Types of Pokemon

Types of Pokemon

I remember those days when I used to come back from school, throw my bag away, and put on the TV. The thing that I was most excited to watch was Pokemon, and even sing along with the anime’s opening. Those were some amazing days, and we have grown up a lot, except for Ash Ketchum. Now there are hundreds of pokemon, and you might be wondering, “how many types of pokemon are there?”

Well, in this article we are going to discuss exactly that. We shall see how many types of pokemon are there, and their generations. So sit tight because this is going to be a bit longer article since we have to talk about a lot of pokemon. We will discuss all the pokemon that are in Pokedex and how many types of pokemon are there. Meaning their generation, attack type, etc.

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How Many Types of Pokemon Are There?

How Many Types of Pokemon are there?

In case you do not know what types mean in a pokemon, I doubt anyone who knows pokemon would ask this. Regardless, a pokemon type means the kind of elemental features it has. All types of pokemon and their attacks can be categorized into different elemental types. In 2021, there are a total of 18 types of pokemon from a total of 898 including all generations. Each belongs to a different elemental type and so their moves. All pokemon types include

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Grass
  4. Normal
  5. Electric
  6. Ground
  7. Flying
  8. Fighting
  9. Poison
  10. Rock
  11. Ice
  12. Physchic
  13. Bug
  14. Fairy
  15. Steel
  16. Dragon
  17. Dark
  18. Ghost

This should answer your question, “how many types of pokemon are there?”. As mentioned earlier, these types will also find the kind of moves a pokemon. For example, a water pokemon will have water moves like a Water gun, Whirlpool, or Hydropump, etc. Similarly, a psychic pokemon can use psychic moves like Confuse, Clam Mind, or Zen Headbutt. This way every type of pokemon will be able to use their individual type moves.

Now, there are also many pokemon that can use dual-type moves. A simple example for this dual-type pokemon could be Flying-type or Dragon-Type pokemon. Like Charizard can use both Flyting-type and Fire-type of attacks. Another example could be Hydreigon, as it can use both flying-type, Dragon-type, and even Dark-type attacks.

So certain pokemon can be used more than a single type of move and come under the dual or triple elemental type category. This shouldn’t be surprising if you have ever seen the show or played any of the massive number of games. Each pokemon evolves and learns new moves, and some of them can be of different types. There’s even a pokemon called Eevee that can evolve into various types depending on the evolution rock you use.

Type Effectiveness of Pokemon

With so many types of pokemon, how would you judge which one is better than the other, or which moves works best against another? To determine this, one has to look at the type Effectiveness chart of pokemon. The type effectiveness chart will explain which type of pokemon and its move, trumps against the other. To make it even simpler, we all know that water can extinguish the fire. So water-type pokemon and their moves will have an upper hand against the fire-type pokemon.

We have already answered the question, “how many types of pokemon are there?”. Now it is time we also answer which pokemon has an advantage/disadvantage over another pokemon based on their type. The following list will tell you everything you need to know about the type advantages and disadvantages.

Pokemon Type Effectiveness Chart

Pokemon TypeWorks best against types Weak against types
Fire Ice, Grass, Steel, and Bug Water, Rock, and Ground
WaterFire, Rock, and GroundGrass and Electric
Grass Water, Ground, and Rock Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug
ElectricWater, Flying Ground
Ground Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel Water, Grass, Ice
Flying Grass, Fighting, Bug Electric, Ice, Rock
Fighting Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel Flying, Psychic, Fairy
Poison Fairy, Grass Psychic, Ground
Rock Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel
Ice Grass, Flying, Ground, Dragon Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
Psychic Fighting, Poison Bug, Dark, Ghost
Bug Grass, Psychic, Dark Fire, Flying, Rock
Fairy Fighting, Dark, Dragon Poison, Steel
Steel Ice, Rock, Fairy Fire, Fighting, Ground
Dragon Dragon Dragon, Ice, Fairy
Dark Psychic, Ghost Fighting, Bug, Fairy
GhostPsychic, Ghost Dark, Ghost

The above pokemon type advantage chart will help you understand everything when it comes to the advantages/disadvantages of one pokemon type over the other. All pokemon types have a certain advantage over the other and a disadvantage against the others. This Pokemon type chart depicts exactly that and is a simpler and more precise way. So whenever you are playing a pokemon game, this pokemon weakness chart will come in handy to understand which pokemon to choose in battle.

For more info on types of pokemon, check out this Pokemon Fandom page on the same.

Attack Effectiveness Value

How Many Types of Pokemon are there?

Remember, to deal the most damage in pokemon games, always go for the effective type. In case you do not know if a particular move works, just try it once and the game will tell you if the move is not very effective, super effective, or not effective at all. Depending on this, the attack multiplier is applied. For example, if you use an electric type pokemon against a water type, then it is super effective which means it deals x2 damage.

Similarly, if the attack is not very effective then it deals x0.5 damage. For no effect, the x0 multiplier is added. This means you will deal almost negligible damage. Normal attacks, meaning the ones that nor have an advantage or disadvantage deal x1 damage. One other interesting thing about this is that, if you have a dual-type pokemon then an x4 multiplier damage is added.

Just take a look at the above image which clearly describes every pokemon type and its effectiveness against the other types. It might seem a little confusing at first but you’ll understand it in time. Did you know that previously the effectiveness multiplier was a little less? Instead of x2 against very effective, the modifier was x1.4, and not very effective was x.714.

Now that you understand the answer to the question, how many types of pokemon are there? and their effectiveness against other pokemon, it is time to get a little deeper. This means we are going to discuss the Generations of pokemon.

Generations in Pokemon

Generations in Pokemon

In case you have played any of the Pokemon games or even hear about them you might be aware of the term Generations. The term Generation in Pokemon generally defines the series of Pokemon games that were released. For example, if we are talking about Generation 1 then you will see games like Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow. These games were released around 1996-1999 and are called the first-generation games.

Generation doesn’t only define the Pokemon games but also the Pokemon. Each generation has different kinds of pokemon, and each of them has unique skills, moves, and regions. In the first generation, you will find pokemon like Pickachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, etc. With each new generation of games, there are new pokemon and regions introduced in the game. Currently, there are 8 Generations of games and Pokemon.

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With every new generation, many older generation pokemon, regions, and characters are usually sidelined. Some of the games acknowledge or at least hint at older generation pokemon while other properties in the franchise mostly ignore. The best example here is the games, where the previous generation pokemon and stories are ignored most of the time and it continues from the last generation.

If we talk about regions in the game then each generation has a new region with a unique theme and is usually based on something real. The first generation is based in the Kanto region and has a Science theme. Similarly, each generation has its own theme. In the next section, we are going to list out all the generation and their themes along with every game in each generation.

Generation Themes

  • The Generation 1(1996-1999) has Science Theme and is in Kanto region as mentioned earlier.
  • Generation 2(1999-2002) is in Jhonto region and follows Cultural Traditions.
  • In Generation 3(2002-2006), we see the theme of the Environment from Hoenn region.
  • The Mythology theme is found in Generation 4(2006-2010) of Sinnoh region.
  • You get to see Duality theme in the Unova region that is from Generation 5(2010-2013).
  • The Kalos region is where Generation 6(2013-2016) takes place and follows Life, Death, and Ecosystem theme.
  • With Generation 7(2016-2019) you will see Exoticity, Ecilpse, Day and Night Cycle themes in the Alola region.
  • The final one which is the Generation 8(2019- current), instead of natural themes you will find the theme of England and its culture. This is set in the Galar region.

Games in Each Generation

The following games are listed based on each generation.

  1. This we talked about earlier Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow.
  2. Pokemon (Gold, Silver, and Crystal).
  3. 3rd one has Pokemon (FireRed, LeafGreen Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire).
  4. The Pokemon(SoulSilver, HeartGold, Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond).
  5. Pokemon (Black, Black 2, White, and White 2).
  6. In the 6th generation you will find Pokemon (X,Y, Aplha Sapphire, adn Omega Ruby).
  7. Furthermore, in Generation 7 you have Pokemon(Moon, Ultra Mon, Sun, Ultra Sun,Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!).
  8. The latest ones that came out in 2019 as Generation 8 games include Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

New Changes to Pokemon

Everyone already knows that every generation introduces new pokemon and regions, but the recent generation of games has made a few other changes as well. One noteworthy change is powerups for pokemon. Players can use powerup items to evolve their pokemon in the game and this evolution is called the Mega Evolution. Through this evolution is temporary, but very useful as all the stats of the pokemon are increased considerably.

This was first introduced in Generation 6 with the help of some items and special rocks. The evolution could also change the type of pokemon and so that also means new abilities. In the next generation which is the 7th, a new item called Z-crystals was introduced. This allowed the players to use a special Z-move in battles. The catch here is that it can only be used once per battle so players have to use it wisely.

Similarly, generation 8 introduced Dynamax and Gigantamax. Using Dynamax players can transform their pokemon in size and shape which also increases HP. This can be used once per battle and last for 3 turns of players, after which the effect is gone. Another kind of Dynamax is called Gigantamax. Only a few select pokemon have the ability to use this feature, which is a total of 32 pokemon in the game. This also increases their size and max HP in battle.

Wrapping Up

With 898 pokemon from all 8 generations, it would be difficult to list them all and talk about them. So we rather provided you with everything you need to know about the pokemon types and how many types of pokemon are there in the games. Each pokemon type’s advantage and disadvantage is listed against other pokemon in a simple pokemon weakness chart. Check that out and you will know which pokemon works best against others.

You can now combine two pokemon by using the pokemon combiner technique. Learn more about it from here.

Also, do not forget to read up on what generation mean for a pokemon and all the games that have been released for each generation. Try them out and start from the 1st generation as the originals are also a lot of fun to play, even now. All this will help you understand everything about pokemon and how many types of pokemon are there in the games and other properties.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) – Types of Pokemon

How many types of pokemon are there?

So far there are a total of 898 pokemon in 8 generations. From those 898 pokemon, every pokemon comes under 18 different types. These 18 types are based on different elements like fire, water, electric, grass, rock, etc. This answers, how many types of pokemon are there?

What is a pokemon type chart?

A pokemon type chart is something that explains how many types of pokemon are there in games. This chart also sheds light on which type of moves works on other pokemon based on their types.

Why is it important to how many types of pokemon are there?

If you know and understand how many types of pokemon are there in games, it lets you form a battle strategy. In pokemon games, every pokemon has a certain advantage and a disadvantage against a certain type. So knowing how many types of pokemon are there and their type effectiveness, will help in battles.

Which Pokemon type is weak against Fairy type?

If you are using a fairy pokemon then you have an edge against pokemon types like Dragon, Fighting, and Dark. Also, you are weak against Poison and steel type pokemon.

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