.
  • Look for the mod folder and in that folder, you need to copy/move the downloaded mod’s .jar files. That’s it, the mod is now installed.
  • Remember to open the game in forge if you have installed a forge version of the mod. Open in fabric if you installed a fabric version.
  • You can also check if the mod is installed from the mod menu in the game.

How to Grow Plants in Minecraft

snad minecraft - example

Just like farming in real life, farming in Minecraft needs requirements. While it isn’t as difficult to farm in Minecraft as it is in real life, it still comes with certain difficulties. You can grow various kinds of plants in Minecraft ranging from carrots, potatoes to some large plants like melons and pumpkins. The major requirement for any plant would be to look for the right place with good soil and light. Another important factor is water. You need well-irrigated land to grow plants, as it is quite obvious that crops need enough water from the earth’s surface to irrigate.

When you have all the above, go to the land and right-click on the area to plant some seeds. You also need a hoe for removing weeds and to till the land. You can even grow plants during the night if you place a torch as a light source. Next, it’s time to provide the crops with some fertilizers, and for that, you can use the bonemeal which also speeds up the growing process.

Crops like carrots, potatoes will rise faster than the heavier and bigger crops such as melons and pumpkins. If any animal or mob jumps on your crops then the crops will be damaged, so to prevent that, always lock your farm. There are many more crops like beetroot, cocoa beans, mushrooms, etc. that you can grow on your land. Harvest the crops when they are good to be harvested.

This is the basic way to grow any kind of crop in Minecraft, and if you need more info on this, then you can check this Growing Crops Tutorial

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Tips and Tricks on How to Make Plants Grow Faster in Minecraft

  • While a cactus may just be a plant, it can damage any other blocks that are placed near it. So you shouldn’t place any blocks near it.  
  • You can grow your plants a little faster if there is a beehive nearby your crops. Since bees pollinate the plants, it helps them grow faster.
  • Always construct a fence around your crops to prevent small animals from destroying your crops. 
  • There is a downside to having a fence. Some animals and mobs can just jump over them and destroy your crops. To prevent that, you can place some carpets on your paling. This prevents everyone except you from jumping over the fence.
  • If you want to grow a huge tree then plant 4 saplings in an area. Use the bonemeal on one of them, but those 4 saplings must be planted in a square format.  

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The use of Snad mod in Minecraft does not have much in detail to talk about, except that it can help crops such as sugarcane and cactus intensify their growth. You just have to install the mod and combine two sand blocks to make one snad block and place it on the required land. Since farming is crucial to one’s survival in Minecraft, Snad Minecraft mod can be of great help to players as they try to create their world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to make crops grow faster in Minecraft?

You can either use mods like snad Minecraft mod or use some techniques that have been mentioned in the above sections of the article. Check them out.

Is snad the same as sand in Minecraft?

Snad is made by combining 2 blocks of sand, it is similar to sand but just better as it makes crops grow faster.

What can you plant on Snad?

Anything that can be planted on the sand, can be planted in snad. To name a few, cactus, sugarcane, bamboo, and kelp.

Can I use a Redstone clock with snad?

Yes, you can use a Redstone clock with snad by just placing the clock next to the snad.

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