Sonic Mania Mods

Sonic Mania Mods

Everyone in their lifetime has certain amazing memories that they want to relive again. Unfortunately, this is not possible, or is it? While normal people have no way of reliving memories, there is always a way for gamers. There have been many games so far that came back from the dead, either as remakes, sequels or just as a new game that was made as a homage to the old ones. One such game is Sonic Mania, and we shall talk about this game and the Sonic Mania mods.

They say that the latter half of the 1970s to the 1980s was a golden age of gaming, for some, it might be the 1990s or the current age of AAA games. Regardless, we have had many great games and will have in the future. One such great game from the past that made a glorious comeback in 2017 is Sonic Mania. One of the fan-favorite games from Sega was brought back and people loved it.

Sonic Mania, “The Game” and Sonic Mania Mods

Sonic Mania Mods

There have been many Sonic games following the original one in 1991, but none of them were good. Some of them were kind of good for some players, but not as great as they were supposed to be. So the release of Sonic Mania which was faithful to the source material, which is the original game, made it an instant hit. The game was far from an original, but apparently, that’s not what fans needed. All they wanted was a good sonic game that reminded them of the original one and was fun.

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The game ticked all those boxes, so was a hit. They even added extra content to the game and released it in the following year as Sonic Mania Plus(2018). The Sonic Mania project was spearheaded by none other than “Taxman(Christian Whitehead)” who was also the lead developer for the original Sonic game. Apart from him, people from the ROM Hacking and Sonic Fangame were onboard the development team.

This was released by Sega(obviously!) and was made on the Run engine. It is available for multiple consoles like Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch, and Microsoft Windows. For some unfathomable reason, you do not know what a Sonic Mania or any Sonic game is, then let me tell you that it is a side-scrolling platformer. The Sonic Mania is pretty similar to the original title released by Sega Genesis.

This was released as sort of homage/celebration to the game’s 25th Anniversary from the original game’s release. One other interesting thing about this game is that it has a lot of mods. So even if the game doesn’t have much new content, you can make it more fun and interesting by adding in mods.

Sonic Mania Mods

Here we are going to talk about and suggest to you some of the best mods that this game has, along with instructions on Sonic mods download and how to install them. While the game may be a lot of fun even without them that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it more fun. So take a look at the list below and try the Sonic Mania Mods.

Miss the Labyrinth Zone?

Sonic Mania Mods

Every fan of Sonic games was excited about the Sonic Mania release and loved it when it was released. In most ways, the game was perfect and added a lot of stuff from the previous games, but one thing that was missing was the Labyrinth zone. While some fans may be divided with me here, but most of them were disappointed when they didn’t add the labyrinth zone.

Well, that problem is now fixed with the help of mods. Some hardcore fans of the original sonic games recreated this zone for the Sonic Mania. So everyone who was waiting to play this zone in Sonic Mania can now do so with this mod.

Better Animation in Falling with Style

Better Animation in Falling with Style

Sonic characters are all about style and being cool, and they are, at least most of the time. While the sprinting and jumping are all cool for all characters, the falling animation misses the mark. Thankfully, everyone agrees on this thing, hence the falling with style mod. This mod provides a better falling animation to all the characters, even to Super Sonic, mighty, and ray.

There are a few other Sonic Mania mods for the falling animation, but this is the preferred one. Also, this is one of the early mods that were released for the game. So it got a lot of updates and fixes.

You Either Die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

Sonic Mania Mods

Anyone who reads the above sentence is instantly going to think about Batman. Yes, it is from The Dark Knight movie, but it’s not what I’m referring to here. Playing a hero is fun, but sometimes it is interesting to play a game as the hero’s nemesis. Using the villain to play as a hero can be real and a good chance. In the case of Sonic games, our hero has a metal doppelg√§nger called Metal Sonic.

If you download and add the Metal Mania mod to your game then you can play evil metal doppelganger. So you can rush through your enemies and smash them with this cybernetic monstrosity.

Sonic.EXE Mania

Sonic.EXE Mania

Hardcore Sonic fans with a love for horror definitely know this mod. As for those who are in the dark about it, this is basically a creepy and eerie version of the game. Not everyone likes sunshine and flowers, some also love the chilling and scary vibes in games(some in real life too). So for such people, the Sonic.EXE mania is going to be a lot of fun.

The mod completely overhauls the game’s feel, music and brings in different sprites for our three hedgehogs(Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails). The game has never been this scary before and would be a perfect game for Halloween.

The Complete Overhaul, Mega Mania Mod

 Sonic Mania Mod

Some of us play games for the amazing gameplay, characters, and story. A game without a good story is a dead one and doesn’t make you feel emotionally connected or invested. While Sonic Mania and many other sonic games have stories, they are all known to us. Sometimes, playing the same game with a new story can provide a completely new experience. If you agree with me then try this Sonic Mania Mod called the Mega Mania.

The Mega mania mod, adds a new story and characters to your Sonic Mania game that has never been heard before. This makes the game even more exciting. I won’t get into the story here because you should experience it for yourselves. Hint: Multiverse.

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Sometimes all you need is a fix

Sonic Mania Mod

Everyone loves Sonic Mania and the game is almost perfect, almost! No matter how good a game is, there are always certain issues, a few minor bugs, and a few necessary changes. There is always something that can be done to make it better. That is also true for the Sonic Mania game that was released in 2017. The game requires a few tweaks and adjustments to improve certain aspects like sprites and characters.

With the Sonic Mania Plus mod, minor changes and tweaks are made to make the experience even better. Dare I say, close to perfect. That’s all a fan needs to enjoy the game.

Bosses all the Way

Boss rush

Now, rushing through the levels and fighting those sub-bosses and lackeys can be a pain in the butt. Waiting for the end of the act to find those bosses can sometimes be exhausting. What if I were to tell you that you can just skip all those things in between and head directly to boss fights. That’s right. Install the Boss rush mod, and you never have to see the other pesky little enemies and obstacles. Head straight to all the boss fight and engage in battle with them one after the other.

These are just some of the amazing ones that this game has. Want more of them? Then I suggest you take a look at some Fandomspot article recommending their favorites. Now if you have already downloaded any of them but do not know how to install them, we can help. We are gonna list out a few instructions that will help anyone, to install any Sonic Mania Mod on your device.

Steps to Install Sonic Mania Mods

Before we get into the whole procedure for installing the mods for this game, there are certain requirements. One is the mod itself that you want to add to the game, and the other thing is the Mania mod loader. Almost every mod for this game requires the Mania mod loader, so we will also provide instructions on that. Here they come.

  • The first order of bunnies for installing a mod is to install a mod loader. To do that use this Mania mod loader download link –
  • After you download the Mania Mod loader, extract the files of the zip file to the Sonic Mania game folder.
  • In case you do not know where the game folder is, it is usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Sonic Mania.
  • Head to the above location on your device and you will find the game folder. Then copy the extracted files of the Mania mod loader.
  • In the same game folder, there is also a folder named mod. Any mod you want to add to the game should be placed in that folder.
  • Use the links provided in this article for the mods, and extract them after you download. Copy the extracted files in the mod folder of the game.
  • Now open the Mania Mod loader, and you can now notice that the copied mods from the mod folder are visible there.
  • One thing to note is that, after opening the mod loader, click the “Install Loader” option if it isn’t already installed.
  • Select the checkbox next to the mod to add them to the game. When you are done adding, click either save or save & play.

This is all it takes to add mods to the Sonic mania game. Automatically add mods to the mod loader, check Axanery’s video to do that.

Some of the best Sonic Games

Going through all the games Sonic has ever been in, is a difficult task because the number is too high. There have been 90 games where sonic was either the main character or one of the many. That’s just a crazy number probably there aren’t many characters that can boast of this number, except for maybe Mario and Pikachu. So picking out the best game for Sonic ain’t a piece of cake, but we do have our favorites. Our list is based on personal choices and preferences which may vastly differ from yours, so “trigger alert”.

Sonic Generations

Sonic Mania Mods

Told you not everyone is going to like this list. As I mentioned earlier, the list is going to be personal preference. Some of you might not consider this the best game, or even hate it, but I loved it. The game is split into two different perspectives. The first half is more like a 2D view, while the other half is a complete 3D view where Sonic jumps and dashes in the sky. This was a new take on the games in terms of gameplay and style which may not sit well with some.

Almost everything is good about this game, except for the boss battles. Fighting only 4 of them is way less numb. I kind of felt that the original game had too many bosses, but this one has way too few. Also, the game has 2 different sonics for the 2D and 3D parts of the game, and both characters come with their limitations. Still, I believe this is a really fun game, mashing up the old-school vibe and a little more new generations of the games.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

The final outing of the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy is considered the best game of the trilogy. For some it is the sequel to the original, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, for others it is this game that trumps others. This offers players to choose and switch between Sonic and Tails, and even play together if they join another player. The story is new and refreshing where sonic and tails are on a mission to spot Robotnik and get back the chaos emerald stolen by Knuckles.

The gameplay and the levels are great and more cohesive than the previous ones. While some didn’t like the new sprite for Sonic, nor do I hate it or love it. Overall this was the peak for the Sonic franchise after which everything went downhill. If you didn’t play the original games and just labeled the Sonic games as bad by playing the reboot or any others, then start playing the original. This was the best that the Sonic games could ever be. So I thought.

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Mods

Great graphics, VFX, are all good, but nothing beats good gameplay. That’s probably the most important factor in differentiating a good game from the bad one. This at least is true for half the gamers out there. That’s why Christian Whitehead, or popularly known as Taxman went old school and made Sonic Mania based on those 2D 16-bit games. The result was phenomenal, everyone loved the comeback of the blue hedgehog back to a good game after being in so many bad ones.

While the gameplay and style were similar to the original games, levels and a few other things were a mix and mash of original and old content. Everyone instantly fell in love with this game because it offered both nostalgia and a sense of freshness. Most games nowadays miss the mark when they are either rebooted or remade, this was a sure shot.

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Wrapping Up

Anyone who has never played in this game is sleeping on a gem. Even if you have never heard about Sonic(which I doubt) or are not a fan of the character, you might become one after this game. So strap yourself to a chair and install this on your device and start playing. Believe me, you are going to enjoy every second of this game and would ask for more. There is also a way to improve the game. That’s where the Sonic Mania mods come in, check them all out from the list provided in this article. Choose the desired Sonic Mania mods for your game and install them using the Sonic Mania download & install tutorial instructions we have listed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Where can I find the Sonic Mania Mods online?

Want to download some good Sonic Mania mods online? Then we already provided you links for some good ones. There are other mods that you can try as well by downloading them from the gamebanana or gamewatcher sites. Also, simply enter Sonic Mania mods download PC in the Google search bar.

Can I add new levels to the game using the Sonic Mania Level Mods?

Yes, there are a few mods that you can use to add new levels to the game since there is limited content in the original release. Some of these Sonic mania level mods include the Labyrinth Zone, Angel Island Zone Extended, The Pridelands Zone, etc.

What is Sonic mania mod loader?

While some game mods can directly be installed into the games, others require a certain application. In case of Sonic Mania, Sonic mania mod loader is that application. Install this mod on your device and load mods using it. There are clear instructions on how to do this, in the mod installation section of this article.

What are some good Sonic mania mods that add features of previous games?

Mods like Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Extra, Sonic 3Master, S2 Signpost, HUD, Star Post, S1 Ending Flowers in Green Hill, etc. These mods add certain features of the original trilogy to the Sonic Mania game.

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