Sorcerer 5e

Sorcerer 5e

Magic is a fascinating thing and there are a lot of things you can do when you can wield it. In D&D, there are a lot of classes that have access to magic, or at least some spells. There is one class that is a unique wielder of magic, and that is the Sorcerer 5e class. This Sorcerer 5e class is different in a way that they don’t need a deity to grant them such power like clerics, nor do they have to study it as Wizards do. Many d&d 5e Sorcerers are born with the ability to wield magic.

Just blood flows through any creature’s veins, magic flows through a Sorcerer’s body. Some sorcerers are aware of this, as they may have gotten magic through their draconic bloodlines, while others can be completely unaware. In case of the latter, such Sorcerers might experience a sudden burst of magic energy when they experience something traumatic or are pushed against a wall. Some Sorcerers might have been granted magic when they were just born or this can even link back to their ancestors.

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What Is a Sorcerer 5e Class in D&d?

To put it in simple terms, Sorcerer 5e is a class that is blessed with natural magic powers. They do not need to study it, make a pact with a god/deity, or try some other way. Their magical powers are natural and may come from their ancestors, while some may even be blessed with them at birth. Regardless, they can use pretty great spells, but the number of spells they have is limited. This is one of the reasons why people choose Wizards 5e over Sorcerer 5e class.

Let me tell you something, having fewer spells doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less useful. In fact, what little spells they have are pretty useful. One other drawback when it comes to sorcerers is that they can not learn new spells. It’s like “you cannot teach an old dog, new tricks”. The spells they have are useful in all kinds of situations, be it combat or social interactions. This heavily depends on the kind of dnd 5e Sorcerer that you are and the kind of specialization that you choose.

While starting out as a Sorcerer, it is important to choose an appropriate backstory that resonates with your character. This is, in fact, true for any class you choose. In terms of backstory, some sorcerers get blessed with magic, while others are born with it. It can also be a curse. It all depends on you and your DM. This is also an essential aspect to keep in mind, as things like these shape up your character’s journey of being a Sorcerer.

After all these things are done with, then it is time to decide, what is that your character wants? Most Sorcerers are adventurers, they travel in search of truth and look for the meaning of their powers.

Sorcerer 5e Class Features

Sorcerer 5e

Creating a Sorcerer’s backstory is not enough, you should also know every minute detail of the class. It is only then can you fully utilize all their abilities and have fun with the class. So let us see what choosing a Sorcerer class entails, when it comes to the class stats, equipment, and abilities. We are gonna talk all about those things briefly to get a better idea of the Sorcerer 5e class.

Sorcerer 5e Hit Points

Every class has certain unique features and abilities but one thing that is common for every class is Hit Points. This tells you the kind of defense your character has and the incoming damage they can handle. Along with the hit points, you will also add the constitution modifier when your character is at level 1. All those values will determine how long can your character can keep standing.

When it comes to Sorcerer 5e, the hit dice is 1d6, which is for every level of your Sorcerer. This is added with a constitution modifier, which looks something like a 6+Constitution modifier. Mind you, this is just for level 1. For higher levels, it will look like a 1d6(or 4)+Constitution modifier.

Class Proficiencies & Equipments

Sorcerers aren’t much of Armor-wearing character, hence they don’t have one at level 1. This makes sense as you will never find a Sorcerer at the front lines fighting with a melee weapon. Rather, they used ranged attacks with their spells. They don’t even have any tools, but they do use weapons like Darts, Slings, Light Crossbow, Quarterstaff, and Daggers. To make a saving throw for Sorcerer, you need Constitution and Charisma. The latter is very important for a Sorcerer, as they need high Charisma. This is what most players go for a quick Sorcerer build.

Like every class in D&D 5e, Sorcerers too require certain skills. Players will have to pick those skills when start out playing as a Sorcerer. For this class, players can choose Religion, Deception, Persuasion, Arcana, Insight, and Intimidation. So from the ones mentioned here, you get to choose any two skills for your character, and not more than that. These are the character proficiencies for this class.

Now, this class may be mostly known for using their spelled attacks, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get weapons. Every D&D adventure regardless of which class you choose will start out with some basic gear. Things like pouches, dungeon’s pack, explorer’s pack, arcane focus. We did mention that you get to use some equipment as well. In that regard, you have to choose between a light crossbow that comes with 20 bolts or a simple weapon. With this, you will also have 2 daggers in your bag.

DnD Sorcerer 5e Spells and Spellcasting

Being a DnD Sorcerer means you get to use spells and the magic for this is something that you have had from birth or been blessed with it. In any case, you are able to use spells just like Bards do. Anyone who plays as a Sorcerer will have a spell list and a spell slot, with which they are able to use those spells. What makes Sorcerer’s different from Wizards in terms of spellcasting is that they cannot learn new spells. On the other hand, wizards get to constantly increase their spell list and slots for more effective gameplay.

This doesn’t mean you are limited in every way when playing as a Sorcerer, the best thing about them is that they can use Metamagic. So what is this Metamagic? This ability is an amazing one, as it lets you manipulate spells. It turns simple ones into worth fearing. With this ability, you can change certain aspects of the spell, like making casting faster, targeting multiple enemies, etc.

Now, to cast any spell, you need a spell slot. A Sorcerer at level 1 will have two level 1 spell slots and as you level up so does the number of slots per level and the slot level too. Higher-level spells require higher-level spell slots, and cannot be cast too often. Though you can rest to replenish any and all used spell slots. The only spells that don’t need a spell slot are Cantrips, and Sorcerers can use 4 cantrips. This number too increases with the character’s level.

Some Cantrips you will be able to use early in the game include Acid Splash, Blade Ward, Chilling Touch, etc. To know what all spells they have access to, take a look at this dndbeyond Sorcerer 5e spells list.

DnD 5e Sorcerer Spellcasting

The above section covers the basics of what spells are what kinds of spells a Sorcerer player has. Apart from those things, there are a few other crucial details one must understand. Every spell you cast requires Charisma, which is something important for a Sorcerer. Whenever you make an attack roll or DC save, the Charisma modifier is added to that. For a Spell save DC, it is 8+your charisma modifier+your proficiency bonus. When it comes to spell attack modifier, this becomes your charisma modifier+your proficiency bonus.

You start by selecting a Sorcerer origin at level, this defines the kind of Sorcerer you are. This is how to obtain various Sorcerer features. These features are customizable at higher levels like 6th, 14th, and 18th. Then at level 2, you obtain Font of Magic that uses Sorcery points. In case you do not know what they are then the next part is worth looking into.

Sorcerery Points

These are nothing but points that can be exchanged for spell slots, or vice-versa. In case you are running low on spell slots and need them to cast a spell then exchange Sorcery points to get some spell slots. Each spell slot requires a different number of sorcery points depending on the slot level. Players, in the beginning, will have only 2 sorcery points but this number increases with respect to their level. To convert sorcery points 5e into a spell slot, one has to use this move as a bonus action.

When turning spell slots into sorcery points, the number of sorcery points you get is equal to the spell slot level. Similarly, when converting spell slots into sorcery points, 1st level gives 2, then the next one is 3, 5, 6, 7 for each increasing spell slot level.


This is perhaps the most interesting and useful ability of a Sorcerer. Using this, a dnd Sorcerer can change, distort, or modify a spell at will. There are various Metamagic options that a Sorcerer and choose but will have access to only two of them at level 1. This too like many other aspects, increases with level increase. While a dnd 5e Sorcerer player may have two Metamagic options, they can only use one on each spell.

Some of the Metamagic options that one will be able to use are Careful Spell, Empowered Spell, Distant Spell, Twinned, Subtle, Quickened, Heightened, Extended spells. Choose any two from them when you start the game, more options will be available when you reach levels 10th and 17th.

If you want to learn more about this class, their spell list, and origin options then take a look at this Wikidot page on the topic.

All Sorcerer 5e Subclasses

Subclassing is an interesting as well as a useful feature in D&D. Many people are still confused about this and do not always know which subclass to go for their character. Each character will have the option to choose a subclass when they are around level 3. This will help you customize your character to pick and choose certain abilities and skills over others. Since we are talking about Sorcerer 5e, let us also see what subclass options this class offers.

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There are a total of 7 subclasses(previously 5) available for Sorcerer. We will discuss each subclass and see what they bring to the table and how one is better than the rest. Everyone might not have the same customization preference, but there is certainly the best way to play this game that everyone can agree on. The following information will help you understand all the Sorcerer subclasses.

Wild Magic

Sorcerer 5e

This is the least favorite subclass for a Sorcerer, or should I say least preferred one. The reason for this is very simple, it’s just one word, “unpredictable”. This unpredictability can range from a “fun time” to a, “I didn’t expect this would kill my whole party”. Yes, this is something that can happen with a Wild Magic Sorcerer, it is called Wild Magic for a reason. This can either make the game really fun or very frustrating for you and others, there is no in-between.

Most of the things that this subclass can do, will depend on your DM. Since it is an erratic ability, things can get messy and confusing, hence the DM decides what works and what doesn’t. The Wild Magic Surge is one of the origins that you can choose for your Wild Magic Sorcerer subclass. This is the most unpredictable ability that a character can have in D&D 5e. You will need to roll a 1 with d20 to be able to what chaos this unleashes.

There is a good chance that Wild Magic Surge will backfire with a spell on your own party. So many players do not prefer this. Then there’s the Tide of Chaos. This is also a level 1 spell, which gives you a chance to get an advantage on a saving throw, ability check, and attack roll. To use this for the next time, you will have to take a rest.

Sorcerers also have other spells like Bend Luck, Controlled Chaos, and Spell Bombardment. The best race to use this subclass would be Tiedling and Half-elf. Check this Wikidot page to understand all these skills better.

Storm Sorcery

Sorcerer 5e

If you choose Hald-Elf, Changeling, or Satyr as your Sorcerer’s race then this might be a subclass worth looking into. While this is nowhere close to being the best subclass, it might still be worth exploring just for flavor. In case you love lighting and thunder type of attacks then this is will make you happy. This subclass demands that you have good speed as you have to dodge attacks.

This class has two main attacks, one is the Tempestuous Magic and the other one is the Heart of the Strom. The former is something that we talked about above, but this doesn’t much at higher levels. The good thing about this is that it is cast as a bonus action with another spell. If we talk about the Heart of the Storm, it is an AOE spell that mostly works when the target is close to you. As you level up, you become resistant to those lighting attacks as you will get a Resistance spell.

Along with that, every spell you cast has a chance to unleash thunder at attack within a certain radius of the casting area. Other than these spells, players will also have Storm’s Fury, Wind Souls, Wind Speaker, etc. You can even fly along with your party at higher levels.

Clockwork Soul

Sorcerer 5e

While randomness is fun, it is not reliable and can often backfire in the game. Yes, I’m talking about the Wild Magic subclass. This is because the Clockwork Soul subclass is at the other end of the spectrum when compared with Wild Magic. In a party without Clerics or Wizards, the Clockwork souls are the subclass that should be your go-to option when playing with a dnd Sorcerer.

They work best for Defense and Damage roles in a party and their spell does bolster those aspects. Many players who want access to more spells, go for this subclass. Using the Clockwork Magic spell will grant players access to various Cleric and Wizard spells. In case you want to know what those are then let me tell you, you will have Summon Construct, Wall of Force, Aid, and a total of 10 leveled spells to the list. This should make this subclass interesting enough.

This class feels like more of a flavor to me, while it still has its merits with unique and interesting spells borrowed from classes.

Aberrant Mind

Sorcerer 5e

Choose Yuan-Ti Pureblood or High-Elf. Tiefling as your race if you want to subclass your dnd 5e sorcerer. This class is a little similar to the Clockwork Souls subclass in a way that it allows players to use spells of Warlocks and Wizards. They are Psyonic warriors subclassed for Sorcerer, though there is no Psionic Energy Dice. Without that, it ain’t much of a psionic class. To play as this subclass, you will need a character with a good amount of Charisma and intelligence.

With that, you can build a damage or defense type, or a mix of both for your party. Some spells that you get to use with this class are Psionic spells, Psionic Sorcery, Telepathic speech, and Psychic Defense. There are a few other higher-level spells too like Revelation in Flesh and Warping Implosion. Check out Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything for more info in this class.

Divine Soul

Sorcerer 5e

Dare I say that this subclass has too many spells that it gets difficult to choose the best ones. Well, that is the best part of any game, there is no fun if you have all the best spells. Players have to choose the right one based on their gameplay and flavor. The reason that this class has too many spells is because there are two spell lists, one of Sorcerer and the other of Clerics. Any spell you have, combine it with Metamagic and it will work like a charm.

Divine Magic is what gives you the ability to use Cleric spells. Others spell to add to the list are Favored by the Gods, Empowered Healing, Otherworldly Wings, and Unearthly Recovery. This subclass also works well for healing at a higher level given the healing spells. If you do not have a cleric for healing in your party, then this subclass can fill those shoes.

Draconic Bloodline

Draconic Bloodline

Armor, damage, and crowd control are things that this subclass can offer you. This is one of the best subclasses for a Sorcerer if we talk about dealing damage. Players are able to use various elemental abilities against enemies with their Elemental Adept Feat. Also, be resistant to the ones that you use. Add to that Metamagic and Elemental Affinity and you might just be unstoppable. This depends on the kind of dragon bloodline you have.

At level 1, you have to choose your dragon ancestor, based on which you will get elemental abilities like Cold, Acid, Fire, Poison, and Lightning. Then there’s the Draconic Resilience that provides a permanent mage armor to take incoming damage. At higher levels, you can use a crowd control spell like Draconic Presence. This can cause fear or calm among the enemies which can be effective in some situations.

Using the Dragon Wings spell, you can fly and take a higher ground and stay safe for spell casting. Just ask Anakin Skywalker how important high ground is.

Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic

This ain’t the OP class you expect it to be but this does a damn good job at being the best subclass for a Sorcerer. Using darkness as your ally and weapon, you will be able to survive and deal good amounts of damage to your targets. If you are in a dark area then you have the upper hand, and even if didn’t, this subclass can still outshine others.

If you are about to choose their subclass then make sure to select Dragonborn, Human, or Satyr as an ideal race for your character. This subclass has some excellent abilities, one of which is the Hound of Ill Omen. Using this spell will apply a disadvantage to a target’s wisdom saving throws. Eyes of the Dark allow you to see in the dark, Shadow Walk lets you teleport from shadows, use hounds to scout, which are some excellent abilities of this class.

To learn more about these subclasses, check this RPGBOT page that discusses the same thing.

Pros of Sorcerer 5e Class

  • Various and interesting flavors for character backstory.
  • Can use Sorcery points instead of spell slots.
  • Intersting and useful subclass options.
  • Has access to some really useful cantrips and higher level spells.
  • Metamagic is a plus.

Cons of D&D 5e Sorcerer Class

  • Difficult of newbies to play as.
  • There aren’t many spells when compared with Wizards.
  • Cannot learn new spells.
  • Very few subclass options and cannot do ritual casting.

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Wrapping Up

This article talks about the Sorcerer class in D&D 5e, and everything that the class offers. We have discussed all the important stats, abilities, and spells this class can use. So you will find every piece of essential information on Sorcerer’s here. Also, check out the subclass options available to the class. This will add a very needed flavor along with interesting and useful spells and abilities. Subclassing always improves your character, so choose the one that you like from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is Sorcery points 5e?

Sorcery points in D&D 5e allow players to use spells when they are out of spell slots. It is also possible to exchange them for spell slots or vice-versa.

How many sorcerer spell slots are available at level 1?

As a level 1 Sorcerer, a player will have 2 level 1 spell slots. They increase with each sorcerer level.

How many subclass options are available for Sorcerers?

There are a total of 7 subclass options for Sorcerers. Wild Magic, Draconic Bloodline, Divine Soul, Storm Sorcery, Aberrant Mind, Clockwork Soul, and Shadow Magic are those subclass options.

What are the differences between Wizards and Sorcerers?

The main difference between the two is that sorcerers are born with magic or are blessed with one. When it comes to Wizards, they study and practice to be able to use magic.

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