Tinkers Complement Melter Mod

Tinkers Complement Melter

With an open-world simulation game, there are endless possibilities of doing stuff. You can build, destroy, create and steal stuff from anywhere in Minecraft, and if you add thousands of mods, you will have sleepless nights. There’s just so much that you can do in this game. To do so, you will need some good mods. One such popular mod is the Tinkers’ Construct, and this mod is filled with so many blocks for making amazing stuff. But this is different for the Tinkers Complement Melter.

While there are many things to make from Tinkers Construct, few things are still missing from it. So there are add-ons for the Tinkers’ Construct that players can use in the game. Here we are going to discuss the Tinkers’ Complement addon mod pack. With Tinkers’ Complement, you get blocks like Alloy tank, Porcelain Melter, Melter, Bucket cast, and some more useful blocks.

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Tinkers Complement Melter for Minecraft

Tinkers’ Complement doesn’t have a specific function in itself, but it comes with a bunch of blocks that can be utilized for various craftings. The whole purpose of this mod is to add the stuff that was missing/or couldn’t get added to the Tinkers Construct. You can use this link to download the latest version of this mod right here.

Steps to Install the Tinkers Complement Mod

  • Go to curseforge.com and click on the download button to start the downloading of the mod. If you want to pick a particular version, then go to ‘Files’ on the page and choose the same version as your forge.
  • When the file is downloaded, go to the mod’s folder in “. Minecraft” using the Run box and typing “%appdata%”. 
  • Now copy or move the contents of the downloaded folder into the mod folder in the “Minecraft”. If there is no mod folder, then create one.
  • Finally, open the game using the launcher. Choose the forge version of the game so that you can use the installed mods.

Now there is one more block that is added to this mod. This is the Porcelain Melter, and we are going to discuss this Tinkers Complement melter in a little detail. So let’s view what Tinkers Complement Melter Mod does and how it does it. Now let’s briefly discuss each feature of Tinkers Complement Melter Mod.

Features of Tinkers Complement Melter

Alloy Tank

One of the new blocks added to the Tinkers Complement Melter can be used instead of smeltery and is used to make Alloys (duh). It is less complex and makes use of the lava as fuel to run. These are strong materials in Minecraft and hence are used to make various items like axes and other weapons. 

You can make Aluminium, bronze, Pig iron, steel, and some other alloys by combining different materials in the alloy tank. The kind of alloys that you get as an output depends on the metals you have used.


This should be a no-brainer, as the name gives it away. This addon block for Tinkers Construct can melt stuff like ingots, metals, and ores to produce a molten liquid, provided that you give it enough fuel for the job. The fuel can be a heater or a lava tank that has enough juice to run the melter. Remember that it can only melt one substance and not multiple materials, which is so different from smeltery that can melt multiple materials.  

Bucket Cast

Casting in Minecraft is to make items using the molten ores or ingots, and bucket casting do the same, only that it is used to cast buckets. It’s not a high-grade substance in the game, but still, it can be useful for beginners. All you have to do is just place the required molten materials for casting on the bucket cast block and make a cast, which then can be used to make more buckets.

High Oven

With the right fuel like coal and coal coke, you can make items like steel, quartz, and ingots, or you can just melt them under high temperatures. It can reach temperatures as high as 9500 °C at the highest block. And for a single block, it can reach 2000°c temperatures. 

You will need many blocks to make a high oven, as it has many layers. Each block can hold multiple items and can even be used to mix different items using a purifier, an oxidizer, and a reducer. For more info, check this High Oven wiki.


Armor is an important defensive measure in any game, and for games like Minecraft where you can craft your armor, any new upgrades are welcome. With Tinkers Complement Melter, you get three new armors, each with unique stats for various players and situations. The additional new armors are Manyullyn, Steel, and Night slime armors.

  • Manyullyn Armor: Concentrates more on the defense and drops the durability stat a little to take more damage. It is made from Manyullyn that can be found in the Nether dimension. 
  • Night Slime Armor: A slimy armor that allows the players to bounce when there is low gravity. Its defense is not as great as Manyullyn, but it can sustain a good amount of damage.
  • Steel Armor: We are to place this between iron and diamond in terms of defense, but it is slightly better than iron. Just increase all stats of iron armor, and you get the steel armor.
Tinkers Complement Melter 1

Additional Tools

Apart from the ones that are mentioned above, certain other small tools have been provided in this addon. You have a new axe, chisel, and Sledgehammer that can be modified with the Tinkers Construct.

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Tinkers Complement Porcelain Melter

By using fewer and simple tools, you can set up a porcelain Tinkers Complement melter, which is a lighter version of smeltery. It is made by combining 6 pieces of porcelain bricks and one piece of glass made from various materials like clay, bonemeal, and glass. By using all these materials and the recipe to place the melter, basin, table, and tank appropriately, you can make a porcelain melter. A little more detailed explanation of this and how to use the Tinkers Complement melter have been provided below.

How to use the Tinkers Complement Porcelain Melter

  • To use the Porcelain melter you need to have certain materials. Those items include some unfired porcelain that can be made from clay and bonemeal.
  • Next, put that in a furnace to get a porcelain brick, and you will need 8 such porcelain bricks along with glass to make a porcelain tank.
  • After that, you need a porcelain casting basin along with two faucets to drop the melted ores. Place all this on a porcelain casting table.
  • Take all that and place the porcelain melter on top, and tank at the bottom. Then place the faucets on both sides of the melter and place the basin underneath.
  • Put the fuel which is lava in the bottom tank. Now place the items in the Tinkers Complement melter to melt them. It can be gold, iron, or any other material, but remember that the Tinkers Complement melter can only melt 3 items at once. 
  • When the items are melted, right-click on the faucet to let it slide to the next basin. You will have multiple blocks, and then you can break them into ingots.
  • You can also use different casts to make ingots in porcelain melter.

If you need a detailed explanation of this, then you can check this Porcelain Melter tutorial from YouTube.

Tinkers Complement Workbench

Some Unique and Weird Mods in Minecraft

Teletubbies Mod

If you loved Teletubbies as a kid then prepare yourselves as this mod is an insane implementation of the characters. You will most likely end up loving the mod but hating the characters. By installing this mod, some freakish mobs will be added where you can kill the Teletubbies that are trying to kill you. Killing them will also grant you some new unique loot, and that is now the weird part. During the night, you will have to save yourselves from the zombified Teletubbies.  

Stalkers Creepers

The Stalkers Creepers mod will add a stalker who will follow you wherever you go, while that may seem creepy and terrifying at first that’s not the case. Agreed that someone stalking you can be weird but when you just ignore them for a while then they will run towards you and explode. This mod is more fun than it is weird or scary, and to find that out, you need to play with this mod.

Slender Man

To add a little thrill and horror element to the game, you should add the slender man mod. With this, you will randomly encounter the scary slender man in-game, and it will start attacking you. You have been scared by the myth of Slender man in your childhood, then this might not be for you. If you still decide to play with this mod, then beware of walking alone in the forests.

Animal Bikes

There is no fun walking or running in games, but what if you should ride various creatures as bikes? that would be great, wouldn’t it?. To try that out, you must add the Animal Bikes mod to your game. You may choose from 24 different animals, and each has unique abilities, and some can even help you take down mobs. 

Meme in a Bottle

Who doesn’t love memes, right? No one can say that they hate memes. Some people spend most of their time online looking at memes. So what if I told you that you can play Minecraft and look at memes in the game. That’s right, with the Meme in the bottle mod, you can find various memes in the bottle around the water bodies in the game. You just have to throw the bottle back to see the meme, and the memes are constantly updated.

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Tinkers Complement Example


If you ever thought that the Tinkers Construct was missing a few blocks, then you are right. All those missing important blocks have been added to the Tinkers Complement melter mod. Install Tinkers Complement melter mod and have fun playing Minecraft. Every new addition in the Tinkers Complement melter mod has been explained to provide a better understanding for users. Also, If you are looking to switch your game view and make it more interesting, then we have provided a few for that as well, so check them out too.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Where can I find the Tinkers Complement guide?

Well, there is no particular tinkers complement guide for all the blocks in this mod, but we have already provided a tutorial for the tinkers complement melter in the article, along with a video tutorial link.

Is the Porcelain smeltery the same as the smeltery?

You can say that the porcelain smeltery or melter is a smaller version of smeltery which requires fewer parts to construct.  If you are a beginner and do not have much material for the construction of a smeltery then you can use porcelain smeltery.

What does a Porcelain melter do?

By using the porcelain smelter in Tinker’s compliment, you can melt down various materials like gold and iron to make ingots or casts. You can also combine multiple materials in Porcelain tinkers complement melter to create various castings. One cast can be used to make many other casts.

What is a Tinkers construct addon?

Tinkers Construct addons are extra features added to the mod to provide extra blocks for the players. Tinkers Construct addons are necessary as there is a certain limit as to how many features and blocks you can add in a single mod. The Tinkers Complement and Tinkers Mechworks are two such Tinkers Construct addons.

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