Valorant Controller

Valorant Controller

Fans of Counter-Strike were very happy after the release of Valorant because the was pretty similar, at least in terms of gameplay experience. I know that there are many differences between the two, but Valorant also makes you feel nostalgic about CS. The only evident difference is the addition of different characters each equipped with unique abilities. One other similarity is the lack of support for the Valorant Controller.

That’s right. There is no support to play the game with a controller, at least not officially. The game was released on 2nd June 2020 and since then is only available for PC players. It is not available for any console devices, probably why there is also no Valorant controller support. Usually, there are many games that have controller support as some players prefer to play with a joystick mostly due to the analog stick. Analog stick offers a more diverse in-game movement as opposed to the WASD keys on the keyboard.

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Can You Play Valorant With a Controller?

Valorant Controller

While Valorant doesn’t officially support a controller, there are third-party applications that will work for a Valorant controller. reWASD and JoytoKey are third-party apps that can let you play with a Valorant controller. The latter is a free-to-use application while the former will cost you a few bucks. Now you might be thinking, this should work just fine for a Valroant controller so why all the fuss?

The fuss is that it is recommended to use such apps for using a Valorant controller, and the reason is pretty simple. Riot Games has added an anti-cheat system called the Vanguard. This is a pain in the butt application that will consider using any 3rd party applications as cheating and will lead to a ban. So let me ask you this, is getting banned from the game permanently worth it just to play it with a controller? No, it isn’t, if your answer was anything else, then God helps you.

I understand that paling with a controller is a completely different experience than playing with the old keyboard and mouse. Imagine buying some amazing in-game items with some real money and then getting banned for playing with the controller. Definitely not worth it. Also, players who use valorant controllers to play the game will be at a huge disadvantage. This is because the game doesn’t have aim assist, which makes it really difficult to play with a controller.

Will Valorant Release on Consoles?

Valorant Controller

Many players have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of Valorant on consoles. Just so that they can get a better gameplay experience with high graphics and a Valorant controller. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but so far there is no concrete evidence that the game will see a console release. At least not anywhere in the near future. Though it is also not completely difficult to imagine that there could be a console release down the line, there is no official announcement as yet.

Even the studios are mum on whether they would ever release the game on console. The Executive Producer of the game said in an interview that, Valorant is the kind of game that is best suited for PC and not consoles. In another interview, the same Executive Producer has told Gamespot that, work on the prototype for consoles is ongoing. Apart from that, there is no official announcement from Riot Games but fans should be on the lookout for any latest news regarding Valorant controller support.

What Are the Issues When You Play With a Valorant Controller?

  • The most obvious one is that you may get banned from the game, forever.
  • Then there is the aim assist feature which isn’t available when you use a Valorant controller. This makes it really difficult to get a good shot.
  • Playing with a mouse and keybaord provides players an edge against those that play with a controller as the movements aren’t as fluid with a controller.
  • Setting up a Valorant controller using a 3rd party application can be streneous task, and requires quite a bit of time.

Some of these seem like pretty simple issues but when piled up, it isn’t just worth playing with a controller. Those people who do not care about all the above things and still want to try out the game with a controller should check out the next section.

Steps to Setup a Controller for Valorant

Valorant Controller

Despite the fact that there is a good chance that your account will get banned by playing with a controller, if you still wanna try it then the next few instructions should help. As mentioned earlier, there are the most common applications that help you use a Valorant controller. One is the free app JoyToKey and the other one is the paid application reWASD. Here, we will see how to use the JoyToKey application for keybinding your controller.

  • The very first thing that anyone needs to do here is downlaod the JoyToKey app. Use the download link and download the required version of the app.
  • Install the app after it is downloaded and run it.
  • Players will now have to attack all the keys manually using this software. Before you do that, connect your controller to your computer and then open this application.
  • Now, select the Valorant game in case you have mutliple games on your device.
  • The next procss of assiging keys can be a bit tricky as the software doesn’t mention what is button 1, button 2, etc.
  • Players will have to check it manually after assiging the keys. I know its frustrating but there is no other way.
  • Check the key and add the required button from your conosole to each keyboard key.
  • After you are done with that, go in to the game after saving the configurations.
  • Make sure that all key bindings work perfectly, and if any key doesn’t then make the appropriate changes.

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This is how you can assign key bindings using software and play the game with the Valorant controller. In case you need a different approach to this, then check this YouTube video. For keyboard commands, see this manuals guide.

Some Great Keyboard and Mouse for Valorant

In case you have given up on the notion of playing Valorant with a controller then it’s just the keyboard & mouse then. If you are playing the game with a keyboard and mouse that doesn’t mean you should just adjust. There are great gaming keyboards and mice that you should try out for your PC. Here, we are gonna list a few of them that are worth buying.

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard – Shroud Edition

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard - Shroud Edition

Logitech has been in the keyboard and mouse business for a long time and their products have been steadily improving. This Logitech G PRO X Keyboard – Shroud Edition is a pretty new model from the company and is a great choice for a gaming keyboard. The design is simple and compact with a separate button to enter gaming mode. Its most interesting feature is that the switches are hotswappable. This means that you pick out the switches from the keyboard and place them anywhere. The product dimensions include 6.3 x 2.01 x 15.08 inches and can be connected with a micro USB. Check it out using the Amazon link.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another great choice for gamers, especially for those who cannot use a Valorant controller and want to settle for a keyboard. The things that I like about this keyboard included the separate num key on the side, multimedia keys, RGB backlight, and robust hardware. It is lightweight and each key is separately macro programmable. The only discomforting thing about this keyboard is the sharp edges which might not sit well with some users. Connects using a USB connection and also has a passthrough port for other mouse or headset connections. This Cherry MX speed style keyboard contains 104 keys.

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

Another Logitech product, except this time, we are talking about a mouse. This wireless gaming mouse was developed by Logitech by collaborating with Esports professional gamers. It is a lightweight and high-speed mouse that not just works for Valorant but for any other game. The selling points of this mouse are its power efficiency, 25,600DPI, and has Hero 25K sensor. All these and other features provide great connectivity, latency, and take care of any other usual gaming mouse issues. It has a 1-millisecond report rate that is amazingly fast.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightweight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer has amazing gaming products for gamers, and one such example is the Viper Wireless Gaming Mouse. This mouse is touted as 25% faster than mice that are in a similar category. The latency is super low, a 20K DPI sensor, and the design makes it so that any kind of user has ease of use. It is a 74g wireless mouse that lasts for around 70 hours and has 8 programmable buttons.

The above keyboard and mouse are pretty great options for players who cannot enjoy the game with a Valorant controller. Choose the one you like and get them using the Amazon links provided. In case you need some other recommendations then check these keyboard and mouse options from Leaguefeed.

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Wrapping Up

All this should pretty much clear up the Valorant controller dilemma. Remember, even though the game works with a controller(using an emulator) doesn’t mean you should use one. The Riot Game’s Vanguard system will/can ban you from the game permanently if detects cheating. So it is advised that you rather play the game with a mouse and keyboard. We have also provided a list of some good keyboards and mice, so try them out for your Valorant controls.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does Valorant Support controller?

Yes, Valorant supports a controller but players will have to use an emulator or a 3rd party application. The downside here is that it could lead to a ban of players from the game. This is because the game’s anti-cheat system considers that as cheating.

Does the 3rd party app assign Valorant controls automatically?

NO. Installing and running the emulator or a 3rd party app will not automatically add the Valorant controls. When using such apps, players have to add the controls and key bindings manually for them to work.

Can an Xbox controller be used for playing Valorant with controller?

Yes, you can use a Valroant Xbox controller to play the game with a controller. Then against, it cannot function on its own. As mentioned earlier, you will need apps like JoyToKey or reWASD. Only then can you use any controller, even the Xbox controller.

Will valorant ever release on consoles?

Many players of Valorant have been asking this question for quite some time now. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that the game will definitely release on consoles as of yet. If you are interested to play the game on mobile then you will be happy to know that the developers are working on a mobile version. Even though there is no set date for a release, the mobile will definitely release at some point in the coming years.

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