Stellaris Alien Box

Stellaris Alien Box

War and strategy-based games are something that many players love to spend hours on. Though when you hear such words, all you can think about is the Civilization series, Total War games, or Age of Empire. These all are pretty great, but there is one thing common between them all. That is, they all are set on land, but here we are gonna talk about one of the amazing strategy and war games that are set in space. This game is called Stellaris and is a 4X grand strategy game. From this game, we are going to discuss the Stellaris Alien box.

Before we start talking about the Stellaris Alien box, there are many people out there, who don’t even know what this game is about. There are very few good space exploration games that also offer a good amount of war-based strategy. Stellaris is one such game that was released in 2016 by Paradox Interactive Studios. There are many things one can do in this game that appeases all kinds of players.

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If you are just starting the game then take your exploring the world of Stellaris. In case you know what you are doing then try waging war on other empires, while governing your own. If peaceful resolutions are what you are looking for then diplomacy is the best bet. The game has a lot of civilizations and species, with each of them residing on their own habitable planets. There are a lot of set pieces and interesting mechanics. A shit load of customization options for ships, species, and many other in-game aspects.

We can talk all about it later because most of you are here to find out what Stellaris Alien box is. So check out the next section for all the important info.

What is Stellaris Alien Box?

One fine day, you might be cruising along with the galaxy and come in contact with an asteroid anomaly. When you interact with that anomaly, you will then trigger a chain event called Orbital Speed Demon. So what happens in this chain event? Well, this event has 5 possible stages, which can end the event quickly or slowly, depending on the things you do. The end result is pretty great, as you be rewarded with a free trait(permanent one). This trait can be added to the game’s main species.

Stages of Stellaris Alien Box in Orbital Speed Demon Anomaly Event

Stellaris Alien Box

Apart from the permanent trait, there are a few other things that you will get depending on what you do with the Stellaris alien box. We will discuss the rewards later, but first, let us discuss what this anomaly event entails. The very first thing that you need to know is that the Stellaris alien box will fall as soon as you start scanning it, which is its trigger event. You have to try and halt the box from falling into the astroids horizon and keep falling at an incredible speed.

When you halt the box and manage to get your hands on it, there concludes the first stage in this anomaly event. Apart from halting the anomaly from galling, there are two other options. Choosing of these options, which is “Get away from it”, will instantly end the event and award you 200 experience points as a result.

The Seconds Stage

Stellaris Alien Box

This is after you get that Stellaris alien box into your ship, and you are against provided 3 options here. Players can either open the Stellaris alien box and just skip to the chase or just sell it to get 300 XP points. The 3rd option is to study to understand and find out what lies inside that mysterious anomaly box. If you have chosen the first option then you will head directly to stage 4. I suggest you rather take your time and enjoy the event by choosing the 2nd option, which is studying it.

Third Stage of Orbital Speed Demon Anomaly Event

Third Stage of Orbital Speed Demon Anomaly  Event

Stage 3 of Stellaris Alien Box anomaly events involves scientists trying to study the box. They are gonna use sonar to find out all about it. During this stage, players are presented with 2 options. They can either just open the box to know the contents, or just sell it for some rewards. Either way you will be rewarded, but the first option, which is opening the box will grant you the option to proceed to stage 4. Also, you will get around 150-10,000 Physics research points.

In case you just want to sell it off, then your rewards are going to be 100-500 Minerals, 100-500 Energy credits, and 120-10,000 Physics research points. This will then end this Orbital Speed Demon Event. So if you want to see this through go with the “Open it” option.

Fourth Stage of the Event

Fourth Stage of the Event

The scientist is now successful in their task, which means the Stellaris alien box has opened. It contains 3 different vials. Each vial is filled with a solution that is Stellaris Red, Green, and Blue in colors. These 3 vials hold 3 unique traits that you can apply to your main species. The scientists call these solutions Primed Gene-Modification Mediums. As mentioned earlier, these traits are permanent. Just like other stages, this too has multiple options, but unlike others, it has 4.

The only way to end this event here is to sell those 3 solutions you got when Stellaris alien box is opened. Selling them will grant 150-1000 Energy credits and 100-500 Minerals as rewards. With that out of the way, the other 3 options are something you can easily guess. That’s right! Choose any one solution from the Stellaris red, green, and blue ones. Pick one vial of solution and you will advance to the next stage in this Orbital Speed demon Stellaris event.

The Final Stage in the Orbital Speed Demon Event

The Final Stage in the Orbital Speed Demon Event

Depending on which Stellaris red, green, or blue vial of solution you chose from, the final stage and the rewards are gonna be different. This stage will take 5 days after you have chosen the vial, and the result regardless of which one pick will grant a permanent trait to your empire’s main species. Each solution will grant a unique trait and you can only choose one. So let us what those traits are.

Red: If you went with the red solution vial then your species will receive the Social Pheromones trait. So what does this do? It increases your population housing by 5% making your species more social.

Blue: For those who picked the blue solution vial, the species will now have the Limited Regeneration trait. With this trait, which is my personal pick, the leader of your empire will have 10 more years of life span. That ain’t the only effect though, this will also add a 10% boost to your ground forces.

Green: The species are granted a Bioadaptabilty trait when this gene modification is selected. This makes them more adaptable to various habitats. The habitability is increased by a percentage of 5.

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With this, the Orbital Speed Demon anomaly event concludes. If it were up to decide for you among those 3 solutions then I would pick the blue solution. Then again, everyone has their own opinion and gameplay style.

Traits in Stellaris

We have already talked a lot about traits, though we only mentioned 3 of them there are a plethora of such traits in Stellaris. All the traits are divided into various types depending on multiple factors. These traits help us understand the abilities and functions of a species. Some traits also add new abilities to a species, and this is something that we already talked about in the previous sections.

At the start of the game, players will get to pick a trait from the pool, and these are fixed throughout the game. Though players can make use of a few events in the game to add new traits to their species’ individual person or by using genetic modification. This will create new subspecies from them that have unique abilities and skills. You can call it a biological ascension Stellaris

Many traits in the game come in groups. While one trait will have a positive effect, the other in the group will have a negative one. Since it is impossible to list out all the traits in the game here, we will list out a few traits. Then we shall also talk about a few good ones in the next section, but for now, check these out.

Initial Traits

TraitsTrait EffectsTrait Points
Charismatic20% Amenities from jobs2
AdaptiveHabitability +10%2
Docile-10% Empire sprawls from population2
Conservationist-10% Upkeep from pop consumer goods1
Enduring+20 years to leader’s life span1
Industrious15% minerals found from the job2
Nomadic15% pop growth due to immigration
-25% cost of resettlement
Rapid BreedersThe growth speed is increased by 10%2
Traditional 10% Unity from jobs1
Very Strong20% added to Army damage
2.5% added resource output of worker pop

Botanic Traits

These traits are only for a few select species and not for everyone. Specifically for ones that have Plantoid or Fungoid archetypes.

TypeEffectsTrait point
Budding10% habitability increased for Tomb World
There is no upkeep of Energy on Tomb Worlds
Radiotrophic0.02 Organic pop assembly in a month from your pop2
PhototrophicYour upkeep is replaced with energy, approximately half of it.1

Similarly, there are others like Lithoid traits, Origin traits, special traits, and a few others. The ones that we talked about above are biological traits, which means they are naturally able to select from the pool using points. Then there’s also the Biological Ascension Stellaris traits which are possible through genetic modification. For a complete list and explanation of these traits, we suggest you check out this Stellaris Paradoxwikis.

Some Best Stellaris Traits

It can be a daunting task to pick and choose from so many unique traits for your species. We understand that hence we are listing out a few traits that we feel everyone should choose for their species or at least know about. Also, we are gonna explain them briefly so that you have an idea of how it works.

Rapid Breeders

One of the important aspects of Stellaris is growing your species, and this may not be an easy task. Like every good thing that takes time, this one too does take quite a bit of time. Though it helps when your species has a trait like Rapid Breeders. So what this trait essentially does is, increase the population growth by 10%. This might not seem like much but it does help. Though you will not see the changes as soon as you acquire this trait.

The growth process starts a bit late but it works great as it adds population to all kinds of sectors in your species. The only problem is that this trait isn’t available naturally in the game. Meaning, you cha to use the genetic modification feature to acquire this trait.

Intelligent Trait

There are many times when you are bound to find some anomaly or look into new tech. This is when you use your Research skills to get answers. It can be a drag to wait for the research results, and if that’s something bothering you then maybe add the Intelligent trait to your species. so what happens when you select the Intelligent trait?

Well, you get a good amount of push to your research time. Simple, but quite handy. This boost is added across all kinds of fields. Since the time for the search is cut down, you do not have to wait to find out and know about new tech. One other thing that makes this trait necessary is that the research speed is directly proportional to the species pop. It means as the population increases so do the research time. So you might wanna have this trait in your skillset.

A +10% research speed is added to jobs on all kinds of research.

Enduring Stellaris Trait

This is one of the very useful traits in the game in my opinion, why? That’s because it adds +20 years to your leader. The better a leader is, the better the society and species grow but your leader dies quite often of old age. So this trait adds a bonus of 20 years so you do not have to start with a level 1 leader again. Also, higher-level leaders have better skills so you get to employ those skills for longer periods and get the most out of them.

This will even help you to grow your leader to the maximum level.


Since one of the key parts of Stellaris is expanding your species and growing your community, players should go for traits that complement those aspects. Traditional is one such trait that is useful in building and growing your species. It’s nothing fancy but a useful one has you can get an increase to your population growth and expansion. Players will have more control over the civilizations they choose and their traditions tree.

This trait can also gives a 10% boost to Unity that is obtained from jobs. Players will have to choose from diplomacy, harmony, or domination and these factors determine the growth of your pop. This trait works best for beginners as it boosts expansion, though even others can go for it too.


Now, this might seem like too much as this is another trait that is aimed to improve the habitability of your species. Regardless, it is a core aspect and needs attention. The difference between this and the others that we have talked about so far is that this allows for survival in harsher places. When you add this trait, your species will get a 10% boost for habitability and allow them to thrive in more difficult and unfavorable conditions. Very useful when you are not on your homeworld.

This is it for now, but there are a few other traits that you might be wanna take a look at. Traits like Logic Engines, Super Conductive, Conservationist, Natural Engineer, etc.

Wrapping Up

Finding Stellaris alien box will open the way for your species to get some good rewards in the game. Though you will have to stick around for a while to finish all the stages in this event. From the moment you come in contact with the anomaly to finding the Stellaris alien box and selecting the fluid from the vial, we got instructions to help you. You will know all about this event and understand what this Stellaris alien box is.

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This article also helps you understand what traits are in the game and the options you get to choose from. Just as a bonus, we did mention a few good traits for you. Do check them out.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What happens when the Stellaris alien box is opened?

After it is opened, the box contains Stellaris red, green, and blue solutions. The player will also get 150-1000 energy credits and 100-500 minerals. These are the items that players get when Stellaris alien box is opened.

Is it necessary that the alien box be opened in Stellaris?

No, it is not absolutely necessary that the Stellaris alien box be opened at all. You can just sell the box the moment you find it. This will get you 100-500 energy credits, 100-500 minerals, and 120-10,000 physics research points.

What are the three best traits in the game?

It is difficult to pick any 3 since there are a lot of them in the game. Also, it depends on how you play the game. Though if I have to pick any 3 then I would go with Adaptive, Enduring, and Logic Engines.

How many stages does the Orbital Speed Demon anomaly have?

This event consists of 5 stages, but the players get to decide if they want to play all those stages. There are options to get rid of the box or sell it to end the event quickly.

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