Tinkers Mechworks Mod

Tinkers Mechworks

Anyone who has played Minecraft is familiar with the million things that you can be capable of in the game. Build all you want from the stuff you have in the inventory by using the crafting grid. That’s the whole point of Minecraft; build, explore, and survive. Surviving is an important aspect when playing the multiplayer mode, otherwise, you are alone in the world of Minecraft. 

There are several mods available for this game that let you design, redesign, construct, and reconstruct stuff in any way you desire. One such mod is the Tinkers Mechworks. This mod is mostly known by players for constructing drawbridges, igniters, signal buses, and terminals along with many other modifications. Some bridges require Redstone to function with a wireless bus signal.

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Everything You Need to Know About Tinkers Mechworks Mod


TMechworks wasn’t always available in the game and was later added to Tinkers Construct as an extra feature, or you can say as an add-on. The developers for this mod are Pillbox, Gyro, and mDiyo. Later, the Tinkers Mechworks was removed due to some thematic issues in the game, but it is now available again for the players. Still, many players do not know how to use this mod, so here we will also touch upon some basics of using this mod to create drawbridges, signal busses, and some other stuff.  

Important Construction Requirements


This is the most common construction requirement that Tinkers Mechworks is used for. Drawbridges are deployed by multiple blocks that settle one after another to form a bridge. And it can also retract if needed. If you ever want to create one, then you should know that there are 3 kinds of drawbridges formed utilizing the TMechworks. Depending on the length of the block, you can create the basic, extended, and advanced drawbridges.

If you want to construct a basic drawbridge, then you can create it using a max number of 16 blocks. And if you want more blocks, then you can use the enlarged one, which may go to 64 blocks. Theoretically, the extended drawbridge can go up to 128 blocks, but that may cause some problems for you in the game. In the case of an advanced drawbridge, you can use various kinds of blocks in a single drawbridge to form various patterns and designs to make it look cool. You can choose the direction of your drawbridge from the settings before you activate the drawbridge. 

In an advanced drawbridge, you can even add stairs in between other blocks or maybe just completely choose stairs. For a little more convenience, you can even add red stones to signal the drawbridge and control multiple drawbridges from a distance. 


As the name suggests, filters are used to sort or filter various stuff in your inventory. Since there are tons of items in the game, and going through each one of them in your inventory can be tiring, you can use the Tinkers Mechworks mod to filter stuff. You can use 5 types of filters with this mod which are empty mesh, fine mesh, slat mesh, wide mesh, and mesh filter.

TMechworks mod is mostly known for these two things. If you are skilled in Minecraft then you may use your imagination to use various blocks and create different kinds of drawbridges. You can even use drawbridges as doors. 

Tinkers - Example

Adding Tinkers Mechworks Mod


Mods make games interesting and provide replay value to them. This means that even if you already finished a particular game, after adding mods they are playable again. There are certain things to be done to add a mod to your game, and not everyone knows how. So here we are providing you a simple tutorial on how to install/add the Tinkers Mechworks mod to your Minecraft game.

Before downloading and installing the Tmechworks mod, download and add the Forge to your PC, which is a mod loader for Minecraft. If a forge mod loader is not available on your Minecraft, then you can download it using this Forge downloader. Just open the link and select the version of Forge that is similar to the Minecraft version that you have. Once done, then click on the Windows installer option.

After the file is downloaded, run it to begin the installation. When the installer for forge opens, select the ‘Install Client’ and click on Ok. Now after the installation of the Forge, it is time to add the Tinkers Mechworks mod.

How to Add Tinkers Mechworks Mod?

  • The first step would be to download the mod by going to Curseforge.com and searching for the TMechworks mod, or you can also download it from this Tmechworks mod link. Choose the same version as your game and then download it. 
  • Now to install this file you need to use the ‘Run’ feature on your Windows device. If you don’t know how, then just press Windows + R key. In the run program, type “%appdata%” and hit ok.
  • On the tab of the new window, click on the ‘Minecraft’ folder to access the mod’s folder. If there is no mod folder, then create one. After that, just copy the mod file to this folder.
  • For the final step, before you open the game, click on the Minecraft launcher and select ‘Forge’ from the play option, which can be accessed by clicking on the up arrow on the play button. 
  • Now hit play and your Minecraft Tinkers Mechworks mod will be added to the game.

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Redstone in Minecraft

You need to make items, create traps, produce lightning, all that is needed is to mine some Redstone. Not just that, but there are so many things that can be manufactured using Redstone, which we cannot discuss here. So you can say that it is one of the important items in Minecraft. Obtaining Redstone isn’t that difficult either, you just need a good pickaxe and then go mining. You go to different terrains in lower levels or mines to look for the Redstone. When found, you can break the Redstone blocks and reduce them down to Redstone dust. 

Other than mining, you may find the redstone from several loots in dungeons. With the redstone dust, you may even make torches or altering them into wire by spreading them on the ground. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous applications of redstone in the game. And some of these can only be found by exploring the game. So good luck mining.

Tinkers Construct in Tinkers Mechworks

This is the actual mod to which Tmechworks was added. While tinker mechworks has very small amounts of uses, Tinkers Construct on the other hand has many features. Its main use is for crafting items that are stronger and last longer. The kind of items that you can craft depends on your items. Even after you have crafted an item you still make them better by adding other items. 

Tinkers Construct also adds a feature called Smeltery. This lets you create weapons and make multiple ingots by smelting various ores. Certain beginner recipes are available to use with this mod which are Stencil Table, Part builder, Pattern chest, Tool station, and blank pattern. You also get a Tool forge recipe, which is a little more advanced than the previously mentioned recipes. 

Progression through the game and leveling up will result in obtaining more such recipes that craft various equipment. A lot of items and machines can be constructed with ores, blocks, and other materials with tinkers Construct mod. For more info on this, you can utilize the Tinkers Construct Info

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Tinkers - Example 2


Now that you are aware of the Tmechworks mod, make the best use of it to create various drawbridges. The best that you can do is only limited by your imagination. If you’ve got skills, then you can make some amazing drawbridges and can even operate them by using a Minecraft tinkers mechworks bus signal. If this mod isn’t enough for you, then also install the Tinkers Construct mod, and you will have many things to craft. A download link for both mods is already provided at the installation part of this article. There are many such mods in Minecraft and if you wish to get others then you can use curseforge.com.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is Tinkers Mechworks dynamo?

The Tinkers mechworks dynamo is a kind of machine added in the mod that generates a form of energy depending on the fuel introduced in it. There are as many as 6 kinds of dynamos in this mod for Minecraft, each that produce different amounts of energies on reaction with a particular ore.  Steam, magnetic, compression, enervation, and numismatic dynamo are the 6 different types.

What is a tmechworks signal bus?

A signal bus is used with the help of a redstone block to connect various drawbridges on a single network. Meaning, you can control multiple drawbridges with a single switch if they are connected to a single bus network.

Is the tmechworks 1.7.10 an old version of the mod?

Yes, the tmechworks 1.7.10 is a pretty old version. If you still want to get this version of the mod for Minecraft, then you can do so with this tmechworks 1.7.10 download link. There are new versions of this mod available as well that can be downloaded with this Minecraft mod link.

What is Tinkers defense mod?

The mod is an expansion of the Tinkers construct mod that lets you craft shields from the mount and blade game. You can use various ore and materials to forge shields. 

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